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Training Log Archive: fletch

In the 7 days ending Apr 14, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  run3 3:16:00 24.53(8:00) 39.47(4:58) 103
  cycle1 1:32:50 27.96(3:19) 45.0(2:04)
  Orienteering1 15:59 2.17(7:21) 3.5(4:34)15 /20c75%
  Total4 5:04:49 54.66(5:35) 87.97(3:28) 10315 /20c75%

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Wednesday Apr 14, 2010 #

11 AM

run 1:40:52 [3] 19.6 km (5:09 / km) +103m 5:01 / km
shoes: Kswiss somethings

Long run from work. Was a bit warmer and sunnier than expected. Probably should have drunk more of the water I took with me :(

Decided to try something different and headed from school, down Hester Ave, past Ridgewood oval along to Neerabup National Park, turned north along the eastern boundary of the park and followed it up to Romeo Rd. Turned west, then shortly after saw the end of the Y??? walk track which I had seen the other end of down on Hester, so figured that would be a good way to get back. Was a bit softer in places and quite twisty and turny, so it added a bit of distance and climb. Which wasn't appreciated considering how badly I faded after the 45 minute mark. Where did my fitness go? Also killed my plans for a 90 minute run, but I survived. Had an icy-pole at school then headed to Subway for a late lunch. Yum.

Pity things like this don't fit into ordinary work days :(

Sunday Apr 11, 2010 #


Hmmmm.... Longest (almost) continuous ride since Januray 20th...
6 AM

cycle 1:32:50 [3] 45.0 km (2:04 / km)
shoes: Avanti Blade

Urrggghhh - there's a yucky yellow colour that hasn't been in my log for ages. Thought I'd continue the training re-start with my first non-windtrainer ride since some time in Feb. Was meant to be a gentle roll Sth to Mt Henry brisge and back home along the freeway bike path, and started that way, then about half an hour in, I had a puncture... and where was my pump - where it has been for hte last 6 weeks - sitting at work. Still had all the other bits, so changed the tube and waited for a friendly soul to stop and lend me a pump. Didn't want to cut the ride short, but had a deadline, so hopped in behind a roadie thru to Mt Henry, and repeated the dose for a fair chunk back to the narrows.

Strangely, riding feels a bit harder after not doing it for so long. Need to do this a bit more often if my commute to work is ever to re-establish itself as the recovery ride that it is supposed to be.

Saturday Apr 10, 2010 #

2 PM

Orienteering race (NavDash Hale) 15:59 [5] *** 3.5 km (4:34 / km)
spiked:15/20c shoes: Kswiss somethings

Tricksy sort of course set by Simmo at Hale School. Very careful on the first, looked at the bottom of the stairs, top of the stairs, wring garden bed, then back down the stairs to the other garden bed to get no. 2. 3 and 4 were OK, 5 was slow. Much harder to spot the controls this week as they were on stands, and usually hidden behind waist height walls until you were standing right next to them. 6 was easy, but I don't know if I went the fastest route, ditto 7. 8 and 9 were smooth, but somehow got disorientated going to 10 and dropped about 5 sec, 11-13 were the stretch out the legs and hammer controls, which I did, then started to run to 15, before I saw 14 on the map. 14 was clean, but had to stop and unfold the map to check the code, as I wasn't confident I was on the right mound. 15 and 16 OK, 17 slow in the circle as I didn't know what the control was hidden behind. 18 was a disaster, Bolted about half way there, but totally lost where I was and ended up at my no. 6. Stopped, totally confused, punched 6 again, figured out where I was, left in the wrong direction, then rather than changing route, deviated back the other way to come into the control as planned, dropping more time. Last couple OK, but lost time at 20 when the unit didn't beep and I had to go back a few steps and re-punch, then turned around and ran to where I remembered (wrongly) the finish being instead of down the chute.

very scrappy. No major losses, but not good enough.
Lessons learnt - have to bring description holder (on the wrist is far more useful than on the map - will actually check on hte way into controls) and... there is still that distinct speed at which I CAN run, but CAN'T navigate cleanly. I am much faster if I back off a touch and get it right.

See if I can put any of that into practice at Aquinas

run 35:00 [2] 7.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Kswiss somethings

About half and hour warm-up. Needed this to get moving and give the Nurofen time to work on my lower back. Tokenish cooldown after Wally offered me a lift home to drop off my ski. Seemed a better option that running home again

Thursday Apr 8, 2010 #

12 PM

run (1hr loop) 1:00:08 intensity: (19 @1) + (8 @2) + (18:50 @3) + (40:51 @4) 12.87 km (4:40 / km)
ahr:150 max:166 shoes: Kswiss somethings

Meant to be a nice easy way to ease back into running to check if I am more or leass healthy again and so see if my new shoes are OK. Shoes may be half a size too big, but feel good enough. If anyone wants to go to a shop where they'll stick you on a treadmill, check out your running before they recommend any shoes and wasnts $10 off, I've got a stack of vouchers to The Running Centre (Hay St, West Perth) I found out a couple of little assymetries, but nothing major with an obvious root cause (they ain't sports physicians). The surprising one was that my foot lift at the back of the cycle was lower on the right side. Having run today, I'll put that down to ridiculous quad tightness on the R due to not exercising or stretching much over the last 12 days or so.

Anyways, the run - was a bit warmer than I expected. Felt Ok at the start, knee not 100% but not really bothersome. Any sense of spring and enjoyment disappeared at about 7km, and felt progressively worse after that. Guts didn't really want to play either and it's probably a good thing the front door wasn't locked when I got home. Also a bit faster than intended. Oh well.

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