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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Mar 6, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike10 14:36:14 250.54(17.2/h) 403.2(27.6/h) 2376
  Orienteering (MTB)2 5:00:49 43.94(8.8/h) 70.71(14.1/h) 879
  Mapping1 2:26:44 3.87(37:56) 6.22(23:34) 26
  Mountain bike1 2:04:58 19.68(9.4/h) 31.66(15.2/h) 636
  Core stability1 39:10
  Running1 20:46 3.23(6:25) 5.2(3:59)
  Stairs1 11:49
  Total16 25:20:30 321.25 517.0 3917
  [1-5]16 25:16:09

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Sunday Mar 6, 2016 #

6 AM

Road bike long 4:07:05 intensity: (1:42:28 @1) + (1:52:56 @2) + (31:41 @3) 124.52 km (30.2 kph) +996m
ahr:125 max:158 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Morning ride with Mark and Ben, south then further south then even further south parallel to SW Hwy to Kingsbury then the reverse 5 Dams loop to Jarrahdale with a stop for refreshments then back home via Nettleton. We just put Ben on the front for most of the ride and let him go so it was pretty decent on the time front and we had a fairly gusty easterly for the whole ride so wasn't overly beneficial for much of it. I think the others did closer to 150km (which was the plan) but I met them partway through their ride and left earlier so mine was shorter.

Looks like they've stacked the draws for the Melbourne sprints next weekend. First two races appear to be seeded with the next two reverse seeded, which puts me in with the fast guys. First two races I have Alex Massey only two spots behind - he mowed me down at last year's NSW sprint champs and I couldn't hold on - and the next two it's Leon Keeley right behind. Should be a lesson in humiliation for me.
2 PM

Mountain bike 2:04:58 intensity: (1:15:39 @1) + (31:29 @2) + (12:49 @3) + (5:01 @4) 31.66 km (15.2 kph) +636m
ahr:118 max:171 shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Just because I went on a stupidly long ride this morning was no excuse for not doing today's skills session so I went and did it. Luckily this session didn't call for any effort because I didn't have any to give.

Took the Anthem out for a whirl because it's been lonely sitting next to the stereo for so many months and now it's got all nice shiny bits on it so deserves a go plus I wanted to see if my ineptitude at cornering just came about from riding the XTC with no grip on the tyres. Turns out I'm just inept.

Took a whirl at the WNM and failed miserably at it, so much so that I think I put my foot down a record five times although to be fair to me, my legs were stuffed and at least three of those times came about because my brain just refused to put in pedal strokes to get over objects. The time shows that it was indeed rubbish. Probably need to try again when I'm fresh.

After that I took the not so usual route up the single track on the back of Gungin rather than riding straight up it and boy did I hit the wall going up there! Got near the top but the body shut down and I just had to stop at the top to eat one of the numerous muesli bars I'd been wise enough to pack. Also saw the only two other people presumably on the trail, both of whom appeared up Gungin as I was eating and at least one of these guys looked in worse shape than I felt but he didn't have any food, silly guy. Black Stump car park was completely devoid of cars.

I continued on down the front side via No Muffins Just Muesli Bars then the other track, my usual windy loop down the bottom then couldn't face the prospect of going over Gungin again so took the next worst option and rode the Munda Biddi back to Lockwood, which was really quite awful as I sunk in pea gravel on one incline and had to walk it.

Gave up at the top of Patterson and rolled back to PB via our landowner for the rogaine so sorted out where to put everything in his paddock then he told me about another track running down the east side of his property that I'm sure isn't on any of our maps so had to GPS that one too although looking now it seems it is on the map.

Having a problem with the chain on this bike whereby it tends to stick just when I don't want it to, for instance when going over logs and rocks I'll take a backwards pedal stroke to line up the pedal so I can pedal over the thing but I do it on the Anthem, the chain loses tension and when I got to pedal I find no resistance. Maybe it being so new it needs a bit more dirt worked into it before it becomes good again.

The most impressive part of this ride is that I managed to do 1/4 of the distance of this morning's ride in just 1/2 of the time.

