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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 31 days ending Oct 31, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running9 6:11:18 37.29(9:57) 60.01(6:11) 725
  Orienteering6 6:03:04 22.36 35.98 66543 /65c66%
  Strength3 1:28:00
  Rubbish walking1 1:00
  Total17 13:43:22 59.65 95.99 139043 /65c66%
  [1-5]14 12:15:22
averages - sleep:8.7 rhr:48

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Monday Oct 31, 2011 #


Uh oh. All that walking was too much - can't get out of bed today! Luckily have nothing in the lab that can't wait, so am taking it easy.

Last night Rob and I took a drive out to Niantic to visit "The Book Barn" - an absolutely amazing place! A barn and the surrounding outbuildings just filled with used books. And cats everywhere! A great selection, very cheap, and free coffee and doughnuts too! I was in absolute heaven. I will be back. You could probably spend a whole day there in summer.



Sunday Oct 30, 2011 #


Went for a walk just as everything was thawing, beautiful morning, tons of sun. Got to the top of East Rock where I got a call from Sarah saying that someone broke into her apartment last night during the storm, stole her laptop and ransacked her room, all while one of her flat mates was in the flat!

Not a good week to be in New Haven it seems.


Now really tired, going to go eat cake with Sarah. Cake makes everything better, I'm pretty sure. There goes the no sugar for the day!

Saturday Oct 29, 2011 #


Reason X for OBE18. I walked home about an hour after this yesterday and had to change my route home because of the police cordon.

I don't really care if the problem didn't start here, I don't want to walk along streets where this kind of thing happens.

Homicide 29 of the year in a "city" the size of Cambridge.


Snow! We just made it to the lab and Trader Joe's in time. Rosie is sitting under the coffee table growling at the snow. She looks really sad.

Friday Oct 28, 2011 #


Drum's Lyme! Caught early though, 2 bands out of 3 positive on the Western blot, so 2 weeks of dox and I should be good to go.

Very relieved it's something detectable and treatable. Happy.

Wednesday Oct 26, 2011 #

rhr:45 slept:9.0

Resting HR very erratic in the morning. Sore head and throat today, still very tired.


Went to Acute Care and had four tubes of blood taken for various tests, including Lyme and a general blood smear for parasites. For some reason it hurt a lot more than usual.

Tuesday Oct 25, 2011 #

rhr:48 slept:9.0

Feeling more traditionally stuffed up today. Have got a doctor's appointment...on the 8th November! I think even the NHS could have done better than that. Will drop in to acute care if don't feel any better by the end of the week.

Woken up by Rosie's second foray into the bedroom this morning, and got the exploratory paw in face. Cute, but claws near face is a scary thing.


I wish I could get better and then get a time machine. Really upset I missed the fun this last weekend.

So where is more fun happening?!

Monday Oct 24, 2011 #

rhr:50 slept:8.0

When I move I will miss the bad boys with their souped up cars and bass stereo systems. I just walked past one you could hear from miles off, and when I finally caught up with him, what was he playing? Yes, you've got it, a Beyonce ballad. And not even one of her good ones.

I need to learn basic link related html. I am so last century.

Sunday Oct 23, 2011 #


And with a whimper, it was all over.

I am actually feeling in better health physically today than I was yesterday, but if I still feel funky in the morning am going to book an appointment for a Lyme's test. Still feeing pants in my head though.

Had a lovely day in Concord with Rob and Ben, and then cross countried it back home as the sun was setting, after getting stuck behind a car which was actually properly on fire on the Mass Pike.

Operation back to Europe within 18 months commences tomorrow. Or maybe Tuesday, depending on how I feel tomorrow morning! I might sleep all tomorrow too.

Saturday Oct 22, 2011 #

Orienteering 15:00 [3]

The first five controls of the middle were no fun, and then I felt wobbly on a trail and my feet hurt, so I quit. Hannah was looking strong out there.

I don't like green. I don't think I will go to another map that looks like today's. There's not really any point for me.

Friday Oct 21, 2011 #


The weekend is not looking good. I slept until 10am yesterday, then from 1-6, then all night from 10, although I kept waking up with weird horrible night sweat things. Today I'm still out of it, could have stayed in bed again.

Grrr grrr grrr grrr grrr. Not a happy bunny.

Thursday Oct 20, 2011 #


I thought/hoped I was fighting allergy, I think I'm actually fighting ill. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2011 #

Note this going to be the best album of 2011?

