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Training Log Archive: Samantha

In the 7 days ending Apr 6, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  road run6 3:17:30 5.1 8.21
  Orienteering3 3:04:33 14.35(12:51) 23.1(7:59) 280
  Total6 6:22:03 19.45 31.31 280

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Sunday Apr 6, 2008 #

road run 10:00 [2]

warm up. I owe Cristina for driving me for my early start time :)

Orienteering 1:57:40 [4] 13.2 km (8:55 / km)

Ultra-long at the Pig. I was nervous about the distance, but once I started it was fine. I finished and felt like I could keep on going for quite awhile, although my legs had no speed. Therefore I kept up a steady but fairly easy pace the whole way. The running (and swimming) was slow - muddy trails, marshy and dense light green, steep reentrant and deep streams. The trails were nice because you didn't have to navigate, but they were probably slower than running in the woods. I lost about a minute each longer leg to Annabel. We took very different routes to many of the controls, but even when we went similar ways I still lost time. I hesitated, bounced around, and stopped to double check things on my map. I need to work on being more fluid as I run the longer legs. I made a route choice error to #15 (when I went for a cold, cold swim) and lost about 2 minutes. I saw the "best" route, but thought it was too far out of the way. I had been going around everything and I was worried that it was the wrong decision. It wasn't. Then I messed up #18, which was basically a trail run. I made the same mistake lots of others did by runnig up the paved trail. Only it took me awhile to realize it. When I cut back down to the stream, I didn't realize that there were two streams. So I followed the wrong one into the thicket, figured it out, but still came out above the control in the campground. Lost about 3 minutes there. I was running with blue runners from 15, to 16, to 17 and I though they were running the last loop with me. When they headed off 90 degrees in the "wrong" direction from 17 I realized they were going to a different control, but I think it still threw me. Plus, I was a bit shaken by the swim. I'm not a strong swimmer, and I didn't expect the water to go over my head. A bit of panic set in and I let it distract me in the last loop. I think the course was really well set up, with lots of route choice that kept you on your toes and helped the 2 hours fly by! I'm reminded that I need to work on my orienteering "flow" - whatever that really is and how you work on it, I'm not sure...

I had a wonderful weekend and I'm thrilled that I had the opportunity to race! Thanks!!

Saturday Apr 5, 2008 #

Orienteering 16:49 [5] 2.9 km (5:48 / km) +60m 5:15 / km
shoes: Pro 1 O shoes

The morning sprint at Miami University. A really fun race :) Lots of good route choice around the campus. I made one ~30 second mistake leaving #1. I think I thought that I had to run along 3 sides of the building, but I didn't count the first side as I ran out. Or something. I took 3 left turns, instead of 2. As soon as I turned and my compass didn't match up I stopped, but it took me a bit of standing to really figure out what I did. Legs were moving just about as fast as they could, but it felt slow. Legs need more speed work.

road run 15:00 [2]
shoes: Pro 1 O shoes

Warming up before the first sprint on the warmup map and doing sprints in the parking lot.

road run 10:00 [1]
shoes: Pro 1 O shoes

warm up before the second sprint

Orienteering 17:48 [5] 2.7 km (6:36 / km) +70m 5:50 / km
shoes: Pro 1 O shoes

The second sprint of the day. I hesitated going to #2, as the fields didn't look like I expected and then I ran past the trail I wanted. I turned around and went back to find it. I'm glad I did, since those who didn't said they were hesitant when they entered the woods. I chose the slower route to #6, going down and then climbing back up again. Plus, the field that I ran through wasn't quite mapped correctly - an extra stream and broken ground. But it wasn't the best route regardless of that. Mike Smith ran by me going to #6 and I did my best to keep up with him, but kept on losing ground.

Friday Apr 4, 2008 #

Orienteering 32:16 [5] 4.3 km (7:30 / km) +150m 6:23 / km
shoes: INOV8 Mudclaw -old

Flying Pig WRE. A fun race - it felt more like a sprint than a middle. I ran well and planned ahead for the most part. I messed up the first real difficult control in the woods, #10. I was very careful to count reentrants but then I missed when I hit the big reentrant. I turned right instead of left and found #11. I didn't realize it was mine, but when I was running out of it and reloacting, I realized it was. That helped :) But I lost about 2 minutes there. Otherwise a pretty clean race.

road run 15:00 [2]

Running to the start and jogging around, doing sprints.

Thursday Apr 3, 2008 #

road run 35:00 [2]
shoes: Asics 1130

Running with Dad and Hill over to Comm. Ave for a 15 minute warmup, then 30 seconds between each interval, then 19 minutes back.

road run 10:00 [3]
shoes: Asics 1130

5 x 2 minutes with 30 second of rest along Comm.Ave and around the pond. Running at about threshold, maybe a bit slower. Just moving the legs fast to stretch them out.

Wednesday Apr 2, 2008 #

road run 40:30 [2] 5.1 mi (7:56 / mi)
shoes: Asics 1130

Ran with my high school friend today around her place. It's fun to have a new running buddy. I think I may slow her down slightly, but it's good training for getting faster :)


As I read over my past entries, I am appalled by my typos. I have to proofread. Or get a browser that will spellcheck. I think my operating system may be too old. But my iMac screen has taken to flickering slightly, which cannot be a good sign. Sigh, soon it may be time to upgrade... but to what?

Tuesday Apr 1, 2008 #


In my defense I just decided to go to the Pig a couple of days ago - but I did not realize it was so long on Sunday! Ah! Well, it will be good Billygoat training.

road run 50:00 [2]
shoes: Asics 1130

warm up and down with Hill. A longer warmup as I knew I wouldn't want to run longer after the intervals. I felt very sluggish during the warmup and slightly lightheaded, since I didn't drink enough water yet. So we cut the warmup a bit short.

road run 12:00 [4]
shoes: Asics 1130

4 x 3 minutes with 2 minutes of jogging between. We were running up Comm. Ave and all of the intervals had a bit of uphill, with the last one being all uphill. Felt good to run fast and nice to have Hill running with me. Hill yelled at me after the third interval for starting too fast. But there were guys who were about to pass us and we had to run away from them :)

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