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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Jul 8, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain bike4 5:11:05 55.45(10.7/h) 89.24(17.2/h) 638
  Orienteering (urban)4 1:24:10 6.08 9.78 943 /48c89%
  Running3 1:11:52 4.73 7.61 31
  Hiking1 41:39 2.35(17:44) 3.78(11:01)
  Total9 8:28:46 68.61 110.41 67943 /48c89%

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Sunday Jul 8, 2018 #

12 PM

Running warm up/down 15:00 [2]
shoes: Salomon Speedtrax black/yellow

Orienteering (urban) race (Kobenhavn) 16:45 intensity: (2 @1) + (11 @2) + (21 @3) + (2:23 @4) + (13:48 @5) ** 3.85 km (4:21 / km) +7m 4:19 / km
ahr:180 max:188 spiked:21/24c shoes: Salomon Speedtrax black/yellow

WMOC M40A Sprint Final

Ouch, practically a flat out running race. I'm fairly sure if there was a route choice (as per yesterday there were very few route choice legs) then I took the longer one (1-2, 2-3, 4-5, 12-13, 22-23). Minor wobbles reading the veg on 15-16 (actually I read the map correctly then misinterpreted the terrain - the olive green just seemed to be a rope around the edge of the grass!) and then brain fade on 22-23 where I decided the mapped pillars were actually a lower level wall and that I couldn't get through so had a major brain snap after already starting off on the original route, changed direction to go through a pass through then read the CP description (the control was next to a pillar) and realised my error but too late by then. Also changed my mind on the way to #20. Why do I keep doing that? Should just stick with my intended route rather than backtracking.

Was hoping for a top 20 finish and I got it but could have potentially been up around 16th given the small time gap from me to there. Ahh well.

Running warm up/down 5:47 intensity: (23 @1) + (5:24 @2) 0.79 km (7:18 / km) +4m 7:07 / km
ahr:133 max:140 shoes: Salomon Speedtrax black/yellow

Gave up on the warm down - too many people to go outside our little square and couldn't be bothered running laps of the courtyard on a sore knee.
4 PM

Mountain bike 1:53:51 intensity: (1:38:06 @1) + (15:45 @2) 31.33 km (16.5 kph) +239m
ahr:104 max:142 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Was going to do some hard riding but the sprint final ended that. Right knee sore (no issues on the bike) and tired quads, calves and hamstrings so I just took out the map that keeps on giving and explored the forest area to the west of the lake. If the Danes haven't made a MTBO map of that area then they should! Such a great track network - bridle trails, single track, rough, old and fast forestry trails, log piles - albeit on a small area then the little village next door. If only WA had areas like this. Came across one horse (and rider) on the bridle trail so had to backtrack and go around since she probably had right of way and I didn't fancy scaring the horse.

Encountered an elderly woman walking a dog on a trail through the grassland near the end who went off into a stream of Danish that could have meant anything from 'You kids get off my lawn' to 'You're a strapping lad, how do you keep so fit?' or 'It's so hot and unfortunately I didn't bring enough refreshments for both of us' but was more likely 'I'm sorry my dog keeps licking you'. I just patted the dog then went on my merry way.

Saturday Jul 7, 2018 #

11 AM

Running warm up/down 15:00 [2]
shoes: Salomon Speedtrax black/yellow

Orienteering (urban) race (DTU Science Park Horsholm) 17:19 intensity: (8 @1) + (7 @2) + (18 @3) + (2:41 @4) + (14:05 @5) *** 3.75 km (4:37 / km)
ahr:179 max:190 spiked:22/24c shoes: Salomon Speedtrax black/yellow

WMOC 40-2 Sprint Qualifier

I had no idea what the standard was at these Masters sprint qualifiers so I gave it a good go with a proper warmup. Turns out my normal sprint pace was fast enough to qualify in the top ten!

Tested out the knee before starting my warmup to see if I needed to tape it (Tash had kindly walked the 1.3km to the start with me - given her start was 3.5hrs after mine, there wasn't much else for her to do.

