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Training Log Archive: ebuckley

In the 7 days ending Apr 6, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Terrain8 8:07:00974.0
  Running4 3:22:00404.0
  Orienteering3 3:15:46 7.27 11.7 53069c574.3
  Total13 14:44:46 7.27 11.7 53069c1952.3
averages - weight:168lbs

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Saturday Apr 6, 2013 #

6 AM

Running (Road) 36:00 [2]
shoes: MT110

Easy out and back on College Ave.
9 AM

Terrain (Mix) 25:00 [2] *
shoes: Oroc 280 (old)


Orienteering race (Woods) 1:19:11 [5] *** 7.1 km (11:09 / km) +450m 8:28 / km
16c shoes: Oroc 280 (old)

Pig Long Green at Yellowwood State Forest (1:10). No good excuses here; just blew it on a course that was tailor made for me. Lots of climb, moderately thick veg in spots, but never heavy, good footing. Ran well, but gave the game away around 6. Parallel error going in and a horrific route choice going out for a total of seven minutes lost. Still managed second on course (1st M50), which just goes to show what a great opportunity was squandered.

Another full set of marks to OCIN for a fine course on a good map.

Orienteering (Woods) 1:03:00 [1] **
12c shoes: Oroc 280 (old)

Shadowing Yaya on White.

Oooh, about that fine course/map thing, not so much on this one. Using an indistinct trail for a White course is dicey, but using an indistinct trail that doesn't even exist is inexcusable. Yaya did manage to pull it together after spending about five minutes searching the forest for something that resemebled a pathway, but I really don't understand why they didn't simply streamer the leg down to #5. Maybe they thought they had (there were a few tapes over some deadfall and another set near the actual control, but nothing that a White course competitor would likely put together). Anyway, aside from #5 (and then going straight to #7 because it was visible from 5 and connected by a ditch that was far more distinct than the "trail" she had been on), Yaya did fine and did manage to stop crying by #9.

Friday Apr 5, 2013 #

5 AM

Running (Road) 31:00 [2]
shoes: Neo33

Easy jog round the hood.
4 PM

Terrain (Grass) 25:00 [2] *
shoes: MT110

A rather scattered warmup. Finally got my head together just before the race.

Orienteering race (Park) 20:35 [4] *** 2.9 km (7:06 / km) +80m 6:14 / km
24c shoes: MT110

... but not enough to actually run well. Pig Sprint Red at IU (1:4). Only one serious error (misread the clue for #10 and spent about 20 seconds looking for the bag while I was standing only a few meters from it), but only holding it together by moving slower than I should have. 14th on Red, 3rd M45.

Despite the lackluster result, this was a really fun event: great venue, great course, great organization.
5 PM

Orienteering (Park) 33:00 [1] ** 1.7 km (19:25 / km)
17c shoes: MT110

Shadowing Yaya. She got clobbered in the results because she walked whereas most of the other kids ran, but her nav was quite good. One mistake that could have got quite ugly, but she caught and corrected it herself. She decided that she really likes sprint maps.

Thursday Apr 4, 2013 #

6 AM

Terrain (Grass) 59:00 [2] *
weight:168lbs shoes: Speedstar 5

In to work via powerline, Woods Mill.
4 PM

Terrain (Grass) 1:31:00 [2]
shoes: Speedstar 5

Home via Hog Hollow: Cuatro Electrico.

Wednesday Apr 3, 2013 #

6 AM

Running (Road) 1:17:00 [2]
shoes: Speedstar 5

A somewhat circuitous route to Church for bible study and then into work.
5 PM

Terrain (Grass) 46:00 [2] **

Four school barefoot loop.

Tuesday Apr 2, 2013 #

6 AM

Running (Road) 58:00 [2]
shoes: Neo33

Easy jog round the hood. Toes will be fine and legs are basically back, though I'm not going to throw anything hard at them until this weekend.
4 PM

Terrain (Mix) 2:06:00 [2] **
shoes: Speedstar 5

Home via CC Lake. Ran the new bit of singletrack. Looks like GORC is one workday away from completing the loop; about 100m of benching and 500m of clearing. Might be time to seriously pursue putting on a trail race here.

Monday Apr 1, 2013 #

4 PM

Terrain (Mix) 58:00 [2] **

Well, it's their powerline, so I suppose I should just be happy that they let me run it at all, but it sure was disappointing that Ameran decided the tree trimming needed to be done the day after the biggest rain we've had this century. The resulting tracks left by the heavy machinery pretty much trashed the trail between the High School and Old Farm. It was impassible even on foot last time I tried two weeks ago. Figuring my feet would wash off easier than shoes, I tried again today barefoot. Things aren't much improved. I got through, but it's a big goopy mess and the ruts are deep enough that it will be tough to ride even after it dries. Pity; grass trails are rare and they are a joy on a cross bike.

Having got through, I didn't feel like coming back, so I switched from the Duckling to Cuatro Electrico. This choice was not without its own hazards, as the connection between the two lines is half a mile on chip seal and my feet aren't particularly tough right now. At a minimum, some superficial damage to the four hammer toes. Probably nothing worse; we'll see how they feel in the morning.

Sunday Mar 31, 2013 #

1 PM

Terrain (Grass) 57:00 [2]
shoes: Neo33

Easy jog round the hood. Never felt great, but it did feel like running for the second half.

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