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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Dec 28, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike7 8:35:33 149.73(17.4/h) 240.97(28.0/h) 973
  Orienteering (urban)2 43:41 5.3(8:15) 8.53(5:07) 10948 /51c94%
  Total9 9:19:14 155.03(3:36) 249.5(2:14) 108248 /51c94%

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Sunday Dec 28, 2014 #

10 AM

Orienteering (urban) race (Christmas day 2) 16:16 [4] *** 3.15 km (5:10 / km) +15m 5:03 / km
spiked:24/24c shoes: Salomon X-Scream blue/grey

Cockatoo Island

Too tired to type anything of interest tonight. Maybe I'll catch up on all tomorrow.

Neat little island with a tricky start through a shed (mapped as underpass) with a few walls around to add to the confusion. I spotted the tunnel option from 9-10 but figured I had to be up on the top level and consequently didn't see the steps past the end of the tunnel so went the zig zag option over the top, which may have not been so bad in the end because the steps were narrow and steep and tended to have people blocking them.

The other tricky route was getting off the top off the plateau. There were three ways off and the straight line option did not go through any of those so I ended up going backwards, then through another tunnel and managed to avoid taking the route through the one way door (it was not opening the right way for me).

Finished 18th out of 60 odd today so a good result.

Saturday Dec 27, 2014 #

4 PM

Orienteering (urban) race (Christmas day 1) 27:25 [4] *** 5.38 km (5:06 / km) +94m 4:41 / km
spiked:24/27c shoes: Salomon X-Scream blue/grey

Georges Heights

Typing on a phone sucks. Will finish later.

Really nice area with some building clusters for complexity, a lot of bush, tracks and parkland. I didn't go flat out because I was deciding whether to take it seriously or make it fun. Probably should have tried harder although easily made it into the top half of the field. Could have cut a few corners in places to save time and found out early that going through the medium green was not a good idea.

Finished 20th in Mens A out of about 50 odd.

Friday Dec 26, 2014 #


Went exploring Sydney today while waiting to be admitted to our room at 2pm (we arrived at our accomms at 7am). Made the mistake of wandering through the major commercial district with the Boxing Day sales on - there were kabillions of people to try and get through - then over the harbour bridge (just missed the start of the Sydney to Hobart), wandered through Luna Park and back across the bridge. Tash buggered up her feet earlier from wearing crap shoes so we had to catch a taxi the rest of the way. Found the pancake & ice cream shop on the way. Won't be able to store ice cream at our accoms due to the crappy fridges and the fact there are several dozen people sharing three bar fridges, only two of which work, so will need to make the most of it about the place.

Thursday Dec 25, 2014 #

7 AM

Road bike 2:27:30 [2] 72.46 km (29.5 kph) +314m
shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Today's 'no training' day meant I could bring forward this Saturday's session since I won't be here on Saturday. Leisurely 75km (or near enough) loop at an 'easy' pace although easy over that distance would have taken me all day so I made it moderately moderate, or my cruising pace, instead. Focused on fluid intake too although didn't really need much this morning.

Wednesday Dec 24, 2014 #


I've now managed to plot myself a nice, 200km+ route for when I get back from Sydney for my last long ride. I think I've managed to include just about every hill in Perth, except funnily enough Great Eastern Hwy (which I've not yet ridden up during this training block) and Brookton Hwy. Very little crossover in this route, some roads I've not yet ridden and I only have to ride Canning Rd once! I should probably look at where the shops are on course because I think I might need a few.
7 AM

Road bike (commute) 1:05:00 [1] 29.37 km (27.1 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Today was a good day to break records given the gusty SE'erly... except since I swapped yesterday's easy session for today's moderate session it was a gentle roll into work. Poo.
2 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:10:00 [1] 29.33 km (25.1 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

The wind was still blowing the same way as this morning and I was still bludging so a bit slower on the way home. Didn't get to leave work as early as yesterday's rumours indicated but still early enough to be worth it. The CEO made a song and dance about how kind they were, then there was something about me riding my bike and saving on parking costs - not sure where that came from.

Petrol is cheap today. Almost makes me want to go and fill my car up... almost. That would involve moving it though.

Tuesday Dec 23, 2014 #

6 AM

Road bike tempo 1:23:56 intensity: (11:56 @2) + (18:00 @3) + (54:00 @4) 42.45 km (30.3 kph) +659m
shoes: Giant TCR

Well SCR day didn't happen today. Mark wasn't working tomorow so rather than drag him out to KP, we decided to do tomorrow's session today instead.

I figured I wouldn't have much going for me due to tired legs but the IOCC lads (bigger than usual group of about 25) went past the DNA car park just as we were starting so we took off and never really let up.

Legs were a bit sore but held form all the way.

Average pace was 33.1kph for the session proper. Afterwards some guy came driving in to the DNA car park and asked where the Roe car park was (he was ferrying 'clients' around and I thought he may have been Secret Service or perhaps mafia the way he was dressed). We didn't know but he didn't follow our vague instructions anyway so he turned left out of the car park even though we told him to turn right, then a few minutes later he came driving back past.
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:10:00 [1] 27.08 km (23.2 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Easy, easy SCR ride, bearing in mind the past four days of hills and not easy efforts. The easterly didn't help though nor did the speedster that decided not being on the left would get him where he was going faster and narrowly avoided colliding head on with me, even though he would have seen me from miles away. I really don't need tools like that.

Monday Dec 22, 2014 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 54:44 [3] 29.61 km (32.5 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Training plan today called for... medium intensity, are you serious??? Oh well Cycling Australia coach David Heatley, you tailored this generic plan just for me and dozens of other cyclists so I guess you know what you're on about. For whatever reason "X-Mas" Day is a nothing day (what fun is Christmas if I don't go for a ride?) and everything else dragged forward a day but I figure I'll just mix things around a bit given I'm away for a week.

Sat in the driveway for about a minute trying to decide whether medium intensity was what I wanted today then went and did it anyway. Legs were a bit tired but had no problems holding the pace. Only realised near the end of the Roe Hwy path section that I had it in SCR so quickly fixed that. Passed about a billion cyclists on the way in. Surprised there were actually any out there although there were also just as many walkers who didn't look like they were heading off to work today.

Passed a cyclist somewhere near Deep Water Point with red tinsel covering his bike. There were bits of it trailing down the road behind him. I don't know how he intended stopping given he'd pretty much covered his rims with the stuff.
5 PM

Road bike 24:23 [2] 10.67 km (26.3 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Boring day at work where I spent half the afternoon reading up on the 3 Peaks Challenge and on how hard it is, then over to TT's with a bonus lap of Herdsman Lake just to click over the five oh oh for the past seven days, something I've not done now for over 20 months! It may not happen again for at least five weeks either so I'd better make the most of it. It wasn't that long ago when I hadn't breached the 300 in a while, now look at me.

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