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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Apr 23, 2017:

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Saturday Apr 22, 2017 #


Must be spring because today the Wyoming Football Team had it's spring scrimmage game to end spring camp. In the days leading up to this, the coaching staff had been quite concerned, because around here--perhaps unlike in places such as Gainesville, Austin, Clemson, and Tuscaloosa--it isn't really spring football unless there is enough snow in the stadium for fans to sit on for the scrimmage.

Fortunately, Friday's ample snowfall took care of that concern.

With lots of new, heavy snow up in the hills, I opted to skip running and bike longer instead. The highlight of the ride was undoubtedly a very loud explosion which occurred just as I was biking past the south endzone while the scrimmage was underway. Were overzealous fans setting off fireworks? Had the field crew fired off the cannon used to mark scores? In town ranchers hunting urban coyotes? No. Upon inspection, it just turned out to be the tube in my rear tire blowing up.

While unfortunate, and a temporary interruption of the ride, the silver lining was that the chain needed cleaning anyway, and my chief chain cleaning method is to take off and put back on the rear wheel. Somehow in that process any excess grime and grease on the chain ends up on my hands, socks, shirt, and face--so really it all works out quite well.

Very sunny day, if cool, thanks to a steady, cool breeze out of the south all day long.

Friday Apr 21, 2017 #

Yowsa!!! 1 [4]

Heavy snow began in the early morning hours and continued until after midday. Very high water content. My guess is that Biggins and company, having surveyed the ever mounting California snowpack, have diverted as many storms as possible to the Colorado River Basin, figuring they have more than enough water for now, and that anything else is so surplus that it will do more good to end up in the Colorado River, where it eventually can reach Southern California. Today's snow here must have been one of those storms that missed the intended mark. But we could use it (April had been almost--and very unusually--entirely dry up until now, with barely a trace of measurable rain/snow), so very good! The flowers will be so happy, and, for a few days, the amount of fine materials blowing over to Nebraska will be reduced.

Thursday Apr 20, 2017 #


Started to bike a little bit, and almost as soon as I started, it started spitting rain. I wanted to bike, but not bad enough to want to bike in rain--leave that for the golfers, et al.

So transitioned (by which time it wasn't raining anymore) and headed up for the trails at Happy Jack, where almost as soon as I got started, it began snowing--big, heavy spring snowflakes. No worries though--as long as it wasn't raining, I was fine with it. I ended up running for a little over two hours, at a pace every so slightly above yesterday's--in other words, still really easy.

The last few times I've been up at Happy Jack running, I've looked at the forest and thought to wonder how it would look to anyone who ran on the old Happy Jack map when we first used it some years ago. It wasn't a *totally* open forest (nothing close to like TMFKABM, for example), but it was a mostly pretty nice lodgepole forest with some clearings and meadows mixed in.

Now it looks like it has been semi-tornadoed--and there are still way, way more beetle kill trees still standing than the number that have been blown down by the winds. You can still get through it, picking your way through the deadfall and looking ahead, but it would be nightmarish to re-map it now, and in another few years it will be nightmarish, period. Just flat out near impenetrable.

Wednesday Apr 19, 2017 #


Ran trails at a very easy pace up top. Nice conditions--cool, some wind, mostly sunny. No problem tolerating the rib pain at the very easy pace I was running, but anything faster would have been a lot less fun. And core exercises at the end of the day--well, scratch that, and was just able to do the stretches.

As it looks like I won't be able to do any hard running for at least a bit, this is something of a setback. So it goes though, and I doubt it will take too much time before I can try running harder again.

Tuesday Apr 18, 2017 #


After some biking around town, back at home I glanced at my rear tire as I was putting the bike away, and realized that if I didn't change it very soon, it would be changing me. I really like Gatorskins for the rear tire, and thought I had a spare, but didn't. So hope to hang on while one on order gets here.

I was planning to do some easy running later, but couldn't quite get out the door, and so ended up riding some more indoors in the evening.

Monday Apr 17, 2017 #


There are three tulip blossoms in my yard (so far.) The rule is that when there are three tulip blossoms in my yard, it is spring and ski season is over. So it's Spring now!


It is rare to find 100% consensus among scientists on many issues, but when it comes to fixing ailments, there is 100% agreement among waffleologists that waffles are the way to go. Who am I to disagree with that assessment? So waffles for breakfast.

Biking today was fine; some easy trail running up top was okay, too, as long as I didn't try to breath too deep. Today the main goal was very definitely: no falls! ; )

Various body parts (right arm, right shoulder, left foot big toe) are a little sore, but everything looks to be survivable, so on to the next adventure.

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