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Training Log Archive: vmeyer

In the 7 days ending Aug 8, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 3:24:48 8.39(24:25) 13.5(15:10) 325
  Total3 3:24:48 8.39(24:25) 13.5(15:10) 325

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Monday Aug 8, 2011 #


Flight home last night was delayed a little out of Buffalo, and then sat on the ground in DC as well, both on the plane and on the shuttle bus. Thank goodness I didn't have to sit next to the guy that the people in the two rows ahead of me were buzzing about, apparently he stunk something awful.

And, after ~10 nights with about 2-4 hours of sleep each night, I crashed last night and slept until 10:30. Good thing I already had the day off.

It was a very fun weekend inn BFLO-land. Just the right mix of helping out and hanging out. Cool being able to get the results up from the meet site using my phone's personal hotspot.

A couple of painful parts, one being the Saturday night dinner. Against my better judgment, I decided to go with the QOC group to a place in Springville. OK, I really like all of the QOC group present, but I shuddered at the thought of a big group dinner, but I decided to go along anyway. There were 12 of us to start and four more later. The room they put us in was perfect - all to ourselves and plenty of space. Music was a little too loud though, despite a request to lower it.

Sadly, despite the lack of clientele in the rest of the place (a sign perhaps), the service was painfully slow. Took two hours. Ugh! Thank goodness the company was excellent. And, since I had an empty chair next to me, I got some rotating conversation without having to scream down the length of the table.

Ice cream across the street after. The very tasty and generous <$2.00 ice cream cone worked wonders. After 9:30 before we got back to the hotel, though I guess that didn't matter because I wasn't going to sleep too much anyway.

A group lunch was offered up on Sunday. I politely declined and had my mini ravioli out of a can instead. :)

Sunday Aug 7, 2011 #

8 AM

Orienteering race (Chestnut Ridge Long) 1:55:23 [3] *** 6.7 km (17:13 / km) +185m 15:08 / km
shoes: Pink Ice Bugs #2

Actual distance: 5.58 miles and 203 m climb
Time lost: ~21 minutes


Had McD's for breakfast today since I needed some protein.

Another early start. Had the woods to myself for the first 30 minutes or so. Lots of people using the park roads and trails though. Very impressive.

S-1 One of those controls to get you started in the right direction. A little confused why I was on a "trail", but it turns out there is a ride line under the line from S-1. Didn't let it bother me and get safely to the field and the control. Trying to take safe routes was my theme for the day.

1-2 Stupid move, unsafe route - literally - slide down the steep bank and only see the bridge crossing as I am coming up the other side. Road, to stream bed, to control.

2-3 Out to the trail and then back under the fence, up the stream bed to the control.

3-4 On compass, counting things off and recognizing that I was a little below the control.

4-5 Safe way around on trails and a lovely ride through the pines.

6-7 Most of my lost time for the day was here. Took a less steep route down and then up the other side to the road. Road, then into the woods, and failure. I knew I wasn't sure where I had hit the stream and where the off shot was - right or left, and I guessed wrong. Some wandering until I convinced myself to get to the road and start over. Second time in was a charm.

7-8 Proud of my compass work here.

8-9 Should have save the pat on the back for later. Doubted where I was when I got to the top of the hill, on my hands and knees mostly. Went right, and then had to come back. Visited the HUGE rootstock to the west of the control on the way in. I wished I had my camera since it may have been the biggest one I have seen personally, besides those giant trees.

9-10 Lucked out on this one since I was super distracted by a giant horsefly which was buzzing me and biting me. I still have large welt on my arm to prove it. I was swatting and swearing and trying to keep moving and paying attention. It is a little hard to keep track of things with your hands flailing around your head and body, so, I was thankful that I recognized what spur I had come down by the three little hills to the west. My horsefly buddy gave up around here when I started swinging sticks around. I wasn't entirely confident when I climbed the hill where I hoped the control was, and it was only visible when I was in the circle. Whew!

10-11 Executed perfectly. Well deserved self-congratulations. I was unaware that Stina had punched in a minute or so before me at 10, but I punched in here just before he at 11. Of course, she started 30 minutes behind me, but it was a small victory of sorts. Saw Meg approaching as I was leaving here. She had started 38 minutes behind me.

11-12 Out to road by shortest route, trail, then into the area, where I bumbled around slightly before finding it.

12-13 A little off, but punched in just ahead of Meg.

13-14 Wish I had paid closer attention to where Meg went in here, since I was on the wrong side of the spur/hill thingee. Oops.

14-15 Didn't quite get the indistinct trail as I had planned, but no real harm done.

15-16 Uneventful. A huge THANK YOU to the many BFLO volunteers who were monitoring the roads and off-ramp with their colorful shirts and signs.

16-17-F Some guy with a big video camera was filming, so I told myself to suck it in, suck it up, smile, and pushed as hard as I could into the control and into the finish. Liked the last few controls which were spring like and spectator friendly.

I gave it everything I had in the tank today, and I was pleased with this effort. Hamstring didn't twinge even once. Go figure. Maybe the five solid rest days was good for it.

Dripping wet afterwards. Glad the the sun stayed mostly tucked behind the clouds. Glasses flogging was only an issue once early on.

