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Training Log Archive: jennycas

In the 7 days ending Mar 29, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering4 4:13:40 14.98(16:56) 24.1(10:32) 740
  running2 1:15:00
  swimming1 38:00 0.62(1:01:09) 1.0(38:00)
  Total7 6:06:40 15.6 25.1 740

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Tuesday Mar 29, 2016 #

6 PM

running (Morialta) 31:00 [3]
shoes: Asics GT-2000

Last Tuesday night of the 'summer' so I figured I'd better make the most of Morialta. But actually my legs & I were happy with just a run to the top of First Falls with John, especially as I was feeling a little lightheaded to start with. Couldn't manage to catch a girl who was in front of me on the way down - it turned out to be Nadia (training for the Flinders weekend).

Monday Mar 28, 2016 #

10 AM

orienteering race (Foxlow Flats) 1:07:53 [3] 6.1 km (11:08 / km) +200m 9:34 / km
shoes: Inov8 Oroc spikes

Today we got the long legs. First up from the start was 1.5km and following the ridgelines didn't look too bad apart from crossing the green creekline first up which I did in rogaine-fashion (actually, was thinking too much like a rogainer all weekend, and moving at about the same pace...) and then having crossed two hilltops, should have struck out north across the gully but instead contoured around the base of the 3rd hill and that meant more climb up out of the gully on the other side, and more descent into the control. Nearly 20 min for that leg!

Next few were in a line along a creek with deep erosions - fun but not amazingly complex navigationally. Through the tussock grass, along a green spur, into a little creek and then setting up a leg into vague nothingness looking for a waterhole; I was a little to the right on this but not too bad. Then another 1.5km leg back towards the finish which I took the northern route on, through a saddle that I'd already crossed on the way to 1 and down a westward spur to the fence. A bit awkward to get across the swamp to the control though. And then there was a run around a paddock full of tussock grass to finish us off - good for the spectators to watch I guess.

Obviously I'm waaay slower through the terrain than I ever used to be and I don't seem to be arresting this trend very successfully but I enjoyed these races a lot and also the carnival atmosphere with great assembly areas, and hanging out with SLE in particular. Kind of wondering what the results say about our current women's field though, if the races are consistently won by people who gave up going to WOC nearly 10 years ago. (Do we perhaps need to reinstitute some minimum qualifying criteria for elites? The problem with the old process was that while it may have maintained a strong 21E field, it wasn't necessarily very deep and also-rans like me would spend a year accruing enough gold credits in 21A to be eligible to run elites, then a year at the bottom of elites not gaining enough credits to remain in that class and so dropping back to 21A the following year - and this was when I was actually fit!)

So glad that I am enjoying orienteering again though :)

Sunday Mar 27, 2016 #

10 AM

orienteering race (The Murdering Shed) 1:47:28 [3] 9.4 km (11:26 / km) +370m 9:33 / km
shoes: Inov8 Oroc spikes

Not a classic course-setting style for a long race as we didn't have any super-long legs but there was route choice and although in this sort of spur-gully terrain you can switch off, it's necessary to switch back on at some point, so the mental challenge was still there, particularly in the legs along the flat green low-vis creek sections. Navigationally I was ok, fairly clean apart from some wider routes than necessary or contouring slightly high and then having to drop into a control, but physically my legs had nothing and I was walking even slight hills. Tried to run the ridges though because they were pretty good going, especially in contrast to the green gullies (found myself following in the creek channel for a couple hundred metres 4-5 because there just didn't seem to be a place to get out - eventually I told myself that I'd just bash through it on a rogaine, so I did, but that may have been how I got a strange rash on both hips, from the vegetation. Think I had something similar after Capertee).

Was passed by Briohny on the way to 6, and at 9 saw Rachel West coming into the control as I was leaving it, so expected her to pass me soon, which happened on the way to 13 and Briohny went past again also (think I'd had more joy in this green section than many people) and I was trying to keep them in sight to 14 but after that they hit the track before me and were out of sight pretty quickly yet as I was leaving 15 there they came again, having presumably overrun the turnoff to the very faint track down the hill. We chased each other through the next few controls and I worked out the blackberry thickets on the second-last before they did although my route was a little too direct and now I have a beautiful scratch/bruise. Found myself walking to the last control but the other girls were pretty buggered too so didn't pass me. Was kind of pleased that I actually finished this off feeling a bit stronger than I had been earlier in the race. Still a very long way down, of course, but then I would have been even if running W40.