Course wasn't overly difficult with only a few route choices. Most legs were fairly short and offered no choice whatsoever although I did almost run up the wrong side of a building from 11-12 after coming out of a path onto the road but I fixed that quick smart and I stood next to my 5 for a few seconds studying my map after I momentarily lost track of where I was, then looked up to see the control 2m in front of me! Silly. No issues with the rest of the course. I expect tomorrow to be more complicated.

Split printout said I was 5th in my heat although with a quarter of the field still to run behind me, that never changed. Happy days! Winner of our heat was a good 2:17 in front of me though so I'm not expecting any medals... My experience of finals is that everyone cranks it up a notch and I get blasted to smithereens.

Running warm up/down 10:26 intensity: (4 @1) + (1:50 @2) + (8:32 @3) 1.64 km (6:22 / km) +19m 6:01 / km
ahr:146 max:157

7 PM

Mountain bike 1:10:33 intensity: (1:03:26 @1) + (5:24 @2) + (1:43 @3) 19.49 km (16.6 kph) +137m
ahr:100 max:153 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Part 2 of my explore of the 1:12,000 Farum map, this time on the bike. I found a suitably rideable area around the nearby lake that looked like it had a lot of trails around it and it did! Loads of walking trails and extensive single track right around the lake made for a very enjoyable post-dinner exploration. What a great day! Took it very easy given the A final I have going on tomorrow but I have found another area further west that looks great for MTBO training. Monday is only a model event so I can go out harder on the bike after the sprint.

Friday Jul 6, 2018 #

8 AM

Orienteering (urban) 11:34 intensity: (24 @1) + (1:14 @2) + (7:25 @3) + (2:31 @4) ** 2.18 km (5:18 / km) +2m 5:16 / km
ahr:153 max:164 shoes: Salomon Speedtrax black/yellow

WMOC sprint model event

Run around the model sprint course, mainly to test how my knee was going. The end result was 'not great' although I may be able to hold it together for tomorrow.
10 AM

Mountain bike 34:00 intensity: (32:07 @1) + (1:53 @2) 10.51 km (18.5 kph) +52m
ahr:93 max:141 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Ride with Tash from EC to the indoor O event in nearby Naerum. Her GPS phone took us on a more direct route than the car directions would have (11km versus 23km) through some bike trails that I wouldn't have thought would appear on a Google Maps' route (especially not in Australia) but it got us there in the end. I wouldn't suggest doing this route on a road bike.

Speaking of bikes, there were stacks of them in Berlin but about 99.8% of those were complete rubbish. In Farum on the other hand, there aren't all that many (probably more in Copenhagen though) but many of what I've seen are much better quality. The helmet ratio is only slightly higher than Berlin.

Orienteering (urban) race (Naerum Gymnasium) 38:32 intensity: (31:03 @1) + (7:06 @2) + (23 @3) ****
ahr:107 max:146 shoes: Salomon Speedtrax black/yellow

VUMIOC (Very Unofficial Masters Indoor Orienteering Champs)

Given that the rules in Australia regarding liability and so forth suck balls, this was probably the only chance we'd ever get at indoor orienteering and no way was I passing that up! So with six courses on offer, I naturally went for the longest and hardest, despite not having ever done indoor O before. For the most part I thought I went okay until Blair finished soon after I did and beat me by a solid ten minutes so I guess I didn't go all that well after all! Had a stack of fun though trying to work out the best route from point to point, up and down stairs and around desks and the organisers of these events must put in a massive effort to firstly map the place and then to move around enough tables, chairs, tapes and other artificial obstructions to make it all work (and to match the map!) Very commendable and I reckon they'll get through a few hundred people today given the numbers that were there when we left (we were quite early).

