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Training Log Archive: Nadim

In the 7 days ending Jan 18, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running5 4:15:10 23.34(10:56) 37.56(6:48) 582
  Bicycling4 24:00 5.64(4:15) 9.08(2:39)
  Calisthenics3 6:00
  Total12 4:45:10 28.98 46.64 582
averages - sleep:6.2 weight:183.1lbs

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Saturday Jan 18, 2014 #

11 AM

Running (Trail) 50:15 [3] 5.48 mi (9:10 / mi) +44m 8:57 / mi
slept:7.25 weight:184lbs

From the Difficult Run parking lot near Great Falls National Park, VA., I ran up the Cross County Trail (CCT) to the electric utility parking lot near Rte. 7, then back. The temperature had risen to 28 F when I got going and was about the same by the time I'd finished. Being in the mostly narrow valley, I didn't get blasted by the winds that were blowing above me. The trail was also frozen in many of the places that are usually muddy. I was rather weak/tired but took the run steadily. I was both tired from running more this week, and from not sleeping well again last night. I've had some very itchy spells this week and one kept me awake last night. The itching is localized in different places at different times. I saw several families out and enjoying hiking/biking on the trail.

Friday Jan 17, 2014 #

7 AM

Bicycling (Commute) 6:00 [3] 1.41 mi (4:15 / mi)
slept:5.5 weight:183.5lbs

From Northfield Rd., to the Bethesda Metro Station. It was in the upper 20's F. I had a hard time getting to sleep.
6 PM

Bicycling (Commute) 6:00 [3] 1.41 mi (4:15 / mi)

From the Bethesda Metro Station to Northfield Rd. in the dark. I was carrying extra clothes from the day before including a second coat that I had to drape over the handle bars.
11 PM

Calisthenics (General) 2:00 [3]

45 sit-ups. I did this pretty easily which is such as change from a little over a week back.

Thursday Jan 16, 2014 #

6 PM

Running (Street & Trail Commute) 31:27 [3] 3.7 mi (8:30 / mi)
slept:5.5 weight:185.5lbs

From 12th & Independence Ave., SW, Washington, D.C. Independence Ave. to the Mall, around the Washington Monument (the scaffolding to repair earthquake damage is almost gone), to the Lincoln Memorial, to the Rock Creek Trail, to P St., NW, to 20th St. NW, to Q St., NW. I left just before it was 7pm. Once again my legs were feeling dead. I think most of it is increased mileage but it's an adjustment for me mentally to be going so slow. I got passed near Georgetown by a younger guy who looked like he was finishing up or going short. It felt cold out, but I was still sweating a lot. I stretched afterward. My right leg can't drive forward as much as was natural--that's some lingering pain from my back-glute-right-hip pain earlier.

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014 #

6 PM

Running (Street & Trail) 18:29 [3] 2.21 mi (8:22 / mi)
slept:5.0 weight:183lbs

From Northfield Rd., to Charlcotte Rd., to Hampden Ln., to Wilson Ln., to Honeywell Ln., to Cornish Rd., to Glenbrook Rd., to Bradley Blvd. to the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT), to Woodmont Ave., to Elm St. I ran out to meet Peggy and Max for dinner and got a ride back with them. I still lacked energy.
11 PM

Calisthenics (General) 2:00 [3]

45 Sit-ups.

Tuesday Jan 14, 2014 #

11 PM

Running (Street & Trail) 17:46 [3] 2.2 mi (8:04 / mi)
slept:6.25 weight:183lbs

From Northfield Rd. I ran up to Custer Rd., to Wilson La., to Exeter Rd. to Glenbrook Rd. to the Bethesda Trolley Trail, to the NIH grounds, to Maple Ridge Rd. to Georgetown Pike, to Huntington Pkwy., to Custer Rd. to Northfield Rd. My legs felt fine for the first 350m, but after that they were dead. It's probably more tiredness from my run on Sunday. It was 34 F and foggy.

Monday Jan 13, 2014 #

8 AM

Bicycling (Commute) 6:00 [3] 1.41 mi (4:15 / mi)
slept:6.0 weight:181lbs

From Northfield Rd., to the Bethesda Metro Station. It was about 31 F. I could feel the run yesterday in my hamstring today.
6 PM

Bicycling (Commute) 6:00 [3] 1.41 mi (4:15 / mi)

From the Bethesda Metro Station to Northfield Rd. in the dark.
10 PM

Calisthenics (General) 2:00 [3]

45 sit-ups. This was a lot easier this time.

Sunday Jan 12, 2014 #

2 PM

Running (Terrain) 2:17:13 [3] 9.75 mi (14:04 / mi) +538m 12:01 / mi
slept:8.0 weight:181.5lbs

I was checking out terrain for some course setting. It was near 50 F when starting out, and it was sunny. I had intended to go to various control sites but in my rush to get out of the house and to do an errand before my run, I'd left my map at home. It didn't matter too much since this was about exploration in an area that was mapped a long time ago and not mapped up to today's standards. I ran on my memory of the area and various large features. The terrain was excellent. There was lots of wide open fast running. Given how weak I'd been on my last 2 runs, I was rather surprised to cover this distance and the climb without so much pain. Some rest/sleep had me helped for sure, but I also cruised along at a modest pace. I wasn't worried about walking up some hills. Many of the hills were steep enough to warrant walking at any time. The recent rains and earlier snows had flattened the fallen leaves on the ground. In all of my route today (I did use trails sometimes), I probably only crossed about 100m of real green terrain and not a lot more of light green terrain. I took waypoints for a bunch of point features that I'm pretty sure were not mapped. I saw another QOC person in the parking lot when I had finished and was changing clothes.

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