First two songs are immense. I want to play it very loud on good speakers. Not made it to the end yet though!

Strength 30:00 [0]
ahr:129 max:160

Snuck out to the gym mid incubation. Exactly the same as last week with the same weights. Legs a bit tired from the morning but surprisingly okay.
7 AM

Running 59:04 intensity: (4:22 @1) + (12:59 @2) + (27:34 @3) + (6:43 @4) + (7:26 @5) 9.74 km (6:04 / km) +65m 5:52 / km
ahr:160 max:194 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Slept much better last night and woke naturally at 7, which didn't look like 7 because it was still very dark. So I went to do intervals. My tummy was suffering from hormones so I was more aware of that than my legs, and hence a bit slow. Still, it's all about getting out there right now. 2 x 400, 2 x 600, 1 x 400, all with 75 rest.


Tuesday Oct 18, 2011 #


Taking a tip from shoe clone, slept awfully last night. Will interval it at the indoor gym tonight instead.


So, opening myself up to some potential abuse, what do people think about paleo style diets? Kelly mentioned it to me ages ago and I scoffed, but I've been thinking a lot recently about the way I feel and how sub optimal I reckon it is. There's no doubt that at least part of it is stress, but that is slowly going back to normal levels. But I also have bad skin, a funky tummy, some definite fat retention in specific areas, and am becoming more reliant on coffee.

I'm not sure I believe much in the whole evolutionary standpoint of the diet, but their theories about insulin and glycemic index feel like they could have some basis in reality. Cutting out processed carbs and getting most of that stuff from fruit and veg would seem like a good plan. Their recommendations for athletes include some simpler sugary/processed carbs when refuelling, but that's all. I've done some pub med searching and there's not much evidence out there, one well designed but small trial that has good outcomes in heart disease risk cases, and a few more underpowered studies that are less convincing. One good study does not an argument make!

Seeing the positive improvements that people like SGB have made with cutting dairy, and CJ with reducing processed grains, I'm wondering if it could do anything for me. I'm worried about calcium, but other than that nutritional stuff seems to pan out pretty well. SGB, do you eat green leafy stuff for calcium? Nuts too?

So yes - any thoughts/opinions/advice? Very interested to hear what people think.

Oh, and for the Brits:

There is definite bunk on there, so try to avoid those bits. I'm not thinking all out crazy paleo, but maybe trying to cut down processed grainy stuff and dairy. Maybe.

Monday Oct 17, 2011 #

Strength 30:00 [0]
ahr:97 max:133

Weights session 1. An evening lift works better for me now I run in the morning, but the gym is totally rammed with idiots. Boo.
9 AM

Running 45:29 intensity: (17:31 @1) + (22:59 @2) + (4:59 @3) 6.8 km (6:41 / km) +74m 6:21 / km
ahr:140 max:155 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Post dentist recovery jaunt. Legs tired this morning!

Sunday Oct 16, 2011 #


Downtown Ottawa map with poorly hand drawn route here:

Not easy to see but basically - if Jeff does this for real, go! It's great!

Control count (now up to date): 352/2000
11 AM

Orienteering 2:01:19 intensity: (32 @1) + (26 @2) + (40:59 @3) + (1:19:15 @4) + (7 @5) 11.63 km (10:26 / km) +451m 8:44 / km
ahr:171 max:184 spiked:12/17c shoes: Inov8s

Ian's mega opus at Norwottuck. I didn't eat enough breakfast and the whole thing was a struggle. It was very hilly.

Just did Quickroute - I had no idea I was so ridiculous on the way to number one. Really very poor. Some great route choices though but need to do some hill work over the winter.

Friday Oct 14, 2011 #


Didn't train yesterday, lab day started early and went well on into the dark. No work for Saturday though now, so it was worth it.

Thursday Oct 13, 2011 #


Maps now up for the weekend - scroll down to Sat & Sunday to see.

Also, the super devious London City Race is here:

As you can see, the Garmin doesn't cope well with covered passages or multi levels at all! I was bad, but not THAT bad!

Control count (not including Jeff's course on Monday, including all Tarrywile controls once only): 307/2000
8 AM

Running 47:39 intensity: (2:40 @1) + (11:04 @2) + (25:56 @3) + (4:24 @4) + (3:35 @5) 8.36 km (5:42 / km) +83m 5:26 / km
ahr:158 max:191 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Intervals! The first proper session of a long winter, so a nice ease in. 15 mins warm up, strides, 4 x 400m with 75 seconds rest. First one was a bit slow, was feeling the moves from yesterday, and then it just clicked. Three well paced, consistent and strong feeling reps. Then a warm down, but I was in a bit of a hurry to get to a meeting so skipped stretching. And to think I almost didn't go out this morning!


