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Training Log Archive: andrews

In the 7 days ending Nov 1:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling2 2:27:16 20.72(8.4/h) 33.34(13.6/h) 647
  Orienteering2 1:25:47 6.92(12:24) 11.14(7:42) 561
  Walking1 58:18 4.48(13:01) 7.21(8:05) 124
  Running2 3:59 0.4(9:52) 0.65(6:08) 3
  Total6 4:55:20 32.52(9:05) 52.34(5:39) 1335

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Sunday Nov 1 #

10 AM

Cycling 1:40:00 [3] 20.3 km (12.2 kph) +530m

A disappointment really, a flat after 30 minutes was a pain, leaving me with no spares so facing the prospect of a long walk back if got another which made me a bit more worried. Most of the climbs I'd picked were too steep and slippy to ride on my setup, not enough contact area of my back wheel, I guess that's why not most people go mountain biking on a mountain bike rather than a cross bike. Once I'd got up I was greeted with a path across a boggy moor, which in underestimating the depth of one bit of bog caused my front wheel to get stuck and me to splat front first over the handlebars. After a slightly enjoyable descent getting a bit battered by gorse and falling off, I decided I wasn't making enough progress to continue so headed back south along roads which wasn't too bad, but not what I'd wanted to do. Looking at the route I had planned the next bit was all off road but should have been mostly rideable, a shame. I'll have to come back another time. Riding back was slow because it was taking me nearly 5 minutes to change into a smaller chainring, so I was coasting down the hills. At least my default got me up the hills. Should be an easy enough fix but silly not to have checked it earlier.

Things to learn for planning my routes in future:
1) Road isn't bad
2) Don't plan to go on random trails in the lake district at a wet time of year which you don't know how rideable they are
3) Do the best bits of the route first
4) Carry 2 spare innertubes

Saturday Oct 31 #

1 PM

Orienteering race 34:30 [5] 4.69 km (7:21 / km) +282m 5:39 / km

I had a few days of prep for this race to try to avoid coming last again, consisting of 1hr of catching features per day for 5 days, deciding to be good at orienteering like Alisson Becker decided not to be injured "As soon as the doctor said it was four to six weeks, I told him: ‘No, Doc, we go to two or three weeks maximum.’". And coming up with a two step masterplan for my orienteering tactics:

Is the control I'm currently at a good attackpoint for the next control?
--> Yes, press x to doubt.
--> No, find a good attackpoint.

These all combined in a wonderful manner, and apart from feeling like death on the uphills whilst getting dropped, I was pretty speedy on the flat and downhill sections, and managed to finish 6 spots ahead of my seeding, which I think is based on my ability when I had done more than ~50km running over the previous 2 months rather than my current state of fitness. A nice reminder that I actually can orienteer after the disaster of a month ago. I used the trains I got into to my advantage, and left them when I wanted to go a better route which worked.

Running warm up/down 16 [1] 0.03 km (8:53 / km)

To the start
6 PM

Running warm up/down 3:43 [2] 0.62 km (6:00 / km) +3m 5:51 / km

7 PM

Orienteering 51:17 [4] 6.45 km (7:57 / km) +279m 6:32 / km

Bishop woods night.

Planned to orienteer aggressively, but an immediate climb curbed that idea because I was then tired.

An average run, generally okay with the navigation and quick to correct. Didn't know where along my bearing I was for the second half of the long leg, but the control was on the top of the edge of the hillside, so once I'd hit the steep descent I knew it was either up or down along the massive spur, and I worked out where I was so it was down. I was disappointed after navigating to 3 really well, that it was in fact control 13, and 3 was in the opposite direction. I hardly saw anyone the whole way round, someone was just behind me at the top of the map, then I punched 13 (the second time) with another but didn't go their route to 14, I should have done. I eventually got to 16 and saw a stream of people descending to the finish. So in an effort to get fastest split I bombed after them but too quickly got ahead, not having looked at my map I didn't know where I was going other than downhill, but I went the wrong way, hit the fence at the bottom and ran along the fence away from the finish thinking I was on the other side of the corner. I lost up to 1.5 minutes and 4 positions, but it was still worth it.

I could tell I was losing concentration for the last section (13 onward) but didn't really have the drive to get my head thinking 100%, no major mistakes in this bit but just a bit slow and sloppy.

Wednesday Oct 28 #

10 PM

Walking 58:18 [1] 7.21 km (8:05 / km) +124m 7:27 / km

To Carribbean CC to see the view, a bit slower than usual, not sure why, maybe I was just walking slower

Tuesday Oct 27 #

2 PM

Cycling 47:16 [2] 13.04 km (16.6 kph) +117m

Dropping my film off and swapping lifejackets. Got a soaking on the way back which also cleaned my bike well.

Monday Oct 26 #


Stopped doing heel raises on Friday because my foot was hurting. Will see if I can keep doing them if not try and speak to the guy who got me doing it.

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