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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 31 days ending Jan 31, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running22 14:40:01 95.6(9:12) 153.85(5:43) 1873
  Strength4 1:23:34 0.1 0.15 13
  XC Skiing1 1:20:18 4.24(18:56) 6.83(11:46) 88
  Orienteering1 41:08 1.86(22:07) 2.99(13:45) 607 /9c77%
  Core1 20:00
  Stretching1 20:00
  Yoga1 10:00
  Recovery1 6:22 0.64(9:57) 1.03(6:11)
  Total28 19:01:23 102.43 164.85 20347 /9c77%
  [1-5]26 18:31:23
averages - rhr:52 weight:61.4kg

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Monday Jan 31, 2011 #

(rest day)

Quite tough to rest today when you know that ice storm number two is most likely on it's way overnight, but it's a rest day, so rest it is! Think hamstring will appreciate it anyways. Will just run into work if it's mega grim again tomorrow.


If GBR were to succeed in their WOC2015 bid, it would be amazing. These areas are so, so good. It looks like there would be bits of new maps too, though some of all the areas have been used before.

Question is - can I get into / do I want to get into that team?

Core 20:00 [3]
ahr:70 max:125

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Ross, I am now a member of the Core Fusion Clan. As today was a rest day but I have very tight shoulders I gave the arms and the stretching bit a try. My weights haven't arrived yet so I used cans of tomatoes - at about a pound that was plenty! The stretching bit and all that stuff about energy is a bit silly, but it was fun - it'll be good to try out the whole workout (maybe during tomorrow's ice storm. Grrr)

Sunday Jan 30, 2011 #

Event: Bye-bye-O


So, Super Omni Boris rescued me at about 2.15am and I slept there for the rest of the night. Just got back home too late to do everything and come orienteering, and they're still at it out there. Just one JCB and one truck now, but what the hell? Some people might not have slept at all last night. It's really quite disgusting. I feel like crap and am going to coffee it up and hope I can manage a run after the lab this afternoon.


Just went to see The King's Speech with Boris and Kat. Lots of fun, and made me feel homesick in a nice way. Feel almost 100% human now. Phew. Bedtime!
4 PM

Running 40:23 intensity: (11:55 @1) + (22:57 @2) + (5:31 @3) 6.44 km (6:16 / km) +47m 6:03 / km
ahr:142 max:167 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Decided not to fight the tiredness or the snow and just had a really easy jog from home after the lab. Had a really nice time - there's much more clear pavement now and there was hardly any slipping. Could feel back and pelvis loosen as I ran - twinges at the start but much better by the end. On the way back past East Rock all the clouds were tinged with pink, and so was the snow on East Rock. It was lovely, and I feel almost human again. Thai food and a film with Boris and Kat tonight. I really don't know what I'd do without them. Amazing friends.

Saturday Jan 29, 2011 #

Stretching 20:00 [0]
ahr:97 max:112

Found a page online from some guy from Nensa with a series of yoga based pelvis, back, trunk and hamstrings stretches. They were good, and that whole area feels a lot less hurty now.

I now want to go and do laundry even less. Bah. Stupid not having a car in stupid snow in stupid apartment with no stupid washing machine.


And so the Trumbull St clean up begins at midnight. I have three JCBs, two trucks and three smaller things revving and beeping and honking directly outside my house. I hate this weekend. It can piss right off.

An hour in, and they've only half done the end of my street closest to I91. They haven't even started on the second bit. I don't think I'm going to get any decent sleep tonight. This is beyond a joke.

2am and they're now right outside my bedroom. I have tried earplugs, locking myself in the bathroom, and neither works. I am about ready to scream.
1 PM

Running 1:00:05 intensity: (41 @1) + (28 @2) + (49:09 @3) + (9:47 @4) 10.14 km (5:56 / km) +146m 5:32 / km
ahr:166 max:179 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Eurgh. I am officially fed up of the snow now. The big clean up is seriously underway in New Haven, but the roads were a mess, and there were huge piles of snow everywhere, so I decided to try the roads on East Rock. They were tough but okay for the first five mins, then impossible and waist deep, so I had to give up and descend, sinking every second step. Explored a few streets I've not been down before, then up to good old Prospect Hill where the roads were quiet enough to run on. Hamstring really sore by the end, all the slipping is tightening up my pelvis and causing it to hurt. Grass/desert now please! Roll on Arizona (only 20 days to go :s)!

