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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 31 days ending Aug 31, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running10 9:55:29 52.76(11:17) 84.91(7:01) 1548
  Cross Fit10 9:36:46 3.22 5.18 22
  Cycling2 2:15:10
  Intervals1 1:26:26 4.46(19:23) 7.18(12:03) 51
  Hill Walking1 1:00:00
  Total21 24:13:51 60.44 97.26 1621
  [1-5]21 19:11:54

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Friday Aug 31, 2012 #

9 AM

Cross Fit 1:02:19 intensity: (23:57 @0) + (29:28 @1) + (2:47 @2) + (6:06 @3) + (1 @4)
ahr:112 max:175 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Cross Fit. Upper body intensive day today. Bench presses, then a mini workout of man makers (press up with DB row then jump up into a clean and push. Argh!), chest to bar pull ups, some rest, then burpees and ring rows using a rope. Short but those man makers were deadly.

Thursday Aug 30, 2012 #

7 PM

Running 50:52 intensity: (23:50 @1) + (7:58 @2) + (13:04 @3) + (6:00 @4) 4.7 km (10:49 / km) +10m 10:43 / km
ahr:141 max:187 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Cross Fit Endurance. Focussed today on the lean and the arm drive, using elastic bands as resistance to run against like we did with Steve many moons ago. The workout was a bit easy, we had 20 seconds to run to the end of the building, then 40 to job back. If you didn't make it you got a 5 burpee penalty followed by a rest minute. That happened 15 times. But we almost all made it with a good 25 seconds or so rest each time. It was good to think about form though, and the last sprint was significantly faster than the first (unfortunately for Justin's ego :) )

Cross Fit 54:11 intensity: (44:58 @1) + (4:36 @2) + (4:37 @3)
ahr:116 max:168 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Stayed for the standard workout as the endurance wasn't too tough. 3 x 5 1 1/4 front squats (all the way down, up to knees at right angles, back down then all the way up), 63lb. 90 secs rest between. Then 5 sets of 8 squats into box jumps (middle box) and 12 GHD sit ups, followed by 2 mins rest. Took 14.29. It wasn't too much of a tough workout, but the last couple of squat box jumps were a little trickier.

Wednesday Aug 29, 2012 #


Of course, the Yale gym man (who took two visits to get to) this time only pretended to cancel my membership. They just took the monthly payment out of my account again.

I have never met such an inept administrator in my life, and that's really a very grand statement considering my experiences over the past two years.
1 PM

Running 2:04:57 intensity: (5:45 @1) + (11:40 @2) + (1:13:36 @3) + (33:56 @4) 18.59 km (6:43 / km) +345m 6:09 / km
ahr:166 max:184 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Decided to take the day off and give my poor brain a break and drove up north to McLean's. Did a small loop whilst waiting to hear from George, who decided not to join me (I was not well organised!), then dumped the rucksac and water and went for a much longer loop. Really enjoyed it out there, it was pretty hot but not at all humid so the shade was still cool. The trails are a trail runners dream, not technical but always gently undulating. I felt very strong until the 1hr 50 mark, when things suddenly got a lot more difficult. Meant to stop watch at two hours, and walked the remainder back, but apparently didn't stop the watch.

Great afternoon. As long as I don't feel awful when I wake up tomorrow I am taking this as a sign that I am physically healthy but mentally unbalanced, and need to man up about getting out there.

After running I drove over to see George and Lyn and spent a bit of time sitting on their lovely porch eating incredibly tasty tomatoes in sandwiches and passing the time of day. Exactly what I needed. Thanks guys! Fingers crossed tomorrow morning feels okay.

Tuesday Aug 28, 2012 #


Feel like crap. Probably because the boring work I've been bored with for the last six months turned out to be nonsense. Crapface. Sometimes I wish I had no integrity.

