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Training Log Archive: vmeyer

In the 7 days ending May 15, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 3:54:11 8.65(27:04) 13.92(16:49) 520
  Biking4 2:04:01 23.62(5:15) 38.01(3:16) 156
  Walking1 1:00:01 4.04(14:52) 6.49(9:15) 116
  Misc1 40:00
  Mowing/Yard1 10:00
  Total8 7:48:13 36.31 58.43 792
  [1-5]7 7:38:13
averages - sleep:1

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Sunday May 15, 2011 #

10 AM

Orienteering 3:54:11 [4] *** 13.92 km (16:49 / km) +520m 14:11 / km
slept:0.0 shoes: Pink!! Ice Bugs

GPS = 11.37 miles and 470 climb

Map with tracks

Got out of bed at 5:30 AM. Found Sandy's scale and weighed in at a suspiciously low 169.6, but hey, it was fun to see a number below 170.

Handed the keys to Sandy and settled in for the ride to Huntington State Park, CT. It rained a good part of the way, and I was happy that I wasn't the one driving, not that I could/should have if I had wanted to. I think there were three stops, including the home store for some tent stakes and a hammer. This part of the trip was 170 miles in ~3:15.

Got there with time to spare. Immediately greeted by J-J with a big hug. Thanks, J-J! Yes, I too was glad I made it. Set up the red tent. Thank you PGoodwin, Marie, and Becks.

Down to the start in a light mist. Since it never really rained during the event, the weather conditions turned out to be perfect. Sunny and hot would have been really bad news.

So, as you probably know by now, we didn't make the 3:30 cutoff. Heidi ended up joining Sandy and me, and we kept moving at a good pace. A big pack for a number of controls, and then not many people. It wasn't until the butterfly loop that we realized that we had gotten ahead of so many people. It was very nice to see Lyn and Lou in the middle of the woods here as well.

Sandy powered up the hills, and I wasn't too far behind her for a change. I smacked my right knee/shin hard when I did a face plant coming out of #3, and this was quite painful the rest of the race.

And, though we probably could go under 3:30 on a redo (knowing the best routes, not making the little errors), I don't think we could have gone under 3:30 today. On my own, I estimate it would have taken me 5 hours, and I would have covered several more miles as I ran around in circles, which I was fit enough to do, if it came to that. :)

While, I wasn't the one navigating and only had to concentrate on keeping up, it turned out later that just keeping up and not always knowing where I was freaked me out a little and helped contribute to the somewhat botched leg.

After the race, I helped Joe with the results, though he was doing great on his own. Then we went to the DeWitts for shower, dinner, and an overnight stay. Good company, food, and conversation.

Thanks to Sandy for the very fine navigation. She's talking about doing another BG. I'll consider another one as well, in the right circumstances (no race timing the day before, for one).

Thanks to Joe, and the rest of WCOC, for a fine event.

Saturday May 14, 2011 #


Race timing: EX2 9 hours at Rocky Gap


Slept around 5 hours, which was also the total I had slept the last three nights, so my plan to go into the weekend well rested didn't happen.

On the road to Rocky Gap, MD at 7 AM (104 miles, two stops, total time 2:45). Rained off and on, and the fog at the high points made for the worst visibility I have ever driven through. Thankfully, the high points were short in duration.

The race timing was for a 9 hour MTB race. Teams of 1-3 doing as many laps as they could in 9 hours. The race was on unless there was lightening. The forecast looked bleak, but it turned out that all of the bad storms skirted around the area, and the race went as planned.

Despite the computer setup testing yesterday, I failed to check a download station on one of the computers, so I had to make a last minute switch, made possible by downloading the software by using my iphone as a hot spot. Cool.

Race started at 11 AM and teams could go out on their last lap no later then 7 PM (8 hours). The hope was to get out of the park by 9 PM. A long day, luckily not made any longer by some bozo taking forever on their last lap, so I was packed up and on the road to Philadelphia by 8:30 PM.

