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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 31 days ending Oct 31, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cross Fit9 7:10:09 0.5 0.8 1
  Orienteering8 6:35:56 24.47(16:11) 39.39(10:03) 112112 /19c63%
  Running14 4:55:25 33.56(8:48) 54.01(5:28) 623
  Strength1 4:00:00
  Rubbish walking1 46:44 0.5(1:34:22) 0.8(58:38) 69
  Warm up & strides2 25:00 1.55(16:06) 2.5(10:00)
  Cycling1 18:52
  Total30 24:12:06 60.58 97.5 181412 /19c63%
  [1-5]30 22:23:29

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Wednesday Oct 31, 2012 #

7 PM

Running 23:02 intensity: (1:59 @1) + (10:46 @2) + (10:17 @3) 4.23 km (5:27 / km) +44m 5:11 / km
ahr:152 max:169 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Ran home much later than I expected and it was way way too dark. The lights are still out on large sections of Whitney so I am calling this proprioception training. It was a bit scary in places. Now Mike is round and we're being assailed by an absolute truckload of tiny things dressed adorably. So far none of them have been the dustbin carrying teenagers I passed in East Rock, so that is good!

Tuesday Oct 30, 2012 #


All fine here, but when we walked to Walmart the power went out across the Plaza. Someone I went to school with just posted an enormous rant about how awful American Airlines are because they took over an hour to answer her query about a reference number today, then accidentally cut her off. I said that perhaps she would like to cut them some slack, given what they're coping with right now, to which she posted another torrent of abuse. I responded with this:

I hope she shuts up now. There's no helping some people. Perhaps time to de"friend."

I'm also thinking it may be better for my parents to try to fly back from Boston rather than NYC at the end of the week.
5 PM

Cross Fit 1:09:02 intensity: (3:20 @0) + (42:16 @1) + (5:39 @2) + (12:09 @3) + (5:38 @4) 0.8 km (1:26:17 / km) +1m 1:25:45 / km
ahr:134 max:186

Whoo, Cross Fit! Only one class today so it was a mega one, loadsa people! Warm up with running drills then 4 sets of 5 heavy DB thrusters (20#), 12 box jumps, rest 60 seconds, 5 thrusters, 12 pull ups (plenty of bands!) rest 60 seconds, 5 thrusters, run 200m, rest 4 mins. All done in 31.31. The running parts were fun. I still suck at pull ups.

Monday Oct 29, 2012 #

12 PM

Running 23:01 intensity: (9 @0) + (1:01 @1) + (9:26 @2) + (12:25 @3) 4.11 km (5:36 / km) +28m 5:25 / km
ahr:154 max:167 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Muah ha ha, take that Sandy! After about three hours of going "it's not that bad, I could have gone running," I decided just to go running, and it was fine. No worse than a Scottish winter (and a lot warmer) out there. Yet. I am very sure it's going to get worse. Lots of people put their rubbish out this morning and left it, so we're going to be picking that up on Wednesday. A few sandbags on sunken garages, but not many other signs.
8 PM

Cross Fit 14:30 intensity: (6:40 @0) + (5:14 @1) + (2:34 @2) + (2 @3)
ahr:138 max:155

Hurricane Home WOD. For time: 50 squats with 20 mountain climbers every minute, 50 sit ups with 5 squat thrusts every minute, 50 press ups with 20 flutter kicks every minute. Easy till the sit ups. 7.59. Some planks beforehand.

Sunday Oct 28, 2012 #

7 AM

Orienteering 1:01:56 intensity: (6 @0) + (29:47 @1) + (14:24 @2) + (17:39 @3) 5.51 km (11:15 / km) +157m 9:50 / km
ahr:142 max:171

Hanging the path based controls this morning. Tired.
1 PM

Orienteering 44:14 [2] 4.44 km (9:58 / km) +174m 8:20 / km

Collecting a few woods based controls. Took some fun straight routes and it was much more interesting. Tired now. Thanks to Mum and Dad, Rick and Susie, and George and Lynn for collecting in and helping run things in the ever increasing wind, letting me get back home early. The car is in the garage, the storm windows are down, torches in appropriate places. Take care everyone! Can't believe a hurricane is going to get in the way of my slow path to consistent running...

