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Training Log Archive: dave_k

In the 7 days ending Mar 11, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  cycling4 5:06:00
  orienteering3 2:53:25
  weights 1 30:00
  running1 25:00
  Total5 8:54:25

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Sunday Mar 11, 2012 #

orienteering (race) 51:07 [3]

after blowing 20 bucks on some muscle balm and icy hot, then taking some naproxene and a gulp of some amish snake oil vinegar and garlic crap to prevent cramps, i wrapped my foot/ankle to keep foot from flexing and wrapped my lower calf so tight my toes were tingling, then covered it all with compression socks, walked to start which was my warmup. to 1 walked uphills, did the gimp/limp run, but i saw the clue sheet had rocks and number 132, but the map circle was a dot ditch, got really confused thinking maybe i was going to 7 instead of 1, got exactly to control and saw it was #67 so i went E to next ditch and nothing was there, then i checked maps' printed clue sheet had the #67 ditch and i realized i had picked up the clue sheet from yesterday on the start table, so i took the sheet out of my holder and set it by the bag, so that wasn't the best start. 2,3 were fine going straight and quick but calf was really distracting me. really messd up 4 pulled up way too early because the ditches/small stream/shallow reentrant just really didn't seem right, it seemed like extra "stuff" down there, actually doubled back till i saw the bag at 3 from a distance then went to control. so i was pissed off at that and ran to 5,6 straight and quick, on way to 7 calf was getting dicey so on the slight up to control i had to slow down to a walk and ram my heel down to stretch and keep weight off forefoot, to 8 was doing the gimp/limp run and was worried about it locking up so i slowed down, pulled up way too early where i thought the contol would be, it was easy leg but i lost focus and time and got pissed off and on the way to 9 added a hop to the limp up the hill quicker and navigated well and spiked control, 10, 11,12 were a bit sloppy and slow and calf was dicey again. coming into 12 from straight line saw mike minium coming up hill to control and meeting there i said "hey mike" and after reading PG's log about cheating, i wonder if PG and staff can accuse me of cheating by conversing with a competitor, mike took the high road and ignored me (i think,, i cannot confirm nor deny that he spoke to me). 13 was straight down/up and fine. to 14 went straight/slightly right and hit trail and my shin met some barb wire just before green, then hobbled along as best i could to finish. again disappointing because i sort of figured errors at 1, 4, and keeping half my attention on the dreaded calf strain would do me in....and it did, but the terrain and weather were just great.

Saturday Mar 10, 2012 #

running 25:00 [3]

very easy jogging and walking to warmup

orienteering (race) 47:18 [3]

given the fast terrain and not alot of climb my peabrain thought it'd be a good plan to run all legs straight. started slowish to #1 a bit right but ok, 2,3, both spiked, on way to 4 stepped in small hole all weight went sort of awkwardly onto ball of right foot and felt a sting of pain in middle of right calf. on way to 5 was freaking out because calf was getting really crampy and tight. ran right past control so lost time there, to 6 was doing a stupid gimpy limp run trying to keep heel down to avoid all out calf lockup. pulled up at first stream because i thought the dot-ditch was the stream so goofed around there for a couple minutes, 7-13 were all dead straight on doin the limp run, but i had to power walk limp the uphill parts, but i focused good on navigating. to 14 wanted to angle down a bit, and calf was really dicey and i was pissed off and ended up drifting to the bottom, then had to walk up to control. to 16 and go control as soon as i hit the slightly harder trail calf really tightend up, so i limped in as best i could. very disappointing but maybe for the best because if i could have let it rip, i'd've been running like a maniac getting lost all over the place.

cycling (mtn bike on road) 1:05:00 [3]

after race very easy spin on the road, to try to loosen calf and didn't want to sit around for hours on end. got chased by 4 different dogs, last one i thought is was dead cause i saw him hauling ass across the yard barking, so i picked up the speed, but at the end of the yard the pecker crashed and burned in gravel driveway, so i had a great laugh at that.

Friday Mar 9, 2012 #

cycling (mtn bike on road) 40:00 [3]

after 8+ hr drive to asheboro, putzd around on roads in the model event area, easy spin to loosen up.

orienteering (practice) 1:15:00 [3]

model event area. walked all hills, easy jog through flat sections and some of the downhills. then did course again, to different controls in different order. very easy jog.

Wednesday Mar 7, 2012 #

cycling (road) 1:51:00 [3]

from top-o-ledges, usual loop to remsen, S on windfall, the E on ridgewood and N on medina line, up euroclimb. felt ok, nice snappy spin, last 30min was a bit harder than i should have gone. 32 miles avgMPH 17.7 maxMPH 41.6 (on hametown wall heading N with massive tailwind).
the trash and litter along bellus from 606 to near stony hill is beyond sickening and disgusting, counted 64 corona bottles, at least twice that in ginny light cans, a winters worth of filth for all to see, the pigs that do that should be ........... well never mind

Tuesday Mar 6, 2012 #

cycling (road) 1:30:00 [3]

down to hinckley and back. avgMPH +/- 17.8, about 27 miles-ish. temp in upper 40's , super windy

weights 30:00 [3]

alot of leg stuff on plate 5, and the usual other stuff

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