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Training Log Archive: nic.

In the 7 days ending May 13, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running6 3:32:00
  Orienteering2 2:05:58
  Strength + Conditioning4 1:56:00
  Netball1 30:00
  Total10 8:03:58

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Saturday May 13, 2017 #

Running warm up/down 25:00 [3]

Good warm up but a next to nothing warm down, oops.

Orienteering race (NSW Middle) 56:58 [3]

Pretty poor start and it only really got marginally better just before the end. Started navigating from 1-3, realised early enough that I didn't run too much extra distance but I lost a bit of time crossing back and forth of a rocky cliff line because I'm a slow wimp. From then on I seemed to lose a tonne of time picking poor routes through green and not planning ahead, my exit direction was woeful. Can probably put it down to just not being focussed enough because I wasn't really having a heap of fun in that terrain, hopefully tomorrow I'll be a bit more aggressive!

Friday May 12, 2017 #

7 AM

Strength + Conditioning (Yoga) 26:00 [3]

Woke up earlier than I had to so I thought I'd throw in a little morning yoga.
8 AM

Running 32:00 [3]

Easy jog with some strides. Don't know if it was the yoga or netball last night or what, but I felt woeful! Glutes were real sore and my calves and hammies felt like they were blowing up like balloons, so weird. Still moved along alright in the strides though.

Thursday May 11, 2017 #

7 AM

(rest day)

Went for an hour-ish stroll to warm up the legs for the longest stretch and roll session I've ever done. I love putting off uni work.
7 PM

Netball 30:00 [3]

Felt a bit useless but we're back with the win woooo!

Wednesday May 10, 2017 #

6 AM

Running 1:00:00 [3]

Pre-uni run. Felt pretty alright, think I was running progressively faster too which is nice. Dark when I started but maaaaaan it was a pretty sunrise this morning!
5 PM

Strength + Conditioning 55:00 [3]

10min on the rower and then mostly leg, glute and core strength stuff. All shaky now!

Tuesday May 9, 2017 #

7 AM

Running warm up/down 34:00 [3]

Warm up with a few surges and a jog back home. Stopped a guy from driving off with his coffee on his roof, although it was a maccas coffee so maybe it wasn't that big of a favour...

Running intervals 21:00 [3]

3* 3, 2, 1 with 1min recovery. On the path in the park near home, a few very slight inclines and I felt them! Think i'm just struggling to have any recollection of what it feels like to run at a certain pace so I went a little too fast on the first set, struggled on the second but then finished ok on the third. Got asked if my shoulders get sore from a lady out walking her dog because I run so stupid when i'm exhausted. She then gave me some pointers about trying to run with my arms straight, sounds super annoying but it was actually so handy to be reminded of form haha.

Monday May 8, 2017 #

6 AM

Running 30:00 [3]

Easy jog. A bit of a chilly morning and still a little dark so I had to stick to the streets. I went to bed before 8pm last night and was still struggling to open my eyes this morning...

Strength + Conditioning (Yoga) 15:00 [3]

All I had time for. I'm a bit sniffly :(
6 PM

Strength + Conditioning 20:00 [3]

Physio stuff and a little core.

Sunday May 7, 2017 #

Running warm up/down 10:00 [3]

Made the rookie mistake of not getting a start time before I did a warm up and then had to stand in the line for so long that I un-did all the warming goodness.

Orienteering 1:09:00 [3]

Honestly don't even know if you can call what I was doing today orienteering. It was more of a slow stumbling along in a general direction, zero technique. Foolishly had very (very) few hours sleep and I felt it. Don't think I was able to maintain concentration for a complete leg throughout the whole course and I had zero push physically. Really struggled with calf pain in one section of the course and it hasn't been that bad in a very long time, hopefully just something to do with the poor warm up and hills at the very start of the course and isn't something to worry about.

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