Saturday Oct 27, 2012 #

10 AM

Orienteering 18:34 intensity: (8 @0) + (18 @1) + (5 @2) + (1:56 @3) + (15:36 @4) + (31 @5) 3.56 km (5:13 / km) +42m 4:55 / km
ahr:179 max:190

Fun morning sprint at the Bethel Schools Complex. No real mistakes but a few sub optimal routes. Trickier than it looked. Legs feeling the lifting.
1 PM

Orienteering 1:23:19 intensity: (7 @0) + (30:06 @1) + (28:39 @2) + (24:27 @3) 6.6 km (12:37 / km) +197m 10:59 / km
ahr:146 max:174

Very slow control hanging at Huntington. Woods lovely as always, legs tired (as always). Dad was out a very long time but came back with a big smile on his face.

Friday Oct 26, 2012 #

7 AM

Running 23:01 intensity: (21 @1) + (2:38 @2) + (13:40 @3) + (6:22 @4) 4.72 km (4:52 / km) +41m 4:40 / km
ahr:167 max:185 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Perfectly timed jaunt in towards work down Whitney, was about 200m in front of a shuttle when my 23 mins was up.
6 PM

Cross Fit 58:53 intensity: (15:27 @0) + (37:10 @1) + (1:46 @2) + (3:05 @3) + (1:25 @4)
ahr:115 max:185

Not too tough today - although I guess the max Hr is from the airdyne! 12 minutes of split jerk practice which was fun - I've never really felt them work right before, and they did today. Kept them light up to 55lb. Then a short WOD: 3 sets of 5 heavy push press (55lb), 10 alternate DB snatches (20lb), then 30 seconds on the Airdyne, starting every four minutes. The snatches got easier, which I guess means I was getting better at them. Nice crowd there too, good way to end the week.

Thursday Oct 25, 2012 #

(rest day)

I couldn't sleep all night worrying about where some brain tissue was stored (I spent two hours looking for it last night to no avail) and when I came in this morning, George found it in the space of two minutes flat. Labelled very clearly in my handwriting on a shelf I was sure I had looked at. D'oh. I am very happy that it has been found, but feel like shit now. Stress is not good for me. Rest day today I think. I am not making the most of my cross fit dues right now! (Although they probably saved us the fees for a removal company!)

Wednesday Oct 24, 2012 #

11 AM

Rubbish walking 46:44 [0] 0.8 km (58:38 / km) +69m 40:55 / km
ahr:79 max:126

Downloaded for posterity, our route along the waterfalls at Enders State Park today. I need the map for CT A to Z...

Orienteering 23:00 intensity: (12 @0) + (47 @1) + (1:14 @2) + (10:34 @3) + (10:13 @4) 3.38 km (6:49 / km) +81m 6:05 / km
ahr:170 max:186

After going to Enders, we headed over to Charlie and Rhonda's for a lovely lunch and a walk around the woodland. On arrival Charlie handed me the sprint maps from the last relay and I had a bomb round the courses - managed to fit both into my 23 minute time slot. Good fun, legs feeling much better. Really think it was the move affecting me at the weekend.

Tuesday Oct 23, 2012 #

3 PM

Running 23:04 intensity: (2:11 @1) + (5:21 @2) + (15:32 @3) 3.35 km (6:54 / km) +102m 5:59 / km
ahr:157 max:171 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Lovely day out with Mum & Dad in the Connecticut River Valley. Visited the next state park (a car park by Haddam Bridge) and went to Devil's Hopyard, which looked fantastic with all the autumn colours. Ran the final bit of the walk there. No Cross Fit Endurance today, I'm tired from the weekend.

Monday Oct 22, 2012 #

4 PM

Cross Fit 49:06 intensity: (11:56 @0) + (16:45 @1) + (1:21 @2) + (18:08 @3) + (56 @4)
ahr:130 max:181

Oh my god. Warm up and then Cindy. 20 mins cycling through as many sets as possible of 5 pull ups (jumping in my case), 10 strict press ups, 15 air squats. I got 14. It hurt. A lot. You have to do 15 (with jumping pulls up, 8 if strict) to become an intermediate athlete. Pull ups are my downfall.

Running 23:02 intensity: (19 @1) + (9 @2) + (2:36 @3) + (19:58 @4) 5.09 km (4:32 / km) +39m 4:22 / km
ahr:180 max:187

Ran home. It felt good despite Cindy, so I decided to see whether I could make it back in my allotted 23 minutes. I got to the end of the street, which was waaaaay better than I anticipated. Nice. I scared a bunny.

