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Training Log Archive: vmeyer

In the 7 days ending Jun 27, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking2 1:30:35 18.62(4:52) 29.97(3:01) 111
  Mowing/Yard2 20:00
  Total4 1:50:35 18.62 29.97 111
  [1-5]2 1:30:35
averages - sleep:2 weight:174.5lbs

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Monday Jun 27, 2011 #

Mowing/Yard (Holly bushes) 10:00 [0]

Crashed last night and woke this morning feeling 100% better then yesterday. Decided to follow through with yesterday's plan which was to cut the holly bushes back. About four hours outside today.

Here is the before (minus the part I had already trimmed before I took the picture):

And the after. Objective achieved - I can now see up and down the street when I look out of the front door. This frontal view looks pretty good, I may not be heading to divorce court - Roger hates when I butcher the holly bushes...

Unfortunately, while the front view is good, the view from the top tells another story - a bit barren. And, then there is the new 14" electric chainsaw, which was purchased to cut down the tall parts of the front bush (not pictured), so either way Roger will still be unhappy when he returns from Iowa on Sunday. But, heck, I like the results, and right now, that is all that counts!

I was pulling some dead stuff away from the red hot poker plant when I was attacked by a number of yellow jackets. First, I whimpered. Then, I screamed (low guttural sound). Followed that by running around to the back to the hose off the bees, which turned out to be worthless since they were already attached to me by their stingers. The cold water did feel good though. Once I peeled off my shoes and shorts (happy to have my longer undies on underneath), I picked off the attached bees, and then I started sobbing. I realized that this was not good for the whole asthma thing, so I calmed myself, finished cleaning up, and then called it a day.

Though it felt much worse at the time, I was only stung 4 times - right hand, right inner thigh, left heel, right ankle (hurts the most).

On the better news side, I didn't draw blood today with the power tools or cut any power cords. A new record!

Back to work tomorrow.

Sunday Jun 26, 2011 #


So, really, this race timing business may be more about how I feel the next day and not about how the actual race goes, and today I felt horrible. I guess eating crap all day (5 pieces of pizza, two "milk" shakes, a ton of diet coke) and the heat over 15+ hours was just too much for me.

I slept horribly last night (no surprise), and then I could not function the rest of the day. I really tried to rouse myself, but it was not to be. Felt like I had been hit with a truck. Ugh!

Saturday Jun 25, 2011 #


Race timing: EX2 12 hours of CM at Quantico

Tried to get to the event by 5 AM when the others get together to go over the plan for the day, but I just had to stay in bed for a little bit longer this morning. So, I got out of the house by ~5:30 instead, arriving a little after 6 AM.

Lots of setup for these lap timing events with SI-cards, but we managed to get everything in place before the first riders came through at ~ 8:50.

This race is lower stress compared to the 9 hour event which has shorter laps, but it is three hours longer.

Anyway, no need to go into the boring details. The day went well thanks to the lower humidity and no major injuries, etc. Home about 10 PM, results sent off by 11:45. Though, I did not unload the car.

Friday Jun 24, 2011 #


Took off work today and Monday. Spent most of the day getting the nasty stuff off of my website so that I was no longer being flagged as a loser.

Spent the rest of the day getting the SI-cards and check-in sheets ready for the 12 hour MTB race tomorrow.

Thursday Jun 23, 2011 #

Mowing/Yard (Whack 'n Weed) 10:00 [0]

Roger left me today (temporary - trip to Iowa to visit his 95 year old mom).

Trying to get some projects in that he thinks are not needed - like 2+ hours raking up the leaves from under the magnolia tree. Tomorrow - butchering the holly trees some more. :)

Weight after - 170.

Wednesday Jun 22, 2011 #


My website has been hacked. :( Fraud company from targeted company contacted me. Sadly, I do not have a backup and things are a mess. How many of my 9 computers have I affected in the process?! Will need major help getting things sorted out. Any takers? :) Luckily the data on my work computer, where it may have originated, was all recovered.
8 AM

Biking (Commute in) 30:30 [1] 6.5 mi (4:42 / mi)
slept:2.0 weight:175lbs shoes: Bike Sandals

Sweating bullets on the way to work. Already close to 80 with >70% humidity. The return trip should be lots of fun.

Bad night brought on by falling asleep for two hours after work yesterday. Will try to avoid that today.
3 PM

Biking 1:00:05 [1] 12.12 mi (4:57 / mi) +111m 4:49 / mi
shoes: Bike Sandals

Home with the out and back to the Humpback Bridge added in. Considered doing the loop on the hillier Custis Trail and approaching the house from the other direction, but I decided to keep that for next week.

Hill mile in 6:41 this week vs. 7:17 last week. Progress?

89 F, feels like 96 F. WooHoo! Wish I liked summer. I might have to admit that the wind felt a bit nice today. :) Weighed 172 after.

Tuesday Jun 21, 2011 #


Well, not a training entry, but these new pictures make me smile.

Lailah with a good plan, and a slammin' Pebbles hairdo.

Lailah at 5 months, quite the young lady.

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