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Training Log Archive: vmeyer

In the 7 days ending Jan 15, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 3:18:24 6.96(28:31) 11.2(17:43) 330
  Biking1 1:09:01 13.08(5:17) 21.05(3:17) 38
  Swimming2 1:03:10 1.76(35:53) 2.83(22:18)
  Running/Walking1 53:05 4.0(13:16) 6.44(8:15)
  Walking1 10:00 0.44(22:44) 0.71(14:07) 67
  Pool1 5:30 0.14(39:20) 0.22(24:27)
  Total7 6:39:10 26.38(15:08) 42.45(9:24) 435
averages - weight:191.8lbs

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Sunday Jan 15, 2017 #

10 AM

Walking 10:00 [1] 0.44 mi (22:44 / mi) +67m 15:25 / mi
ahr:110 max:129

Walk to start.

Arrived bright and early (6:45 am) to assist with results setup with the hopes of getting a start before 9 am, instead of my assigned start of 11:21. Well, a change had been made at the end of the day yesterday which prevented the two laptops from communicating with each other. By the time that was resolved it was too late to start early, so I took my time getting to the start. Sat with Martha a while, “helping”, and then took the 10:55 start slot.

Orienteering race (Brown) 1:24:10 [3] *** 4.1 km (20:32 / km) +155m 17:16 / km
ahr:126 max:162

FR = 3.87 miles with 201 m climb


A little flustered at the start because the obvious route choice was back through the start, or at least climbing the short steep embankment out of the start to the road. I hate doing stuff in front of people, but I sucked it up, rolled my eyes at Sam, and then I went to the road. Clean from S-1-2-3, and while I didn’t nail 4, I knew where I was when I made the choice to go left. I felt like I was in between, and it was a toss-up which direction the reentrant was in. In retrospect, I was right on line. About 4 minutes lost.

Motoring along well from 5-6, and then the first 2/3 of 6-7, when I lost concentration and 20 minutes. Gathered myself once I was able to relocate from the rocks on the hill next to the trail, and finally found 7. Clean the rest of the way in. I think if I could ever have one control back, it would be this one. Likely a case of this disappointment being fresher in my mind than past disappointments…


Second to Barb in F55 for the second day, and overall, and 22/55 on Brown for Day 2, and overall 20/60. I’ll take it, and anything really is a win after the last few difficult years, but my competitive side wishes I was a wee bit higher up the list.

Dinner was carry out from Pizza Villa, where I asked for light on the sauce, and it was perfect! Cookies at the hotel for desert. Yum!

Day 3 of 4 in the bank, except a little more broken...blister on the bottom of the right heel and right big toe. Black shoes worked better, but the socks I wore were too loose. I has pulled something below my right ankle when I stepped into a hole. Also, a side branch poked me in the left shim, and I have a nice hematoma and bruising. Debating whether to go out tomorrow or not.

I was invited to join with Dave Webber of UNO HVO, and Paul Regan of UNO, formerly of HVO, for the Extreme-O tomorrow. I think they are afraid to let me go out by myself. :) For whatever reason they took pity on me, I appreciate it, because going with someone should be more fun than going solo. I don't want to hold them up though, which I would feel like I would do even if I wasn't a bit beat up. I guess I'll see how I feel in the morning.

Saturday Jan 14, 2017 #

11 AM

Orienteering race (GNC - Brown) 1:30:07 [3] *** 4.7 km (19:10 / km) +145m 16:37 / km
ahr:136 max:179

FR = 4.05 miles with 240.3 m climb



I helped out with getting the results displays sorted, so I started about 40 minutes late. So warm – around 70 again, but I had been careful to drink plenty before I went out, so it didn’t bother me.

Today wasn't a good day to try to bond with a new compass. After losing about 8 minutes on each of the two long legs (2-3 and 3-4), I switched back to my old compass and did much better. On the really long leg from 6-7, I had the 13th best split, despite another loopy part near the end of the leg, after being 39 & 41 on the aforementioned legs. The last few legs were much better, likely because they were shorted.

Managed to finish 2nd in my class and 21/58 on the course. Felt pretty good throughout, except for the shooting pain into the side of my left inner foot the last 20 minutes or so. It disappeared as soon as I got out of my shoes. I shouldn't have worn the purple shoes. Back to the black shoes tomorrow, when I hope to claw back some time on the front of the pack.

In the afternoon, the award ceremony was held for the Sprint race.

Later, I joined maprunner, Spike, and Sandy for dinner at the Brickhouse in Lagrange. Congrats to Mary for getting carded! Thanks for inviting me, and sorry about the TMI!

Day 2 of 4 in the books.

Friday Jan 13, 2017 #

12 PM


It has been several years since I have attended the George Navigator Club (GNC), which is traditionally held over the MLK holiday weekend. As I was rounding into shape in the fall, I put this even ton the schedule, especially after seeing that there was a Friday Sprint added…four event long weekend, what could be better?! Well, that and not having to load up my van with a ton of results display supplies…

Flew into Atlanta, Georgia this morning, and then drove to Whitesburg area, to the McIntosh Reserve, the Sprint location.

Paid the $5 park entrance fee and documented the transaction...

…and onto the meet pavilion.

Go figure, the first people I see but the ladies from the Aleksieva family – Petya, Nicole (F10), and Diana (F18), from QOC. Always nice to see familiar faces...

The next person was McIntosh himself…well, maybe not.

Someone I see less often is Martha Carr, who was the Start line call up volunteer for Friday-Sunday’s events.

Back to business…

And then one more photo. Now go away.

