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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Apr 13, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering (bush)3 3:35:07 10.92(19:42) 17.57(12:15) 35710 /16c62%
  Road bike4 3:25:45 59.39(17.3/h) 95.58(27.9/h)
  Mountain bike3 1:40:51 22.94(13.7/h) 36.93(22.0/h) 313
  Orienteering (MTB)1 27:43 6.21(13.4/h) 9.99(21.6/h) 135
  Total11 9:09:26 99.46(5:31) 160.06(3:26) 80510 /16c62%
  [1-5]10 6:58:13

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Sunday Apr 13, 2014 #

9 AM

Orienteering (bush) (Yetar Springs) 57:16 [2] *** 6.47 km (8:51 / km) +141m 7:59 / km
spiked:10/16c shoes: Salomon XT Wings asphalt/yello

Pre-Easter training, the only one I'm going to get. Took it pretty easy today because:
1) Achilles was ever so slightly sore after the second control (although did settle down later); and
2) My navigation was shit.

Nav got better in the second half and it was more open there and I'd just past Kjell so had incentive to not let him get back past. Funny how my speed and nav improve when I have someone hot on my tail.

Decided against doing a second course since we arrived late and I had other plans anyway.
11 AM

Mountain bike (Forsyths Mill) 47:39 [3] 12.84 km (16.2 kph) +201m
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Two laps of Forsyths Mill just to see how shit I've become over the past month. The answer is - pretty shit. I'm sure if I chucked this into my splits-o-meter that they'd come up at the bottom. In fact I'll do just that.

Not quite as shit as I thought. 1:30 outside my PB but better than the last time I was up there, over two years ago at which point I'd been training hard for the Vic trials. I should not train more often. Maybe the 29er has the advantage over the Anthem though.

Legs were at no stage in 'quad burning' mode since I was trying to preserve the Achilles.

Saturday Apr 12, 2014 #

9 AM

Orienteering (bush) 2:11:13 [0] 6.4 km (20:31 / km) +114m 18:50 / km
shoes: Salomon XT Wings asphalt/yello

Putting out controls for the NavDash event at CTC today. I don't know why Shandy was upset with me not showing route info on AP from a couple of weeks ago since he didn't even turn up (again).

Decent turnout in the heat but apparently my easy course wasn't easy enough. Also needn't have bothered too much with making the long and short course completely different from each other (as per Simmo's course planning guide) since only three people ran both and two of them MPed the second one.
12 PM

Orienteering (bush) 6:57 [2] 1.41 km (4:56 / km) +20m 4:37 / km
shoes: Salomon XT Wings asphalt/yello

Did a warm up around the easy course on map memory, which wasn't too hard since I actually recalled where all the controls were on that one and you could see most of them on the way. Must have been a good warm up because I totally smashed the fastest 'official' finisher on that course by >6 minutes. I think it was Michaela Maynard, who's 1/3 my age so should be able to run faster.

Orienteering (bush) (Christmas Tree Creek) 19:41 [4] *** 3.3 km (5:58 / km) +82m 5:19 / km
shoes: Salomon XT Wings asphalt/yello

First run on the recovering Achilles. It felt great to be running again. The legs felt ok, but the knee is quite weak nothing. I was surprised at how slow I was running. I guess this is the first run for 2 weeks, a start.

Today's post not sponsored by anyone

Achilles was really good today, not a peep from it. The running fitness on the other hand is non-existent and my 'easy' jog around the easy course totally smashed my hard jog around the long course. I also probably shouldn't have eaten a pie right beforehand.

Despite knowing where all the controls were, I made the age old mistake of 'oh I know where this next one is' and not looking at the map, then I completely screwed up #14 by not realising there were two watercourses to cross on the way so started looking just past the first one. Didn't even register when I saw my control just past the second one - thought it was a control on the easy course, which was just stupid because they didn't go north of the fence.

Friday Apr 11, 2014 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 1:03:00 [2] 30.38 km (28.9 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Couple of minor twinges, nothing serious. Legs are feeling the hills though.
4 PM

Road bike (commute) 13:00 [1] 4.85 km (22.4 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Got let out early so after printing out a bunch of control descriptions, I went over to the shed to pack up the caravan then over to Tash's place.

On the way there, some bird in a black 4WD with twin kayak cradles and a rogaining sticker tried to smash me down. I didn't get a good look at her but she had long brown hair, greyish coloured eyes, a blue t-shirt and was about 4' 10" tall. Hopefully someone can identify her from that.

I was paying so little attention after that that I rode straight past Tash's street.

Thursday Apr 10, 2014 #


Wow I've scored a draw and a half for Easter - if only I was fit.

Prologue - Ian Lawford starting right behind me
Day 1 - Matt Crane starting right behind me
Day 2 - Simon Uppill starting right behind me
Day 3 - Chasing start so no chance of the WOC guys being anywhere near me since I'll be off early :-)
7 AM

Mountain bike (commute) 21:34 [2] 7.96 km (22.1 kph)
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

From Tash's place to West Perth for another Funkin' treatment, then pick up maps for the weekend and to work. Nice smash down Hay St once I got around all the cars braking over the speed bumps that don't deserve to be called that.

Achilles was a bit sore after my day of nothing yesterday although not too bad and improved after treatment.
5 PM

Mountain bike (commute) 31:38 [3] 16.13 km (30.6 kph) +112m
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Left work a tad later than planned so went a bit faster than planned. Passed a roadie going over the hill near City Beach shops then burned it going down the other side. Had to really hammer to make the lights and smashed through to look back and have him right behind me but then he either went a different way or got scared and backed off.

Got to light pole O with plenty of time to spare. That's the hardest ride I've done in a while and no real problems with the Achilles.
6 PM

Orienteering (MTB) (Star Swamp) 27:43 [4] 9.99 km (21.6 kph) +135m
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Course today was possible to get all CPs in numerical order without too much deviation so I did just that. Took it out as hard as I dared today to test the limits and worked out okay. That's the hardest ride I've done in a while few minutes and no real problems with the Achilles although I did go through a dip at one point and felt the stitches in my back pull but after ten days I'd hope it'd hold together by now.

Tuesday Apr 8, 2014 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 1:04:30 [2] 30.04 km (27.9 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

First ride in from home on the recovering legs. It felt great to be cycling again. The legs felt ok, but the Achilles is quite weak. I was surprised at how slow I was cycling. I guess this is the first longish cycle for 4 weeks, a start.

Today's post sponsored by Andre.
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:05:15 intensity: (55:15 @2) + (10:00 @3) 30.31 km (27.9 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Legs felt good throughout the day so after getting detoured off the bike path into South Perth and stopped at the lights, I joined the line of fast riders taking off across Mill Point Rd. Gave the quads something to remember although only a middling pace but still felt good.

After taking a different route to everyone else back onto the freeway path I figured I'd keep the pace up right to Mt Henry but tweaked the Achilles soon after Canning Bridge so went back to cruisy from there. No further issues but surprised the homeward trip had an average only the same as the inbound. Shane would be proud now that my route is just over the 30km mark instead of just under.

Don't want to push it so I'll just make one more commute this week plus light pole O on Thursday then maybe back to a full week next week, which will actually only be two days with the trip up to Woodvale Monday morning and taking off for Easter on Wednesday night.
7 PM


I amazed myself tonight by attempting to clean the spa using a broom and dustpan. Unfortunately the spa had other ideas and I really only managed to dislodge a lot of the dust and also discovered in the process that it wasn't as dry as I thought. There is (was) a layer of salt crystals in the bottom and a nice layer of water under that, which I found after I stepped on it. Oh well, at least I've done something with it now :-)

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