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Training Log Archive: Cristina

In the 7 days ending Apr 23, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering5 3:23:43 10.66 17.16 19818c494.8
  Running5 2:25:02 14.53(9:59) 23.39(6:12) 285191.2
  Cycling3 35:00 1.24 2.070.0
  Total10 6:23:45 26.44 42.54 48318c756.0
  [1-5]10 6:22:35

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Sunday Apr 23, 2017 #

9 AM

Running (dirt/road) 33:48 intensity: (15 @0) + (33:02 @1) + (31 @2) 5.47 km (6:11 / km) +30m 6:01 / km
ahr:135 max:152 shoes: Ron Swanson (Adidas Supernova

An easy run with Sam along the river to meet Lukas and Melissa in Bjølsen for some playground time. I think Sam believes me that Oslo is a great place to live but I don't think I made any progress in convincing her that she should move here.

Saturday Apr 22, 2017 #

11 AM

Running warm up/down 15:30 intensity: (13 @0) + (5:59 @1) + (9:18 @2) 2.46 km (6:18 / km) +24m 6:00 / km
ahr:145 max:164 shoes: Montalbano (O-Roc 280)

Orienteering race 59:13 intensity: (2:37 @1) + (8:10 @2) + (24:36 @3) + (22:30 @4) + (1:20 @5) 5.49 km (10:47 / km) +66m 10:10 / km
ahr:170 max:188 shoes: Montalbano (O-Roc 280)

Lørdagskjappen D21-A

I am very happy with a lot of my orienteering today. I really felt like I was reading the map well and able to keep moving, and in pretty tough terrain. Tons to be pleased with but unfortunately one spectacularly bad thing (=8 min on #4 due to a blown approach and failure to realize that I'd had a bad line) to be unpleased with.

Oh, and I tripped on a root in the run-in, face-planted, rolled, and lost 3 places between the last control and the finish. :-)



Friday Apr 21, 2017 #

Cycling 10:00 [2] 2.0 km (12.0 kph)

Took the bus downhill until there were available city bikes and then rode the rest of the way in with an honest pedal, just for fun.

Last day at Markedskraft. Given how much the people outside of the Oslo office seem to care that I'm here I suspect they won't much notice when I'm not here. Their loss.

Thursday Apr 20, 2017 #

9 AM

Running (road) 33:48 intensity: (15 @0) + (27:38 @1) + (5:55 @2) 6.04 km (5:36 / km)
ahr:137 max:156 shoes: Ron Swanson (Adidas Supernova

In to work, last time to this job! Not that the new commute run will be very different, but maybe I'll be more excited to do it and get to work?
6 PM

Orienteering 44:36 intensity: (10 @0) + (13:44 @1) + (29:08 @2) + (1:28 @3) + (2 @4) + (4 @5) **** 3.77 km (11:50 / km) +42m 11:12 / km
ahr:147 max:189 12c shoes: Montalbano (O-Roc 280)

7-70 training from Kollbanen, contour-only map. Needed to have more idiot-proof routing on a few but otherwise felt good. Not my legs, though, they were really tired.

Cycling warm up/down 10:00 [2]

Wednesday Apr 19, 2017 #

3 PM

Running (road/dirt) 51:56 intensity: (17 @0) + (31:15 @1) + (19:24 @2) + (1:00 @3) 7.67 km (6:46 / km) +231m 5:53 / km
ahr:143 max:170 shoes: Ron Swanson (Adidas Supernova

Home from work along the river. Last time from this particular job! Legs were toast. Nice day.
5 PM

Cycling 15:00 [2]

To/from Løp & Lek with honest pedaling.

Orienteering 15:00 [1]
shoes: Eton & Eccles (O-Roc 280)

Løp & Lek, mostly giving kids high fives.

Løp & Lek is our club's offering for kids 8-12. This year I'm helping coach the 2009 (youngest) group with the two parent coaches. It seems like a great opportunity to get involved a bit more with O development and also to get my required practical hours for the Trener1 certification. We have training for the LOL group for 75 minutes on Wednesday evenings in the spring and fall, with all of the ages meeting at the same place but working just with their year.

We had a modest showing for 2009ers yesterday, I think it was 11 kids. We did some icebreaker warmup activities, a terrain/obstacle run, and then we went over the easiest course in groups before sending the kids out (with parents). Many of the kids had been orienteering before and it seemed like all the parents were fairly capable, so the course was no problem.

