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Training Log Archive: Rosstopher

In the 7 days ending Jun 7, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  biking9 3:38:04 43.06(5:04) 69.3(3:09) 71
  orienteering4 3:30:54 18.19(11:36) 29.28(7:12)
  Track2 1:00:12 8.22(7:19) 13.23(4:33)
  Climbing1 30:00
  Total13 8:39:10 69.47 111.8 71

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Monday Jun 7, 2010 #

9 AM

biking 18:03 [2] 4.38 mi (4:07 / mi) +10m 4:06 / mi

to work. the spokes on my rear wheel seem to loosen themselves frequently. Am I doing something wrong with my (well, to be honest, dad's) spoke wrench? I find myself tightening the loose ones more than I expect to.
7 PM

biking 12:04 [2] 1.85 mi (6:31 / mi)

Rushing over to the MIT track. 5k time trial.... I ran and played pretty hard over the weekend, not sure if Monday evening is really the best time for this. That being said, I can't think of a day this week where I will be better prepared and plus I like the support and companionship of running with CSU.

Track 11:11 [1] 0.52 mi (21:30 / mi)

some warm up some drills, didn't have my garmin on for a lot of this stuff. the warmup actually worked wonders, managed to get all the molasses out of my system before starting (8:31 or so for actual gun time, Sam had predicted it wouldn't be until 8:45).

Track 16:17 [5] 3.23 mi (5:02 / mi)

5 k time trial. ran with the CSU crowd, Ian, Brendan, Clem, Giovanni, Katia and Dasha as our official timer.

very nervous before starting, and feeling tight and slow until doing stretching and strides... then I felt pretty good actually.

I was aiming for 16:00. I feel like I have the fitness. I will need to work on my pacing. It's hard to go by feel because a 77 second lap in practice feels just like a 70 second lap when the adrenaline of racing is coursing through the system.

As seems to be my wont, I started much too fast 32 second 200 split, and 70 second 400 split. dropped off quickly, and was working very hard to keep my splits even near 80 seconds. I finished, and after dry heaving a few times over on the grass, I just wanted to go and try again.

biking 29:51 [2] 6.03 mi (4:57 / mi)

Home again home again, jiggity-jig. As I was raised to say. Sam was still up when I got home, reading Pride and Prejudice (so that she can have a fuller appreciation of "...and Zombies" when she reads that next.)

we were nearly out of milk but had lots of chocolate milk leftover from one of the dessert queen's creations. I had a large bowl of cheerios with golden raisins in chocolate milk before bed. very sweet.

Sunday Jun 6, 2010 #

11 AM

orienteering 41:57 [5] 4.45 mi (9:26 / mi)

Oh man, the luxury of sleeping in! Sent Boris and Kat off on their wild adventures west and Jeff drove us out to Nobscot. Two NEOC local meets in one weekend, both excellently run both with Epunching and preprinted maps and fun courses. The Boston crowd is getting spoiled rotten :)

first ran the red course. woods very very open. Running felt great. For today, I had a homework assignment to complete. Namely I needed to orienteer at Nobscot with enough control and poise as to be able to read another map from a much more technical area at the same time. I had printed out a 1:10 map from Trondheim for this purpose and had slipped it into the back side of my map case.

I quickly found it difficult to continually flip over the map, refind my location, read the next section (either in Nobscot or Norway) and then flip over again. Mentally draining. Also, when reading the Norway map I found myself fighting the urge to change my direction so that my compass bearing would match up with the Norwegian course. I knew I was going to do two courses, so I stopped the serious homework after a bit and tried to focus more on running cleanly, telling myself I would read more when I went out on Green.

orienteering 30:05 [5] 3.2 mi (9:24 / mi)

I had visited most of the controls on Green before, but Orange was only 2.6 and the course went backward. I had more trouble than I should have had, though.

this time I packed the second map in it's own map case, that I could fold and thumb along on without flipping anything over. This was still really hard and I think focusing on reading another map while orienteering was inadvertently giving me too much incentive to lose contact with the map. I was only taking quick looks at either map, but felt like I wasn't able to keep up with the Nobscot course navigation. I guess the point of this exercise is to slow down enough so that I can do both... but I dislike slowing down :) Sorry, Boris. Maybe this exercise could be just as effective with non-orienteering running?

