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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 31 days ending Jul 31, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling11 16:17:00
  Running4 1:38:54 5.78 9.3 86
  Yoga3 1:25:29 0.12 0.2 1
  Strength2 59:49 1
  Intervals1 31:32 2.21(14:14) 3.56(8:51) 33
  Total19 20:52:44 8.12 13.07 121
  [1-5]18 19:09:16

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Monday Jul 31, 2017 #

Cycling 30:00 [1]

Into work on the bike.

Cycling 17:00 [1]

And I walked out of work to another flat tire this afternoon. Clearly a sudden bout of road cycling has done in my 6 year old tires, and they need replacing. So left the bike at work, jumped on a Hubway, and cycled to Kendall so that I could get to my hair cut in time. The T was horrible and I almost wish I'd just tried to cycle the whole way.

Very glad for the Hubway membership! Must buy new tires. Also getting a hybrid delivered this week which should improve my commute.

Saturday Jul 29, 2017 #


I did nothing this weekend but did walk a fair way on Saturday. I obviously needed it but it also feels like you haven't really had a weekend, which sucks.

Friday Jul 28, 2017 #

Cycling 1:20:00 [1]

Wore normal clothes and cycled easy today, very tired. On the way home I went via Porter to avoid the hill, this was good but much longer.

Thursday Jul 27, 2017 #

Cycling 1:10:00 [1]

Into work and back.

Wednesday Jul 26, 2017 #

Cycling 1:00:00 [2]

Got outside this morning to a completely flat back tire. Jogged down to hubway and was only a bit late to meet Alex for coffee. Then off course there were no Hubways in Charlestown, and I had to walk to work. Hubway is not to be relied on for an on time commute it seems! Then cycled back via Ace wheelworks to get new inners tubes, and of course got the wrong size. We watched Dunkirk in 70 mm which was an immersive and harrowing experience that I'm glad I saw but won't watch again. Then patched up my old inner tube at home. Long day. I paid for it the rest of the week. Still struggling with fatigue from unexpected busy-ness and stress.

Tuesday Jul 25, 2017 #

Cycling 1:00:00 [1]

Cycle to work and then to meet Rob at the CSA. Trying to turn left off Mass Ave onto Rindge was impossible. Cars so close, so fast, I couldn't even stick my arm out to try to signal to move left. Had to push it across. Also the construction work on Beacon left the road in a total mess. Not fun.
8 AM

Running 15:57 [0] 2.99 km (5:20 / km) +4m 5:18 / km
shoes: Fancy blue sauconys

Got to work and boss had a closed door meeting (we're currently sharing an office), so I did a 3km run around the Navy Yard till he was finished.
7 PM

Intervals 31:32 intensity: (17:32 @0) + (4:33 @1) + (3:32 @2) + (5:05 @3) + (50 @4) 3.56 km (8:51 / km) +33m 8:27 / km
ahr:123 max:180 shoes: Fancy blue sauconys

It's hell days on Freeletics and Rob joined me for part 2 - which was "intervals." He only has studded Inov8s so we tried to find soft stuff and failed a bit. Should have just driven to the Fells.

Monday Jul 24, 2017 #

Cycling 1:05:00 [1]

Cycling into work and back. Cool, soggy day today, and my cycle home was remarkably speedier as a result.
6 PM

Strength 18:37 intensity: (13:27 @0) + (5:05 @1) + (5 @2)
ahr:108 max:134

A warm up and quick strength workout from Jen Sinkler.

Sunday Jul 23, 2017 #

5 PM

Running 19:20 intensity: (53 @0) + (19 @1) + (4:40 @2) + (11:56 @3) + (1:32 @4) 2.96 km (6:31 / km) +58m 5:56 / km
ahr:154 max:178 shoes: Fancy blue sauconys

Rob and I went for a run when we got back. The weather is cooler and it's great!
6 PM

Yoga 25:29 intensity: (24:18 @0) + (1:03 @1) + (8 @2) 0.2 km (2:08:03 / km) +1m 2:04:55 / km
ahr:103 max:140

More yoga.

Saturday Jul 22, 2017 #


Headed up to the Mulburn Inn for a relaxing weekend. We just walked to Zealand Falls and back in the afternoon, and it was lovely! My irritated throat feels much better in New Hampshire than Boston. Pollution?

Friday Jul 21, 2017 #

Cycling 1:10:00 [3]

Cycled back in the mid afternoon heat as we were heading up to New Hampshire. It was HOT. Cycling is more dehydrating than I realise.

Thursday Jul 20, 2017 #

Cycling 1:10:00 [1]

Into work and back.

Yoga 30:00 [1]

Wednesday Jul 19, 2017 #

Cycling 1:10:00 [3]

After hubway plus cycling yesterday decided that tired legs on the bike were more fun than tired legs on the T.

Yoga 30:00 [1]

Fitness yoga. Makes the bike feel better.

Tuesday Jul 18, 2017 #

6 PM

Running 20:37 intensity: (2:53 @0) + (1:16 @1) + (6:13 @2) + (8:56 @3) + (1:19 @4) 3.35 km (6:09 / km) +24m 5:56 / km
ahr:147 max:182 shoes: Fancy blue sauconys

Running round the block. I got caught in an amazing downpour. Out of nowhere, torrents of water everywhere.
7 PM

Strength 41:12 intensity: (28:28 @0) + (7:57 @1) + (4:26 @2) + (21 @3) +1m
ahr:111 max:155

A HIIT workout and "fitness" yoga.

Monday Jul 17, 2017 #

Cycling 1:15:00 [1]

Into work and back. Getting the route refined now.

Sunday Jul 16, 2017 #


I know it's just teething problems but I'm currently feeling like I have made a huge mistake in moving! I know it'll improve but it's been a tough weekend, mentally.

Running 43:00 [2]
shoes: Fancy blue sauconys

The heat is back and I finally did the next Freeletics session. 10 x 400 at easy pace, walking between. Did a loop down to Danehy. Feeling very stiff from my week of cycling.

Friday Jul 14, 2017 #

Cycling 5:10:00 [2]

I'm being lazy and counting all this week's cycling so far in one go. It's much easier and faster to get to work than home - I supposed mentally that's the best thing.

I want to get back into some kind of training but actually over an hour on the bike every day is enough right now! Going to do one more week of just cycling and then think about adding some other stuff back in slowly.

Tuesday Jul 11, 2017 #


I did my cycle commute today and it was fine, except for a roundabout of doom. I will never understand why they put cycle lanes around the edge of multi lane roundabouts.

Are there any sneaky routes I can't find for getting from Chetwynd Rd to 16th St in Charlestown without going round the roundabout by Sullivan bus station? I walked it on the way home but it took too long!

Wednesday Jul 5, 2017 #


I woke up in a terrible mood this morning. One of those days when your run makes you feel more angry and not better. Not a good thing.

But then I was walking through Edgewood Park and something fell out of a tree ahead of me. When I got closer, it was a Mum possum with a back full of babies! She was a little confused as to why she was no longer in a tree, but everyone seemed unharmed. I watched them find a way back up for five minutes, and then moved on feeling much better about the world.

Monday Jul 3, 2017 #


I sent in my resignation letter this morning. Haven't really trained at all, but have been very busy getting everything wrapped up before I go.

My bike is now in Massachusetts so had to walk to work today, and made friends with an impressive looking young hawk on the way. A bit hot though!

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