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Training Log Archive: Charlie

In the 7 days ending Oct 25, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 3:18:11 11.9(16:39) 19.15(10:21) 34820 /54c37%
  Hike3 2:45:00 6.55(25:11) 10.54(15:39)
  Gym2 1:45:00
  Total9 7:48:11 18.45 29.69 34820 /54c37%
  [1-5]9 7:47:53
averages - sleep:6.8 weight:160.9lbs

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Tuesday Oct 25, 2011 #

5 PM

Orienteering race 29:19 [3] *** 1.5 km (19:33 / km)
18c slept:9.0 weight:160lbs shoes: 2011 NB MT101 black

Corn maze classic race. I had quite a hard time managing the grid areas. Sobering to assess the state of my street-O preparedness. A very fine time, though. Found a couple of Sprint controls on the way to #1, not that it helped me later. No big errors, but several smaller ones and just not much pace. Excellent course.

Orienteering race 5:16 [3] *** 0.3 km (17:33 / km)
6c shoes: 2011 NB MT101 black

Corn maze sprint. Not quite as devious as last year, but a fine test nonetheless. I thought I was right on for #1, and catching up to kadley, but got one grid past, and instead Clint caught me. Swapped leads with him for a bit, until I turned the wrong way out of the T at the end and dropped another 10 seconds or so - an eternity in corn maze sprinting. A fine course, and congratulations to the winners.

Monday Oct 24, 2011 #

8 AM

Hike 25:00 [3] 1.3 mi (19:14 / mi)
slept:6.5 weight:160.5lbs

Brisk dog walk with R&S
11 AM

Hike 1:20:00 [3] 3.5 mi (22:51 / mi)

Hike down to Cherry Brook Farm along the old road and back up through the farm up the steep hill, with R & S and Kissy and Swampfox. A beautiful fall day, and the culmination of a very enjoyable visit from K&SF and Kissy's son Graham, a very fine young man himself. SF and I were struggling mightily to keep up with those speedy girls, and they had to wait for us a few times to make sure we could make it home.

Graham has been very helpful in ministering to Sassy, who is collecting ticks at an unprecedented rate the last week or so, as have we. AOWN is getting out of hand around here. I think we may have pulled 100 off Sassy on Sunday and Monday, and quite a few off ourselves. Two or three weeks ago there weren't any around at all.
5 PM

Gym 45:00 [3]
shoes: 2011 Merrell Trail Glove

Not too spunky today, but thought I would get my hand in. Workout today was lunges and toes to the bar, but no lunges for me with my sore knee, so squats instead, and not too much toes to the bar because I would pay for it later, so the first dozen or so toes to the bar, and then just knees to chest. Followed by push press workout. First time trying a barbell, and just 60 lbs, but it went ok.

Sunday Oct 23, 2011 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:17:54 intensity: (6 @0) + (17 @1) + (9:54 @2) + (55:02 @3) + (12:25 @4) + (10 @5) *** 8.9 km (8:45 / km) +186m 7:55 / km
ahr:139 max:173 spiked:13/15c slept:6.75 shoes: 2011 NB MT101 black

Long distance race at Middlesex Fells. Definitely a runners course, and I do better at this sort of thing than at more precise navigation, even if I am basically pretty slow. Didn't see the superior left trail route to #1 and thrashed through a lot of nasty green, including some particularly unpleasant smilax greenbrier, so slow, if no problem finding it. Then pretty good work 2-4, in good contact. Inexplicably left 4 the wrong direction - saw the trail below and thought I wanted to be on it. Then another wrong decision - should have just sucked it up and climbed back up and over, but I went all the way around to the S on trail. Approaching the control I got stuck in waist deep mud and had a lengthy time extricating myself. Seems the same thing happened to Charlie Shahbazian. Then easy to 6 and long trail run to 7. Saw Dennis coming back from 7 along the trail toward 8. Got a little confused up top and missed 7 to the left, wandering a bit until I just went down to the trail on the other side. Lost about 4 minutes or so here. Then trail to 8, where I saw George Minarik the same way I had seen Dennis earlier. Jeff S, much faster, went by between 8 and 9, as did Craig W, a little faster. Craig still in sight to 10, but when I cut off on trail to 11 he pushed on for the next trail and I didn't see him again. Passed by a group of red and blue runners on the trail as I was heading to 12. No problems from there on, hustling pretty hard to 15 and the finish, and apparently picking up a few places, as I was only 2 seconds in front of Craig and 15 in front of Phil. Generally a pretty satisfactory run. Somehow lucky enough to eke out a silver medal. Amazing.

