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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending May 14, 2017:

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Sunday May 14, 2017 #


I had planned to go out for a short bike ride and then a longish run, but was unsuccessful insofar as very strong and violent winds blew me so many miles off course that it took me many hours to back home, and that was only after being towed a good bit of the distance on I-80 by a semi-truck driver who took mercy on me. Otherwise I would probably still be out there, hoping for a favorable shift in wind directions that might favor me with a tail wind.

By the time I got home I was so ravenous that I ate a dozen soft boiled eggs with ketchup, a four slices of bread peanut butter sandwich, and also a large spiny lobster that I found crawling in the bathtub which I fried in butter (the lobster, not the tub) and then turned into lobster risotto. That was almost enough to take the edge off my hunger.

Saturday May 13, 2017 #


UW had graduation today; while I was biking by the university I saw one guy in shorts, Keds (shoes), and a graduation gown, who was running pretty hard. He was either very happy, or else he was very late--and to me it looked more like the latter. It was really almost too nice a day for graduation, to go by the historical norm, or even by last year's weather. But I guess they had it anyway!

After biking, I headed out for O' at Devil's Claw, where the waiting hills were bigger than the wind. My hill climbing fitness showed; I was able to jog up everything, but it felt the very opposite of fast. On the other hand, I was at least moving fast enough not to pick up any ticks today, so that's something.

There were still some deep and large snowdrifts in the terrain, firm enough to be quite good to run on. By the time I was done, my legs felt pretty smoked. Maybe I should go back to the Forest Service and tell them I have changed my mind and I want all of Laramie Daze to be at Devils Claw (none of it will be, this year), and could they please bring in some fill dirt to make the hills even bigger.


I just looked outside (it's night) and saw some antelope walking down the street. Maybe they are looking for the night O' start.

Thursday May 11, 2017 #


With the gates on the roads into the National Forest now open, I wasted no time to head to a new area now accessible, and elected to run at Pitcher Hill. In my mind, outside of Telephone Song, it is the "sagest" area we have here, and while you don't have to love sage, if you're going to run at Pitcher Hill and thrive, you do have to learn to deal with it. Good stuff.

When I was done and back at the truck, I took off my shoes and realized they had done their last run. These were inov-8 OROC 340s which I've had for so long I can't even be sure how long I've used them. 4+ years, is what I'll go with. However long it's been, I put *a lot* of hours and kilometers on them, and they held up far better than any other O' shoe I've ever had--and that's a lot of shoes over the years.

So what am I going to do now? Well, since I bought 2 pairs at the same time, I think I'll pull out pair number 2, and with any luck I'll be fine for another few years of training (I race in a lighter shoe.)

Wednesday May 10, 2017 #


The weather was supposed to be poor today, but in the end it only rained a little and really wasn't so bad, it just wasn't sunny, with things brightening up just a little towards the end of the day.

I was happy to see that the gates on the roads into the National Forest had been opened up today, which makes access to most of the maps here much easier!

Tuesday May 9, 2017 #


i stopped by the Forest Service office while I was out biking, and met briefly with my point of contact there, and it looks like a permit will be approved for an orienteering event over Labor Day weekend (Labor Daze). My tentative plans were for 4 days of racing plus a training event to kick things off with, with the dates being Aug 31 - Sept 4.

The timing might not be what some would prefer, but for those who can come, I think it's the best weekend of the year for O' in the Laramie area with everything considered. It's late enough in the season that the odds of a bad thunderstorm are pretty small, and it's too early for any bad winter weather (though not by much!) That said, one year that weekend we had a race at Pelican Bay where we got flat out drubbed by a hail storm.

Now I need to put up some information and details at the LROC web site.


Orienteering at Remarkable Flats, 10.9 kms, gray, fog here and there, good amounts of south breeze, and weather threatening to get much worse (but never did, until the very, very end.) I printed out a map at 1:12500 and made out everything okay save for three control locations where my eyes just could not quite make out all the objects distinctly. Maybe if the sun had been out it would have been enough, but either way I've had plenty of indications that my eyes aren't as good as they were just a year ago.

I reckon I got lucky with the weather today both for biking and O', and good to get an O' run in today because tomorrow is looking worse/wetter waetherwise.

I was listening to the radio as I was pulling on O' shoes and gaiters, and was quite surprised to hear the news Comey had been fired. I guess a lot of people were.


When I got home after running, I discovered I had a hitchhiker on me--first tick of the year. I did not make it feel like a welcome guest.

Monday May 8, 2017 #


Fierce reverse cyclonic winds attacked from the east all day long, with heavy fogs formed up along the spine of the Laramie Range. Running trails up top in the fog was otherworldly. Despite running for nearly 2 hours, I didn't see another soul the whole time.

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