Wednesday Oct 12, 2011 #


Has anyone seen maps online from anyone for course 7 at the weekend? I really should analyse sooner rather than later...

Strength 28:00 [0]
ahr:108 max:146

A wee intro back to strength. Ten mins cross trainer, some olympic moves, and then back squats, weighted press ups, CG pull ups and hamstring curls.
7 AM

Running 44:30 intensity: (8:54 @1) + (12:11 @2) + (23:25 @3) 6.63 km (6:43 / km) +207m 5:49 / km
ahr:149 max:166 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Hilly rolling run early this morning. Despite it being not quite light out, I felt great, strong and easy and alive for the first time on a morning run in ages. Massively uplifting, great feeling.

Tuesday Oct 11, 2011 #


The two races I ran in Ottawa were great. I was not good in the first and I was much better in the second. I also broke my Garmin strap and left at least one of my maps at Jeff's house, so will update on the weekend once Route Gadget appears. Thanks to everyone though - definitely worth the long trip, even for only half the races. I also enjoyed exploring Ottawa, using both Jeff's sprint map (very good) and going to the Canada Hall at the Museum of Civilisation. The Vikings made it to Canada, who knew?! (Probably shoe clone, if anyone who reads my log does).


So, I just got a cheque in the post for $820, quite a substantial amount. I puzzled over its origin for a long time, and then realised - it's for the money that Rob "transferred" to my Bank of America account from his Bank of America account online at some point last week.

This is the most retarded thing I have come across in a very, very long time.

Monday Oct 10, 2011 #

Orienteering 50:38 [3] 5.4 km (9:23 / km)

Jeff's Otervals course round Ottawa. It was a lot more than the 5.4km straight line route, and it was really fun. Some tricky problems posed by multi levels, and the canals. Ran in my New balance shoes as I didn't have normal trainers, so just kept the intensity light and footfalls soft. Gorgeous morning, and central Ottawa is beautiful. Was running out of time so sneaked across a road to the final start, and didn't do the devious final route to the finish. What do you think was best for that one Jeff?

There were a couple of points on the map where I thought things were more complex than they actually were, but I was always going on a route that meant it was easy to take advantage of this unexpected bit. A great example of this was the leg behind the National Art gallery, where I also massively startled a poor guy having his morning sneaky smoke.

A bit disappointed not to run the relay, but Rob and I had an excellent morning exploring after it so it was worth it.

Sunday Oct 9, 2011 #

Orienteering race 1:14:06 [4] 7.5 km (9:53 / km)
spiked:11/17c shoes: Inov8s

Yey! Map!

Jog/run to the start to warm up. Feeling pretty heavy, but alternate blister mechanisms (cut heel off old holey Inov8s and specific blister plaster) a great improvement.

Today's race was much better. After taking number 1 a bit slowly to get into the map, I was planning ahead much better. I saw both Alex and Katta out there, and both helped me to race. I was much more in control of the situation the whole way through today, and I felt light and strong, though not particularly speedy. My race was far from perfect, but it actually felt like a real race for the first time in year's. And winning was possible. Yey!

