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Training Log Archive: iansmith

In the 7 days ending Mar 9, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Running5 4:21:28 30.18(8:40) 48.57(5:23) 508106.4
  Strength training1 20:0010.0
  Total5 4:41:28 30.18 48.57 508116.4

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Sunday Mar 9, 2014 #

(sick) (rest day)

I have some respiratory irritation - a sore throat, a little congestion; I'm not taking any chances so close to the trials.

Friday Mar 7, 2014 #


At times in the past few weeks, I have felt discomfort in my shins and calves. Given my history and the proximity to team trials, I have a healthy respect and concern for stress fractures. A challenge is that the most apparent symptoms are when it's too late to do anything about the fracture but take a few weeks off.

Yet it seems that my diagnosis has at times been premature. I think it's prudent to back off when body parts hurt, but as SwissCheese has said, it is very important to know yourself. When is pain a warning sign, and when is it just routine discomfort from training stresses? I suppose many of the injuries on AP are reminders of the importance of routine maintenance: sleep, good nutrition, stretching, and strength training. It is also hugely important to know your limits. For someone as stubborn as I, a coach can only accomplish so much. They don't have access to the data and perspective that the athlete does; while their advice is useful and informative, I consider coaching information to be informed guidance and suggestion, not a mandate. I don't think I could handle a coaching relationship where I so completely trusted the coach that I would follow their instructions as a mandate.

In any case, I'm feeling good about my training right now (apart from the fact that it's basically all running, not O), and we shall see how I perform against the field the spring.
9 AM

Running 22:00 [1] 4.0 km (5:30 / km)
shoes: 201304 NB 860

Recovery day: commute and run to Keith's shop to pick up his horn. I'm coming back from semi-retirement to play an opera gig with Lowell House Opera. I have played for maybe an hour in the past two years, and the first performance of this gig is on March 26.

Thursday Mar 6, 2014 #

6 PM

Running 20:04 [1] 4.0 km (5:01 / km) +13m 4:56 / km
shoes: 201210 Inov-8 Road X 255

Run to CSU indoor track. GPS apparently struggled most of the way. When I arrived, I heard Izzy mutter something about "apple pie" and some bet she had apparently lost.

Running 1:52 [1] 0.27 km (6:56 / km)
shoes: 201210 Inov-8 Road X 255

Strides. I only managed to get in one full lap, as I had arrived fashionably late.

Running 43:30 intensity: (20:42 @1) + (22:48 @5) 8.0 km (5:26 / km) +2m 5:26 / km
shoes: 201210 Inov-8 Road X 255

And we were off! Diabolical Terry set up tonight's workout of 2x (800, 600), followed by 2x 1600 for marathoners and people who apparently like running 1600s. I ran with the usual suspects - Patrick, Tom, Terry, and tall svelte guy. The orienteering turnout was good, with the Bjorkman, Alex, Izzy, and Anna.

800, 600: 2:50, 2:03, 2:48, 1:58
1600s: 5:56, 5:46
Bonus 400 with the orienteers: 1:27

I was tired by the end, but I kept up a solid effort and maintained the pace. I had enough energy to put a little kick on the last 100m of the last 1600. I could tell my legs were worn from yesterday's threshold workout. I met Elizabeth again - Patrick's significant other.

Running 26:28 [1] 4.18 km (6:20 / km) +1m 6:19 / km
shoes: 201210 Inov-8 Road X 255

Lethargic run home. Return of the confused GPS.

Wednesday Mar 5, 2014 #

10 PM

Running 1:15:49 intensity: (41:31 @1) + (34:18 @3) 15.14 km (5:00 / km) +32m 4:57 / km
shoes: 201304 Asics Gel Cumulus 13

Tonight's workout was a set of cruise intervals. In consultation with ebone, he recommended running longer threshold interval workouts, and eventually I hope to work up to 6-8x 2 km or thereabouts. Tonight, I ran 4x 2km with 2 minutes rest between each. There were sections on the bikeway where I ran that were covered with ice, and I cut out a section because it was treacherously slippery. The first bout was a little slow because I was unfamiliar with the trail and settling into the pace, but the remaining three bouts were near my target of 4:00/km. I really enjoy these workouts, and I imagine they are very easy to adapt to trail, terrain, or orienteering conditions. Perhaps winter will end soon.

Monday Mar 3, 2014 #

10 AM

Running (Commute) 13:15 [1] 2.89 km (4:35 / km)
shoes: 201304 NB 860

Legs felt ok.
7 PM

Running (Elliptical) 15:00 [1] 3.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: 201304 NB 860

Warmup with an easy hill program on an elliptical. The elliptical seemed to think I had gone about 2.5 distance units; I assume these were miles, but the effort felt about equivalent to 5:00/km, so I'm logging that.

Running (Treadmill) 30:00 intensity: (2:00 @1) + (4:00 @3) + (24:00 @4) 4.45 km (6:44 / km) +460m 4:27 / km
shoes: 201304 NB 860

Half hour of vertical pain. A weird treadmill workout in stifling conditions with the following program:
- 12 mins, 12 min/mile, 13% grade
- 2 mins, 12/mile, 8% grade
- 10 mins, 10/mile, 10% grade
- 2 mins, 10/mile, 5% grade
- 2 mins, 10/mile, 15% grade (max)
- 2 mins, 10/mile, 1% grade

The 5% grade felt delightfully easy. Even sleeveless and in shorts, I was drenched with perspiration by the end. I too need more fans.

Strength training 20:00 [3]

2 sets of:
- 10x lunges; +2x25lb
- 10x squats; +50lb
- 10x kettle bell clean-and-press; +25 lb
- 10x dead lifts; +50lb
- 5 pullups
- 15x explosive jumpies
- 10x curls, +15 lb for variety
- 10x lateral raises, +15 lb for general constitution

Running 13:30 [1] 2.64 km (5:07 / km)
shoes: 201304 NB 860

Return to work. Stiffly.

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