Monday Aug 27, 2012 #

Cross Fit 1:00:00 [2] 0.2 km (5:00:00 / km)
shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Cross Fit! Fun workout today, consisting of pull ups, single leg squats, wall climbs and walking lunges. 6 rounds, 45 secs rest between exercises. Not too intense but tough by the end. Good chat, good times.
8 AM

Running 45:55 intensity: (26:07 @1) + (19:42 @2) + (6 @3) 6.63 km (6:56 / km) +79m 6:32 / km
ahr:142 max:155 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

In an attempt to not knock myself out by Thursday, a shorter 70% "run." Lovely morning, still on the way to getting hot but not quite there yet. Saw lots of squirrels and even some chipmunks, which I don't see much on East Rock. Feeling creaky.

Thursday Aug 23, 2012 #


Knackered today! Marie and Astrid and I just got serenaded by a crazy lady waving a joint in our faces. It was not the best way to spend perhaps our last ten minutes together for a good few months :(

Wednesday Aug 22, 2012 #

5 PM

Cross Fit 58:38 intensity: (39:31 @1) + (5:16 @2) + (10:01 @3) + (3:50 @4) 0.4 km (2:26:35 / km) +4m 2:19:36 / km
ahr:127 max:181 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Group WOD today. I was paired with Madeline and we had to complete:

70 DB Thrusters
1400m row
50 DB Thrusters
1000m row
35 DB Thrusters
500m row
20 DB Thrusters
250m row

I used 10lb DBs and we split things almost evenly. Watching Madeline was great, I learnt a lot about rowing and by the end despite being tired was rowing way way more efficiently. Enjoyed it a lot. We were done in 22 mins, a good time it seems.

Running 51:04 intensity: (52 @1) + (2:02 @2) + (33:12 @3) + (14:58 @4) 8.91 km (5:44 / km) +79m 5:29 / km
ahr:169 max:183 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Then a West Rock run ending at Stop n Shop where Rob was buying many frozen meats for a departmental barbecue. Felt good, and nice weather to be out. Legs tired but strong. Great.

Tuesday Aug 21, 2012 #

6 PM

Intervals 1:26:26 intensity: (20:00 @0) + (20:50 @1) + (8:34 @2) + (28:07 @3) + (7:11 @4) + (1:44 @5) 7.18 km (12:03 / km) +51m 11:38 / km
ahr:142 max:192 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

First True Endurance session. Lots of talk about pose running, drills and then a short intervals session: 4 x 400m, resting for the rep time. Really great to train with others and a fun atmosphere. Focussed on a forward lean in the reps and it seemed to help. My hamstring was clearly being engaged because now it hurts. Boo.


Monday Aug 20, 2012 #

8 AM

Running 1:01:03 intensity: (42:08 @1) + (18:45 @2) + (10 @3) 8.0 km (7:38 / km) +144m 7:00 / km
ahr:140 max:156 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Tester run. The weather is much improved and 8am was not too late today, it was perfect. I saw a big hawk with woolly bootie feet by the river that was guarding the path, so I turned round to avoid more potential head scratch damage. He was an impressive specimen. Must be getting ready for the other birds to start migrating in a few week's time.

Jogging very slowly felt fine. My eye has swollen overnight and my vision is not 100%, but I expected that would be the case. It is already looking a little better after 90 mins or so upright. Good to be out.
7 PM

Cross Fit 1:01:24 intensity: (33:16 @1) + (6:31 @2) + (20:26 @3) + (1:11 @4) 0.2 km (5:07:00 / km) +1m 4:59:31 / km
ahr:133 max:178 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Eurgh. Today was tough! Warm up then three rounds of Barbara with three minutes rest inbetween. 20 pull ups, 30 press ups, 40 sit ups then 50 squats. The pull ups were really hard. Started with one red band, then went to two, then finished with one blue and one red and still only just managed! The rest hurt because of those but they were okay. I was the only girl not to sub ring rows for pull ups, but I kind of wished I had halfway through round 2!