Sunday Oct 21, 2012 #

Orienteering 16:01 [4] 2.7 km (5:56 / km) +50m 5:26 / km

Nice to know I can still sprint. I wasn't crazy fast but my tired legs moved fine and I really enjoyed the course. A bit befuddled when the path to 4 disappeared, but other than that pretty clean - a lot cleaner than Iliana in the middle section who was light years faster but running all over the place. Had fun watching the relay and was very proud of acampbell for her fantastic weekend. Good times.

Saturday Oct 20, 2012 #

Warm up & strides 10:00 [1] 1.0 km (10:00 / km)

Little jog. Legs not full of spring.

Orienteering 1:31:03 [3] 8.9 km (10:14 / km) +290m 8:48 / km

Meh. I need to do some specific training or stop doing this. I'm erring towards the latter. One big mistake at 4, went too low, then scrappy after the spectator but mostly because I was exhausted. The Long leg took me forever. Ho hum. I did enjoy today more though, despite having leaden legs, and it was a lot less frustrating.

Afterwards we went to see Bushkill falls, the "Niagara of Pennsylvania" and it was really great, beautiful falls and gorge and some pretty incredible infrastructure. Very very busy though, lots of comical non outdoors people.

Friday Oct 19, 2012 #

Orienteering 57:49 [4] *** 4.3 km (13:27 / km) +130m 11:41 / km

Oh dear. I didn't expect that today would go well, but I was impressed by just how badly a small number of controls went. It started well because I knew it was going to be tricky and thick, and I had good plans but slightly low confidence. Went high for one but then fuddled the descent, but didn't waste a huge amount there. It went okay to three, didn't like the scrub much, but then it went really well to five. Then it went very, very wrong.

I hit the path halfway to six and just didn't attack from any kind of ap. threw myself into the green and wandered around. Knew I should go back out to the track but kept convincing myself everything fit when it clearly didn't. Eventually went back and was way way high, came back in carefully along the veg boundary and got it. Wasted about seven minutes though. Bah.

After that struggled to get head in the right place, 7,8,9 were great but easy controls, 10 easy as I revisited many of the locations I'd seen at 6. 11 I was too far north and the control was much further south than I wanted to go. The rest was scrappy as I knew I was way off pace, and then I really screwed 18, probably losing another six mins. Parallel error, complete lack of height judgement. It was pretty miserable. That awful relocation moment of "I can't really be there, can I?"

Physically things were alright though, apart from the hill to 17, so that was okay. Pretty annoyed to be so rubbish, interested to see if the splits that felt good were actually okay. Focus on planning tomorrow. Hopefully things can only get better.

Warm up & strides 15:00 [3] 1.5 km (10:00 / km)

Warm up. Got a map out of the Rubbish bag and found the hill and jogged about a bit. I miss my garmin.

Wednesday Oct 17, 2012 #


Just did my first cycle legs really are dead. Also, I need a faster bike for this purpose.
9 AM

Running 20:02 intensity: (47 @1) + (3:16 @2) + (15:59 @3) 3.83 km (5:14 / km) +49m 4:55 / km
ahr:160 max:174 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Eurgh, still very tired this morning and legs shattered. This weekend is going to be a struggle. It has been totally worth it though, I love the new place, and it's a better space for my parents to share for the next couple of weeks. Today I tried the espresso machine that one of Rob's amazing friends donated to us when she went back to Israel, and I am already better at making lattes than Dunkin Donuts. Starbucks, I'm coming after you next!
4 PM

Cycling 18:52 intensity: (16:45 @1) + (1:03 @2) + (1:04 @3)
ahr:130 max:166

Cycle to Cross Fit. Doesn't take long!

Cross Fit 59:15 intensity: (23:48 @0) + (35:04 @1) + (14 @2) + (9 @3)
ahr:101 max:160

First time I've been pretty bored in a workout today. Went at 5pm and it wasn't the usual crew. We did deadlifts, DB rows, back extensions and rope ring rows. I used low weights and just enjoyed the range of movement, but there was lots of rest and it was just a bit dull.

Tuesday Oct 16, 2012 #

8 AM

Running 20:02 intensity: (45 @1) + (5:27 @2) + (13:50 @3) 3.57 km (5:37 / km) +44m 5:17 / km
ahr:157 max:172 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

First run round the new neighbourhood on a gorgeous sunny morning. Lovely place, there's pavements everywhere which is great, and very little traffic (I was probably a bit late for the school runs). I spotted two Republicans and ran for ages through the remnants of a serious skunk party from last night. There's even a couple of good proper hills for hill reps!