Start-1: I hugged the hill tops close to the lake and the last one pointed beautifully to the control, which I then fuddled by being on the wrong side of the hill as it was bigger than I expected.
1-2: Short leg, went a bit wobbly to hit the open bits. Was a loop far left worth it?
2-3: Out to the hilltops left of the line, bearing to the next hill tops from the thin uncrossable open marsh, see the smaller ponds to the right and then use the hill before to point me to the control.
3-4: All the way round to the left to avoid the green pinch points. Hopping from hill to hill, then a bearing from the corner of the big lake. Was racing Alex and she took some better micro routes at the end, but I pipped her to the control just.
4-5: Left of the small pond, maybe should have gone right. Very slow along the beaver dams, but a nice line into the control. A bit of hesitating in my brain when Alex disappeared, but not much actual hesitating I think.
5-6: Out to the road but fluffed re-entry, missed the left turn onto the right piece of land and ended up on the wrong piece of bare rock. Had to return and then bash through some greener stuff. Probably not worth the road, and the biggest mistake of the day. Katta passed me here. Might have run a bit fast along the road.
6-7: Took the right route and it took me forever to get around the pond, then fluffed the control. Didn't take an accurate enough bearing and drifted to the larger hill to the south. Relocated immediately but more time gone.
7-8: Fastest split, just joined the hills and then ran up the re-entrant motorway to the control. Mmm.
8-9: Really tough leg, features very subtle. Took it a bit more carefully and popped out on the pond to the left, so easy to drop into the control.
9-10: Left of the line and joined all the hill tops. Saw the crag on the start of the next one and used it to guide me in.
10-11: More hill top joining, nice rocky ridge pointing right at the control.
11-12: Compass.
12-13: Out of the fun stuff. Went a bit too S shaped here as I didn't want to go into the woods. Katta suddenly re-appeared from behind ?!
13-14: To the left of the big open marsh, across the flattish hill then skim the steep slope. Nice.
14-15: Hurting now. Across the pinch point, over the spur, around the little hill but it's the lower one, not the one the control is on the other side of. Katta gets in front again by going straighter.
15-16: Through the open bit between the marshes and fine map and compass from there.
16-17: Retarded. Wanted to go right for some reason, went way too far, and eventually had to run left till I saw signs of civilisation. May have thrown away second place here. Should have just gone left to the path, but didn't even see it. Doh.

But yey, fun, and a good result. It could still have been better though, which is exciting rather than annoying.

Running 15:00 [3] 2.1 km (7:09 / km)

Jog to the start. Feeling a bit heavy legged bu blister plan of action much improved!

Running 10:00 [2] 1.5 km (6:40 / km)
shoes: Inov8s

Short warm down with Katta and Ali until we bumped into Rob in the woods, and I walked back with him. Heels not hurting, but the plasters had slipped off and so I spent ages spraying them with saline, as the beaver dam goo was totally gross.

Saturday Oct 8, 2011 #

Orienteering 39:39 [4] **** 4.0 km (9:55 / km)

Alright! I am going to try and reconstruct my race from last year's Route Gadget, as I am waiting for a Western blot to run. Exciting first experiment in new lab time!

Edit: Map! Yey!

Overall, not impressed with my Middle Race. The aim was to start slowly, visualise well, and pick up speed and confidence in the terrain. Number one was easy, but then number 2 and 3 I was just running slowly, but not actually complementing the slow speed with sufficient brain work! Then Katta caught me, I fell behind her for a couple of controls, and that enabled me to get into the map. We were then taking different routes and going back and forwards till number 10, where I pulled away. On the track to 11 the bandages slipped off my heels and running became really painful, which was so frustrating as my orienteering was just about up to speed. So I finished pretty accurately, but hobbling.

I can do far better than that.

Control by control:
Start - 1: I went left of the line along the small trail, then a bearing up from the boulder. Bobbled to the right, saw the control pretty quickly.
1-2: Had no plan. At all. Wandered on a bearing, trying to make it fit. Nothing did. Did a tour of the local dot knolls to the right of the line, then finally jumped in from the trail and got it. Total mess. Two mins down already.
2-3: Again, no plan. Drifty drifty, oh, there's a path, oh looks, there's the huge crag way further to the left then I expected. Into the easy control sight. More significant time loss. Katta appears.
3-4: This control goes off last year's map, but I drifted to the open, didn't know where I'd popped out, then saw Katta get the control.
4-5: Sat behind Katta, finally got into the map. Too far right of the line, hit the stream, then a good AP in.
5-6: Time to rumble. Took the wiggly path route to 6, it was worth it. Count off the hill tops, drop onto the hill to the right of the crag, let the spur lead me in. The first spike of the day, at last.
6-7: Wow, the map is very different to last year. Across the flat bit, hug the hill bottoms, line of rocky stuff/crags to lead you in. No problem.
7-8: South on the path to the big open bit with the water channel. Round the trails and then in off the path bend on a good bearing. Spike. Pull ahead of Katta a bit.
8-9: Skirt the marsh to the big open hill. Take the wrong route off and get stuck in a sucky marsh. Up the form line re-entrant across the path and it's totally obvious where the control will be. Spike.
9-10: Across the hill tops, hesitatey, hesitatey. See Katta, think she's missed 9, not sure. Am too high on the hill and eventually realise I need to drop further down the slope. Too slow.
10-11: Out to the big trail, then fuddle the attack point. Feet have started to hurt and not focussing enough. Too many unclear trails. Not huge time loss, but still too slow.
11-12: Straight, almost too far right.
12-13: Followed the trails, no problem.
13-14: Tried to path it round to the slope edge, but lost the path and found the control pretty much by luck. Seemed closer to the path than I anticipated.
14-15: Along the re-entrant, out by the crag in the open, then bearing off the trail. Nice control site. Spike.
15-16: Pick along the hill tops, no problem.
16-17: Nice route, back near 7, then along the hills, across the rough open at a high point, and then across the flattish hill to the control. Happy with my route, but feet really hurting now.