Sunday Aug 19, 2012 #


Feeling totally dead after the shock of having Rosie attach to my face this morning after getting spooked by a dog n the back garden. He barked, she got scared, I tried to pick her up and she went crazy - hissing, spitting and jumping into the air and attaching onto the right side of my face. I was very lucky that my worst injury is in the crease of my eyelid and that my eye was not damaged. I have smaller scratches elsewhere on my face and some inch long ones under my hair. It was entirely not Rosie's fault, though she over-reacted the dog was bigger than her, and scary, and when I tried to remove her from the situation, she freaked. I've never seen an animal behave like that. It must have been spectacular to watch, were she not attached to my face. Indeed Rob's reaction suggested it was mildly terrifying. You can see the eyelid damage on the link but be warned it looks a bit eurgh if you don't like eyes.

Saturday Aug 18, 2012 #


I was going to test run a couple of courses for the B meet today, but when I forgot to print maps last night I found my old A meet map to draw the course on. Turns out my spacial subconscious is more powerful than I thought. Despite not being able to pinpoint any of Joe's control sites if you have asked me, my Red course was almost identical, but in reverse. In fact, the long long finished on Joe's course and started on mine at EXACTLY THE SAME LOCATION. I finished my leg about 200m from the start of his. Spooky huh? Anyways, I guess that means I should go back to the drawing board...

This is exactly why I didn't want to use Huntington for this Meet. Joe's course still stands as one of my all time favourites.

Hill Walking 1:00:00 [1]
shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Spent all day (just recording one hour, it was slow though there was some cross country) walking in Huntington with some NH friends of ours who are also leaving town in the very near future. It serendipitously managed to be the next State Park on the list (That's Collis P. Huntington, doncha know?) and also the place I need to be for meet planning.

I now have some better ideas but I am still unhappy with the shape of my courses. We'll see what my Dad can do. In good news, today is the first day that I have reached the evening without feeling utterly exhausted, so hopefully whatever was wrong is well on the way out. Fingers crossed!

Friday Aug 17, 2012 #


Cross fit are revamping their endurance program with a coach who's done multiple marathons and is in a professional cycling team. Hopefully this is what I need to kick start my motivation again now the humidity finally seems to be receding.
9 AM

Cross Fit 1:04:05 intensity: (32:15 @0) + (8:55 @1) + (6:18 @2) + (7:16 @3) + (9:21 @4)
ahr:139 max:189 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Hmmm...tester Cross Fit. Don't feel healthy yet. Slept another 10 hours last night and felt more awake this morning, but not much energy. Did some deadlifts (3 x 5, 103lb), Cleans (3 x 5, 73lb), then 40,30,20 of box jumps and double unders. Once I did alternate singles and doubles it went faster, but had no zip at all. 10.02. Hmm. What next?

Thursday Aug 16, 2012 #


I slept for 12.5 hours the night before last, and 9 hours last night. I am finally feeling a little more energetic. Who knows what's up, but hopefully it's tailing off now.

Tuesday Aug 14, 2012 #


This boom and bust version of training isn't that great. But tiredness just hits me in the face, it doesn't creep.

Hopefully it's just the heat. Fingers crossed the worst is passed now.

Monday Aug 13, 2012 #


I am not going to train today, but I am going to leave you with this:

Ahhh, I love Tumblr.

Sunday Aug 12, 2012 #


How were the Spice Girls so so wrong, but so so right?
10 AM

Cycling 1:35:10 intensity: (1:26:36 @0) + (5:09 @1) + (2:11 @2) + (1:14 @3)
ahr:110 max:166

Bye bye bike ride, the short version. We did most of it in search of a beach we were allowed on, then went back to near the beginning to the only public one we found. I then got massively sunburnt, but the whole outing was very pleasant. Cycling is way nicer than running in this heat.