Monday Oct 15, 2012 #


Old flat looks amazing. Now I have to cycle to new home and I hurt everywhere. I don't think much unpacking will get done this afternoon!

New house is lovely though! Very excited.

Sunday Oct 14, 2012 #


Wow, central New Haven is very deserted at 6.20am. Cycled into work because the cats woke me up at 5 and I couldn't get back to sleep because of the overwhelming need to do many things to do and also, the potential for an actual definitive result in the ongoing experiment of disaster. Stay posted viewers. Now I've built this up it's totally going to have failed.


Experiment worked! Unfortunately it didn't get the answer my boss wanted, but did get the answer I'd long suspected, that there was not much going on above background in this case. I am finally happy I've done the definitive experiment to prove that though, which is excellent.

Strength 4:00:00 [3]

I know this sounds kind of ridiculous, but Rob and I were up and down stairs moving significant weights all day, and today I am stupidly full of DOMs, so it counts. Not much of a rest day. Devil cats surprisingly happy in their new environment, though a little bit clingy. Back to the old place today to clean up, eurgh.

Saturday Oct 13, 2012 #

8 AM

Running 20:02 intensity: (40 @1) + (27 @2) + (15:36 @3) + (3:19 @4) 3.74 km (5:21 / km) +24m 5:11 / km
ahr:168 max:179 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Circuitous run towards the lab in search of coffee. Felt a little bit stuff up still, but getting there. Lovely morning, shame there will be not much outside fun this weekend!

Friday Oct 12, 2012 #


Green goo coming out of everywhere this morning and HR a bit jumpy, so took it easy on the exercise. Sleeping Giant has got a very colourful jacket on now - hope it's not all gone in a week's time!


Also, I only caught the last ten minutes of the VP debate last night, but I thought Biden's answer on abortion rights was absolutely on the button.


Yey! I finally have a success in an experiment that has proved impossible for around 8 months now.

Boo - this means I get to spend most of the weekend in the lab doing the actual experiment before my parents arrive. And move house at the same time. Interesting concept...
8 AM

Running 20:01 intensity: (5:34 @1) + (14:25 @2) + (2 @3) 2.94 km (6:49 / km) +26m 6:31 / km
ahr:145 max:155

Easy jog. HR shot up as soon as I stepped out of the car, and my nose is still a bit bunged up, so this turned into a 70% of max HR kind of day. Jogging very, very slowly.

Cross Fit 40:47 intensity: (36:32 @1) + (3:16 @2) + (59 @3)
ahr:115 max:161

Workout today was pretty easy, went very light on the weights and treated it more as a flexibility and recovery session than anything else. Good warm up with lunge complexes and stuff, and then 4 sets of 5 fast OH squats (25lb), 10 ring rows, 15 butterfly sit ups, with 3 mins rest. Pretty chilled, which was good.

Thursday Oct 11, 2012 #

7 AM

Running 20:02 intensity: (38 @1) + (5:21 @2) + (12:00 @3) + (2:03 @4) 3.74 km (5:21 / km) +39m 5:05 / km
ahr:160 max:180 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Oooh, chilly out there this morning, until the sun popped out properly and warmed everything up. Felt stiff in the hammies from last night for the first few minutes, but by the end was the best running of the week so far. No lower back stiffness this time from deadlifting, which is a very good thing. I think Jeremy's ideas about addressing the bar before you step in sound funny but actually work.

Wednesday Oct 10, 2012 #


Well that was exciting. Sitting at the lap top eating brekkie, and the whole house shakes. I exclaim WTF, and Rob goes "Shit, a car just crashed into the tree outside." Shoes on, run down, four pretty shaken up but fine people in the road outside. Rob is on the phone to 911 and I bring them inside because it's pissing it down and cold and two of them are little kids, one with a bust nose. Try and clean her up while her Mum calls her Mum, there's a lot of blood but I think she's fine. Very upset though. When Rob's off the phone he talks to the guy, not the driver, who says an interesting story - they were rear ended further up the street, decided to chase the vehicle, which turned the wrong way up the one way street next door, they followed it but took the corner badly and smashed into the tree. It must have been fast, our whole house shook considerably and the tree lost of few branches.

Everyone looked fine, but sore necks in the morning I imagine. I wonder what the police were told. If the one we heard is true, what did they expect to do when they caught them? They didn't manage to get the license plate. Anyway, I should take a shower and get to work now.