Saturday Aug 6, 2011 #


Race timing: EX2 CM at Schaeffer Farms

Race timing at home went great without me. Yeah for Tyler!


2011 Golden Troll Award recipient

Valerie Meyer (QOC)

For years Valerie has selflessly donated her time to clubs other than her own, to the point where she has become a fixture behind the computer at local and national meets across the country. She has put in countless hours learning the epunch software, adding her own equipment and modifications, and getting her system down to a fine art. She never seems to turn down a request to handle epunch for another club’s A-meet. It is invaluable to a small club to be able to turn the finish and results duties over to someone who handles them with such thoroughness and professionalism.
9 AM

Orienteering race (Sprague Brook Middle) 1:09:26 [3] *** 4.4 km (15:47 / km) +110m 14:02 / km
shoes: Pink Ice Bugs #2

Actual distance: 3.57 miles and 125 m climb
Time lost: ~10 minutes


With "ants-in-my-pants", I took a pre-start. A no-brainer since I was up since 3-4 AM, ate at 6 AM, ready to go at 7 AM.

S-1 A little confused when I hit the first little bridge at the halfway to the control. It seemed like I had run pretty far, but the trail wasn't curving north, and then I saw that the line was crossing blue, so I sorted myself out pretty quickly and continued on to the control.

1-2 Went further on the trail then I realized, so visited another control, the trail, the same incorrect control, then over to mine.

2-3 Found a safe way down and followed the stream to the creek to the control. A controlled rode down on my butt for the first of many times this weekend.

3-4 Up the stream bed to the nose of the very steep spur, and climbed up as carefully as I could using lots of trees and tree roots to grab onto to be safe. Got off of the trail too soon thinking I would miss it otherwise, but it was visible from the trail.

4-5 Picking off trails and streams as I went and was one of the few people I spoke to who noticed the straight line trail. Momentarily confused by the wet spot near the spot I went into the control thinking I was further back, and I didn't really think I was on a trail. I talked myself out of going further down the trail, and went it, and there it was. Yeah!

6-7 Super nervous about getting into the out of bounds area, but also nervous about going too far out of the way. Paid super close attention to my compass, and there was the control.

7-8 The big error of the day. Got the trail at the junction, said hello to a hiker, and immediately turned right and visited another control. Not mine, went downhill some more, almost to the stream, back to the wrong control, now think I know where I am, convince myself to find the trail, find the trail, then the control. Felt like a big dummy here.

8-9 Thought I was going over the top, but hit the trail and recovered easily.

9-10 Trail to signs where mountain bikers were stopped. Saw 4-6 bikers between 8 and 10. Down the hill on foot and on butt, thought I was going to end up closer to the control, but hit the field instead and sorted myself out.

10-11 Visited all kinds of crappy stuff getting out of the stream bed. Should have stayed in the woods more. No problem otherwise.

11-14 Suck it up and get it done without making any silly errors at the end. Getting through field from 13-14 sucked. Probably much easier later on.

14-F Loved the long, grassy, unlumpy, downhill finish. Flew down it hoping I wasn't going to hurt myself. I didn't.

Really enjoyed this course. Hamstring didn't hurt at all, perhaps thanks to four advil.

3 PM

Orienteering race (Sprague Brook Sprint) 19:59 [4] *** 2.4 km (8:20 / km) +30m 7:50 / km
shoes: Pink Ice Bugs #2

Actual distance: 1.66 miles and 31 m climb
Time lost: ~2 minutes


Second race of the day. Goal was to be under 10 minutes per k, and being under 20 minutes was a nice bonus.

Traded off my start time to someone who needed to start earlier. Realized about 40 minutes before my new start time that I hadn't eaten anything since a 6 AM breakfast and a banana after the Middle, and I was starving. Ate some yummy homemade cookies and maybe another banana. Drank water to supplement all of the diet coke, and then hoped I was gong to hurl on the course.

Changed into my "cute" sprint outfit, and I was off at 3:15 PM. Sadly, I don't think there are any pictures. ;)

Paid attention to the way the others on my course were going and saw the first control.

Pushed hard out of the start just waiting for the guy who started 1 minute behind me to track me down pretty quickly, but it was PG making up the 2 minute stagger going into 5 just ahead of me as I fumbled it a tiny bit.

The next four controls were uneventful. Sadly, I gave up about 10-12 places overall fumbling around the wrong playground for 10. I knew it didn't make sense, but I couldn't make sense of it. Finally sorted myself out and headed around the rest of the course.

Pushed as hard as I could and was short of breath at end, enough so that I had to sit and collect myself, which doesn't usually happen. Thanks to Greg L for the water.

Super fun course. Hamstring still not painful.

Friday Aug 5, 2011 #


Off to Buffalo. Plane an hour late, but I can live with that.

Picked up my rental car - a Jeep. Didn't notice the model until Greg pointed it out. Go figure.

Stayed near Springville, NY. Visited the local sites (Tops, Taco Bell, and Super WalM*rt) before checking into the hotel. Only hotel with many miles, so it had to do, and it was just fine. Right next door, fine dining.

Then off to Lime Lake for dinner and a shake out session with the BFLO epunch person, Doug, and the Long course setter, Jackie.

Good company and scenic lakeside dining. Oops, no picture.

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