We finished up with something that seems pretty popular here, a "rakettløype" which I'm not sure has an American name (or at least I'm unaware... certainly never heard rocket-course or anything like that). Basically you set a short streamered route with some e-punches and the kids run it as fast as they can, often repeatedly to try to break their time. I guess it's like the string-o courses we sometimes have with e-punch except fewer punches and more running. And you can make it exciting/more interesting by adding obstacles along the way.

The evening seemed like a success although I think it's tough with 8 year olds to feel like you're getting through to them at all. We'll see how it goes over the next couple of months!

Tuesday Apr 18, 2017 #

4 PM

Orienteering 15:00 [1] *

Putting out controls for our OCC race.

Monday Apr 17, 2017 #

Running warm up/down 10:00 [2] 1.74 km (5:45 / km)
shoes: Eton & Eccles (O-Roc 280)

10 AM

Orienteering race 1:09:54 intensity: (1:12 @1) + (16:04 @2) + (45:21 @3) + (7:16 @4) + (1 @5) 7.89 km (8:51 / km) +90m 8:23 / km
ahr:167 max:181 shoes: Eton & Eccles (O-Roc 280)

Kolmårdskavlen leg 1 for NSK4

I was supposed to run the (shorter) second leg today but a last-minute illness and some team shuffling meant I got (?) to run the first leg instead.

Livelox - Splits my forking

My plan was to absolutely go with the flow and use other people but I didn't want to run too hard, blow up and then find myself unable to think as everyone left me in the dust.

The run out of the start was narrow and junky so I only went moderately hard and let a lot of people pass me. I was moving plenty fast even as tons of women passed by. Pretty much the whole crowd went the same way towards one and I hung on, basically just keeping map contact, not making decisions. Seemed like everyone had the same control (we did) and then people went in slightly different directions towards two. I was having a hard time keeping up but there were enough people in sight to keep me moving and I went straight to my control.

Now it was really thinning out but there were a few women still ahead. Alone I would have gone straight but following my rule of going with the crowd if what they were doing made sense I crossed the marsh more directly behind the others, figuring they were just crossing the marsh early for a better approach. Nope, they were going to their forking and therefore so was I (whoops!). We all ran to the same three and then I once again went with the crowd/tracks towards not-my-four. Luckily I caught myself before actually reaching the control but it was still lost time.

Fell in behind those coming out of not-my-three for the longer stretch to four. All of a sudden we got to a control (not-my-four) that I knew wasn't mine but I figured some of the women must also have my forking, which was farther on. Nope. They all took off in another direction and all of a sudden I was all alone. Took me a few seconds to catch my breath and make sure I knew where I was and where I was going and the next two went ok, just a bit slower.

Bad compass work in and out of six lost me some time, and then to eight I seem to have managed to run a route almost entirely different from everyone ahead of me and, since it was mostly on north sides of the hills, there was a decent amount of snow. I was feeling a little bummed out at this point at having lost everyone so early. I did see a few other people (on various courses, it seemed) around the rocks for nine and ten but there seemed to be lots of forkings and people moving in random directions, so no help there. All alone again for the long leg to eleven, though I found some useful tracks this time.

On my way to 12 I once again seemed to have been lazy with my direction, causing me to be right of the control where I bumped into Frida (from NSK3) who was having trouble breathing, so I stopped and waited with her until she could move again. We punched 12 and 13 together and then it happened again (we were now in the arena passage), so I waited until someone from our club came by to be with her. She sounded awful but she eventually went on to finish the course.

The last bit was in really nice rocky, more open, less snowy terrain and I had started running without really knowing what I was doing, still sort of freaked out by how horrifying Frida sounded trying to breath. I took it slowly and carefully and came out the other side alive and without mistakes there, running hard into the exchange area only to find... no one! Alix hadn't been expecting me and didn't realize I was close to finishing until she saw me punch the go control. I spent a few minutes standing there, calling out for Alix, jumping up and down and waving at the Nydalen section to make sure she was on her way, folding her map for the first leg, etc., and then eventually (it seemed like forever) she showed up and was off.

Nice day, very nice terrain, more typically Swedish than the previous stuff, which I enjoyed very much.

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