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Training Log Archive: vmeyer

In the 7 days ending Jan 14, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 4:42:47 11.85(23:52) 19.07(14:50) 498
  O Training1 1:20:00 4.0(20:00) 6.44(12:26) 50
  Total5 6:02:47 15.85(22:53) 25.51(14:13) 548

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Monday Jan 14, 2013 #


Lailah's second birthday.

Rest day in Hastings.


Well, it was sort of a rest day. A leisurely start to the day, followed by unloading and reloading the trailer with a reduced amount of equipment. I also organized the leftover maps by day and by course.

Tim and Phillip reduced the monitor stand by 2/3, and the monitors (TVs) went from six to two.

Later on, Jane and I went into Haverlock North to pick up my race packet and Callum, who had been off doing course setting for the day.

In the early evening, I set up a string course with controls for Callum to do punching practice on.

While my leg speed was slow, I have good punching technique, and I was pretty much staying ahead of the 10 second head start that Callum was spotting me.

Then, we switched it up, and I harassed Callum from behind, laughing all the way. Catherine joined us for several rounds as well. She also altered my USA top to give it a more flattering shape.

Sunday Jan 13, 2013 #

12 PM

Orienteering race 49:24 [3] 2.27 mi (21:46 / mi) +119m 18:43 / mi
shoes: Another pair of new shoes!!

Last day of the Oceania Carnival, World Cup races, and there were three separate races today. First up was the World Cup Prologue, followed by the Oceania Carnival mass start race, with the World Cup Chasing start event last.

Finishing the Prologue: Will Critchley (Canada),

Carol Ross (Canada),

and Matt Scott (USA, currently living in New Zealand).

When it was clear that it was going to be such a hot day (around 80), and with the absence of any natural shade in the arena, Jane put a call out for club members to bring extra tents (gazebos), and bring them they did.

Terrain description: Mainly pasture with fences and farmtracks. Open gully and spur with areas of complex topography. Some steep faces.
Numerous small lakes. Some areas of plantation forest with good runnability.

Mass start race. Tim and I were encouraged to make out mass start times, and so we concentrated on that, and Tim went out at 12:10, and I went out at 12:20. I was hurried, but I didn't feel rushed. Thankfully, I was reminded to take water, and I was grateful for that.

Had said all week that I wouldn't mind missing the mass start, since they make me nervous, and I was out of shape. However, I am so glad I joined the fun. Of course, finishing 9/26 in W55, and 43/86 on the course had a lot to do with it.

Pretty much ran my own race, staying in contact with the map the whole time. But, damn, it was hot! If the lake by #3 had been more inviting looking at the shore, I would have jumped it. I was so relieved to hit the woods for 6 and 7. That cooled me off some, but not enough, and not for long.

I really struggled from 8-9, especially on the road. When I got back onto the track, I considered sitting under a tree and phoning it in, but the quitter in me was missing, so I sucked it up and trudged on. I was clearer then lots of others to 10, and then found a good line to 11 where the fence was broken. After that I kicked it in to the Finish, even passing the guy who would finish one place behind me. Sometime earlier in the day, I declared that I would win a W55 Finish split either today, or during the six sprint events. Today I was 3rd with 36 seconds, 4 seconds behind the Finish split winner.

Was thrilled to find out that I had finished so well. I was sure that I was in my usual position of ~20th.

Race stats: 2.6 km, 145 m climb, 11 controls
Garmin distance: 2.27 miles with 119 m climb
Place: 9/26
Time: 49:25
Time lost: 1:56 minutes
Time per km: 19:14
Place on course: 43/86
Finish split: 3rd - 36 seconds, with 1st at 32 seconds.

The World Cup Chase started at 3 PM, and while it had clouded over for a bit, it was a scorcher.

Lots of people climbed to the hilltop across from the arena to watch the action.

A train of men.

Approaching the control from both sides of the fence.

Later on, I climbed back up the hill where the spectators were to retrieve two repeaters and to rescue J, a young man who had been winding up the tape used for marking the path up to the hilltop. The wind conditions were such that he had it wrapped all around him.

