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Training Log Archive: Cristina

In the 7 days ending Jun 10, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering4 2:02:29 10.67(11:29) 17.17(7:08) 146115c307.2
  Cycling2 1:05:00 13.05(12.0/h) 21.0(19.4/h)100.0
  Stretching/Yoga2 13:0013.0
  Running1 10:04 1.0(10:03) 1.61(6:15)18.3
  Total8 3:30:33 24.72 39.78 146115c438.4
  [1-5]8 3:29:27

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Monday Jun 10, 2019 #

Cycling 35:00 [2] 12.0 km (20.6 kph)

To and from work. Fine on the way in but still not a good plan for a direct way back out again.

Sunday Jun 9, 2019 #

8 AM

Running warm up/down 10:04 intensity: (7 @0) + (2:35 @1) + (6:42 @2) + (30 @3) + (3 @4) + (7 @5) 1.61 km (6:15 / km)
ahr:150 max:196 shoes: Georgia O (X-Talon 212)

Warmup along the entrance road and grass next to it after some LMLS. With several strides.

Stretching/Yoga (LMLS) 5:00 [1]

9 AM

Orienteering race 10:24 intensity: (1:08 @2) + (4:13 @3) + (4:48 @4) + (15 @5) ** 1.96 km (5:19 / km) +1m 5:18 / km
ahr:173 max:183 14c shoes: Georgia O (X-Talon 212)

Qualifier at Mt. Ida. This went pretty well, despite my legs being pretty clearly tired from yesterday's efforts. Fun to sprint in a more urban environment.

Orienteering race 7:38 intensity: (12 @0) + (21 @1) + (2:36 @2) + (4:05 @3) + (24 @4) ** 1.22 km (6:15 / km)
ahr:162 max:179 11c shoes: Georgia O (X-Talon 212)

Round 1 at Mt Ida.

My placing in the Qualifier put me and Cheryl in a heat where we were almost certain to be relegated. Only hope was to stay close enough to the front four that a real mistake near the end would allow me to get ahead.

After a chaotic and confusing start to the first two controls, everyone ahead of me got their shit together and ran properly to three, four, and five, which meant that I quickly fell behind on speed. Six involved a longer run across an open area and I realized at the control that Cheryl must have made a big mistake because she was not anywhere behind me. Also, I couldn't see any of the speedsters in front of me, either.

Kept up the effort a little bit, "just in case", but it was soon clear that the only way I wasn't going to be relegated was if someone ahead of me mispunched, and Cheryl was far back enough that there was no need to push, so I dialed it back a bunch for the last couple of controls.

11 AM

Orienteering race 5:57 intensity: (21 @1) + (5:36 @2) ** 1.16 km (5:07 / km) +1m 5:06 / km
ahr:151 max:161 12c shoes: Georgia O (X-Talon 212)

Round 2 at Mt Ida

Knocked down a round I now found myself with Cheryl, Pam, Pia, and the two youngsters, Mori and Etienne. I figured I had no chance against the two boys if it came down to a finish sprint so I had to outwit them earlier in the course.

Turned out to be mostly a battle between me and Etienne for the lead up until the end. He would zoom off towards the control, ahead of everyone, then I would take a more direct route and we'd meet up, only to have the process repeat a few times. Mori passed me on the way to the final control so both boys punched there ahead of me and I thought I was done.


They took a very wide turn up towards the finish and suddenly I was in a competitive position. Mori zoomed ahead, Etienne not far behind, and my 40 year old legs were struggling on the chase. Mori pushed through all the way to the finish, Etienne still not far back but slowing dramatically. I saw my chance and surged to the finish, punching just ahead of the little speedster and securing my place in the higher bracket for the final round.

Or so I thought.

Turns out I had made a key tactical mistake by punching my start box earlier than the others. Earlier enough that my elapsed time was 1 second longer than Etienne's, despite clearly finishing before him. I think it was out of habit from self-starting races -- I started my watch and then punched the start, ready to go, but I had to wait for the Go from Alex / the clock, so that was just wasted time.

Lesson learned!

Orienteering race 6:44 intensity: (7 @0) + (30 @1) + (5:31 @2) + (36 @3) ** 1.21 km (5:34 / km)
ahr:155 max:172 9c shoes: Georgia O (X-Talon 212)

Final round at Mt Ida

The upside to losing out to Etienne is that I got to be in a fun heat that I also had a chance of winning, with Cheryl, Kristin, Tori, Troy, and Anna.

On the way to the first control I commented to the others that we were starting at a much more civilized pace than what we'd witnessed the previous heats doing. Then all of a sudden I was in front and felt the pressure of staying there. I had Cheryl breathing down my neck the entire time, Kristin not far behind that, and I had a few hesitations that kept it very close. I would pull away a little bit, then make some false steps and they were right with me again. I managed to stay in the lead the whole way and finish with a bit of a margin, but I was definitely pushed by having the others threatening to get ahead at any moment.

This was fun, even though my legs certainly protested at so many hard efforts. Pleased to note that my finish kick appears to be waking up, as my split on the final control of the tournament seems to confirm.

Saturday Jun 8, 2019 #

10 AM

Orienteering 44:43 intensity: (19 @0) + (13:08 @1) + (22:04 @2) + (8:32 @3) + (40 @4) ** 5.03 km (8:54 / km) +44m 8:31 / km
ahr:150 max:178 25c shoes: Georgia O (X-Talon 212)

First and second Sprint Camp trainings of the day at Franklin Park. Doesn't feel very sprinty to be doing these in junky woods. On the first one, by myself, moved okay, but wasn't really in sprint mode. The second was a forked group training and that helped me move more efficiently.

Orienteering 28:01 intensity: (2 @0) + (59 @1) + (4:15 @2) + (14:56 @3) + (6:38 @4) + (1:11 @5) ** 3.99 km (7:01 / km) +57m 6:33 / km
ahr:169 max:185 25c shoes: Georgia O (X-Talon 212)

Farsta after the training. Three loops, and the total distance was a bit much for my legs. Did about 2.3 loops at a decent effort and then they shut down.
4 PM

Orienteering race 19:02 intensity: (19 @0) + (33 @1) + (3:45 @2) + (10:35 @3) + (3:43 @4) + (7 @5) ** 2.6 km (7:19 / km) +42m 6:46 / km
ahr:167 max:183 19c shoes: Georgia O (X-Talon 212)

Afternoon race on the other side of the road, and after I snuck off downtown to see the pride parade with Lukas and Melissa. This was a lot more fun than the morning and felt a lot sprintier - some decisions to make, even though it was park. I was able to go pretty hard and not have any issues so that was nice.

Friday Jun 7, 2019 #

5 PM

Cycling (road) 30:00 [1] 9.0 km (18.0 kph)

I knew some fresh air and exercise would be good for me, especially on such a nice day, but I also didn't think I could handle running. Grabbed a BlueBike at South Station and went home the long way. I didn't actually know what going the long way meant, so I ended up asking some questions of a woman who looked like she knew what she was doing. I just needed to get to a bridge and it turned out it was easy - just go straight. Atlantic Ave and its descendants to the north are not as scary as I thought they would be at rush hour because the cars aren't really moving.

Thursday Jun 6, 2019 #


Flailing. It would really help my mental state to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. A good night’s sleep will probably also help so that’s the goal for tonight.

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