Cross Fit 45:00 [3]

Really fun strength class. Warm up - got my first toes to bar, yey, then some mobility then:

2 x 10 each side DB external rotations - 10lb

14 minutes to build to 1RM deadlift - got to 188 this time - PR!

10 minutes to build to max box jump - got 33 inches. The problem is that the biggest box is 30 and then you have to stack plates, and my head thinks I can't do it even though I probably can.

Brittany got on the board today with her deadlift (235, awesome) and I could have made it with my box jump, but want to get a bit higher first!
8 AM

Running 20:03 intensity: (1:17 @1) + (3:24 @2) + (15:15 @3) + (7 @4) 3.8 km (5:17 / km) +18m 5:09 / km
ahr:158 max:179 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Easy morning run. Wet out today. Bit tired after last night, didn't refuel quickly enough. Overestimated how far I could get in the time and had to walk back quite a way, through many mini people in raincoats. Tiny feet is going to have plenty of friends in the neighbourhood!

Tuesday Oct 9, 2012 #


Snot central today! Feel okay energy levels wise though, so I presume it is whatever was on my chest working its way out. Mmmm!
7 PM

Cross Fit 38:02 intensity: (25:28 @1) + (2:30 @2) + (4:23 @3) + (5:41 @4)
ahr:123 max:187 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Cross Fit Endurance. Killer! The usual strides and technique work which is really good, and then a pairs workout. 20 cals on the airdyne, then jump off, put a band round your waist, and run up and down the gym with your partner providing mega resistance. My legs were jelly after the first one, it was really hard! worked with Isabel and I managed 5 sets I think, and she did 4. Really fun, the endurance crowd is a good one.

Monday Oct 8, 2012 #

8 AM

Running 20:01 intensity: (46 @1) + (1:06 @2) + (14:41 @3) + (3:28 @4) 3.76 km (5:19 / km) +48m 5:00 / km
ahr:165 max:184 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

After a wonderful evening of giggles with Alex and Ed, dropped Rob off at the station and then went for my mini run. It was a lovely morning, and my legs no longer feel like lead.
7 PM

Cross Fit 55:34 intensity: (41:25 @1) + (2:53 @2) + (6:21 @3) + (4:55 @4)
ahr:126 max:185

Back to Cross Fit! Lots of shoulder mobility and stuff, then work to 5 tough push presses. Then 5 sets of: 5 push presses, 10 burpees into jumping pull ups, rest 3 minutes. Not too difficult way to start off, I only used 58lb on the push presses which probably wasn't quite enough, but ho hum.

Sunday Oct 7, 2012 #


Looks like I finally slept more than is physically possible in four days! Up at 6.30am with some actual energy on a Sunday?! Bonkers...
7 AM

Running 20:01 intensity: (1:09 @1) + (1:46 @2) + (13:03 @3) + (4:03 @4) 3.65 km (5:29 / km) +79m 4:57 / km
ahr:164 max:184 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Easy run to East Rock base. It was so lovely out there that after my twenty minutes were up, I continued to walk up to the top to look at the foliage. Turns out it really is only Foster Street where the trees are at peak. Which means it should be great when my parents arrive in 11 days. Yippee!

Saturday Oct 6, 2012 #


I feel quite a bit better this morning. I have slept so much over the last few days.
10 AM

Running 20:01 intensity: (1:03 @1) + (3:10 @2) + (13:30 @3) + (2:18 @4) 3.5 km (5:43 / km) +42m 5:24 / km
ahr:163 max:178 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Easy jog round East Rock bottom. Legs feel like blocks of iron, but chest feels okay ish. No re-appearance of sore throat.

Friday Oct 5, 2012 #


Last weekend I saw Dinosaur things! It was great!

The next State Park is essentially a car park. Boo!

Thursday Oct 4, 2012 #


Definitely sick this morning, throat sore, bangy head and a bit stuffed up. I'm presuming there will be more of that to come. Finishing up yesterday's blots then going back to bed.

Wednesday Oct 3, 2012 #


Sore throat covered in white stuff! Perhaps this is actually illness after all. Never been quite so happy to feel a bit rubbish.

Tuesday Oct 2, 2012 #


Trying to decide whether to go into work today or sleep/sit around all day and see if that improves things. I can't start the thing I need to start today because of an all day seminar thing tomorrow anyway, so hmm. The cats are behaving weird. I think they have sense that we are moving soon.

Monday Oct 1, 2012 #


Still completely whacked from Saturday. It wasn't THAT hard. Meh. Virus allergies whatever you are just f**k off.

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