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Training Log Archive: kadley

In the 7 days ending Jan 25, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  X-C Skiing6 6:01:55 33.67(10:45) 54.18(6:41) 3031039.7
  Road Running1 2:19:55 10.07(13:54) 16.21(8:38) 437419.8
  Strength2 1:15:00225.0
  Hiking1 20:00 1.0(20:00) 1.61(12:26)20.0
  Total10 9:56:50 44.73 71.99 7401704.4
averages - weight:164lbs

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Saturday Jan 25, 2014 #

Event: Weston Ski-O
12 PM

X-C Skiing warm up/down (Weston Ski-O) 10:14 [3] 1.81 km (5:39 / km) +11m 5:29 / km

Warm up loop.

X-C Skiing race 48:33 [4] 7.36 km (6:36 / km) +26m 6:29 / km

Long Ski-O. Stopped after crossing the road going to 9 by a Weston guy who said the area was off limits and closed to skiing. Then he said I could go down another 100 feet where others were skiing. Huh? Anyway, Alex came across the road then and went skiing by, paying no attention to the Weston guy. So off I went, now having Alex to chase after. Even better, I had great wax HF8BD and hers apparently was junk.
2 PM

X-C Skiing race 17:34 [4] 2.78 km (6:20 / km) +3m 6:18 / km

Short Course. Route mistakes going to 1 and 2, confused by the groomed trail intersections. Rest went fine.

X-C Skiing 21:40 [1] 2.07 km (10:30 / km) +1m 10:28 / km

Search for lost rental SI stick. Found! after a search of guy's last leg and possible routes.

Thursday Jan 23, 2014 #

Hiking (Kingdom Valley) 20:00 [1] 1.0 mi (20:00 / mi)

Usual early morning walk with Casey up to the end of the trails. Logged only because it was -10F at the time. Warm in the super-puffy red parka and gaiters, although something other than sneakers might have been better on the feet. Snow surface solidly packed powder and needs a pass with the groomer to scuff it up.
1 PM

X-C Skiing (Kingdom Valley) 29:40 [2] 2.53 km (11:44 / km) +57m 10:33 / km

Classic. Not fun, no connection between wax pocket and snow, despite a fat layer of green klister globbed on. Either time to get new skis or get fat.

X-C Skiing 22:41 [3] 4.15 km (5:28 / km) +13m 5:23 / km

Much better with skate skis. Temp warmed to about 10F and LF4 did okay on groomed popcorn.

X-C Skiing 43:09 [3] 7.5 km (5:45 / km) +35m 5:37 / km

Some more skate with no pole mixed in for a couple km.
5 PM

Strength 35:00 [3]

Machines and exercises at the rec center. One shot at all the machines, 12-20 reps. Lunges, twists, incline crunches. Three pullups, too.

Wednesday Jan 22, 2014 #

5 PM

X-C Skiing (Kingdom Valley) 28:39 [3] 5.36 km (5:21 / km) +14m 5:17 / km

Quick groom and ski before wax clinic. New liquids promise excellent performance; will try.

Tuesday Jan 21, 2014 #

6 PM

X-C Skiing (Kingdom Valley) 1:07:31 [3] 12.05 km (5:36 / km) +46m 5:30 / km

Starting to get cold, about plus 5F. Snow dried and set up nicely from yesterday. LF4 worked well.

Monday Jan 20, 2014 #

12 PM

X-C Skiing (Kingdom Valley) 1:12:14 [2] 8.58 km (8:25 / km) +97m 7:58 / km

New snow wet and sticky, groomed okay but needs to dry. LF8 red was slow, should have put on some HF as the snow really had high moisture and it was right at freezing.

Stiff from yesterday. Did a lap around the upper trails I had groomed. Didn't feel like fighting it too long, so quit after a modest distance.
4 PM

Strength 40:00 [3]

Saw doc who said the shoulder was doing quite well and range of motion is excellent. Discussed strategies for increasing strength: grafts and muscle splitting, but none are recommended given the range of motion and strength I do have. Just build up the strength in surrounding muscles, so they can take over the load. He BTW was in a sling because he ripped a biceps tendon playing hockey and got operated upon last week.

Then went to the rec center for the usual core and leg work, plus a few on the arm machines.

Sunday Jan 19, 2014 #

12 PM

Road Running (Patapsco SPk) 2:19:55 [3] 10.07 mi (13:54 / mi) +437m 12:15 / mi

Down in MD for a party last night and some open time after business this AM, so a run thru Avalon and Orange Grove areas. Up river as far as the Ilchester tunnel and back down that side. Came across the river on the new swinging bridge rather than the RR trestle and tunnel; good thing as a coal train came thru shortly after.

Did a few pickup intervals on the paved trail back down river.

Trails nice although a little slippery. Seems like mega mansions are moving in around the rim of the park.

Nice day for a long run. But can't wait to get back for fresh snow.

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