When we were leaving and going under the tunnel that had 13 on top, I saw about 6 brown runners streaming down the hillside and examining the tunnel from underneath, having a hard time comprehending that the control was on top. It was pretty amusing. Of course I do stuff like that all the time, but mercifully off in the woods and not for public display.

my route

Saturday Oct 22, 2011 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 56:41 intensity: (12 @0) + (1:51 @1) + (21:13 @2) + (24:30 @3) + (8:53 @4) + (2 @5) *** 5.03 km (11:17 / km) +120m 10:05 / km
ahr:133 max:170 spiked:7/15c slept:6.0 shoes: 2011 NB MT101 black

GreenX middle. Not deliberate enough in complex terrain. Very intimidated by #1, and took my time, hitting it right on. Getting to 2 took a long time, but no real problem, except Bill P had already passed me, starting 2 minutes behind. Overran 3, going right past the bag, probably within 2 meters but not looking at it. When I finally went back, Peter Goodwin was there. Straight on 4, but missing it. Right and getting down to the marsh, fumbling badly on the way back up. Trail route to the left was much better. Mix of straight and trail to 5. All trail would have been better. Spent a bit of time standing on top of the cliff before realizing I was in the right place and it was at the bottom. 6 and 7 ok. Met up with Peter again on the way to 8. A bit right of the line. A moment of disarray when I lost attention and thought I was farther along than I was, but recovered. Crossed EW stream, then NS stream and right in, a few folks at the control for confirmation. Drifted right on 9, still with Peter, so lost a little there, then left to the trail and all the way around to 10. Off to the right on 11 and dropped a minute, and off to the right on 12, dropping 3. Trail to 13 was easy, then off to the right on 14 and 15, running hard and just keeping pace with Janet T, who was moving slowly but going straight.

my route

Friday Oct 21, 2011 #

1 PM

Orienteering 29:01 intensity: (16 @1) + (15 @2) + (17:15 @3) + (11:15 @4) 3.43 km (8:28 / km) +42m 7:59 / km
ahr:145 max:163 slept:4.5 weight:161lbs shoes: 2011 NB MT101 black

Sml champs green sprint. A little long and technical for a sprint, but a nice park and a good course otherwise. Alas several mistakes, including one where I thought I was going to a different control for a while. I'll post map and routes when I get home, as I just have iPad here.

Update: my route.

Not helped by waking up at 2 and not being able to get back to sleep.

Thursday Oct 20, 2011 #

10 AM

Hike 1:00:00 [3] 1.75 mi (34:17 / mi)
slept:7.5 weight:161lbs

Dog walk plus a trip to the beaver dam near the bridge at Big Down Marsh, with R & S and Dennis and Louise, visiting from CA. Clearing, on the verge of some nice weather. Beavers are causing a lot of mischief, with a pretty good jump required to get across to the bridge without getting wet feet. Later I found the beavers have also moved back into my little pond, a situation I find intolerable.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2011 #

7 AM

Gym 1:00:00 [3]
slept:7.0 weight:162lbs shoes: 2011 Merrell Trail Glove

Still sore from Monday. Workout today was 6 rounds of 5 front squats (with DB), 10 situps, 5 jump squats, 6 pullups. Made first two rounds of pullups, then switched to ring rows. Much warmup and stretching, then hung around after jumping rope until it was time to go to hand therapy.

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