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Training Log Archive: ccsteve

In the 7 days ending Oct 17, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 3:38:46 8.57(25:31) 13.8(15:51) 49016 /29c55%
  Morning Run5 1:56:01 10.8(10:44) 17.38(6:40) 455
  Total5 5:34:47 19.38(17:17) 31.18(10:44) 94516 /29c55%

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Sunday Oct 17, 2010 #

Orienteering race 1:42:09 [5] *** 6.9 km (14:48 / km) +230m 12:41 / km
spiked:8/13c shoes: Integrator

Day 2, still in good shape, and I felt better throughout. Apparently I started the GPS at my usual 1 minute before the start and then hit the stop button instead of the lap button before punching into the course... I turned it on around 6 though I don't know why I looked at it...

1) Good leg, felt comfortable, split 21.

2) Even better to 2, split 19. Passed Rob S - what the heck - must have been a bad start, he left well before me!?

3) Great 95%, bad end to this leg. I could not find the bag - it was in a re-entrant going up the next hill, not in one going down this hill. Lost a few minutes here, split 35.

4) back on track - remember feeling good about this the whole way - split 17.

5) short, quick, and still feeling good. split 19.

6) Good long portion, bad end again. Though it appears I lost more time than I thought while doing it. Never off track, but a lot of checking and hesitating. When I got to the bag portion, that at least went well. split 35.

7) & 8) straight & straight, splits 24 & 27.

9) thought I had a better leg than times indicate - split 31. I paused at the top of the ridge and realized I had to go further out to get the bag. perhaps getting tired.

10) great leg for me this late in the rave - scrambled down the hill, took the trail left and that allowed me to run a bit. Cut off when it went too wide, but picked up the other trail and right into the control. split 17.

11) ugh! Great line out of 10, and well on my way - hey, there's a control, but it's not mine. It's like an easy control on the path - oh, I've gone too far down the hill and hit the path, better correct... Leading to a 7 minute around the block tour when I was 100m away form the control if I had just stayed on track. This bothers me a bit... split 37

12) Reasonable except for passing by the control in the reentrant before my reentrant... split 33

13) angry flying down the hill. split 16, 18 sec behind #1...

F) they really put them that close?-)

Overall a bit of an improvement from the first day. I really felt more comfortable in the terrain and still fit to get around.

Morning Run 23:00 [3] 1.4 km (16:26 / km) +200m 9:35 / km

Climb to the start / warmup.

Saturday Oct 16, 2010 #

Orienteering race 1:56:37 [5] *** 6.9 km (16:54 / km) +260m 14:13 / km
spiked:8/16c shoes: Integrator

Finally getting a chance to review the weekend - really enjoyed it.

Bus to the start was interesting - I was trying to get a feel for this area, and checking the terrain. Climb to the start was different. We were there way well ahead of the start, but I didn't see any reason for hanging around at the shelter either...

1) stayed on the left trail until crossing the second stream, around the hill and then was a bit short of the control. GPS shows a straightish path, split 28th.

2) perhaps my best leg of the race - and a killer for others. Worked a little North of the line the whole way with a slight curl to the right at the end. GPS path is straight, split 16th.

3) straight over, split 24th, no real time loss.

4) straight down, and cut at right time to drop into the tiny re-entrant "must be over this ridge" - and it was;-) split 33.

5) ooch... first error. GPS shows I was 100m E of the location - I can see now that I missed the gap between swamps and passed through a different gap - East of where I should have been. Went 200m too far, and came back the 200m to the control. That I could do that and only lose 5min is good. split 39.

6) recovered well - with exceptions for obstacles, 6 is a beeline. split 15th.

7) apparently I paid for it the next leg though... I passed Rob H after the marsh South of 5, but then I floated left one ridge, passing within 30m of 8, went South to the next swamp and button hooked back to 7. Good recovery, but I was not happy. split 39.

8) straight to 8. split 33, but no real time loss on the short leg.

9) Great decision to go right of the large marsh as I floated East (right) a bit, but corrected, and came back and knew exactly where I was when I crossed the stream to the NE side of the marsh. then I went on a reasonable path - but 30m from the control I panicked, saw a different control and went for it - out and then back to where I was and then to my control. split 31, should have been better.

10) straight path on this short leg, split 30 but no real time loss.

11) I had a straight path, but slightly off line and I stayed too high. That caused me to see the upper hill as the lower hill, I mistook the other control for mine, descended too far, and came back up for my flag. Please at least with the recovery. split 38.

12) Angrier about this one. Allowed myself to get pulled down the hill this time and then snookered for another wrong control. My line was higher and longer than I followed. split 37.

13) right line, 30m from flag, and I spot a flag down and across the open - hey - let's go check it out... It's in that re-entrant.. 2 minutes later on the right one... split 37, should have been 26...

14) No time loss on this reasonably straight and short, but not fast leg. split 34.

15) This is just comical... right line, 30m from flag, and I spot a flag down and across the open - hey - let's go check it out... Maybe I'm misreading this re-entrant and it faces the other direction from that side of the valley... split 39...

16) allowed myself to go down the re-entrant when the control was not down there, ugh.

So - some really good legs in the beginning, and some not-so good legs at the end. My only other comparison for this level of difficulty is Surebridge, and that scared the heck out of me for a while - at least I feel good about the effort, even if I'd prefer better results.

Morning Run 20:00 [3] 1.5 km (13:20 / km) +150m 8:53 / km

Climb to start.

Thursday Oct 14, 2010 #

Morning Run (pavement) 24:09 [3] 3.0 mi (8:03 / mi) +35m 7:46 / mi
shoes: New Balance 479 - V2

Wednesday Oct 13, 2010 #

Morning Run (pavement) 24:40 [3] 3.0 mi (8:13 / mi) +35m 7:56 / mi
shoes: New Balance 479 - V2

Beautiful chilly morning to be out. Downside - I had to run as I can't make it over to Webster park for today's fun, just too much going on and I'll be gone the weekend...-(

Monday Oct 11, 2010 #

Morning Run (pavement) 24:12 [3] 3.0 mi (8:04 / mi) +35m 7:47 / mi
shoes: New Balance 479 - V2

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