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Training Log Archive: Sid

In the 7 days ending May 19, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 4:11:46 10.5(23:59) 16.9(14:54) 85039 /59c66%
  Swimming2 3:00:00 4.94(36:26) 7.95(22:38)
  Hockey1 25:00
  Total5 7:36:46 15.44 24.85 85039 /59c66%
averages - sleep:7 rhr:46 weight:145lbs

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Sunday May 18, 2008 #

Orienteering race 1:51:40 [3] ***** 6.6 km (16:55 / km) +500m 12:16 / km
spiked:7/13c shoes: Adidas ADZ16

National Capital Orienteering Festival 2008. Long distance event on the very tough la Peche Map. Nail CP 1 but the course setter was quite nasty forcing us t walk through a swamp right off the bat. CP 2 was near by. Long haul to 3. Started on trails, then used large clearing and a series of clearings to nail the control. Through swampy field to CP4. 2 minute error going the wrong way on side hill. Over the hill and back to the trail to hit 5, just off the trail through a clearing. To a clearing and followed a valley to hit 6 and picked up a tail. Used swamp and bearing to get near 7 but missed this bingo control. Wandered around for 10 minutes until I recognized a boulder and used bearing to reach the control. It was at a rock but in dense undergrowth. Saw EL and RL here. At 8, meet up with EL again and found control hidden under rock overhang. EL and I split but meet at 9 again. At 10 made an error and ended nearer 11. Backtracked to 10 hidden well. Back to 11 which was a bit tricky. Sloppy traverse to 12 but found it below the swamp. Run home to 13 and finish.

Found I had trouble running on rough ground but was quite speedy as the footing got better. My stride is trouble on uneven surfaces and need to figure out better technique. Finished 4th today. A lot of people had trouble. Good finish to the weekend and have started to show promise. Need work on running on rugged ground and consistent concentration.

Saturday May 17, 2008 #

Orienteering race (NCOF) 55:55 [3] **** 3.0 km (18:38 / km) +200m 13:59 / km
spiked:8/13c shoes: Adidas ADZ16

National Capital Orienteering Festival 2008 Middle Distance. Started bad aiming for upstream of CP 1 and heading downstream, reversed but lost 10 minutes to navigation error. Overshoot 2 and used 3 to locate it. Walking to CP 4 on a bearing I walked right into a punjee stick, puncturing my left leg above the knee. Sore and thought I would have a charlie horse later just just a ragged wound in my leg. Hit CP 4 dead one luckily as it was a bingo control. Same for 5 but worked okay. Short traverse to 6 and ran trail to 7. Little bit off with correction costing a bit. Dead on CP 8 using trail and swamp to locate. Climbed hill to attack 9 but sloppy at the end cost time. Across field to 10 and took an unorthodox route to 11. Hammer asked on the way by if I know what I was doing as I ran across a tennis court and reversed up the finish chute. Later found DR used this same route. Hit 12 not 11 so lost time but finished fast.

Bad start and I did not gain confidence to run at speed until too late. Ninth in class. GB finished 3rd. Left leg was sore and leaking but not fatal.

Orienteering race 24:11 [3] *** 2.3 km (10:31 / km) +150m 7:56 / km
spiked:13/16c shoes: Adidas ADZ16

NCOF 2008 Sprint Started a bit slow after the middle distance race. Navigated well up ski hill to 7 & 8. Slight hesitation at 9 cost time and slow to 10. Spiked 11 & 12 but a little off on 13. Major error at 14. Read description as building but that was 13 and went to the building instead of the cliff. 1.5 minute error. Finished fast but error meant 7th place. GB was 1 minute behind at 13 but 1.5 minutes ahead at 14 and ended up 1 minute ahead. Better race but slight errors are costly in sprints.

Thursday May 15, 2008 #

Swimming 1:30:00 [3] 3.75 km (24:00 / km)

MTC Swim with Coach Melissa Warm up 1200m 400m mix, pull, breast pull, back pull & fly / free, 3 x 200m descending & 2 x 100m. Main Set 8 x 300m pull/pad for 3, pull 3 and swim 2. Cool down breast / free for 150 m.

Felt strong. Swam 300m on 5:50. Fast 200m on 3:45.

Wednesday May 14, 2008 #

Orienteering 30:00 [2] *** 2.5 km (12:00 / km)
spiked:6/10c shoes: Salomon XA Pro

AAA training at Iroquois Park. Rain again. Pretty sloppy in the training section.

Orienteering 30:00 [3] *** 2.5 km (12:00 / km)
spiked:5/7c shoes: Salomon XA Pro

NA Sprint race. Had trouble judging distance on 1:10,000 map. Was trying to navigate by topography but heavy growth made that tough. Hit all the controls but was quite sloppy.

Tuesday May 13, 2008 #

Swimming 1:30:00 [3] 4.2 km (21:26 / km)
rhr:46 slept:7.0 weight:145lbs

MTC Swim with Coach Melissa. Warm up 400m mix, 400m back/breast, 2 x200m swim . Main 600m pull/paddle, 600m pull, 600m swim on 12 pace, 12 x100m on 2:15, 5 free, 1 back

Feel pretty good. Did all the 600m less than 12:00, the swim on 11:50. 100m times range from 1:48 to 2:02 and down to 1:53 to finish. Back was slow at 2:15 to 2:20.

Hockey 25:00 [3]
shoes: Koho 3380

NIce fast game. Legs were feeling good and we ended up with a tie.

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