A couple of observations:
1) There was lots of poo (manure) at the event sites, since, well, this was either sheep and/or cattle country. I never quite got used to setting up next to cow pies. :)
2) I found it remarkable that there were no major course issues or injuries during the last 10 days. What an excellent way to end this portion of the trip!

After loading up, it was back to the Herries' place, where I was able to finally talk to Roger around 10 PM, just after Jane, Phillip, and I had finished a late tea.

Saturday Jan 12, 2013 #

1 PM

Orienteering race 1:25:23 [3] 3.14 mi (27:12 / mi) +104m 24:39 / mi
shoes: Another pair of new shoes!!

Back in Hastings, so these events were the responsibility of the Hawkes Bay Orienteering Club (HBOC), with Jane and Phillip are the event coordinators.

Another day with temps near 80, and it was apparent that lots of thought had been given to the event center layout for the day, since the setup was done in a way that allowed the small bits of forest to be easily accessible for maximum shade cover for the participants.

Since I was going to take another late start, I indulged in a couple of sausage sandwiches for a mid-morning meal. I surprised then when I asked at 9 AM if the sausage were ready. They weren't, but I was set up soon after. These concession stands were interesting in that they were all parent run, with the profits going to their children's travel fund.

Linda Kohn, Rick Worner, and me - Team USA.

USA - Wild Country.

The Finish.

Callum, finishing strong.

Catherine worked in the download tent all day. Callum downloading.

Terrain description: Gully spur farmland with scattered totara, denser around some of the gullies and streambed surrounded by some impassable cliffs and native trees of variable runnability.

I loved this map and course! I just wish I had done it more justice. I totally butchered the first control, getting disoriented when I came through the light green. I made matters worse when I didn't recognize the fence junction where I was, and there was only the one in the whole area on the map.

As usual, I settled in a bit after that with only a little hiccup to 2, and the benefit of some elephant tracks from 2-3-4. I almost did something crazy from 4-5 when I ventured partway down the uncrossable cliff to see if it really was uncrossable. It was, and it was a bit scary getting myself back to safe ground. I kept telling myself that Jane and Phillip didn't deserve having to deal with me getting injured by doing something as stupid as trying to go down a cliff.

Used the creek as much as possible to finish up the course, especially after visiting the swamp near 7.

Race stats: 2.6 km, 110 m climb, 10 controls
Garmin distance: 3.14 miles with 104 m climb
Place: 19/27
Time: 1:25:18
Time lost: 10:45 minutes
Time per km: 32:43

Waited around for controls after everything was loaded up. Took the time to explore the HBOC caravan more closely - I want one!

And, the totara near the finish.

Friday Jan 11, 2013 #

7 AM

O Training 1:20:00 [2] 4.0 mi (20:00 / mi) +50m 19:15 / mi
shoes: Another pair of new shoes!!

Today was the Oceania Relay, which I had no plans to participate in. Not that I probably couldn't have been talked into being on a relay team, but I was glad that I wasn't on one. However, I was interested in doing something in addition to the results duties, so I offered to put out the three radio controls and two repeaters (on the hill above each control). After the event, I picked up the units in the reverse order. Thoroughly enjoyed the walk around the pastures, and even hiking up to the top of the hills. I could tell that I was fitter than I was a week ago even.

Terrain description: Generally rolling open farmland with isolated trees and good visibility, interspersed with hills, marsh, streams, gullies, scrub, native bush, pine forest, rock and taipos (rocky spires).

The repeater above 109.

The superfluous repeater between 109 (the control had been on the antler like wood pile) and the repeater above. One bar is all that is needed! Get over it!

The view towards the 87 hill.

Some sheep for Lailah. There were lots of sheep.

The repeater above 87. Retrieving this one later on was a little scary because the wind was blowing pretty hard.

The event center in the distance from the 87 hill.

Exited the hill from the back way.

After packing up, it was back up the highway to Hastings to stay for the duration.

Thursday Jan 10, 2013 #

2 PM

Orienteering race 1:58:34 [3] 4.73 mi (25:04 / mi) +275m 21:14 / mi
shoes: Another pair of new shoes!!