Saturday Mar 26, 2016 #

12 PM

orienteering race (Isaacs Ridge) 58:51 [3] 5.6 km (10:31 / km) +170m 9:07 / km
shoes: Inov8 Oroc spikes

A forested ridge in Canberra's south, with a stiff climb to the start but a really nice assembly area tucked under the pine trees all of 100m walk from the cars and with big-screen showing video footage from the forest and also GPS tracking from the WRE. First control was a danger downhillside leg but I found it cleanly, second one I dropped into the gully then climbed out when I should have just gone lower, as I came at it from too high. 4-5 was a bit of a slog through the thistles towards the trig point (should have stopped to look at the views) which set up the next steep downhill leg pretty well. Was tentative on the rubbly stuff but found it ok, was a bit low on 7, then crossing over the ridge to 8 suddenly thought I was running towards 9 (distracted by Bun & others who were doing so and who I hadn't noticed going to 8) and had to double back but thankfully 8-9 was a short leg. Seemed to drop & climb unnecessarily to 10 as well, the next couple were ok though slow, I left 13 on the wrong side of the creek and had to skirt some green and then it was the downhill run through the suburbs. A bit ashamed to be so slow and maybe lost 3 min to errors but it was a course which made good use of the area and I enjoyed it, even though I had a lot of difficulty reading the individual rock features on the map - they all seemed to blur into each other.

OA meetings afterwards seemed to go ok - neither the issues nor the attendees were as contentious as they sometimes can be.

Friday Mar 25, 2016 #

Event: #NIN3DAYS
11 AM

orienteering race (Easter Prologue) 19:28 [3] 3.0 km (6:29 / km)
shoes: Asics GT-2000

Canberra Uni. I seemed to recall that in the centre there is an area of courtyards with underpasses but couldn't work out whereabouts in relation to this we were all quarantined, in a courtyard that doubled as a crèche - sooo many babies but I found the correct one by looking for the most warmly-dressed :)

Anyway, we were led by a roundabout route to the start which was in fact in a tunnel - one of the underpasses - and being used as a route choice by other competitors as I waited to start. Apart from a completely unnecessary first control the course was fairly good; a section through the residential buildings then a nothing leg out into the forest (I should have cut across the car park but always get paranoid about crossing the islands in case they count as garden beds) in order to have another go at the buildings, then into the uni proper (I should not have taken the right-hand route to 13) and from the spectator control there was a choice between two underpasses and I chose the one I'd just run past, so that was a bit of doubling back. I worked out the gate (good) vs stairs (bad) ok on 17 although then hesitated because what was in front of me on the way out of the control looked open rather than undercover. Maybe all these hesitations added up to a minute? Anyway, a fun course and I felt like I was running ok but unfortunately no faster than a couple of weeks ago; Meredith got me by 1 second! Rogaine still in my legs...

Also went around the string(less) course with Eleanor but Lachlan was doing the mapreading and I was doing the punching. She did all the legwork by herself though.

Thursday Mar 24, 2016 #


Who can tell me where this quote originates and to which speaker/character it can be attributed?

"There’ll always be wars because men love wars. Women don’t, but men do—yea, passing the love of women.”

(hint: it may help to know your American Civil War literature...)

7 AM

swimming 38:00 [3] 1.0 km (38:00 / km)

Dodgy ankle really did NOT like kicking, so this was fairly gumby. Tried to loosen up the tightness in calf/shin afterwards because that's presumably contributing to the neuropathic pain.

Wednesday Mar 23, 2016 #

6 PM

running 44:00 [3]
shoes: Asics GT-2000

With Zara and bouncy Bear (who I kept calling Callum) down to Frank Smith Park and back through the forest for a bonus Simon sighting. Legs generally better than yesterday although this afternoon my Achilles decided not to like me.

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