Friday Aug 10, 2012 #

6 PM

Cross Fit 59:48 intensity: (35:31 @0) + (2:39 @1) + (1:11 @2) + (6:53 @3) + (12:56 @4) + (38 @5) 2.53 km (23:39 / km) +11m 23:09 / km
ahr:129 max:192 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

My kind of workout today! 20 mins AMRAP of 200m run then 10 overhead squats. Used 33lb. Had a weird moment in the third set of OHSs when I felt sick and then was suddenly sitting on the floor, nothing hurting and bar in the right place, but don't really know what happened. Slightly concerning that, but felt fine for the rest of the workout and did ten complete sets. Really tough session, makes up for missing intervals on Thursday I think!

Thursday Aug 9, 2012 #


Stil headachey constantly today. If it lasts another day perhaps it will be time for another Lyme test? Grrr.

Cycling 40:00 [1]

Finished my preps early and walked back via the gym to finally cancel my membership. Of course, his hours are 3-6pm, but when we arrive at 3.15om, he has a note on his door saying not back till 4. I have never, ever caught that man on my first visit. He is useless. So then I cycled back at 4, and was enjoying the vague breeze generated by wheels enough to extend the ride home just long enough to count as training. Along Prospect, then overshoot East Rock, up to the top, and home again. Hot.

Wednesday Aug 8, 2012 #


Shattered after a late night up hopefully de-mothing everything. Might not do anything exercisey today.

Tuesday Aug 7, 2012 #


We've got stupid moths again. I can't believe it. Everything has been in sealed jars since the end of June, and now the brown rice, quinoa and pine nuts are infested again. What the hell?
6 AM

Running 1:02:39 intensity: (6:24 @0) + (10:56 @1) + (14:46 @2) + (23:34 @3) + (6:59 @4) 9.41 km (6:39 / km) +72m 6:25 / km
ahr:153 max:187 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Short sharp early morning - 8 x 300m with 2 mins rest. Olympics inspired added fun was can I run 300m in the time it takes Andy Murray to run 400m? Answer is just - on the final rep. Nice to do something a bit shorter for once.

Oh no, didn't press watch fast enough. Andy beat me. I knew he was good, but that's really good.


Monday Aug 6, 2012 #

8 AM

Running 43:31 intensity: (1:15 @0) + (14:27 @1) + (23:44 @2) + (4:05 @3) 6.28 km (6:56 / km) +82m 6:30 / km
ahr:144 max:164 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Stiff this morning but realised it's been ages since I did a proper, crawling recovery run. So I did. Hot. Meh.
7 PM

Cross Fit 53:53 intensity: (38:06 @0) + (4:14 @1) + (4:52 @2) + (5:04 @3) + (1:37 @4) 0.0 km
ahr:123 max:183 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Pairs workout today. After 5 x 8 DB push presses with 90 secs rest (15lb), we did a 12 min AMRAP of 20m BB farmers carry - one in each hand, one person in front, one behind. 10lb on each end because I was in Team GB and Rob is a bit too tall for this! Then the person in front did 20 wall balls (13lb) whilst the other had to hold a plank. If you failed the plank, you had to stop the wall balls. We were pretty good and had no plank stoppages, and managed 6 rounds (actually, looking at the HR graph, maybe we managed 8) The wall balls were really tough though! Good stretchy time afterwards.

Sunday Aug 5, 2012 #


What the hell Murray?! That was extraordinary!

So I guess I'm not achieving much today either.
6 PM

Running 53:16 intensity: (32 @0) + (4:31 @1) + (10:55 @2) + (30:45 @3) + (6:33 @4) 8.39 km (6:21 / km) +234m 5:34 / km
ahr:161 max:184 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

After another day of mega olympics action, I forced myself out to do something. Both runs these weekends have been a bit aimless, but given they were prime candidates for chickening out of training days, I'm just glad that I've made something of them. Today was even muggier, we've not quite managed to get into the storms yet and it was showing in the closeness of the atmosphere. So stuck round the bottom of East Rock, and mused on the day's action. Two things came to mind:

1) Usain Bolt is incredible, but perhaps more incredible is the fact that the whole field is stepping up a gear. Only one man not under 10 secs, and it looks like Powell might have pulled something. He's done it many times before.