With a couple of hours until my start, I scoped out the Sart…

And then the Finish.

Paying attention to what I could see from viewing area was helpful later on.
2 PM

Orienteering race (Sprint - Brown) 24:07 [3] *** 2.4 km (10:03 / km) +30m 9:27 / km
ahr:142 max:161

FR = 1.52 miles with 27.6 m climb

Won a course split!!!



Made sure I taped and greased my feet, wore rainbow strip socks and purple shoes. It clouded over a bit later in the day, so temps were actually about the same at 2:40 as they were when I got there at 11:30, around 70 F. Still warmer than I would have liked, but I hoped to be finished in under 30 minutes. Started at my assigned start time. Pretty straight forward sprint, once I accepted that some woods navigation was required. Embraced the woods and won the split from 9-10.

I was very pleased with this effort, finishing just over 10 minutes per k, 1st of four in F55, and 4th of 25 on Brown. QOC members Diana A and Francis H were 2nd & 3rd overall on Brown. We held the top three spots until the very end, when Jim B snuck into 1st by 8 seconds over Diana. No feet issues or other injuries.

Dinner at an Italian place in Lagrange. Bread was great, pasta swimming in sauce, so not good, and service was lacking, but it was better than McD’s.

Day 1 of 4 in the books.

Thursday Jan 12, 2017 #

Swimming 31:30 [1] 0.85 mi (37:03 / mi)

An easy 1500 yards.

Wednesday Jan 11, 2017 #

2 PM

Biking 1:09:01 [1] 13.08 mi (5:17 / mi) +38m 5:14 / mi

Temps were 55 with 8 mph wind - nice. Debated doing this tomorrow, but it is supposed to be 65 with 16 mph wind, and less wind is better for me. So, pool tomorrow, which is better anyway to leave my legs a bit fresher.

3 PM


Some 2016 numbers...not sure where I am going here, but they have been running around in my head this week.

Exercise hours = 260. The highest by ~10 since I started on AP in 2002 after excluding 2006, which included 141 hours of boot camp, which wasn't really good for me in the long run.

The 260 hours were spread out nicely between orienteering, cycling, swimming, and running and walking.

Biking 78:27
Swimming 57:54
Orienteering 55:16
Running/Walking 55:00
Other ~14:00

I exercised 237/366 days for an average of 1:06 per exercise day, or :45 per day. I averaged 2.5 days off per week.

Days exercised by month
January 21/31
February 21/29
March 24/31
April 19/30
May 27/31
June 14/30
July 23/31
August 12/31
September 30/30
October 8/31
November 13/30
December 24/31

Yup, I had some big chunks of down time. For 2017, I would like to limit the consecutive days off to 1-2, unless there is a physical reason I can't do anything. Even a jeans walk for 30 minutes counts. [I am going to ignore the three in a row I took off last week. :)]

I will try to swim twice a week, bike twice a week, run once per week, and get into the terrain once a week (can be orienteering or trail running).

On the food and drink front, I am cutting down on diet cokes - from 6-8 per day to two today, and one tomorrow. Testing the theory that the artificial sweetener is causing the bloat. Sweets still call my name, but at least I have stopped the massive Skittles consumption, and my gums and teeth thank me for that.

Tuesday Jan 10, 2017 #

4 PM

Running/Walking 53:05 [1] 4.0 mi (13:16 / mi)

Pool didn't work out today because I was hungry, so I wanted to eat lunch early instead. Home to the treadmill.

Starting walking and then moved speed up incrementally each minute for 1 mile, then repeat, starting at a higher speed.

Mile 1 - 14:15 started at 3.5 mph to 5.0 mph
Mile 2 - 13:05 started at 4.0 mph to 5.4 mph
Mile 3 - 12:10 started at 4.0 mph but upped .2 each minute up to 6.2
Mile 4 - 13:35 up for 8 minutes and then back to walking speed for cool down

Monday Jan 9, 2017 #

Swimming 31:40 [1] 0.91 mi (34:47 / mi)

4 x 400 with 1 minute rest between - 820 750 750 740

Pool (cool down swim) 5:30 [1] 0.14 mi (39:20 / mi)

Put this as pool so that I can keep my swim count separate...


Plan for week is to swim today and tomorrow, and bike on Wednesday and Thursday. Then, it is off to Georgia on Friday for all four events - Sprint, two Classic, and the return to the Extreme-O!

The last year I was fit and feeling competitive was in 2011, when I was ranked on Green and did 15 races. I was likely feeling competitive in 2012 as well, but I was only fit enough for F-Yellow, where I enjoyed trying to beat the kids and other infirm ladies.

I come into 2017 feeling back on my feet, literally, and, well, I am just so excited for this coming weekend, especially after feeling like I was getting around pretty well this past weekend.

My feet feel good enough today, and luckily when I cracked my knee against the tree on Saturday night, the area bruised is above the knee cap. Not that it didn't hurt, but I think it would have been worse if it was 1 inch lower.

A rankings recap from the OUSA rankings site:
2010 - Not ranked - ran 4 random races
2011 - Ranked on Green with 15 races, including 3 at West Point
2012 - Ranked on Yellow with 9 races, no WP
2013 - Ranked on Brown with 4 races, all at WP
2014 - 0 ranked races
2015 - 2 ranked races, both at WP
2016 - Ranked on Brown with 3 races at WP and one race credit; also 2 Orange races

[Roger likes New York City, and combining the trip with the West Point event makes the NYC part slightly more palatable. I will be in New Zealand during WP this year.]

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