Mountain bike 53:12 intensity: (52:43 @1) + (29 @2) 14.6 km (16.5 kph) +161m
ahr:84 max:126 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Pretty cruisy ride home where I had to make our own route given Tash's stupid phone only calculates bike routes when 'connected' and the car route added 12km to the trip so I kind of headed west and hoped there'd be enough bike tracks to get us there. After a while I kind of lost faith in myself so when we reconnected with the suggested car route, we just followed that back to home.

We saw our first Danish cat today. I could tell it was Danish because it was frolicking through the grassland!
8 PM

Hiking 41:39 [1] 3.78 km (11:01 / km)
shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Somebody went through a lot of effort to create a 1:12,000 map of Farum and the surrounding towns to ISOM so I thought I should at least go to the trouble to explore it. Therefore I explored the housing blocks to the north of the school just to critique the mapping and provide feedback. It was pretty accurate! I cannot believe someone has drawn all the houses on this map.

Thursday Jul 5, 2018 #

5 PM

Mountain bike 39:29 intensity: (38:34 @1) + (55 @2) 13.31 km (20.2 kph) +50m
ahr:92 max:127 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Early morning (2am) bus & ferry from Berlin to Copenhagen. We were rather stressed given the bus was 20mins late and then the driver didn't want to take our bikes on the bus. Apparently being in a box was the cause of the problem since bikes are meant to go on the rack behind the bus. We didn't know that! All the advice we've been told is that you carry your bike in a box but so far we've been the only ones doing that (both on the train and the bus). Thankfully Tash pleaded with the co-driver and he convinced the driver to allow us to put them in the luggage compartment (there was easily enough space) although not without first breaking Tash's wheel strap. Thankfully I brought a spare.

Spent a good couple of hours after arriving in Farum cleaning my bike so that it at least looks much better than it did post-Hungary and seems to run a bit better although the head stem is still a little stiff (I cleaned heaps of muck out of it). The chain isn't 100% either but seems to be working. I went for a bit of an explore around the bike paths near the EC after first registering for WMOC. There are plenty of paths and tracks around!

The sun never seems to go down here. At 10pm we could have gone outside and played a game of soccer, that's how bright it was, and there were a couple of young girls on the parkour equipment out the back at 9:30. Don't parents care where their kinder are? We still have further north to go in this trip too.

Tuesday Jul 3, 2018 #

7 AM

Running 25:39 intensity: (11 @1) + (2:09 @2) + (23:05 @3) + (14 @4) 5.18 km (4:57 / km) +8m 4:55 / km
ahr:151 max:162 shoes: Salomon Speedtrax black/yellow

With the sprint qualification race this Saturday, I was mindful of the fact that I haven't run in over two weeks so thought I should have a crack at it. Found the nearest park - which turned out to be more of a railway graveyard (the aerials I looked at beforehand had kind of hinted at this) - and headed down there for a couple of laps. Right knee hadn't yet fully recovered although it was much better than it had been on the weekend so I got around with only minor hobbling (coincidentally it's one year ago today that I broke the patella). Like Blair, I may be just hopeful of making the A final (I long ago wrote off any chance of making the A final in the forest races).

The bruising around my eyes seems to have plateaued for the moment (looks like I've gone overboard with the mascara) although the swelling felt slightly greater on the right side of my nose.

I saw my first German cat today. I knew it was German because it made a calculation and measurement before leaping a fence. Also saw a lot of bunny rabbits in the park!

Some other good news, we actually have a washer and dryer in our accomms so will save us a trip to the laundromat. Also bypassed our travel agent and got the first leg of our O-Ringen to Vienna flight cancelled in favour of the train (no refund offered but oh well, maybe we can claim on insurance except the excess will no doubt be just a few dollars more than the loss). I think the girl from Flight Centre has forgotten we exist.

Monday Jul 2, 2018 #

(rest day)

Travel day where we had all sorts of dramas with being at the wrong station but were organised early enough that we managed to sort it out before missing our train. It's weird being on a train for eleven hours and passing through four countries in the process. That sort of trip in WA might get us to the SA border!

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