Saturday Mar 5, 2016 #

10 AM

Orienteering (MTB) 2:13:46 intensity: (4:21 @0) + (59:59 @1) + (31:31 @2) + (30:49 @3) + (7:06 @4) ** 38.28 km (17.2 kph) +594m
ahr:125 max:169 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Back on the mountain bike after a few weeks off to do other stupid stuff. I toyed with the idea of doing the Bibra Lake parkrun given I actually had to go to Bibra Lake today but decided against it for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to:
-Didn't get my act together last night given I had to get rogaine controls to GB today
-Couldn't be bothered getting up early
-Didn't want to wreck the legs before today's MTB training session
-Doing a 5km time trial the day after getting my back realigned due to the effects of Tuesday's 3km time trial earlier in the week wasn't a good idea

Actually that's probably all of the reasons. I did eventually haul myself out of bed and up to Pickering Brook - again. This time I went with a map though. Couldn't find last year's PB event map and the only one I could find was the PB Rd event of Duncan's from 2013 so I used that since I couldn't remember the routes I took from back then or many of the tracks either. That also happened to be the first event I rode on the XTC, ahh the memories.

First up though I had to get a GPS trace of a track that unbelievably is not on our rogaine map but will affect people at the second nearest control to HH in the NE. Rode that and found a bunch of other tracks in the area that I ignored because it seems someone nearby was having a shooting frenzy and I didn't want to get involved.

Incorporated today's training session into the ride which was 3 x 1min race starts followed by 4 x 10/5 at race pace. Did the first two race starts as a normal MTB race take off but the third I treated as proper MTBO start except for the fact that I'd already looked at the map and I'd already folded it but it was the thought that counts.

The four race pace efforts were a bit crap and way below the HR required but the area wasn't overly conducive to getting the HR up. In fact the first two efforts I barely scraped into E3 for a half minute out of the ten and the third I didn't get there at all but it's easier to get into the high HR when I'm riding a track that I know is good quality (or uphill) rather than following a MTBO course where the tracks are complete garbage. At least the fourth effort I got out onto Westons Rd so was able to push it until I had to turn off, at which point there were two 4WDs across the track and I had to not only negotiate those but also the two families standing around who for some reason decided to walk into my path rather than stand next to their cars as they'd been doing when I got there.

Did the rest of the course on borderline E1 until CP 15 (of 19), which was near where I parked so I gave up because I knew from CP 2 & 3 that the rest of the tracks in that area no longer resembled the map. Is it a bad sign that I didn't come close to finishing the course in the 98 minutes that I rode of it but did it in 103 on the event day? I suppose I rode a lot of it in the recovery zone today.

Mind you I don't really know why I'm training for Portugal. Knowing my luck there'll be a last minute pregnancy, birthday party, job interview or scout camp that'll take priority and I won't be able to go.
4 PM

Orienteering (MTB) 2:47:03 [1] 32.43 km (11.6 kph) +285m
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Belatedly made my way over to Bibra Lake to check CP locations when I finally realised how late it was and that I'd probably be finishing in the dark. Um yeah, so this course is pretty short OR IS IT???!?!?! Maybe I didn't go to all the controls or maybe I actually covered more distance than was required to get them all, who knows? I did have to empty sand out of my shoes TWICE so that was nice. Changed a few features, moved a few controls about - the usual. The XTC held up given how much I've neglected it lately. I have new components and tyres but have yet to put them on, poor thing.

I did discover my one overgrown track in Pioneer Park is not overgrown anymore after the fire that burnt the whole place out last month. They've even put in some new sand tracks for me, hooray!

Over to ShotRat's afterwards to give him some rogaine controls and try and decide who between us was going to the volunteer meeting up in Neverneverland and who was actually going to be at the event on time on event day given that there's an awesome mountain biking event on the same morning.

