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Training Log Archive: mary

In the 30 days ending Sep 30, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering6 5:51:01 22.7 36.54 824
  running7 4:22:14 24.51(10:42) 39.44(6:39) 1171
  swim1 56:00 0.78(1:12:06) 1.25(44:48)
  S&C1 54:51
  Yoga/Pilates 1 50:00
  trail run1 48:00 4.54(10:34) 7.31(6:34) 196
  Total14 13:42:06 52.53 84.54 2191

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Saturday Sep 28, 2013 #

swim 56:00 [3] 1.25 km (44:48 / km)

Thursday Sep 26, 2013 #

trail run 48:00 [3] 7.31 km (6:34 / km) +196m 5:47 / km
shoes: nike in season tr3

went for a post corp trail run in the peaks with emily.... was so nice! so jealous that i dont like in bloody sheffield haha!

Tuesday Sep 24, 2013 #

running warm up/down 16:00 [3] 2.6 km (6:09 / km) +90m 5:15 / km
shoes: nike in season tr3

orienteering (sprintervals?) 25:06 [3] 4.28 km (5:52 / km) +115m 5:10 / km
shoes: nike in season tr3

some sprintervals? (weird brits) around sheffield... was pretty cool, got to see the town a bit and most of the uni sports complex... a little kid playing soccer thought i was an olympic runner too hahaha... i wish! then a little rock climb before the jog back while willy and millar played on the swing!

Sunday Sep 22, 2013 #

orienteering race 1:04:30 [4] 12.62 km (5:07 / km) +382m 4:26 / km

london city race! great fun, loved running around isle of dogs and canary warf!
could feel the legs from this weeks training and found it quite long towards the end! but loved it!

think my garmin went a bit funny at some stages.... saying i ran a 2:45km.. :s so i think the distance and climb may not be so accurate!

Saturday Sep 21, 2013 #

orienteering race 1:06:14 [3] 5.82 km (11:23 / km) +146m 10:07 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

went for a local race, took my cousin!
Wasnt the nicest forrest ever... shitload of brambles but ok, enjoyable enough!
Was heap of controls so almost a bit of control picking... ran crap though, just not thinking and also took ages to get used to 1:7500 just running past everything.... and also havnt really run in a woods where there are just random little indistinct tracks everywhere before...
good to get out though!

running warm up/down 9:26 [3] 1.48 km (6:22 / km) +26m 5:52 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

Friday Sep 20, 2013 #

running intervals 40:41 [3] 7.12 km (5:43 / km) +52m 5:31 / km
shoes: nike in season tr3

did some ints with my cousin along the canal path.
10mins w/u then some mona fartlek then about another 10 w/d
felt pretty tight and heavy and kept stitching up, walked the first 30 to try get rid of the stitches then was ok for the rest of the ints and they came back in the w/d. pretttttyyyyyyyyy pretttyyy pretttyyyyyy pretty slow

Thursday Sep 19, 2013 #

Yoga/Pilates (pilates) 50:00 [3]

Wednesday Sep 18, 2013 #

S&C 54:51 [4]

pretty tough sesh... no rest really apart from getting water and tieing hair back up.
glute med isometrics,
squat series
hamstring tucks/core exercises
prones/back exercises
pretty wrecked after so decided to go for a run!

running 29:20 [4] 5.7 km (5:09 / km) +43m 4:58 / km
shoes: nike in season tr3

felt pretty good... like quite fast considering the strength sesh before. Ran along the canal to the fork just beyond the marina and back.
Think i worked off all the paella i ate last week... hopefully!

Monday Sep 16, 2013 #

running 52:39 [3] 7.08 km (7:26 / km) +278m 6:13 / km
shoes: nike in season tr3

run around the hills in Tossa De Mar to get some amazing views, then a bit of a run around the castle and followed by a bit along the beach to kill the legs then back to the hotel to finish up in the pool :D
calves felt good!

Monday Sep 9, 2013 #

running 45:00 [3] 7.65 km (5:53 / km) +60m 5:40 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

ran around salcey forrest and up to the tree top walk with my cousin.... was very nice! Except my calfs are completely buggered... pretty sure i have a strain in the right one :( good thing ill be resting them up for a week in the spanish sun :D

Thursday Sep 5, 2013 #

orienteering 32:59 [3] 3.51 km (9:24 / km) +44m 8:51 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

clock relay at roseisle! So much fun! loved this map so much....
had malley as my partner, he also loved the map... so much.... that e ran like twice the distance of everyone else. This combined with my hanging of controls at the top of trees meant we lost by a mile!
But had a ball!

orienteering 9:34 [3] 1.14 km (8:24 / km) +14m 7:54 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

short course on roseisle

orienteering 12:24 [3] 1.41 km (8:48 / km) +14m 8:23 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

another short course on roseisle

Wednesday Sep 4, 2013 #

orienteering 15:42 [3] 1.73 km (9:05 / km) +21m 8:33 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

short part of the trains session before the alc-o

orienteering 35:04 [4] 3.85 km (9:06 / km) +48m 8:34 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

ALC-O... lots of drinks and running... ended up with quite a few naked and drunk brits... good fun

Tuesday Sep 3, 2013 #

running long 53:00 [4] 4.8 km (11:02 / km) +622m 6:42 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

ran up mt cairngorm with the girls! was good fun! actually did alot of walking... except across the boulder field - abi and i dominated that! and alot of photo taking.... felt like a boss at the top and so happy for a cuppa!
Even though I'm shit at mountain running.... loved it! So glad fell running doesn't exist in aus! Bit inspired to do a few more runs up mt macedon with brodie when im home though!

running 16:08 [3] 3.01 km (5:22 / km)
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

ran back down cairngorm

Monday Sep 2, 2013 #

orienteering (corridors) 1:00:00 [3]
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

went up to aviemore with sheffield uni orienteering club for the week! was great fun! was too hungover sunday to train... something about the vault doesnt agree with me! started out with a corridor training (at anagack or something) not sure how long i ran for because i forgot my garmin - probably a bit longer then an hour. Very tiring!

orienteering 29:28 [3] 2.18 km (13:31 / km) +40m 12:23 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Baregrips

was sposed to be a relay ex but we did trains instead. Ran the boys course - forgot my compass... bit of fun!

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