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Training Log Archive: Nadim

In the 7 days ending Apr 28, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bicycling4 2:53:24 48.21(3:36) 77.59(2:14) 351
  Orienteering2 2:14:54 7.21(18:43) 11.6(11:38) 527
  Running1 8:48 0.64(13:45) 1.03(8:33) 29
  Total6 5:17:06 56.06(5:39) 90.22(3:31) 906
averages - sleep:5.6 weight:201.5lbs

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Saturday Apr 28, 2018 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Foot) 1:01:36 [3] 5.1 km (12:05 / km) +290m 9:24 / km

NEOC Troll Cup at Mt. Tom, MA. I did okay on this and though significantly far back, I was surprised to be as close to other competitors as I was.

I got going calmly hitting #1 reading the contour well, and to #2 attacking from near the marsh on top of the spur.

I messed-up a bit on #3 getting on and off trails. I knew where I was after the earth bank area but somehow ended up left of the bridge. I came up through the mountain laurel and followed the contour into #3.

For #4, I started on the left side of the ridge, climbing over to the right. I felt really slow and heavy. Eventually getting to the trail, I left from the bend and followed the rocky ground and drop-off in.

I stayed true to the line going to #5, making some corrections along the way. Others were ahead as I was climbing but I had a better line.

I was really slow going up to #6. Again, others were ahead but off to the sides. I misread the hilltop but realized this while climbing. I stayed on line and spiked it.

For #7 I started straight but shifted left, knowing it. I thought I might save climb. After crossing the rocky reentrant, I adjusted my bearing but it wasn't enough. One small ride over took me too far. I found 3 distinct cliffs but they were north of the circle. Eventually I came back and down and found it. Tim Parson was approaching from a more direct route as I punched.

For #8, I started to contour a little but was more straight. Tim passed me. After we started downhill, I moved better. A reentrant helped me orient, as I knew my bearing to be pretty good. We spiked it.

For #9, Tim followed the first trail longer than I did. He seemed to be headed to use the next trail as I cut further right. After a reentrant, we merged with him behind and higher. I ducked under the rocky ground and then up the hill mapped with green--it wasn't bad at all. I kept a bearing and read the hilltop to spike the control with Tim just behind me.

For #10, I ran straight toward the field and onto the ridge, following that to the control. Tim was pretty much right behind me, probably taking it a little easy. :)

I ran straight toward #11 with Tim initially behind me. On the flat, he passed going on the left side of a downed tree when I went right. I was feeling the pace and walked up the hill to the control that was visible from far off.

I chased Tim as he pulled away toward #12. His presence did help me get onto the right trail quickly.

I didn't run all out to the finish since I was worried about aggravating my back. I was also pretty tired, not being used to running for an hour.

Thursday Apr 26, 2018 #

7 AM

Bicycling (Commute) 40:18 [3] 12.2 mi (3:18 / mi) +41m 3:16 / mi
slept:5.25 weight:201.5lbs

From Northfield Rd., Bethesda, MD, then to 13th & C St. SW, Washington, DC. I had a light tailwind. It was around 50 F starting out. I didn't feel good or comfortable riding.
6 PM

Bicycling 47:21 [3] 11.81 mi (4:01 / mi) +151m 3:51 / mi

Monday Apr 23, 2018 #

8 AM

Bicycling (Commute) 41:28 [3] 12.2 mi (3:24 / mi) +30m 3:22 / mi
slept:5.9 weight:201.5lbs

From Northfield Rd., Bethesda, MD, then to 13th & C St. SW, Washington, DC. There was a slight headwind. Though I would have preferred a rest, it's supposed to rain the next 2 days. I kept a comfortable pace most of the way.
6 PM

Bicycling (Commute) 44:17 [3] 12.0 mi (3:41 / mi) +130m 3:34 / mi

From 13th & C St. SW, Washington, D.C. to Northfield Rd., Bethesda, MD. I expected a tailwind but it was more of a mixed bag.

Sunday Apr 22, 2018 #

8 AM

Running (Street & Trail) 8:48 [2] 0.64 mi (13:45 / mi) +29m 12:03 / mi

Harriman State Park, NY. From Lake Welch, I jogged the streamered route along the road and then along a mostly disappeared dirt road to the start. I felt stiff and slow.