Friday Mar 4, 2016 #

9 AM

Road bike (commute) 1:08:50 [2] 30.95 km (27.0 kph) +123m
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride over to the osteopath to get my back sorted out. He told me it was really locked up this time, which I already knew, so hopefully this'll fix some of my issues (physical rather than mental). From there over to Garvey Park.
12 PM

Mapping (foot) 2:26:44 [1] 6.22 km (23:34 / km) +26m 23:05 / km
shoes: Salomon XT Wings asphalt/yello

Finally mapped the remainder of Garvey Park, which was effectively the leftover bush areas that I was too scared to tackle at any other time. Didn't go out to the swamp though because fieldworking the swamp is stupid when there are going to be zero controls and zero route choices through it. I found all of the stripe green today.
2 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:04:43 [2] 25.3 km (23.5 kph) +83m
shoes: Giant TCR

Home via the Tonkin PSP as far as it would let me, which wasn't a lot further than last time (short of Kewdale Rd) and then through Kewdale industrial area until I found a yucky road to ride on then via some paths. Found the western end of the PSP this time when I ignored the sign in Redcliffe directing me to go straight if I wanted to go to Armadale - for some crazy reason the sign coming from the other direction (from Redcliffe in the direction of Armadale) points to the right if you want to go to Armadale, which is where this other idiot sign should be pointing. Never mind the fact the two signs are 2m apart and point in two different directions to go to the same place but that's how seriously our street planners treat cyclists I guess.

Thursday Mar 3, 2016 #

7 AM

Road bike intervals 1:49:57 intensity: (22:52 @1) + (22:27 @2) + (35:03 @3) + (29:35 @4) 55.53 km (30.3 kph) +283m
ahr:144 max:174 shoes: Giant TCR

Interval session on the Roe Hwy and Kwinana Fwy bike paths on the way in to work. This whole work thing is cramping my style. Session was:

3 x 30/120 MAX
5 x 8/4 at E3
20mins E2
commute E1

Legs felt rubbish right from the start and I struggled to hit the zones. In fact the last rep at E3 I barely got into the zone after two minutes then dropped right back out and didn't hit it again. So sore and tired; anything resembling an incline just killed me. Wasted session really and I don't think the legs are feeling better for it.

Back is still sore so I've booked in with the non-accredited health professional to get it looked at tomorrow. I really don't want to be going to Melbourne with a crooked back. Right middle finger is also swollen for whatever reason and the left lower Achilles is still a bit twingy. If I didn't know better, I'd say I was in an accident sometime between Tuesday and yesterday and got amnesia from the whole incident and just cannot remember it. Thought at various stages during the interval session that I might tear my left Achilles, right calf and left hamstring respectively but all seemed to get better.

Saw some weird motorist behaviour on the way in. The traffic was banked back from the Bannister Rd lights through to Hale Rd (at the big roundabout), so banked across the industrial railway. The lights were red but as I watched, some lunatic car driver decided to just roll forward across the railway and sit on top of the tracks within the yellow cross hatch section, even with traffic stationary and the car had not been moving for a while before that. Sure that's safe; if a train comes it'll stop just for you. I can only assume the motorist was so depressed at being in a car that he or she just decided to end it all.

In the shitty as I was waiting on St Georges Tce to cross at Milligan/Mount St, there was a car in the left hand line in front of the line with its hazard lights on. As I waited, two women (including the driver) got out, went around to the path and then the driver went and got back in and drove around the corner through the pedestrian light. A car that had been sitting behind it also went through the red and around the corner, despite me advising the driver of the red light but that's okay; you can do what you like as long as you have your hazard lights on. I'll have to remember that the next time I want to ride through a red light except to put my hazard lights on, I have to stick both hands out at the same time and that makes for a difficult ride.
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 11:30 [1] 3.71 km (19.4 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride over to KP to not join in the O training because my legs are stuffed. Soreness in the left Achilles seems to have disappeared but reappeared in the right one. Left hamstring sore, back sore, middle finger still swollen. Attempted to start the short course but Achilles was having none of that so gave up after 147m.

So today missed doing stairs, the gym session and O training. It's fun getting old and injured for no real reason. Did do 22 push ups though, fat lot of good they'll do if I turn up to my ADF physical session and can't do it.

Wednesday Mar 2, 2016 #

6 AM

Road bike 2:21:15 intensity: (57:24 @1) + (52:25 @2) + (20:21 @3) + (10:21 @4) + (44 @5) 65.55 km (27.8 kph) +722m
ahr:129 max:178 shoes: Giant TCR

KP loops with Mark and Ben.

