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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Mar 29, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike7 6:36:32 120.08(18.2/h) 193.25(29.2/h)
  Rogaining1 5:52:55 16.29(21:40) 26.22(13:28)23 /28c82%
  Orienteering (bush)1 55:00 4.35(12:39) 7.0(7:51)
  Core stability1 30:00
  Orienteering (urban)1 23:56 2.65(9:02) 4.26(5:37)23 /27c85%
  Running1 10:00
  Total11 14:28:23 143.37 230.7346 /55c83%

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Friday Mar 29, 2013 #

Event: Easter 2013
11 AM

Orienteering (urban) race (Easter Prologue) 23:56 [3] *** 4.26 km (5:37 / km)
spiked:23/27c shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D black/pewter

La Trobe Bendigo, 1:4000, 3.6km, 105m

Great fun around the La Trobe Uni campus. I had a good run but unfortunately some of the early controls were in bush and I hadn't gotten my brain used to the idea so I blew out the 1st and 4th controls, probably about 30secs and 1:20 respectively trying to bash through the thick bush on the 4th and completely misreading the contours. Good for the rest of the course but the damage had been done.

As per usual when I make an error, I lose confidence over the rest of the course so was slower than hoped for. Right quad pulled up tight afterwards.

Strangely managed to tie with Craig for the second time in the past two NOL races although we each got zero points this time.

Running warm up/down 10:00 [2]
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D black/pewter

Thursday Mar 28, 2013 #

10 AM

Orienteering (bush) 55:00 [2] *** 7.0 km (7:51 / km)
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D lime/black

As per usual when the Garmin travels interstate, it has lost the first day's details so time and distance are estimates.

Pre-Easter training with the WA crowds at Kangaroo Gully in some detailed gold mining terrain on some courses from a few weeks back. Basic idea was to get the gist of how the area was mapped in preparation for the real thing.

Tuesday Mar 26, 2013 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 1:04:19 [2] 27.3 km (25.5 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Cold and wet ride in. Unlike my mum, I didn't need a phone to tell me it was cold and wet outside although I would have had to first go to work to retrieve my phone then all it would have showed me was the time anyway.

Not many other cyclists about and the bike cage in our building was about as empty as I've ever seen it during work hours. From there it was the CEO telling me the rain is good because it keeps the bloody cyclists off the road. I just don't know the appropriate response in those circumstances. I could speed up my redundancy with some choice comments (or more likely with my luck just get sacked).
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:07:51 intensity: (30:00 @1) + (37:51 @2) 27.73 km (24.5 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Rode over to the horseshoe bridge to pick up Tash. I eventually found her on the south side of the bridge rather than the north where I expected her to be - that may have been partly my fault but I forget how I worded my email.

Easy ride from there to home. Loads of cyclists flew past but I didn't think it'd be nice to leave Tash behind to chase them down.
8 PM

Core stability (LS strength session) 30:00 [2]

Abandoned the windtrainer session to give the legs a couple more days recovery before Easter - wow, serious competition! - so did a Lauren session instead.

2 x everything except theraband exercises.

Monday Mar 25, 2013 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 1:01:42 intensity: (58:42 @2) + (3:00 @3) 27.32 km (26.6 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Pretty easy ride into work. There were TWO other riders on Tonkin Hwy this morning (which now classifies it as a major cycling route) - one ahead of me who turned off just after Roe and another one behind who overtook me before Kewdale Rd. I put in a bit of effort to hold him from there to Leach Hwy but my legs protested so I went back to easy pace after that.
2 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:01:50 [2] 26.23 km (25.5 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Afternoon ride over to the Convention Centre for an accounting seminar where I brilliantly managed to not fall asleep for probably the first time ever!

From there it was over to Huntingdale for a final inspection on my new digs. I invited my brother-in-law over to view the place and he kindly took me back to his place for dinner then home afterwards because it was raining.

On the way to Huntingdale I had some git giving me advice on not riding on the road as he was driving past but the car got stuck at the Warton Rd lights so I pulled up alongside and had a 'chat' with him. He took it pretty cool and we waved as we parted. I think his two mates in the front of the car were pretty bemused by the whole situation.

Sunday Mar 24, 2013 #

5 AM

Road bike 14:41 [1] 6.03 km (24.6 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride from E Vic Park to the Esplanade train station with Tash in tow.
7 AM

Road bike (Freeway Bike Hike) 1:35:47 [5] 69.19 km (43.3 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Sigh, so much wrong with the organisation of this event. The idiots started us 45 minutes late, firstly while we were waiting for 'the last train' to arrive and offload passengers, then it was to make sure the freeway was clear of cars (as we later found out it wasn't because one had to pull over to avoid the rush of oncoming cyclists - how it got past I'll never know) and the worst part was that the 30km riders starting from Kwinana started on time so as we went through the 40km mark, we suddenly found ourselves caught up with the tailenders of this group. It is very hard to avoid a bunch of casual Sunday riders and kids for 25km whilst trying to do roll throughs at 40+kph.

