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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Sep 3, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Windtrainer2 1:50:00
  Orienteering (MTB)1 1:35:55 12.43(7.8/h) 20.0(12.5/h) 54120 /22c90%
  Road bike1 1:07:14 17.14(15.3/h) 27.58(24.6/h) 228
  Mountain bike1 46:55 8.55(10.9/h) 13.76(17.6/h) 29
  Core stability1 30:00
  Total6 5:50:04 38.11 61.34 79720 /22c90%

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Sunday Sep 3, 2017 #

9 AM

Orienteering (MTB) race (Greenmount) 1:35:55 intensity: (13:28 @1) + (18:20 @2) + (17:32 @3) + (24:32 @4) + (22:03 @5) *** 20.0 km (12.5 kph) +541m
ahr:157 max:190 spiked:20/22c (injured) shoes: Giant Anthem

MTBO at Greenmount. In my semi-recovered state I opted for the medium course because I didn't trust my abilities of the long and the short doesn't get me points in the MTBOY scheme. I figured out I needed to win my course to win outright if Duncan was doing the long but of course he decided today of all days to do the medium and I didn't think I'd beat him. Think we have now tied overall, which isn't the first time it's happened.

The physio told me a couple of weeks ago that MTBing wouldn't be all that good for me because of the jarring in the knee and I found out that was the case. Every time I bumped over something I felt it and on the way to #3 I was cautiously trying to avoid the ruts going down a hill and ended up stacking it. Managed to avoid landing on the knee but I did land on my hand. No further injury though, just a bit sore for the rest of the ride.

Splits show I made three 'errors' but one of those was on the leg that I stacked it. I messed up 13 quite badly when I took a wrong track in the Goat Farm then came across a junction that I couldn't make sense of on the map and it turns out it was new since the last map update was done (in 2014) and even though Simon had found it, he decided not to draw it on the map because he thought it wouldn't be fair!

Dave and I had been seesawing with each other up to this point and each thought the other had the wrong course (he was doing the long) but turns out the courses were fairly similar to there and earlier he had blasted past me on a track and I knew then that my fitness was non-existent. Add to that the fact that Duncan was coming out of #11 at 4-5 minutes ahead of me but had only started two in front at the beginning and I knew I'd lost a heap of fitness.

Finally got out to the bitumen after #14 and was heading up the hill when my chain decided to snap, which really just continues my run of bad luck at this venue after breaking the derailleur in 2014. Of course my chain breaker is still waiting for a new pin (after only three months) and I didn't have one so I resigned myself to a long walk home. Fortunately Dave happened along at this point after I'd hiked a couple of hundred metres and he did have a breaker so I borrowed that and fixed it with my spare link (which I did have lying about) so thanks heaps for that Dave! Meant I could finish the course rather than becoming just another one of the DNF statistics (there were just three finishers of 12 entrants on the medium).

Rest of the course was okay. Probably took the poor route from 21-22 but didn't want to ride (or walk as the case usually was) up the rocky incline so went out to the road.

Lost to Duncan by 14 minutes although probably closer to seven after the chain break (was a few minutes before Dave appeared). Had absolutely no fitness on the hills or even the flats near the end so have a bit of work to do to get back up to speed. Don't know how competitive I'll be at the Nationals if I do happen to make it across. Just didn't feel good today riding at a substandard pace although the HR says otherwise.

Saturday Sep 2, 2017 #

2 PM

Mountain bike 46:55 [2] 13.76 km (17.6 kph) +29m
(injured) shoes: Giant Anthem

Went for a short ride around the 'burbs with Tash (until I left her behind) to see if:
a) I could change gears with my formerly broken thumb (yes but it hurts after a few tries - used the palm instead);
b) I could ride the MTB with a formerly broken kneecap (yes, somewhat);
c) going offroad would irritate me; and
d) the Anthem still worked.

Seemed to be okay although our 'offroad' expedition wasn't all that offroad. I was previously tossing up whether to do the short or the medium tomorrow. Now it's a decision between the medium and the long. Maybe I'll settle for the medium with the score course option open if I get back early. If it was anywhere but Greenmount then it'd be long all the way (maybe not Banyowla either).

Shame the Qld champs weren't this weekend instead of last weekend as I would have seriously considered going across for them (I was riding okay earlier in the week and would have tested this out earlier).