Woke up with terribly sore hips, back and weirdly the knuckles on both middle fingers. I can only conclude that running on a track is bad for you. Started out with a slow first lap of KP but the hips got better after that so I did the session as I was supposed to do it and went hard on the hills but the legs didn't like that and tended to die about halfway up each incline.

Hips started to ache again after we finished and the back just felt terrible. It seems to be locked up in a couple of places, nothing that the isometric back rotation could fix wither and it's just plain annoying now, like I have a couple of big knots in it.


Rode home after that since I had nothing else planned for the day. Passed three older guys on the path on the way to Canning Bridge but they mustn't have liked being overtaken by a guy with a backpack because they went back past not long afterwards and slowly got away, at least until just after Canning Bridge where they practically stopped in the middle of the path and I had to negotiate my way around them at which point they promptly jumped on my wheel again until the far end of Mt Henry bridge.

The Garmin and the bike computer were pretty well equal on time up until Mt Henry bridge but then the Garmin lost satellites and when I went out the other end, it was suddenly 730m behind the bike computer.
6 PM


Soreness seems to have left the hips but back is still sore and tight. Sore also now in the very base of the left Achilles, left wrist where it meets the base of the hand and now the two fingers outwards from the middle ones. Weird, there's no reason why some of these places should be sore, other than the hamstring, which I expected to be sore this morning but wasn't (it came back later).

Tuesday Mar 1, 2016 #

6 AM

Road bike (commute) 1:15:00 [1] 30.15 km (24.1 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride over to my Super Tuesday bike count location in East Perth where my co-counter had beaten me in even though I was almost 15 minutes early. I had tried to get Tash to co-count this location but the other spot was already taken and then I found out this morning that this woman had only been roped in last week so I guess the original person pulled out.

Told the woman she could count the bikes coming from the East Pde PSP whilst I did the ones from both ends of the GF Fwy PSP. I counted 380 (more than any of my previous four counts) from just those two directions but I reckon overall would have been about double that given the other counter had at least two counts of 50+ just in her individual boxes (I think male riders going from East Perth to the city) whereas the highest I had in any given box was 34 (male riders going from the river end to the city from 7:45-8:00am).

I'm fairly certain I stuffed up the count on at least two occasions, from 7:00-7:15am I think I was counting riders from direction 3 as direction 2 and vice versa and on another occasion I had six riders coming from the city, half of whom were women and half of those six turned left and whilst I was trying to sort that mess out I had riders from the other direction and just to make matters worse, cyclists from East Perth also but even though I wasn't counting them, they skipped the give way sign and were promptly abused by those coming from the east. Gah! I think I did at least get all the numbers on there, just maybe not in the right direction and/or gender.

Afterwards I went home because you know, I'm slack and jobless, kind of. Thinking about it, I should have taken my aerial photo of Garvey Park and gone and finished that off because I had the clipboard, the hat and the pens and I was already partway there but I hadn't factored that into the equation when I left home yesterday.
4 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:16:18 intensity: (58:52 @1) + (14:10 @2) + (3:16 @3) 34.56 km (27.2 kph) +169m
ahr:116 max:153 shoes: Giant TCR

Got home from the bike count to find an email from Wayne reminding us about the 3km TT we had booked tonight, which I promptly forgot about after the last one was cancelled several weeks ago. So back on the bike in the afternoon to ride out to the WA Athletics Stadium.

It was one of those days with the wind where I'd normally be saying to myself 'Gee I wish I was riding to work rather than home from work' so just for a change I was riding to work, well in the general direction anyway. Nice SWer blowing me up the freeway path although not that helpful when heading west. You really notice the difference in cyclist numbers on the freeway path when heading in the opposite direction to the flow. There were so many groups of them heading south and usually only about 200m apart but when heading south yourself you don't notice that many.