2) The 100m was fantastic despite multiple representatives from two countries. How much better to have a full field of that much talent, than "Even things out" across the countries. Track cycling, please take note.

Also, this happened:


That's right people. It's a devil cat outside.

Saturday Aug 4, 2012 #


Can I do any training today? The olympics is AMAZING!

Edit: 3 hours later, I made it as far as the Farmer's Market to buy some tomatoes. But my word, there is still a lot of excitement to come. And it is mega hot outside. Sweating buckets on that short trip.


CJ was just on the telly! Trackside cycling seats....jealous!


Best. Day. EVER! Have to say, I never had this much fun watching WOC! Absolutely awe inspiring.

Speaking of inspiring - I guess I should head out myself.
6 PM

Running 54:59 intensity: (1:11 @1) + (7:37 @2) + (32:50 @3) + (13:21 @4) 8.31 km (6:37 / km) +276m 5:40 / km
ahr:166 max:186 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Headed out to East Rock. Man it was hot and sticky out there! Sweating like crazy but I did the three hills because I felt on top of the world and was pumped full of adrenaline. Not fast, but strong (although things are still sore from all those cleans), and had a big whoop at the top of the final (and least populated hill). Yes, Becky does seem to get more patriotic the further away from home she is and yes, this was a fucking Great Day to be British.

I don't think I'd have had a better time today if I was in Yellowstone or on top of Mount Rainier.

Friday Aug 3, 2012 #

7 AM

Running 47:13 intensity: (40 @1) + (9:00 @2) + (35:41 @3) + (1:52 @4) 5.68 km (8:18 / km) +227m 6:55 / km
ahr:161 max:181 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Very slow totter round Sleeping Giant. Lower back tight from those cleans, but eased off nicely with time till it was just tired. Very humid, sweating like crazy.

Cross Fit 51:46 intensity: (20:37 @0) + (6:00 @1) + (5:39 @2) + (10:09 @3) + (9:21 @4) 1.45 km (35:44 / km) +6m 35:00 / km
ahr:145 max:189 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Cross Fit! Fun workout today. 3 x 5 negative pull up, with 3 x 20m farmers carry (35lb). Then a 30:30 tabatta of 8 mins of 10 ring rows, 10 x 10m sprints, followed by 8 mins of 10 box jumps with 100m rows. Totally lost count of what I did, but it was fun. Middle box and x amount of other stuff!

Thursday Aug 2, 2012 #


Today I woke up with gluey eye in my left eye (not had one of those since I was a kid, it was kind of awesome), but after a good slept I feel a little more restored. Will probably do Cross Fit tonight as it doesn't look too bad, but hang off running a little longer.


Best Olympic headline yet:

"Ann Romney's horse fails to win dressage but avoids offending British"
6 PM

Cross Fit 50:42 intensity: (36:44 @0) + (2:38 @1) + (3:05 @2) + (6:43 @3) + (1:32 @4) 0.4 km (2:06:45 / km)
ahr:120 max:180 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Work out named after Member of the month Vikki. She likes handstands. I am apparently still incapable of doing them, so we subbed holds in with a box instead. It was series of handstands and cleans then handstands and hang cleans, decreasing in length and reps. My shoulders are now wrecked. But it felt good to do something.

Wednesday Aug 1, 2012 #


I am full of green goo. Humph. Sigur Ros were great last night though!


Also, is it really worth trying to track down a single dose of dox for Lyme prophylaxis? Found a little bugger late last night, 1 day in at best, two days at worst (more likely). Grrr. Yale don't do single shot dox, so it might be difficult to get hold of.

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