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Training Log Archive: GRennie

In the 31 days ending Dec 31, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 1:56:45 14.65(7:58) 23.57(4:57) 299
  Gym Workout3 1:55:00
  Xcountry skiing1 1:46:16 9.02(11:47) 14.51(7:19) 214
  Stationary Bike2 1:34:06
  Biking1 1:08:26 16.78(4:05) 27.0(2:32) 344
  Total10 8:20:33 40.44 65.08 857
  [1-5]8 6:25:33

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Tuesday Dec 26, 2017 #

Xcountry skiing 1:46:16 [2] 14.51 km (7:19 / km) +214m 6:49 / km

Skate ski with the Fam on Cypress

Wednesday Dec 20, 2017 #

Orienteering 29:55 [3] 5.2 km (5:45 / km)

Skinkaloppet at Blue Mountain.

Tuesday Dec 19, 2017 #

Gym Workout 45:00 [0]

Exams are overrrr

Thursday Dec 14, 2017 #

Gym Workout 45:00 [0]

Tuesday Dec 12, 2017 #

Biking 1:08:26 intensity: (20:00 @1) + (40:00 @2) + (8:26 @3) 27.0 km (2:32 / km) +344m 2:23 / km

Rode to the dam and back, took some of the corners/hills a bit slow as I was worried about Ice, it was all good though. Thighs still a little sore from the weekend.

Monday Dec 11, 2017 #


Well that closes the inaugural year of the North American Sprint Series

Though there was never an official scoring system agreed upon, nor any prizes, announcements or fanfare, all you really need is a website, and nice logo, for something to exist right?

Despite there being no rules, I believe the final standings are as follows.
The series must clearly be won by the only three men and two women who attended 3/4 of the weekends. This ranking is decided exclusively on a who-beat-who basis and not taking into account relative weights of placings at each tournament or the setup of the tournament or anything other than did you place higher, yes or no. (Perhaps a 1st to 4th difference at San Fran should count for more than a 4th to 5th difference in Van and a 3rd to 6th difference in Seattle and I can win ;) Regardless of the scheme it is likely that Adam and I would be 1/2 in some order and probably clear that Tori is the female winner with 2 tournament wins (and an unlucky SART placing due to some questionable tactics by the Bonesaw)

1. Adam Woods (4th Van, 3rd Seattle, 4th San Fran)
2. Graeme Rennie (5th Van, 6th Seattle, 1st San Fran)
3. William Enger (8th Van, 2nd Seattle, 6th San Fran)

1. Tori Borish (1st Van, 16th Seattle, 1st San Fran)
2. Julia Doubson (2nd Van, 13th Seattle, 4th San Fran)
3. Siri Christopherson (3rd Van, 10th Seattle)

An Honourable mention should be given to Will Enger for attending 4/4 camps in 2016 the year before the series was announced (thus being the clear winner of the 2016 series - basically as official as the 2017 series anyways ;)

The Results, incase someone wants to disagree :p (or preferably design an actual points system for next year, perhaps I'll have a crack at it over Christmas break)
San Fran:

And yes. I should be studying for exams.

Sunday Dec 10, 2017 #

Orienteering 15:32 [4] 3.18 km (4:53 / km) +63m 4:27 / km

Sprint San Fran. Qualifier Sprint at UC Berkley. Excellent Map, This one was only a little challenging though so a bit more runner-sy. An error not reading my control description on 8 but otherwise pretty good.

Came away with 1st, only 7 seconds ahead of will. A couple of the other fast guys decided to sandbag this one waiting for the finals - stay tuned for how that plays out for them ;)

Orienteering 17:10 [4] 3.57 km (4:49 / km) +72m 4:22 / km

The Final.
An excellent race. Used all the hard parts on the right half of campus. Got hard by 3 and stayed that way the whole race. Caught Will at 10 and dropped him on the route choice to 12. Suboptimal route choices to 7, 14, and maybe 9. But no real mistakes. Felt good to do a nice hard sprint at reasonable speed and relatively quite cleanly, could maybe have made up 30s with flawless navigation. Mostly just need to get faster!

1st place with 52s over Francois.

Most importantly my ankle hardly hurt at all. Maybe the exercises and rolling have been helping. Maybe the new usage of KT tape has made it instantly better.
Still a bit swollen by Sunday night but no real pain still!

Saturday Dec 9, 2017 #

Orienteering 10:44 [3] 2.28 km (4:42 / km) +35m 4:22 / km

Sprint San Fran. Round 1.
Took it a bit easy as I wasn't feeling 100% and wanted to see how the ankle'd hold up. Also only needed to cruise to win me heat. 2nd overall on the course so wasn't going toooo slow.

Watch didn't give reasonable HR data all weekend.

Orienteering 11:05 [4] 2.31 km (4:48 / km) +40m 4:25 / km

Round 2.
Had a couple speedy runners breathing down my neck the whole way so made it a bit speedier. Still 2nd with 4 seconds back on Adam.

Orienteering 11:56 [4] 2.57 km (4:39 / km) +33m 4:22 / km

Round 3.
Felt like SART all over again with a pack of hungry dogs chasing me. I lead the first couple, Laraia made a break and punched #3 first, promptly forgot about #4 and was never seen (by me, still came third) again. I punched 4, 5, Adam made a break but went to the wrong bushes for #6 so I continued to lead, having the butterflies just to myself. Adam caught some time on a long run across the field to 16 and was on my heels through 20, I popped through the bushes wrong on 21 though and he took the lead for the last 3. Also he was running a bit quick - I couldn't catch him.
2nd place by 10 seconds, for the large Toblerone bar :)

Wednesday Dec 6, 2017 #

Orienteering 20:23 [3] 4.46 km (4:34 / km) +56m 4:18 / km

WET in Coal Harbour. Great fun and a good challenge in the fog and on a new map, made a couple small mistakes.

Monday Dec 4, 2017 #

Stationary Bike 1:02:08 intensity: (10:49 @1) + (43:48 @2) + (7:31 @3)
ahr:152 max:170

Borrowed a bike trainer from a friend at school so I could ride while watching my cheesy Netflix superhero shows. Mildly more interesting than riding at the gym but still mentally quite challenging to make it to an hour. Better at keeping it in a lower zone though.

Friday Dec 1, 2017 #

Gym Workout 25:00 [0]

Stationary Bike 31:58 intensity: (1:01 @1) + (8:49 @2) + (21:22 @3) + (31 @4) + (15 @5)
ahr:165 max:187

Tried to go for a steady zone 2 with the bike on 10. Boring but made it to 30 min

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