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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 31 days ending Oct 31, 2019:

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Wednesday Oct 23, 2019 #


So, Euan is still a windy baby in general but the worst of the writhing from last week has passed. Last night we had our first evening of inconsolable crying for hours, and it was tough. Eventually he calmed down enough to eat and then Granny and Grandad sat with him for three hours so frazzled parents could get a nap. Feel quite a bit better today but wow, that was hard.

I really have no idea how I'm going to feed myself once Mum and Dad leave - trying to get him into a nap routine in his crib rather than on people, and today I managed to get him down for an hour, which felt like success. He also now fits in the Gemini carrier, so I can wear him and he's pretty happy with that as well. Luckily we've still got 3 weeks of expert parent support, which I certainly need. We should hopefully be moving this weekend too, even though the main bathroom is still a building site. Thank goodness for the downstairs loo and very crappy shower!

Wednesday Oct 16, 2019 #


Oof - sleep deprivation. Can't help but think this would have been easier to do ten years earlier!

Still, little guy is still going great guns despite having temporarily forgotten how to poop, and Mum and Dad are... getting through! Very grateful to have Granny and Grandad Carlyle here, given we also have to move to Salem in the next two weeks...

Thursday Oct 10, 2019 #

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Don't worry, no ab engagement or anything like that - just an easy attempt to get my digestive system moving! Stopped the Miralax and continued with stool softeners, but guess it was too soon.

Enough about that - Euan is going great guns - he's put on a ton of weight (13oz in ten days!) and is thriving outside compared to in. He's mostly a contented young chap with some good wind wriggles. Mum and Dad are slowly getting used to a life with sleep in 2-3 hour segments - that will take a little while. Both Carlyle grandparents are now here and it's lovely inhabiting a little family bubble.

Sunday Oct 6, 2019 #


Well, I didn't have to make the early induction decision after all! I went for my 38 week appointment last week and the biophysical profile was not good - his heart looked fab, but the little guy hadn't really grown in two weeks and my amniotic fluid was borderline low. OB suggested we induce right away, and I agreed, so after running to CVS to get passport photos for our green card change of status (our dates came current completely out of the blue, yey!) we headed to Labour and Delivery.

Turns out I was already 3cm dilated on arrival, so was probably ready to go very soon anyway, so we skipped all the nasty cervix softening stuff and went straight to pitocin. My waters broke at 8.15pm without any intervention (weirdest feeling ever), and within half an hour my contractions were super regular and strong, and unfortunately 2.5 mins apart. Any thought of going without an epidural went out the window, I was getting no break and it was horrible. It took four people to hold me still through a contraction while it went in, and then I got about an hour of relief. Then things started hurting again, contractions needed breathing through despite max pain relief, and the nurse said little guy's heart rate was decreasing with every contraction - it was go time! Pushed for a grand total of 11 minutes and he was here. Euan Carlyle Kitchen, 6lb 3oz.

Since then, he's been going great guns - back to his birth weight by day 4 and feeding like a champ. I'm in no doubt we made the right decision and very happy to not be pregnant anymore. He's feeding a lot so I'm super tired, but these days will pass. We made it out to the Fells for a twenty minute stroll this afternoon and was surprised to see that autumn is in the air, and the trip outside was rejuvenating.

I'm not going to post pictures of him (though if you follow my Mum's blips I've made an exception for that), but if you'd like to see pics then drop me an e mail.

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