And, if I thought driving in the fog this morning was bad, it was even worse this evening. I dreaded every ascent knowing that the fog and the dark made for about zero visibility. I made it through this section and had to stop just to compose myself.

Stopped at some point for the lousiest McD's double cheeseburger ever.

Things weren't terrible again until I hit the PA Turnpike, and then it rained the whole rest of the way. I was happy to tootle along at about 55-60 mph, until I came upon someone more pathetic than I am. This person was going 35 mph. Not being the best, even in good conditions, at passing on the left next to the concrete barriers, I stuck behind him for a ways, and I finally passed at an exit where it was wider and better lit. Then five miles later, I stopped to go to the bathroom. I considered the possible consequences of getting behind this character again, but I had to go.

Back onto the turnpike, and yup, a couple of miles later, I come up on slowpoke again. So, I execute a pass at the next exit, and decided I wouldn't need a bathroom break the rest of the way. Got to Sandy's about 1:30.

This leg of the trip was 230 miles and took 5 hours with 5 stops and 3 no-doz.

Got into bed at 2 PM, and I never slept for even a second, but I was resting, so that was good.

Friday May 13, 2011 #


Worked just a half day so that I could get my act together for the weekend.

Made four batches of brownies. Stopped at the beer store to see if I could locate something appropriately named for the heat goat.

Got the computer setup tested and the car loaded.

Managed to get to bed at a decent hour.

Thursday May 12, 2011 #

5 PM

Walking 1:00:01 [1] 4.04 mi (14:52 / mi) +116m 13:39 / mi
slept:2.0 shoes: Z Hiking Boots

The fourth night in a row with like 1-3 hours sleep. This is not the good rest I was trying to get this week leading up to the drive to Philadelphia after the race on Saturday. I had a nap after work since staying awake in the afternoon isn't helping me get to sleep at night anyway, so the sleep felt good.

Had to drive to work today, so I walked around the neighborhood after the nap.

Tried to hit some extra hills but keep the pace at ~4 mph.

Wednesday May 11, 2011 #

7 AM

Biking 29:35 [2] 5.79 mi (5:07 / mi) +11m 5:05 / mi
shoes: Bike Sandals

2 PM

Misc 40:00 [2]

3 PM

Biking 32:18 [2] 6.01 mi (5:22 / mi) +68m 5:11 / mi
shoes: Bike Sandals

Tuesday May 10, 2011 #

9 AM

Biking 29:32 [1] 5.81 mi (5:05 / mi) +11m 5:03 / mi
shoes: Bike Sandals

Slept horribly. Despite a sleep aid, I could not fall asleep, and I was nauseous.

Then around 5 AM, Roger called up to say that out guinea pig, PeeWee was having her babies. We have had GP for 25+ years now, and the most we ever paid was 2 for $15, with most of them coming as foster pigs. Well, we spent $36 for PeeWee two months ago, and this morning, two bonus pigs arrived. So cool.

I will have to dig up and post the picture of Sarah with the last litter we had about 20 years ago.

Anyway, I went back to bed after and actually slept a little and got to work late. Happy to have ridden in on such a beautiful Spring morning.
3 PM

Biking 32:36 [1] 6.01 mi (5:25 / mi) +66m 5:15 / mi
shoes: Bike Sandals

An enjoyable ride home. Luckily, I got a little tailwind on the long three mile part because my legs were really sluggish feeling from the miles this weekend.
5 PM

Mowing/Yard 10:00 [0]

Knocked the lawn out since it had gone to seed.
6 PM


My plan for the rest of the week is:
Wednesday: Bike commute and core
Thursday: Bike commute with maybe 5 miles extra on the way home
Friday: 60 minute walk in hiking books to stretch Achilles
Saturday: nothing, except being on my feet lots of the day at the 9 hours of bike race timing at Rocky Gap.

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