Saturday Jun 5, 2010 #

7 AM

orienteering 1:13:47 [2] 3.48 mi (21:12 / mi)

Up early to get over to Estabrook to deliver epunching stuff to Wendy and Ian. Helped set out two loops worth of the easy nearby controls. Epunching is great, but would be vastly improved if there was a nice type of stand that was easier to carry.
10 AM

orienteering 51:41 [5] 5.09 mi (10:09 / mi)

Not a great race, but pretty good in spots. Lost some sizable time in areas where I had trouble understanding the map. I knew that there were going to be iffy sections, but hadn't been careful enough. Maybe a little tired too. Boris had a good run... I'm spending a lot of this spring as a grasshopper :)

RouteGadget with GPS.

Afterward, ice cream in Lexington and dinner and games in Newton. The crew had cleverly kidnapped Ed for the day which was a nice touch as it meant we got to have him for dinner and games and forced Alex to come over and pick him up later.

Friday Jun 4, 2010 #

8 AM

biking 19:25 [2] 4.16 mi (4:40 / mi)
ahr:0 max:0

to work. very busy and productive week. tough to fit 5 days of work into a 4 day span though
5 PM

biking 18:32 [2] 3.83 mi (4:50 / mi) +61m 4:37 / mi

home quickly and just in time to greet Boris and Kat. Quickly cooked dinner, mmm sesame ginger beef with asparagus and green onions, and then drove off to meet Ian for rock climbing.
8 PM

Climbing 30:00 [1]

Haven't been rock climbing in awhile. Kat's an enthusiast though, so we found a likely place, Rockspot, near Dedham, and set out to see what it was like. very fun to scramble up the wall though it seemed rather shorter than the walls I've been to in the past. Sam was nervous at first, but then she really liked at least the part where she was belaying others.

I climbed a few routes and failed to climb a few more. Kat was very good at giving advice on how to climb better, and I could see how this sport could get addictive... always wanting to come back and try just one more time.

If there were more hours in the day....

Then home for boggle and bedtime.

Thursday Jun 3, 2010 #

8 AM

biking 21:11 [2] 4.24 mi (5:00 / mi)

Biking to work in the morning.
5 PM

biking 18:04 [2] 2.11 mi (8:34 / mi)

Biking from work to the Boston Common for Lori's Park-o. The bike lane on a large section of Commonwealth Ave is on the left of the cars. A bit disconcerting. The sky really opened up just after I arrived.

orienteering race 13:24 [5] 1.97 mi (6:48 / mi)

Felt a little slow after last night's track workout. Also wearing soggy sneakers is a bit of a drag. It was my first time orienteering on the common and actually it was really fun. The rain meant that very few people were wandering around. It took me an outrageously long time at the start to find the triangle and orient my map, and I suspect that I should have taken the left route to 2. I messed up 3 as well, hitting #11 first. Then on 14, I didn't see the uncrossable fence on the map until I had chased halfway down it in the terrain looking for a way over to the control. A few other things weren't perfect out there, but given, the conditions, I was satisfied. A huge shout out to Brendan, and Ian and SGB who all put some fast times on the board.

jogged around afterward with Boris and Ali and Alex, randomly at first and then doing the course backward.

Finished off the evening with Taiwan Cafe take out and a CSU summer training planning meeting. A really fun crowd! But we need to make sure to never order the stinky tofu again.

Wednesday Jun 2, 2010 #

biking 18:00 [2] 4.0 mi (4:30 / mi)

Biking to work in the morning. I guess I wasn't awake enough to remember to strap on the Garmin.
5 PM

biking 6:42 [2] 0.89 mi (7:32 / mi)

Biking from work to the Track at Downes Field. Pretty hot out today.

Track 2:58 [2] 0.51 mi (5:49 / mi)

A quick couple of laps as a warm up. Then some perfunctory drills.

Track 29:46 intensity: (12:16 @2) + (17:30 @5) 3.96 mi (7:31 / mi)

I missed the track workout again last night, so I did this one on my own. 2 x 1200 at 5k (200, 400 rest)and then 8x 400 at 3k (on a 2min cycle).

I was aiming for 77s for the 5k pace and 73s for the 3k pace.

considering that it was hot and I was alone I think I did okay.

3:49 (? didn't start my watch until the second lap)

biking 18:12 [2] 3.57 mi (5:06 / mi)

Then biking home. Just in time to greet Boris and Kat. Sam made dinner while I ran an epunching errand and then we ate and played settlers. A good day for sure.

Tuesday Jun 1, 2010 #

biking 38:00 [2] 8.0 mi (4:45 / mi)

A day without my Garmin. I didn't end up having the gumption to do more than bike to and from work. Maybe I can get caught up *next* weekend :)

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