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Training Log Archive: LiveWideLoveDeep

In the 7 days ending Sep 5, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Road Bike4 10:41:00 192.32(18.0/h) 309.51(29.0/h) 4800
  Swim6 5:30:00 9.16(36:02) 14.74(22:23)
  Running3 4:06:00 25.09(9:48) 40.38(6:06) 434
  Strength1 45:00
  Total6 21:02:00 226.57 364.63 5234

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Sunday Sep 5, 2010 #

Road Bike 2:34:00 [4] 51.2 mi (19.9 mph)

Threshold bike. Wrote down workout to tape to my bars and forgot about the 8min until I was done. Took the shortest route to the path as warm up w/ M to reduce any extra volume.

Stayed on path to keep it consistent but had a few bridges, etc and started out too hard on first 15min. Power is likely down about 50w unless the #s are off again but who know with these meters.... PTap head unit was dead so I grabbed the new one from my MTB wheel and then the HR strap stopped picking up after 4min. These things are about as useful as a dead mule. Trying to hold 270w felt too much like racing so I backed it down to about 230w to finish. 60' power for the main set was only 238w norm and I would guess I was in the 150's to 160bpms.

Swim (5,4,3,2,1 ) 50:00 [2] 1.25 mi (40:00 / mi)

Same workout as Wed. Unload and easy pace. Off to run w/ Xian and the crew.

Running (sand) 2:15:00 [3] 9.7 mi (13:55 / mi)
shoes: Salomon 3D

Ran a few night laps w/ Christian in some of the deepest sand I have ever been in...he picked a good one. Ran the first lap w/ shoes and then took them off. Left knee had been hurting after the big gears but no pain on the run. Just thinking about Christian. This is the stuff I need to strengthen my ankles. Hard to imagine 24 hours of that but that is what makes him special.

Saturday Sep 4, 2010 #

Event: PCP2P

Swim (Nova-WAC) 1:00:00 [3] 1.4 mi (42:52 / mi)

90min weekend masters cut short. forgot my swim setup and didnt bother looking for it...paid the price. Used some goggle from Gary that were leaking but finished the 100's w/ eyes closed. Got Kim's goggles and then L shoulder was pinching bad.

400, 2x200, 400, 4x100, 200-got out.

Running (steady) 1:16:00 [3] 10.75 mi (7:04 / mi)
shoes: Addidas DC2

Bolsa wet lands before dinner and laughs with the Weegers. Was not sure how I was going to feel but started to get better after a warm up. Windy. Glad it got it done. Sticking to the schedule and not adding more.

Friday Sep 3, 2010 #

(injured) (rest day)

lots of thinking... Its hard to be confident in yourself when you feel like shit. I am just being honest. Its hard to eat right when you just want to pour high fructose corn syrup down your throat to your hearts content. It hard to stretch and foam roll when you are just too tired hold yourself up but too tired to sleep. BUT that is when it matters most like keeping a high cadence at the end of a race....If it was easy....

Sometimes I think i write too much in my log but when I look back it helps the learning curve. Thinking back to a race or time when you really have to ask yourself "how did i do that?? or could i ever do that again?" is the essence of crushing your own dreams. Took a good look at Feb-Apr training, balance and numbers.

"Protocol does not matter" "One of the things that enabled me to continually progress was a willingness to change my approach. It didn't always work but I sure learned a lot!"

July I got stuck on numbers. I was trying to get to 50mpw running or more but I didnt want to back down the bike miles and had to keep swim balance and even bump it for UM if I got in...A plan? Maybe not too much but July/Aug were both about 20hrs more than a "normal" month and much more variability in Aug. I was recovered just in time to do the AR and just in time to do SB but now I feel my ankle is dropping it again. "take recovery before you think you need it" Glad I have all of these notes

Ankle feels ok. Not able to run w/out getting worse but just a lot going on in my head and it is taking me longer to recover from less stressful workouts that I had earlier in the year. I want to finish strong. Learn a ton this year and some of it is learning the hard way. Trying to find my sweet spot in the purple patch.

Thursday Sep 2, 2010 #

Road Bike (Triple 3's) 2:40:00 [3] 44.52 mi (16.7 mph) +4800ft

Sticking to the plan! Days like this make me want to keep the easy days easy ;-)

GMR was a good spot for this set. Started from the SBucks and rolled a good WU/CD to the trail head with stop lights. Main set was 3min standing, 3min big gear, 3min 90cad repeated for 75min. Steeper in the beginning of the climb and I had to keep holding myself back. 250w felt easy. Rolled solid until some of the downhill and I was grabbing a handful of brakes until the flat sections and then I just got in the aerobars and big geared it. This is my weakness on the bike! Loved to focus on this and not just spin a high cad.

Still holding back the entire time but HR was higher for RPE. Hot out so maybe heat? Did not add extra and ready to finish the days workouts. Maybe even run. Stoked!