So yup. Pretty rubbish from me. When you planned ahead this stuff made a lot of sense and was actually pretty easy. But sitting it back and letting it come to you did not work, and I did too much of that today.

Hopefully map to come! No warm down, shoes came off before I downloaded.

Running 10:00 [2] 1.5 km (6:40 / km)

Joggy warm up but heels sore, so not really feeling massively excited about it.

Friday Oct 7, 2011 #


Ouch. Tried a loosen up jog this morning and failed. Got halfway down the stairs but heels very sore. So almost cried, then manned up and went to buy a ton of potential bandaging stuff instead. Rubbish.


Two minute start intervals on the long? I am going to have to work hard to stay in front of Katarina!

To the weekend!

Thursday Oct 6, 2011 #

8 AM

Orienteering 1:02:22 intensity: (8:09 @1) + (5:17 @2) + (31:10 @3) + (17:46 @4) *** 7.45 km (8:22 / km) +214m 7:19 / km
ahr:159 max:182 spiked:10/14c

What was supposed to be an Otervals session to make me feel fast and confident and light was actually a total bust. Neil planned a tour of all the worst bits of Ansonia (unintentionally, now I know why courses never go there), and my new shoes destroyed my heels in about 5 minutes, equalling no fun. I hit most of the controls well but was not at race pace, impossible to run strongly through rocky stuff when you can see the blood seeping through the socks on your heels.

Hannah's course next week! I think it will be more fun :)

Wednesday Oct 5, 2011 #

8 AM

Running 48:36 intensity: (1:59 @1) + (13:12 @2) + (30:13 @3) + (3:12 @4) 8.09 km (6:00 / km) +145m 5:31 / km
ahr:155 max:178 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Gorgeous morning out on East Rock but felt very stiff. Need to sort out rubbish non-desk situation in the lab - intervals plus bad sitting position equals unhappy Becky. Still, there were lots of blue jays and the temperature was perfect - lovely.

Tuesday Oct 4, 2011 #


Can someone plan me some short O-tervals on Ansonia for Thursday? Let me know and I'll send you the map file.
8 AM

Running 36:56 intensity: (2:17 @1) + (8:21 @2) + (17:49 @3) + (2:51 @4) + (5:38 @5) 6.41 km (5:46 / km) +11m 5:43 / km
ahr:160 max:192 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

A short "sharp" intervals session as the first session of the winter and a quick tune up before the weekend. 800, 600, 400, 200, with 75 secs rest. It didn't feel sharp! My legs were stiff (probably from staying at home grant writing all day yesterday), but I was hitting some semblance of times.


It's going to be a long winter...

Got to bed at a decent time last night and feel much better today. Must continue with that all week!

Monday Oct 3, 2011 #


Oh great, this morning I can hardly breathe for phlegm and sneezing. Give me a break will you! Want to race well in Canada! So excited about going there!

Sunday Oct 2, 2011 #

Rubbish walking 1:00 [3]

A wee trundle round the Devil's Hopyard with Rob. It turned out to be a gorgeous day, and the woods were looking lovely. Nice waterfalls, and the Devil's Oven was pretty silly.

Had a lovely evening last night with M & M, Boris & Kat, Astrid & Gerhard, Shoe Clone and my friend Sarah. Stayed up a bit too late and wasn't much good for anything today, but it was totally worth it.


4th place for Tessa at the World Cup today, and all anyone can talk about on Nopesport is BOF rules and boring crap. I might have to finally give it up.

Whooooo Tessa!

Saturday Oct 1, 2011 #

5 PM

Running 54:04 intensity: (41:00 @3) + (13:04 @4) 5.52 mi (9:48 / mi) +140m 9:05 / mi
ahr:155 max:182 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Easy run with Boris, lots of fun. Boris decided to nose dive into a muddy puddle, which was exciting. I am definitely feeling almost normal again. Yey! And then I left my watch on for the drive home. Worryingly there are so many traffics that it didn't skew our mins per km by that much at all!

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