Friday Jan 28, 2011 #


After all that rush to train early on my afternoon meetings were cancelled and left work in daylight. Bah!

In other news, what shops round here might sell fuses? My friend who ate me out of house and home and caused Boris to speed shovel his car out of the snow also seems to have blown my transformer with her hair straighteners. Hurumph. Come on Payday! Just two more days to go...
7 AM

Running 41:27 intensity: (26 @1) + (1:37 @2) + (30:15 @3) + (9:09 @4) 6.87 km (6:02 / km) +70m 5:45 / km
ahr:165 max:177 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Today was the first run in a long time that I didn't really enjoy. Thanks to nobody bothering to turn up to work for the last week, all my meetings have been shifted to today and thus I had to get out early to run. The early start was fine, but carrying the heavy bag on slippy snow was not. I tried out the stabilisers, which are going to be great for walking on ice but weren't too good for running as they slipped around my shoes causing my legs to track weirdly, so took them off and just slipped everywhere. (I need my dobs Rob, put them in the post please!) Got annoyed with all the half cleared pavements and all the dead ends - the fresh snow really is too deep to run in now. Was glad to finish. Next time will drop my bag at the gym and then run, much better to be lighter on this stuff.

Strength 15:33 intensity: (8:06 @1) + (3:15 @2) + (4:12 @3)
ahr:138 max:160 weight:61kg shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Due to faffing with stabilisers, was late to the gym and had to do a super speedy mega core circuit. 8 pull ups this time. Might try one without -25 next week! Also reweighed and it seems I was all bloatey with PMS on Monday, and weight is actually pretty constant. Good stuff.

Thursday Jan 27, 2011 #

(rest day)

Rest day - had a walk in to work in the beautiful post storm sunshine. City are being a bit slow on the clean up this time, and places like the green are impassable. Looks amazing out there!

Wednesday Jan 26, 2011 #


Block 3 finished - finally running over a marathon per week, and feeling good about it! This was a really good idea from Kitch - I feel motivated, and I can feel the improvement in both my running and my state of mind. It's all about priorities. Thanks Mister!

Yoga 10:00 [0]

Actually 40 mins but very low impact. Yoga focussing on Abs, back, and then a good set of back and pelvis stretches. Right hamstring and butt is tight after all that slip sliding on snow.
8 AM

Running 36:11 intensity: (1:27 @1) + (2:10 @2) + (27:03 @3) + (5:31 @4) 6.66 km (5:26 / km) +79m 5:08 / km
ahr:161 max:179 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Before work and before storm run round the neighbourhood. Streets a bit slippy in a few places to the north. I can't wait for everything to go away - going to feel like I'm flying once crossing every road doesn't take 20 seconds and my feet don't slip back every step.

In other news, why do people insist on standing stock still, talking on their phones, in the middle of the very narrow corridor onto the pavement at each road junction? Today I had to ask three to move. Just walk a metre further and stand in the wide bit! Idiots. I just questioned my spelling of metre when it was underlined on the spell check. Uh oh.

Tuesday Jan 25, 2011 #

8 AM

Running 39:12 intensity: (41 @1) + (6:00 @2) + (32:31 @3) 3.97 mi (9:53 / mi) +84m 9:16 / mi
ahr:156 max:170 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Morning run in the snow. Really screwed up on the shoe choice, should have tried out my stabilisers but went for none-dobbed O shoes. Eurgh! Slipping and sliding everywhere, the fresh stuff was wet and the ice underneath was not fun. So went up onto the packed down trails on East Rock, and they were better. Legs felt tired at the start but improved during the run.

Monday Jan 24, 2011 #


-16 outside? Really?! Brrrr!! 8am training not looking so fun....
8 AM

Running 44:55 intensity: (29 @1) + (2:09 @2) + (38:58 @3) + (3:19 @4) 7.89 km (5:42 / km) +134m 5:15 / km
ahr:161 max:176

8am training actually really fun! Had a huge rucksac with all my warm work clothes in, and my lunch, but running felt easy. Still pretty slippy in places and some serious climbing of snow banks to do, but despite the extreme cold (certainly cleared out the airways!) it was a gorgeous morning, and I really enjoyed this.