Running (Steady) 35:00 [3] 4.64 mi (7:33 / mi) +434ft 6:56 / mi
shoes: Addidas DC2

Easy run to test out the ankle after some work. back bay path out and back flat dirt non-stop. Ankle is still a bit swollen and not 100% flexibility back but it felt ok. I have ran on much worse but I didn't want to push it. Set a limit of 35min no matter how good I was feeling. Legs felt heavy but got into a rhythm. See tomorrow how it feels.

Swim (open water) 50:00 [2] 1.4 mi (35:43 / mi)

Switched swim to open water to meet Nick again. Boy is keeping me consistent on Thursdays. I like it! Right after run and nice and cold for the ankle. All easy and kept it short.

Wednesday Sep 1, 2010 #

Swim (54321) 50:00 [2] 1.25 mi (40:00 / mi)

500, 100
400, 100
300, 100
200, 100
100, 100
50, 100
= 2200 yds

Did the workout just as prescribed. Nothing more, nothing less. "To obey is better than sacrifice" 1 Samuel 15:22

Road Bike (cross) 40:00 [2] 8.0 mi (12.0 mph)

Big day on the laptop. Caught up and getting ahead. Kept my easy day easy and changed the easy run for an easy ride. Ankle is much better. Walking normal now but holding off running another day or two.

Started an easy spin w/ Keevin and Weeger but forgot about my broken crank (and no front brake!) so I headed back early to work on my website w/ Sarah. Perfect! Ready to do work tomorrow.

Tuesday Aug 31, 2010 #

Road Bike 4:47:00 [3] 88.6 mi (18.5 mph)

Good work this morning and wanted to see how the kankle felt on the bike... felt better and better but I didn't plan a ride or route. 1 h20 bottle no pump/spare. PTap had old rides so I had no idea of time/distance(total time was 6:20-ride file split in 2 again). Just rolling. Loving it. Broken ride with work calls but I will take it!

Rolled out to Whole Foods in LB and got some Traumeel, green drink and hopped on a con-call. Felt GOOD.

Kept rolling down south and rolling previous SRM numbers again. Guess I was tired... Stopped at PacWhey for lunch, con-call, lunch again, fruit salad, desert and a cappuccino before another con-call and then rolled easy to Laguna for another quick call finished with a spin down on the Salt Creek boardwalk and then hit some of the DPL cross bike loop. Nothing like going off road with the tri bike to get me pumped to keep riding. Popped into some mod-hard efforts on the climbs but recovery came quick at steady.

Wanted to run off the bike but not yet...couple more days. Got txt from Monique that she was going swimming so I turned it around and spun easy to the pool. Swim time!

Swim (Nova Stroke) 1:00:00 [4] 1.36 mi (44:07 / mi)

Challenging swim! Core feeling a bit of DOMS from the wts and stoked about it. I could really feel the right stuff pulling. Mike has been talking about cadence and glide for over 3 months now and it clicked yesterday swimming with that dude in open water. Got to test it today in the pool. 100's on 1'06" at steady effort. Why did I wait so long! Solid quality day.

200 WU
8x50 reverse IM order 2each
25fl, 50bk, 75br, 100fr(1:06), 100fr(1:06), 75br, 50bk, 25fl
50fl, 100bk/br, 150fr, 200IM, 200IM, 150fr, 100bk/br, 50fl
8x25 free & evens fly sprints
100 CD

Monday Aug 30, 2010 #

Strength (24hr Metro) 45:00 [1]

Bad enough to call it what it injured. Tendon is swollen and colored outside of kankle and under foot. Now I know why it feels like I have a stone in my shoe when my tendinitis heats up in my foot. With the swelling and color now I see it wrapping around the join on the outside and under my foot. Running probably just crushes/aggravates it even more. Good to know for the future. Not going to "work" it until swelling is gone but the bad part is that the joint is what hurts. It was a bad one this time.

Gym session working on some of the instabilities I found this weekend. Lower body (legs, lower back, abs) only although I wanted to "pump some iron" like Arnold. It would be fun to see how big I can get as a body builder but I would get heavy fast... Limping and RICE with operation eating excellence in full swing now.

Swim (Open Water) 1:00:00 [3] 2.5 mi (24:00 / mi)

Good day of work and then a swim. Slept in this morning. I feel 100% rested and back to zero with sleeping today. Very stoked!! even with my ankle I know it will get better and eating/sleeping right now will set me up for some good training. I trust He has it all worked out.

Icing the foot, keeping the weight off of it and getting in a long swim w/out flip turns. Multitasking! Solid swim and high quality.

Met some dude and swam behind and drafted him for two non-stop laps around the rectangle. Effort was higher than the SB race. I had to get into his draft and hold on at a few points. Solid pace! Then did 2 more laps swimming the long sections as mod-hard building to hard and easy on the side sections. Very Good Sir!

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