Anyway there were a few optimistic people on the start line, with three recumbents - hand powered at that - lining up right at the front. I was past all those within the first kilometre. Unfortunately starting about five rows back meant I lost the lead riders fairly quickly although it was a very speedy group of only about 6-10 people. Me and another guy tried to get them but it just wasn't happening and eventually the group caught us. From there it was a complete lack of teamwork as for the first part, there was just one guy sitting on the front and no-one else wanted to go in front of him. I got stuck about ten back so when I tried to get to the front on my own, generally blew up before I got there.

Eventually one older guy got us all organised into a proper roll through and this worked for the most part, other than the people who thought they were good riders but blew up before getting to the front (or in one case, jumped out in front of me as I was heading for the front, then blew up), leaving the front rider and the ones behind stranded. It was typically the same 10-20 people doing the roll throughs although not all of those were taking all their turns so there was really about five of us doing a full workload, which left little recovery time.

The best part of this was after we'd somehow cleared the entire 30km field (somewhere between the Canning and Narrows bridges), I had a look around to check for my next roll through turn and found there were only eight of us left in our group and I couldn't even see the bunch anymore. We sat this one through until probably 500m to go when the sprint finish happened but it seems I don't have a sprint finish after 70km and I ended up probably eighth out of that.

Sore right quad and inside thigh afterwards but good that the left one has no issues. Surprisingly a faster time than last year although 2km longer and we got held up a fair bit by the slower bunches and people randomly weaving across the road. 40kph in a car seems so slow :-(
10 AM

Road bike 30:22 [1] 9.45 km (18.7 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Back to E Vic Park from Langley Park via Claisebrook to see the duckies. Unfortunately the duckies weren't racing until 2pm and we couldn't keep ourselves amused there for three hours so left before it was on.

Saturday Mar 23, 2013 #

3 PM

Rogaining race (Shake, Rattle and Roll) 5:52:55 [2] ** 26.22 km (13:28 / km)
spiked:23/28c shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D black/pewter

Not as horrendous as I thought it'd be but then it was 80% + on tracks.

(proper writeup)

I went into this event with very low expectations given the nature of the bush and the people setting and was completely shocked that they've managed to exceed my forecast by giving us a map that was almost entirely green! Add to that the map symbols - apparently roads on this map were white unless they were patrolled, in which case the legend said they were dashed grey, except on the map they were actually dashed pink - with tracks invariably being either yellow with dashed grey, dashed yellow, dotted purple or just a very thin black line (in most cases overlaid on a dashed coloured line); fences were a very thin black line; powerlines were a very thin black line (you get the idea)... Control locations marked as watercourses didn't have to have a blue line in them whereas locations marked as gullies generally did. It was also common practice to stick the control number inside the circle to obscure any relevant detail.

Anyway I decided since we were saving our legs for a Major Bike Ride the following morning that I'd just plan a route of about 20km and follow tracks for as much as possible. This immediately ruled out the controls in the north and the far west I couldn't be bothered with so after much consultaion with Tash (Tash, do you care how many points we get or do you just want to go for a nice walk?), we set it at that, still with 1.5 hours of planning to go.

Our plans were disrupted when Eliot came along looking for a team to join so I told him to join ours. We eventually offloaded him right before the start though when Grand Joldes' teammate hadn't turned up and they ended up doing quite well anyway so it worked out for the best.

So off Tash and I stroll to the first control, which was just off the Bib Track. Somehow we were the second team there despite the hordes heading that way out of the gate. That pretty much set the tone for the day with A LOT of track walking and the occasional ducking off into the bush for controls and we managed to avoid any big hills.

We pretty much stuck with Lesa and co for the first couple of hours and thought they were moving faster than us but we overtook them twice during that time, the second time after they'd taken a different route, possibly to drop #97.

No serious mistakes, just one on a cross country leg where I couldn't figure out if we'd hit the watercourse above or below and another one with a creative description of '25m from intersection' (no direction given). 'Rocky spur in gully' was fun to try and decipher and the misplaced #96 didn't cause us too many dramas in the dark when I wasn't 100% sure if we were at the right junction so moved onto the next one and found it there, only to realise that was the wrong one.

Some of the other info on the map was a bit useless, such as the distance from the sun, solar noon time and I'm still trying to figure out where they got the map data from. There were various sources listed including Orienteering WA for the Mt Gungin data - funny given that I hold the maps for that and I don't recall giving it out.

All in all a nice walk. Happy that I went now, don't know what I was complaining about...

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