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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 31 days ending Mar 31, 2020:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Yoga7 2:26:10
  Running3 1:22:26 6.28(13:08) 10.11(8:09) 61
  Strength1 6:44
  Total10 3:55:20 6.28 10.11 61
  [1-5]5 50:20

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Tuesday Mar 31, 2020 #


We took Euan for his vaccinations and I was not impressed by their social distancing. I took a lot of extra precautions and I hope we'll be fine.

Sunday Mar 29, 2020 #

9 AM

Strength 6:44 intensity: (5:19 @0) + (37 @1) + (48 @2)
ahr:111 max:142

Actually pretty tough warm up for Freeletics session.

Running 31:50 intensity: (20:16 @0) + (8:50 @1) + (2:43 @2) + (1 @3) 3.71 km (8:35 / km) +23m 8:19 / km
ahr:115 max:141

"Intervals" session - short intervals, long rests. I told Freeletics I hadn't run in years so it's taking it easy on me, which is perfect for right now. It's more about breathing some fresh air and taking some time for myself. Started out on the golf course which has brand new No Trespassing signs (f**king golfers) so I got through there quickly and decided I was not going to risk running there again in case some old dude with a pick up who doesn't understand social distancing tries to get me arrested. Then went into the cemetery for the second half and the trees are all starting to get leafy. The Cemetery has a tree collection in it and is beautifully landscaped, and all the leaf buds are different colours and at different stages. I really enjoyed the rests and looking at everything coming out.

Sleep training is going well - we have slept through the night once this week and only had a little grumble last night. My body doesn't know quite what to do with all this rest though and is currently in the feeling inexplicably worse phase.

Social distancing parents - would you take kiddo for shots next Tuesday? I am on the fence as to whether to postpone or not. They have five offices and two are well child only, but we all know that children can be asymptomatic carriers and if Mummy or Daddy catch it now they'll be sick during the predicted peak. And he's not coming into contact with any childhood diseases right now. What would you do?

Monday Mar 23, 2020 #

3 PM

Yoga 41:28 intensity: (40:28 @0) + (52 @1) + (8 @2)
ahr:75 max:137

Freeletics strength workout - little guy woke up and I had to bail!

Sunday Mar 22, 2020 #


A lab in NYC just released a full protocol for a seroconversion test - one that can tell if you have developed antibodies to the virus or not and I realized that our department can totally do it. Two hours later we’re in discussions with them guys leading diagnostics at MGH (who all do stuff way fancier than this very simple assay) to see if we can actually think about rolling it out. I hope we can help!
12 PM

Running 29:58 intensity: (13:47 @0) + (6:32 @1) + (6:08 @2) + (3:31 @3) 3.17 km (9:27 / km) +24m 9:06 / km
ahr:122 max:158

Saturday Mar 21, 2020 #

9 AM

Running 20:38 intensity: (40 @0) + (1:07 @1) + (6:51 @2) + (9:54 @3) + (1:51 @4) + (15 @5) 3.23 km (6:24 / km) +13m 6:16 / km
ahr:153 max:191

Sunny and cold morning, out round the neighborhood. Promised to do this first nap every day, writing this on Sunday and can't really be bothered.

Wondering about resubscribing to Freeletics.

3 PM

Yoga 36:49 [0]
ahr:68 max:103

Ah yes stretch out those back muscles! Breathe deeply.

Friday Mar 20, 2020 #

2 PM

Yoga 18:07 intensity: (17:55 @0) + (12 @1)
ahr:63 max:125

Yoga with Adriene. This is the right thing to do every day if possible!

Thursday Mar 19, 2020 #


Sleep is getting worse and we don't know why. Naps are shortening again after some glorious days. Think he is bored and not stimulated enough maybe? Teething?

Either way I am getting nothing done for my job which is still apparently full time and it is stressful. Might take at least some of the extra PTO we've been offered because of this.

Monday Mar 16, 2020 #


How do you entertain a six month old who's favourite hobby is watching other kids at daycare when you have two months of his first year development without being able to go near another kid?
2 PM

Yoga 15:46 [0]
ahr:76 max:103

Sunday Mar 15, 2020 #


I was not expecting Baby's first pandemic to come before baby's first steps. Well, actually I have been expecting that since January but I am quite upset by just how terribly this is being handled. Hundreds of people packed out the bars for St Patrick's Day in downtown Boston last night - that's going to be a nice spike in about 10 days.

Six weeks ago I said to Rob that I hoped I was being crazy but I think it was time to start stocking up on a bit of extra tinned food when we went shopping. A week ago we pulled Euan out of Daycare, mostly because flu is still high here and I didn't want him catching anything that might require urgent medical care.

Daycare closed officially on Friday and we were given three hours notice to shut the lab down on Friday (only six hours after the e mail saying please be prepared to send your staff home in a carefully tiered fashion beginning Monday), which I managed remotely via Slack and my amazing team.

There is a chance I will be brought back in to work to run testing - I'm the head of our neurology biomarker core and can do all the things required apart from the initial steps that are related to highly infectious samples. I hope there is still time for substantial training if this ends up being the case. MGH requisitioned our unopened RNA extraction kits and qPCR machines on Friday.

I'm really glad we moved to a house with a garden and out of an apartment building with no green space. Euan is already fed up of hanging with just Mum and Dad, but we are going out for walks with the neighbours whilst staying two arms length apart from each other! He misses watching kids his age at daycare though.

Euan still hasn't rolled but he is super communicative and has an infectious belly laugh. His tummy causes him quite a few problems so I'm a bit nervous about starting solids, and don't know how many of them I will be able to get hold of over the next few weeks anyway! I've made some frozen first taste veggies and he did seem to like peas. Porridge gave him a funny tummy which was released in big style after some prune puree yesterday :) He is an incredible little person that likes dancing, asking "Did Daddy go over there?", and Colin the chameleon, and we are trying to mentally treat staying home as the maternity and paternity leave we always should have had. There are certainly blessings!

Finally, bit worried about the UK's approach to handling this - seems like a big gamble that has a small chance of a big economic payoff and a large chance of mistiming the shut down and resulting in hundreds/thousands of extra deaths. I can just see Boris and Advisors talking about the potential glory of managing this differently to everywhere else and it paying off...ugh.

I wish Elizabeth Warren were President right now.

How's everyone else doing?!

Sunday Mar 8, 2020 #

4 PM

Yoga 10:06 [0]
ahr:61 max:76

Saturday Mar 7, 2020 #

5 PM

Yoga 14:16 [0]
ahr:66 max:84

Thursday Mar 5, 2020 #

5 PM

Yoga 9:38 [0]
ahr:59 max:77

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