Also found out just how many are reluctant to slow down in order to overtake with an oncoming cyclist. I had at least a half dozen all up on the wrong side of the centre line when they flew by me. Fortunately I allow for stupidity these days and was generally sitting on the left of the lane.
6 PM

Running warm up/down 5:41 intensity: (18 @1) + (40 @2) + (4:43 @3) 1.3 km (4:22 / km)
ahr:146 max:158 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D blue/green

It's lucky I wasn't working today otherwise there'd have been no time trial since I wouldn't have taken adequate running shoes or clothes to work and I'm not about to run in Fletch's Tevas. Easy three laps of the track (in lane 4) to warm up. This was probably a bit fast for a warm up but it felt oh so comfortable although I did forget to put in any surges. I did do all my other usual drills beforehand though.

Coincidentally there were two other orienteers there but not with our group - fenry with his running people and Bryan Hewitt with the masters.

Running race (3km TT) 10:30 intensity: (14 @1) + (4 @2) + (15 @3) + (1:00 @4) + (8:57 @5) 3.01 km (3:29 / km)
ahr:179 max:188 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D blue/green

Had no idea how this'd go given the slight tweak I still had in my hamstring but went out hard anyway, far too hard as per usual but I had Oliver right on my tail from the start so was trying to drop him. Almost ended up dropping myself as the lap times got slower and slower. Felt like pulling out at the end of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th laps. By the 6th I figured I was nearly home and could crawl over the line if need be. Crossed over only to have Oliver right on my tail, just 8 seconds back. He's going to be fast that kid.

Ran seven laps in lane 4, which is apparently 423m so a distance of 2.961km but I had to go around a couple of girls taking up the lane on the first bend on my second lap so that would have bumped it over 3km :-) Oliver and Adam on the other hand had GPSes that read 3km before the last turn whereas mine had it almost on the line.

Now that I know how fast I can go, I'll consider pacing myself next time (if there is a next time).

1km crap times:
1 - 3:09
2 - 3:38
3 - 3:41

Running warm up/down 4:35 intensity: (55 @2) + (3:40 @3) 0.89 km (5:10 / km)
ahr:144 max:152 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D blue/green

Monday Feb 29, 2016 #

8 AM

Road bike (commute) 1:05:00 [1] 26.75 km (24.7 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Easy ride into work, the last Monday I'll be working until I find a new job. Left hamstring was fine for the ride but immediately got sore when I got to the other end. Might put a dampener on my attempt to make use of the stairs this week.

First time I've been past Rossmoyne HS when the bus has pulled up and offloaded what appeared to be about 100 school kids so had to dodge them. Almost immediately followed up by having to dodge a school cyclist over the pedestrian bridge who ended up passing me on my left on what was for me a left hand hairpin due to the fact he cut the corner so badly but I'd been expecting that because I know for a fact school kids have no idea of their surroundings or any common sense whatsoever.

Rescued a toddler's hat from the path just short of Canning Bridge when he or she threw it out of the stroller without mum's knowledge.
5 PM

Core stability (core strength) 39:10 [2]
shoes: Fletch's Tevas

Made use of the gym while I still have it, not that I need it for a regular core strength workout but I did use the leg extension machine and did 20 reps of that - not really a good idea with quite sore quads from yesterday. Also did 21 push ups and that was after doing the rest of the workout so the pecs were already sore from doing front bridges and other miscellany.

Stairs (London House) 11:49 intensity: (4:53 @1) + (1:29 @2) + (3:36 @3) + (1:51 @4)
ahr:129 max:168 shoes: Fletch's Tevas

Easy paced stairs focusing more on quantity rather than quality given the soreness of the legs. Probably not the best idea after yesterday's TT and the quadbuster in the gym but I just did singles for four reps to the 10th floor. Hard work but seemed to get easier, then harder.


Rubbish times but then they were never going to be good today.
6 PM

Road bike (commute) 16:36 [1] 6.18 km (22.3 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride to Tash's. Great to have the path along Salvado just before the new roundabout closed with tape across and a sign saying 'Use other footpath'. Err, the tape and sign are in such a location that getting to the other footpath on the other side of the road is not at all convenient and in fact a cyclist coming the other way just went under the tape since where he came onto the path there was no good notification of the works.

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