Strength 21:22 intensity: (18:05 @1) + (3:01 @2) + (16 @3) 0.0 km
ahr:127 max:155 weight:62.1kg shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Same strength session as last week with same weight, but this time managed all the dips (3 x 12) at -25, and also managed 5 pull ups at -25. Yey! Unfortunately two weeks of Rob has not been good for my weight loss mission - back to it now he's left!

Sunday Jan 23, 2011 #

9 AM

Running 36:17 intensity: (32 @1) + (32 @2) + (31:36 @3) + (3:37 @4) 4.16 mi (8:43 / mi) +99m 8:07 / mi
ahr:163 max:177 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Wee morning run after the bonkers Burns Night and before heading into NYC. Beautiful sunny morning again, great to be out, I wasn't early but New Haven was pretty deserted. Rob goes home today which is rubbish :(

Saturday Jan 22, 2011 #


Slept almost all day yesterday, and 11 hours last night. RHR back down again now and no headache.


I just asked if I was pregnant by a complete douche bag of a middle aged man, who then tried to cover for his mistake by telling me I shouldn't be wearing the top I was wearing. Complete arsehole. I am REALLY angry!
3 PM

Running 50:02 intensity: (35 @1) + (3:31 @2) + (41:15 @3) + (4:41 @4) 5.24 mi (9:33 / mi) +169m 8:41 / mi
ahr:162 max:175 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Okay, so I probably shouldn't have done my longest run of the block today, after yesterday's wipe out, but it was a stunningly gorgeous day, I felt alright, I had the time, and East Rock looked really inviting with all the sun reflecting off the snow. So I went for it. The going was tough in a couple of places, but still way easier than last Sunday! Most of the time I was just about staying on top of the icy crust, which was perfect. Made it to the top of East Rock for gorgeous views in the lovely late afternoon night, and then almost made it back home. Brilliant.

Friday Jan 21, 2011 #

rhr:59 (sick) (rest day)

Definitely actually sick today. RHR well up, throat full of goo and absolutely no energy to move. Rubbish.

Thursday Jan 20, 2011 #

(rest day)

I am going to take an extra rest day before the final mini block. I've been feeling a bit weak and tired (between but not during running) for a week now, and today I've had a stonking headache all day. Everyone seems to be fluey and ill around the lab, so a bit of extra rest won't do any harm. Feels rubbish to finally skive a day. It has gone very well since I started the new plan! But still, one day extra off is no great disaster.
5 PM

Running 41:48 intensity: (1:03 @1) + (4:25 @2) + (32:52 @3) + (3:28 @4) 4.93 mi (8:29 / mi) +50m 8:13 / mi
ahr:159 max:178 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Okay, so scrap that! Decided to run home to see if I could clear my head, as I was headachey and bleurgh, and actually felt great. Gorgeous night, clear and cold, and most of the pavements were actually clear - just a bit of ice running/skating when I got to East Rock. Head feels a bit better now so glad I went. Now to try and sort out this pie...

Wednesday Jan 19, 2011 #

(rest day)

Rest day! Just have to navigate the ice rink to work...


Eeeeee! This has been a week of amazing news. My first paper just got accepted!

Tuesday Jan 18, 2011 #

9 AM

Running 38:01 intensity: (27 @1) + (16 @2) + (35:54 @3) + (1:24 @4) 4.02 mi (9:27 / mi) +70m 8:58 / mi
ahr:163 max:174 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Eurgh! I finally found a form of extreme weather that even I can't get excited about! It had snowed overnight, about 1-2 new inches, and by the time I woke up in the morning (I think it was morning, it's still pretty dark out there even now) it had turned to an "ice storm." A bit of cold rain I thought. Not so much.

