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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Dec 25, 2016:

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Sunday Dec 25, 2016 #


With the forecast calling for snow, my plan had been to let the snow arrive, and then go skiing for several hours. The snow arrived on schedule, and I prepared to go skiing. The plan then fell apart, due to wind arriving after the snow arrived, and thoroughly mucking up most of the roads in SE Wyoming.

It looked like I might be able to drive over to the Snowies, as the roads were open, with only the typical advisories about blowing snow and such. However, by the time I was out in the prairie and about a mile out of town, I decided the better part of valor was to turn around and give up on the idea of skiing.

Therefore I settled on running from home up the west slope of the Laramie Range. Going up was no problem; I knew that when I turned around I would have to be face the wind, and the first half of the way down was okay, too. From that point, however, the wind speed started increasing, and by the last 20 minutes or so the wind was edging over into the brutal range. It felt good to get back home!

Saturday Dec 24, 2016 #


Today was basically a repeat of yesterday, but even milder--the high for the day was 51F. That meant I could go out for a bike ride at noon in bike shorts, summer bike gloves, no wind liner in the helmet, a light jacket, and no worries about feet getting cold. Then I headed up top to ski and run. The snow was good for skiing other than all the wind debris, and enough snow bikers had been around where I was running to make for great running.

Afterwards, I observed several of the standard Christmas Eve traditions I know many orienteers follow: listened to the Santaland Diaries (I feel I should not have to add that I listened to the unabridged version, but so many people are in such a rush and listen to the short version only--why even bother, in that case?), watched "I Hate Christian Laettner" (almost as good, but in a very different way, and a must for any aspiring athlete), and then made festivus pizza.

For this year's festivus pizza, I settled on a map theme, and recreated a tiny piece of the Pelican Bay map using pieces of kale, black olives, blueberries, yellow squash, and roasted carrots. When it had finished baking, I completed the masterpiece by constructing a stick figure out of toothpicks, and placed it carefully in a beaver pond mire, thereby depicting the incident some years ago when Steve Gregg attempted to run through marshy area and got stuck up to his waist in gunk and was unable to extricate himself.

Snow is forecast for tomorrow and it would be a fine thing to get all the wind debris on the ski trails buried in a fresh application of white.

Friday Dec 23, 2016 #


Beautiful blue skies nearly all day long, and perfect conditions for just about anything other than fly fishing (fly fishing gets tough when everything is frozen over.) When conditions are right, it's best to start out with some biking--just in case things change, which they can. So I did start that way, and did a loop south of town. Saw an empty oil train headed north for a refill, and that's when I was heading north for a refill, too. Then skied, then tacked on some easy running. While running, I discovered incontestable evidence that the chain-sawers had snuck out and sawed up quite a few trees across the multi-use trails. They are so sneaky. Once again, nobody saw them, nobody heard them. But good for them--running on the trails after dark is much easier with the trees out of the way.

Thursday Dec 22, 2016 #


Not so cold out today, and while there was no sun, there was also no wind, and as well only a little bit of snow slush left on the roads. So, therefore, hopped on my bike and went rode around various parts of town to see what there was to see. Nice ride, and stayed warm except for my feet, which got a little bit cold. But so what--after all those of years of mapping, I'm well versed in being able to ignore cold feet.

Came back home and had some proper tea and crumpets.

Wednesday Dec 21, 2016 #


Skied the parts of the trail net that I didn't ski yesterday and continued the tree count. I came up with 23 trees down across the trails, which is not bad for a minor wind storm. From the reports, it sounds like lots more trucks than that blew over on the interstates, so the trees come out ahead.

Besides the trees, I also counted one medium small black dog that was running around like a crazy--man, was it fast! Never did figure out who it was with.

Always nice to hit winter solstice day. It's all up from here.


Updated census stats were out yesterday; Wyoming shined in being the only western state to experience a population decline over the past year. That's got to be coal and oil. So the already nation leading O' map per capita figure (measured in km2 per person) edges even higher.

Tuesday Dec 20, 2016 #


Went skiing, it was still windy out, but not like yesterday--at least not in Laramie. Further west, however, must have been a different story, because the Walmart parking lot was packed from one side to the other with semi-trailers. I'm pretty sure they weren't there to shop for Christmas.

The sections of the trail net I skied on had been it by at least a dozen trees. They had been sawed up and moved off to the side, but even after they're moved, there are massive amounts of debris at each spot that require new snow to cover up. For all the pine debris on the trails, the skiing was still decent.

After skiing, I ran on one of the multi-use trails, and it had been hit even harder by falling trees. None of them had been moved yet. Not really a problem for running, and more of a problem for snow bikers. And an opportunity for the chainsaw crowd to get out and do their thing. Just imagine how easy it would be to shop for Christmas gifts for a friend who liked to chainsaw--you'd just get them more new chains, rugged leather gloves, ear protection, and those little portable signs they deploy that say: "Chain-sawer at work, be alert for possible sawdusting."

Monday Dec 19, 2016 #


Down in town in the early afternoon it only seemed normally windy, and up top it was windy, but maybe only a bit more than in town--or at least that's the way it seemed. It must have been windier than I was thinking, however, as lots of trees had blown down at Happy Jack, including at least one that fell across a trail while I was skiing. And when I came home, I gathered from the news there had been many wrecks and intermittent road closures during the day on both I-25 and I-80. During the evening, the winds picked up, and whether it was wind related or for some other reason, power was knocked out in town twice for a couple of hours total. Must have been a great day to be a wind farmer.

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