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Training Log Archive: Charlie

In the 7 days ending Jun 16, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  cycling1 1:44:51 20.12(5:13) 32.38(3:14) 307
  Gym1 1:00:00
  Orienteering3 56:24 3.25(17:23) 5.22(10:48) 248
  Total5 3:41:15 23.36 37.6 555
  [1-5]5 3:34:01
averages - sleep:6.1 weight:167.3lbs

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Saturday Jun 16, 2018 #

10 AM

Orienteering 15:59 intensity: (35 @0) + (11 @1) + (4:16 @2) + (5:43 @3) + (5:14 @4) 1.6 km (9:59 / km) +76m 8:04 / km
ahr:137 max:157 slept:6.0 weight:165.2lbs shoes: 2011 icebugs

Not much time for fooling around, so just a quick loop around course B, the easier of the two, and a bit easier with the flags out.
1 PM


Fine day for the WCOC picnic. Missed a few of the usual attenders, who were off on other adventures, Jukola and Mt Washington, but a very congenial group including some newcomers - scouts and their fathers, my new friend Peter Szymanski. Sterling performances from the Richardsons. Steve smoked both courses well ahead of the field, Gail ran a course, which seemed unexpected. There was a spectator loop on one of the courses which provided a little extra entertainment, and then a lot of extra entertainment as a bear showed up on the path of the spectator loop, posed for some photos, and then ambled on. First one I've seen here this spring, first ever for my son and his family who were visiting from Brooklyn. Thanks to PG for manning the computer, Bill for providing instruction to the beginners, Rhonda for orchestrating the picnic.

Friday Jun 15, 2018 #

slept:7.0 weight:165.8lbs

Busy day, put out 29 controls, did a lot of mowing, got some client work done.

Thursday Jun 14, 2018 #

6 AM

Gym 1:00:00 [3]
slept:7.25 weight:166.4lbs

In the gym with Eric, lots of rolling and stretching, deadlifts, goblet squats, one arm rows. Generally feeling pretty good, although the quads are pretty inflamed. More rolling.
7 AM

Orienteering 20:14 intensity: (1:13 @0) + (12 @1) + (4:12 @2) + (9:09 @3) + (5:28 @4) 1.79 km (11:20 / km) +95m 8:57 / km
ahr:137 max:153 shoes: 2011 icebugs

Checking out course A. A bit of climb involved.
10 AM

cycling 1:44:51 intensity: (3:52 @0) + (43:32 @1) + (48:43 @2) + (7:26 @3) + (1:18 @4) 20.12 mi (5:13 / mi) +307m 4:59 / mi
ahr:112 max:153

With Rhonda from Pleasant Valley. Couldn't have a nicer day. Not moving very fast, but at least we were out. Included apparently about 6 minutes to chat up Zack, who called on his way to work in Cloverdale.
3 PM

Orienteering 20:11 intensity: (1:34 @0) + (16 @1) + (8:08 @2) + (10:08 @3) + (5 @4) 1.84 km (11:00 / km) +77m 9:05 / km
ahr:129 max:145 shoes: 2011 icebugs

Course B

Wednesday Jun 13, 2018 #

slept:3.75 weight:167.4lbs

Trying to catch up on things. Not much useful time to get out. Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday Jun 12, 2018 #

12 AM

slept:6.5 weight:169.4lbs

Really long travel day. We have not done well with flights on this trip. So far six flights have been late, the 6th late enough that they wouldn’t let us board the 7th because our luggage had not yet arrived. So we are hanging out in the Toronto airport for another 4.5 hours, unless that flight is late too. Some of the late flights have been relatively inconsequential because we made connections anyway, but it all makes me reluctant to try flying overseas from Hartford again. In terms of arriving at destinations, we were 1hour late getting into Split, 2.5 into Milan, and 4.5 and counting into Hartford.

Monday Jun 11, 2018 #

slept:8.5 weight:169.4lbs

Took the train in from Arona to Milano Centrale with Matt and Sheryl, while the kids played at a friend’s house and Rhonda napped off a bad bout of nausea from yesterday’s boat ride. Took the Metro to the Duomo and the full tour, up on the roof terraces outside, then within the enormous cathedral, and finally to the archaeological digs underneath, to prior churches and other buildings sited 4 meters below the current pavement level. Then a nice lunch, antipasto of cold salmon and fresh anchovies, primo of penne with tomatoes, peppers and cheese, caffè macchiato, and walked to Porto Garibaldi and the train back, where Rhonda was greatly improved.

And a couple of hours later we were back at it again, having a very fine dinner at Vizio 5, great restaurant only a km or so from Matt's place. I had spaghetti alla scogliera, that is, with mixed seafood, primarily squid, mussels and clams. It was excellent, but they are really known for their pizza and I had a bit of Rosie's. It was outstanding. They have a really hot oven, cook a pizza only 60 seconds.

Sunday Jun 10, 2018 #


Drove out the lake to Stresa, where we took the boat to Isola della Madre, one of the islands in Lago Maggiore that have the palaces and gardens of the Borromeo family, a well connected bunch over several centuries. A couple of them were archbishops of Milan in the 1500s and 1600s. The gardens are quite amazing, cover most of the island. The trip did not work out well for Rhonda, who was seized by motion sickness about as soon as she was on the boat, and pretty unable to do anything but nap under a tree while the rest of us saw the sights. The boat back was not pleasant for her, but no discernible alternative.
6 AM


Really long travel day yesterday for not going very far. We left Brać by boat around 7:30, arrived at Split around 9. Very crowded, way more than the week before. Some milling around, a gelato at the very fine Luka gelato stand, then taxi at 11 to the airport, which was utter chaos. Planes were all late, people sitting on the stairs and the floor. Hung out with our friend Norma until her plane left, 2 hours late, then ours was only one hour behind, but no real announcement, just saw folks lining up. We arrived in Rome, where we had to pick up and re-check luggage, then a theoretical 4 hour layover which stretched to 6, with two gate changes, and no one at the gate until after the last announced departure time was well past. Not impressed with the re- branded Meridiana, now Air Italy. Anyway, finally landed in Milan where our nice friend Matt picked us up at about 12:15 this morning, and Sheryl was waiting up for us with prosecco and antipasto, finally to bed at 2.

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