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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Apr 30, 2017:

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Sunday Apr 30, 2017 #


Sawyers--or at least a sawyer--had been out today up top, beginning the process of hacking through the multitudes of pine trees fallen across the single track. Summer mountain biking could still happen this year, so they gotta get those trails open for the bikes! Doesn't hurt that also opens them up for the runners. ; )

A few were taken care of today; dozens and dozens to go.

Saturday Apr 29, 2017 #


Seasonally chilly--it never made it out of the 20s today. Plenty of new snow for running at Happy Jack, with liberal coatings of snow and ice on trees, rocks, fences, power lines--you name it.

Didn't see much in the way of tracks, even though I ran at the tail end of the day. The complete inventory consisted of: 1 set of ski tracks, one set of footprints, 2 sets of snow shoe tracks, some dog tracks, and some fox tracks (yesterday I saw one of the foxes, a fairly un-shy red fox.) Most of the time I was running in snow that was totally untouched--a really beautiful landscape in the late afternoon light. Adding to the experience was a rare absence of any breeze--quite the contrast to yesterday's demon winds!

The best part was coming across any number of snowdrifts, up to about 3' high, none of which had been present yesterday. Great conditions for putting my exceptional 11" (and growing) vertical leap to use!


I will add that even though it didn't snow much today, it did snow some, and that made it 7 days in a row that we had snow. That made up for having almost no precipitation at all for nearly the first three weeks of April.

Friday Apr 28, 2017 #


I did a few errands on my bike in the morning, and even though it was in the low 30s, it was pretty comfortable out. But that changed. By mid-afternoon, killer typhoon winds out of the east were whipping the valley into shape, and they were relentless. Up top, it was windy, foggy, and there was freezing drizzle, so that when I finished running up there, my clothes were sheathed in ice--as was the windshield of my truck, which proved to be impossible to remove without getting some heat going on inside the cab to help loosen things up from underneath. So, all in all, a pretty normal April 28th day in Laramie.

Thursday Apr 27, 2017 #


Damn. Another 1st round of another NFL Draft has come and gone, and once more I have not been chosen. What is the matter with these people? Is my battle cry not full throated enough??? Are my sinews of steel not metallic enough? Is it that I prefer spinach to steak? Could it be that it's because they don't have NFL uniforms small enough to fit me that they aren't pulling the trigger? Oh, well, there's always next year.

Meanwhile, more snow this morning made if 5 days in a row for snow/graupel. Yeehaw!

And meanwhile meanwhile, there is pretty neat news out: a stamp is going to be released to mark the coming solar eclipse, and it's not going to be just any ordinary type of stamp either. With this stamp, if it's in some cool locale--say, like Wyoming--it will show an eclipsed sun. But if you take the stamp to some hotter-than-hell place like Dallas, TX, the image will change into an image of the moon. And if you then bring it back to Wyoming, maybe to the Plains of Despair, then the image will revert back to the eclipsed sun.

So where is this neat stamp going to be issued? Well, the eclipse is just about going to center line Casper, WY, so that would seem to be a pretty good choice. But that's not what they chose. Instead, it's going to be issued at the Art Museum of the University of Wyoming, which will be nowhere near the path of totality. And it's going to be issued on the Summer Solstice. (There is an obscure link between the solstice and the Art Museum, and so maybe therein lies the explanation.)

If all this news is not enough to knock you over with a feather, then too bad. You are just not the excitable type.

Wednesday Apr 26, 2017 #


Weatherwise, today was a carbon copy of yesterday. Unlike yesterday, however, I was able to get out on my bike, and experience....graupel!

Actually, I got to experience it many times. Every time heavier clouds came over, they filled the air spaces below with graupel.

Given the choice between graupel and ice rain, graupel is mega better. If you're dressed right, it's even pretty fun, and the sound it makes as it bounces off your bike helmet and bike tubing is an added pleasure.

After biking, I changed over, and ran in more graupel up at Happy Jack. Once, for a moment, there was even some sunshine! For now, that will have to suffice. The next four days are looking like more winter. Someone, somewhere, must have been chanting: "Odin". And someone else, somewhere, must have been paying attention.

Tuesday Apr 25, 2017 #


Happy I did an O' run yesterday, because today turned much chillier, with a good bit of wind and snow coming and going much of the day. Up top, the landscape had turned winter-like with snow plastering the trees, and the wind was shaping snow drifts wherever it could. Ran out to the eastern overlook at Happy Jack, with beautiful views late in the day. Saw a few fresh snow bike tracks, but none of the actual bike beasts.

Monday Apr 24, 2017 #


Did a short run yesterday at something of a faster pace than anything I had done in the past week since hurting my rib(s). It felt better, so I planned to get back out for an O' run today, and see how things felt.

Getting ready, I used wretched ink jet printing technology on some crude material I ran through the printer (maybe printing paper?) and then stuffed the ensuing mess in some kind of yucky poly bag. Ugh. I stared at it. Such obsolete, stone age technology. It was almost embarrassing. But then I thought, hey, it's worked pretty well for 4 decades, it will probably be okay today, too. And of course it was quite fine. : )

And so with perfect weather in the afternoon (overcast with many little passing squalls of light rain/ice), I headed out to run 10 kms at Remarkable Flats. Today the goal *really* was to not fall--ha! I ran at a decent pace, though not race pace, and felt pretty good. I could feel the rib when my breathing was heaviest, but it wasn't bad. I was moving pretty well the whole time, though it's obvious I need more hill work after the winter--both running up and down any bigger hills. I felt a little under powered on the climbs, but the positive was that my recovery once I topped out on the climbs was very quick--so I think my base fitness at this point is decent.

The first squall didn't go through until I was already well warmed up, and it was just some light rain, and passed quickly. The next squall was also light rain, but this time it felt like some bits of ice were mixed in. All the subsequent squalls were ice/sleet and no rain. Despite that, I remained comfortable for the whole run, even with some breeze out there. There was still a fair bit of snow dappling the ground from last Thursday/Friday, but nowhere was it more than a few inches deep. And things weren't dry anymore--there was a nice spongy feel to the ground nearly everywhere.

I was completely by myself the whole time. I didn't see so much as a bird!

Back home, it rained some in the evening, and then switched to snow.

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