Orienteering (Foot) 1:13:18 [3] 4.04 mi (18:09 / mi) +237m 15:21 / mi

West Point: Lake Welch, Harriman State Park, NY. Considering my physical condition, I feel I did okay. My leg didn't bother me much though my weaker right leg did start to ache late in the race. Everytime I went around the green, I did well; everytime I went through it, I lost ground.

S-1 Starting out, I got around the green (right, left, and down the reentrant) and confidently to the end of the pond. It was not a difficult leg. It looked more daunting than it was.

1-2 - Like #1, I got around the green but this time left, and right through the thinnest section. I got onto a ridge, following it to the end. I saw Tom Overbaugh near there. Leaving the ridge on bearing, I could soon see the control behind some trees, next to the rock. Others who'd apparently been looking for longer, converged on me.

2-3 - I went straight to the edge of the drop and slowed to spy the correct reentrant. Going into it, I saw Peggy, and she came in just behind me.

3-4 - I went straight, seeing some rocks from over 100m away. Approching them I realized they weren't the right ones and that I was a little low. I made a minor correction into the correct set of rocks.

4-5 - My plan for this wasn't good. The road to the right looked not so fast. I never considered the paved road to the left which Stephan S. took. Tim Parsons passed me and was powering up the hill. Though we both went right past #1, we got there on different routes. Planning to use the road to the right, I was worried about drifting too far right on the sloping hill and missing it. I kept straight. It was really slow and I lost map contact. I emerged on the trail about where I wanted to. Peggy, Tom Nolan and a few others were ahead. At the intersection, they cut left which was not my plan. I decided to take their route because numbers usually indicate a good route. I passed most of them and got behind Peggy. It was hard to pass her as she fit through the mountain laurel better than I did. I got to the right and was surprised to be on the edge of the marsh. It was not bad getting through there but overall taking the left side of the marsh through the green proved to be slower than using the road and going longer. Out of the green, I felt I knew where I was but I was really a little low when approaching. I got to the end of the white woods and plunged in. I could no longer hear Tom and Peggy as I passed a mappable boulder in the green. I knew I needed to go on to steeper ground but chickened out. I dropped backward toward the boulder I passed and then further to get outside of the green. Relocating on a group of 3 boulders as Tom had, I attacked and got there. I lost 2 minutes or so.

5-6 - I climbed to get out of the green, but not far enough. I again lost contact with the map but sort of knew what I was near. Tom passed me going higher and through open forest. Ted Good came in view but he was walking. I was tired and walked too. Tom passed the control but I wasn't sure if he'd found it or not. I kept going using contours and boulders to adjust to the right and saw it.

6-7 - I was moving slowly but on a good bearing. I read a boulder about half way there and felt confident. Getting to the hillside, it looked like the mapped cliff was lower. Greg Balter came around and started looking there. I left my bearing and dropped too but as I did, I saw the control on my original bearing.

7-8 - I went straight and it was fun!

8-9 - It looked best to go through the marsh, so I did. The marsh was pretty fast but I was slow. I walked out, up the hill at the other end. Getting to the dump area/road, it was a little slow getting over deadfall. Once in the clearing, I hooked left to the tunnel but stayed on the road. From the Highlander last year I knew I could get through on the left after the tunnel without much trouble but it was mapped with slash and I was headed to a slightly different location. Leaving the road after the intersections but before the bend, I got down around some low vegetation, crossed the paved road and up to the control. I think I read it to be #47 and wondered what had gone wrong. I looked around for a while without really leaving, then looked at the control again to see it was also numbered #43 - first time I'd ever seen 2 codes on a electronic control! I lost a few seconds but it was enough time for another guy to nearly catch-up to me.

9-10 - On the paved paths, I dropped to the beach and turned left. The other guy nearly caught me.

10-F - I could have tried a little harder but didn't want to risk further injury. I dropped to the sand early on the stairs to avoid jumping and aggravating my back. I got passed at the end.

For the 2-day total, I finished about 3 minutes out of 3rd place on M55+ If I had placed it'd have been miraculous. I was just happy to finish smoothly each day. Both days were fun. There were plenty of blueberries on day 2 that were slow.

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