Oceania Carnival Long Distance race today. Not many pictures for some reason.

(Courtesy of P. Herries.)

The wind from yesterday had died down, but the sun was pretty hot. The same routine as the other days - set up, hang out, go out on a course.

Terrain description: Generally fast open mature pine forest, with some patches of native Manuka trees. Several extremely step and gnarly gorges are crossing the area.

Today, I got a bit confused on what my start time was, missing it by 10 minutes, even after getting a ride from Jane to close to the start. Embarrassed myself by thinking I was just a minute late, even running up to the next line. Oops! It took them another two minutes to realize what had happened, and so I was pulled out, in the nicest possible way, and assigned the last start of the day.

Turned out to be a good mistake, because I got to chat with some other W55s, including Bronwyn for the first time. Just before Bronwyn's start, she discovered that the sole of her shoe was partway off. So, another woman offered up her wrist band, and I pulled off the headband, and we tied her shoe together and off she went. Headband to the rescue again!

Then it was my turn. This terrain felt familiar, so I was a bit ticked off at myself when I messed up the first control. Settled in after that, but took the really long way to #3 and a bit of an adventure in the scruffy part to #7. Had not had enough to eat that day, and I bonked and stumbled my way around to the finish.

Race stats: 4.5 km, 210 m climb, 12 controls
Garmin distance: 4.73 miles with 275 m climb
Place: 22/27
Time: 1:58:36
Time lost: 14:19 minutes
Time per km: 26:00

Jumped into the pool at the motel when I got back. Refreshing!

Wednesday Jan 9, 2013 #


Working on adding a bunch more pictures of the Middle from a couple of days ago. Sarah A was behind the camera lens for most of the day, that is why there are so many. She filled up the card...

Eddie, we taped this just for you. Pretty cool, eh?!

Ah, a rest day! Feeling a bit worn out with the early mornings and late nights, coupled with more physical activity than I have done in a long time, so this rest day was well timed. I wasn't able to sleep in, so I sat under the trees and enjoyed the sunrise (and some free internet access).

Fish and chips for four. The fish was a bit tough, and Jane promised me the real thing once we were back in Hastings.

The leftovers before Callum arrived back from his run.

In the afternoon, we drove out to tomorrow's event site to setup. The heavy winds, promised for yesterday, were in full force today, so we dumped off the trailer but that was all.

Callum enjoying some down time.

A baby hedgehog. I was advised that they were disease carriers, otherwise I would have picked it up for closer inspection.

Tuesday Jan 8, 2013 #


Day 5 - Tuesday 8th January 2013
1. -Oceania Sprint race, suburban Wellington
2. -Oceania Multi-day Series Event 4
3. -World Cup Sprint Finals, Government House, Wellington
Masterton, Acorn Estate Motel


A few more photos:

I like the last two of the girls finishing.

And maps with tracks:

Can you figure out why I decided to go for a swim?
4 PM

Orienteering race (Middle Earth - Sprint) 29:26 [3] *** 1.71 mi (17:13 / mi)
shoes: Black Brooks

World Cup Sprint Final followed by the Oceania Carnival Sprint in Wellington.

A great atmosphere with the spectators sitting on the built in bleachers facing the cricket pitch.

A hot day, and with a 4 pm start, I was suffering a bit in the heat. Thank goodness Jane was able to drive me to the start, otherwise, I would have been done before I got there. It was a long, uphill slog on pavement in direct sun. This wasn't the last time that Jane drove me to the start during the events, and it was much appreciated each and every time.

Terrain description: Parkland, playing fields and detailed school buildings.

First three controls in the woods, and then the rest were around the buildings. Lost a couple of minutes to 1, and then poor route choice/error to 4 and 10. Otherwise, I enjoyed running around the buildings and wished I were in better shape.

Race stats: 1.6 km, 40 m climb, 15 controls
Garmin distance: 1.71 miles with ? m climb
Place: 21/27
Time: 29:25
Time lost: 3:38 minutes
Time per km: 17:54

After packing up, Jane drove me to Mount Victoria for a panoramic view of the city.

Then it was off to the Acorn Estate Motel in Masterton.

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