Friday Sep 1, 2017 #

11 AM

Road bike 1:07:14 intensity: (11:35 @1) + (22:01 @2) + (21:49 @3) + (10:39 @4) + (1:10 @5) 27.58 km (24.6 kph) +228m
ahr:141 max:187 (injured) shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

I had an appointment with the hand specialist out at Armadale hospital after someone cancelled yesterday - strangely I never heard from them about an actual appointment - and wanted to have a go at some hills through Kelmscott so was a good opportunity to ride over there. Of course as fate would have it I got a flat tyre on the way in the rain and it's somewhat difficult changing a flat with a recently broken thumb but I did eventually manage although got there 15 minutes late and the poor Trek got wet again but I wanted to use it on the hills with its compact gearing.

The therapist told me not to worry that my hand was still sore and that I was still young so would heal up nicely. Conversely I've had other people tell me that old bodies take time to heal so now I don't know if I'm young or old. Grip strength in my right hand exceeds that in my left when I grip with the fingers flat but when I have them pointed, it is diabolical so I need to work on that.

After the appointment I continued on through some of the little hills in Kelmscott, which didn't seem too bad although I had to go into the high gears so the Anthem will be a certainty for a ride this Sunday with its greater gear selection. I still can't use the right leg to take off with so will need to manage that conservatively. HR is total BS. Wonder how long it's going to take to get it back to a normal level.

Thursday Aug 31, 2017 #


Here's the outcome of my request to relocate the power pole that I slammed into:

Our records indicate pole number S87027 has been situ since 1988. Unfortunately, as the pole in question is considered lawfully placed under the Energy Operators (Powers) Act 1979 and has no severe defects we are unable to meet your request for the pole to be relocated, as the relocation of the pole would be considered to be a non-essential change to the network. We have a responsibility to act in a commercially prudent manner and if we were to absorb the costs for the relocation, the costs would be unfairly passed on to all customers who would not benefit from the change, through means such as increased electricity tariffs.

All I can say is that I would benefit from the change. Presumably their recent tariff increases across the entire network were 'lawful' and fairly passed onto the consumers. Perhaps I can give the pole a defect by chopping it down.

The email was from a Natasha so I'm going to have to add all Natashas to my hate list.
12 PM

Windtrainer 1:00:00 intensity: (9:53 @1) + (9:07 @2) + (6:21 @3) + (9:42 @4) + (24:57 @5)
ahr:157 max:191 (injured) shoes: Giant TCR

I had planned this session for yesterday but between running the computer at the school champs and an interview at PullPerths in the evening, I didn't manage to fit it in so today it was. Same deal as Monday except 3 x 5/5 to increase stamina. The HR is still ridiculously high during the efforts but did drop ever so slightly lower for the recoveries. It was still 139bpm at the two minute post-ride stage.

I must have put in at least some effort at Tuesday's PT because the pecs and glutes are sore today whereas yesterday not so much. Right thumb is sorer today than usual too.

Tuesday Aug 29, 2017 #

7 PM

Core stability 30:00 [2]
(injured) shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

PT, first session in, well, awhile. I took the injured route and skipped most of the running, the burpees and the jump lunges, which made it a fairly easy session but then they're all fairly easy sessions with this instructor as opposed to the two we've had previously. I did have the company of one of the girls for my many walking laps of the oval, who encountered her own knee issues after finishing up her training recently. Many people were impressed by the brutality of my injuries and that I was even moving.

Monday Aug 28, 2017 #

11 AM

Windtrainer 50:00 intensity: (6:02 @1) + (11:50 @2) + (5:38 @3) + (5:37 @4) + (20:53 @5)
ahr:157 max:190 (injured) shoes: Giant TCR

A proper windtrainer session, back to the old days of the 5/5 build session since I have to start all over. As of now I have exactly less than six weeks to get FTO (faster than Ori) although if I do happen to make it across to NSW we'll probably be riding different courses (unless I drop down to M40, which would be admitting defeat). So session was:
warm up
SCR pyramid
2 x 5/5
cool down

Right knee was a little uncomfortable at the top of the pedal stroke but nothing I can't deal with. I dare say it won't get better until I get the wires out but I can't wait that long to rebuild muscle mass.

The HR on this session was so terrible that even after the cool down, the 'recovery HR' (i.e. two minutes after the end of the session) was at 144bpm. It's normally around half that and this session seems to have spent most of the time in the red zone when I wasn't pushing that hard. I even hit 190bpm towards the end, something I cannot even manage when I'm doing a MAX session (tend to top out at 188).

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