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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Aug 27, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking3 2:40:00 10.04(15:56) 16.16(9:54) 21
  Road bike1 1:12:06 17.01(14.2/h) 27.37(22.8/h) 138
  Windtrainer2 1:00:00
  Total6 4:52:06 27.05 43.53 159

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Sunday Aug 27, 2017 #

9 AM

Hiking 1:16:42 [1] 7.5 km (10:13 / km) +16m 10:07 / km
(injured) shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

This was a run with 99% of it at walking pace when after 100m I already had sharp pains through the kneecap so I gave up on that prospect pretty quickly. Plus I couldn't manage more than a shuffle anyway given the right quad doesn't have a lot of form to it. I did a few reps of the embankment near the river to see which was worse - turns out going uphill is more of a struggle than down at the moment.

Dragged the distance out a bit to make it worthwhile.

Saturday Aug 26, 2017 #


Surprisingly we get to see the WOC sprint course before the competitors do. There seems to be an awful lot of stairs in the terrain that riders have to negotiate as well as a very serious trap early on with both the W21 and M21 courses.
10 AM

Windtrainer 35:00 intensity: (4:04 @1) + (2:34 @2) + (14:04 @3) + (13:20 @4) + (58 @5)
ahr:153 max:176 (injured) shoes: Giant TCR

With Tash in Qld having fun at MTBO and the WOC team in Lithuania having fun at MTBO - coincidentally both have sprint events today - all I could hope for was a windtrainer session. Put on the HR monitor for laughs and to see how my fitness was going and boy it wasn't going well. I didn't exactly push hard but managed to get the HR into zone 5 without trying too hard and in my five minute cool down it only dropped as low as zone 3. Bollocks.

Seemed a lot more comfortable on the bike today but then on the windtrainer I don't get out of the saddle, climb hills nor do I stop and start like I do on the road. In all those instances on Thursday the right knee suffered greatly.

Also managed eight pushups before the shoulder complained but both the knee and right hand were giving me grief before that happened (I figure neither of those is weight bearing so I ignored them).

Friday Aug 25, 2017 #

1 PM

Hiking 44:48 [1] 4.66 km (9:37 / km) +5m 9:34 / km
(injured) shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Another walkabout before the long final this afternoon, for which we apparently don't get to see the map on live tracking until two hours after the first start. Interesting that there are 67 starters in the M21 field. The ruling states that if there are 66 or fewer, that everyone gets a start but if there are 67 or more, the ranking system comes into force to weed that number down to 60. There were 77 in the events earlier in the week. Also is it coincidence that our only two Aus juniors (siblings) are starting at the same time and not only that but in the first time slot?

Leg seems fine for walking other than the fact the knee is sore and won't bend fully. Anything that's not flat is still an issue. I might throw in a few small hills next time.

Thursday Aug 24, 2017 #

2 PM

Road bike 1:12:06 [1] 27.37 km (22.8 kph) +138m
(injured) shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Rossmoyne SHS needed someone to assist with their orienteering lesson and since none of OWA's coaches were available or else interested, it fell to me as the mapper. Since I was riding again on the windtrainer I figured the next progression was to get out on the road. The TCR was locked up in the windtrainer so I took the Trek, which I haven't touched since it lost a fight with a powerpole back in July. Seems to ride okay but I'm not yet 100% sure that it's exactly the way it was before the crash so I may have to get it looked at just in case. Right knee wasn't particularly happy with this ride and I definitely favoured the left, especially on the tiny hills.

All I can say about the lesson is that I make a crap teacher.

Wednesday Aug 23, 2017 #

1 PM

Hiking 38:30 [1] 4.0 km (9:38 / km)
(injured) shoes: Fletch's Tevas

Walked to and from the GP to pick up a medical certificate since my last one ran out today and also to get cleared for driving again although he said since I never officially got exempted from driving from DoT that I didn't need to be approved. At least it means I can go back to Tuesday training again, minus the training.

Tuesday Aug 22, 2017 #

3 PM

Windtrainer 25:00 [1]
(injured) shoes: Giant TCR

Having to watch the WOC results online after I put in months and months of training and was in the form of my life in the first half of the year is totally fucked but what can I do about it. Saw the physio this morning and he told me to jump on the stationary bike with both feet so I did just that and only had minor discomfort in the right knee. Could have gone longer but thought I should do the proper 'progression' thing. I've gone from a 70 degree bend a fortnight ago to 120 degrees today so that's progress I guess. I've made rapid improvement since I took the brace off last Thursday.

I did ask the physio if I could go mountain biking this weekend (hoping to sneak in a trip to Qld) but as expected he said no although road bike riding is okay. The bumpiness on the MTB wouldn't be any good for either the knee or the shoulder, which seems to be well on the way to having no discomfort so I might even be able to start upper body strength stuff again soon. With any luck I may just make it across to Nationals (depending when the ortho wants to take these wires out).

The HR dropped around 35bpm when using both legs over just the one.

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