I decided that I didn't want to cycle or walk to work, or run in that at all, but as I had to do both of those things, a run to work would be the best way to kill as many birds as possible with one stone. It was really tough out there though. The first section in East Rock was slippy and sinky, no sure footing, and having to expend a lot more energy that I wanted to move forward at snail's pace. Then I climbed to Prospect Hill, and ran on the empty roads most of the way. Once I hit Science Hill though, every pavement was an ice rink, I was skidding everywhere, and after three or four people gave me funny looks I realised my hair was entirely frozen into a spiky disaster zone. When I looked at my Garmin, it also had a layer of ice over it, and my goretex jacket was entirely stiff with ice. Mental. Made it safely to the coffee shop to get a warming drink (a bit overtime due to poor estimation of ice slippage time), only to find that the handy route across the car park to work was an ice rink. Wasn't going anywhere but on my butt in my trainers. Eventually a very nice man with YakTrax held my hand across the car park, and I was at work, looking a bit like a frozen La Roux, and for once, glad to be in the lab! Thank god tomorrow is a rest day. That was yucky.

Monday Jan 17, 2011 #


Legs tired today on the cycle in. Yesterday counts as my tempo effort (higher HR than usual despite definitely not tempo), and this weekend has also required more strength. So the two final sessions in this block will be easyish 36 mins ish.
4 PM

Running 40:10 intensity: (33:54 @1) + (5:31 @2) + (45 @3) 3.9 mi (10:18 / mi) +62m 9:49 / mi
ahr:134 max:153 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Bleurgh! Rubbish day where I realised I've been doing some really tricky bioinformatics on the wrong end of the gene we're interested in, and hence have wasted the last four days of intermittent work. Idiot. Add to that being really tired from the weekend, and I was moody and fed up this afternoon. Rob decided to join me for a run though, and we just took it really easily and by the end I felt better in every respect. We treated ourselves to a "home cooked" meal from Nica's (very tasty beef stew) and now actually have a free evening ahead of us. I feel entirely better. That's the longest Rob has run since he was a teenager. Ace.

Sunday Jan 16, 2011 #

2 PM

Orienteering 41:08 intensity: (49 @1) + (5 @2) + (21:44 @3) + (18:30 @4) *** 2.99 km (13:45 / km) +60m 12:30 / km
ahr:167 max:181 spiked:7/9c shoes: Inov8s

My first ever go at Mobile-O, and Rob's initiation to orienteering! He guided me round the course, and was very successful. It was super tough out there in the soft snow, and there was a few places where I slowed to a walk. We hit everything until number 7, where I didn't turn right enough and we ended up at 8. So I had to turn round and go up the big hill, which was pretty hard work. Then overshot number 9 a little by being on the wrong side of the ridge. It was really fun and I was dead impressed with Rob's planning. He should really have a go at the real thing! Great to be out in the snow, and focussing on the running and talking meant I felt a lot better than yesterday. I reckon we lost about 4 mins out there, and it would have been less without snow. Pretty cool.

Saturday Jan 15, 2011 #


Failed to get up and run today, but we are going skiing all day so I'm sure that counts for now.
11 AM

XC Skiing 1:20:18 intensity: (1:17:26 @1) + (2:52 @2) 4.24 mi (18:56 / mi) +88m 17:47 / mi
ahr:118 max:145

Wasn't feeling it at all today. An absolute lack of energy the whole time. My technique is improving but I didn't have the oomph in me to raise the heartrate and go for it at all. So spent a lot of time just doing that walk shuffle thing. A real shame as I was looking forward to getting on groomed trails again!

Also, the people were mean. One girl was skating the wrong way up a long one way hill (so I couldn't see the bottom or her) and yelled at me for having the cheek to be skiing down it (the right way). Then an older lady yelled at us because we passed her and then slowed down - because we were stuck behind her husband and another guys having a chat. A lot of angst out there at Winding Trails - can't we all just get along? Feels like a bit of a wasted day, but we did enjoy the game of Contact on the way back. Hope I feel better for Mobile-O tomorrow.

Friday Jan 14, 2011 #

10 AM

Running 46:04 intensity: (40 @1) + (1:06 @2) + (15:53 @3) + (27:14 @4) + (1:11 @5) 5.0 mi (9:13 / mi) +93m 8:43 / mi
ahr:172 max:187

Boris and I dragged each other out on a cold Friday morning (I am taking a computer at home day after all the mousey late nights this week) and it's a good job, because I found it tough going out there. The snow was pretty crunchy and still quite sinky in places, and I was having to push really hard to get through it. So not the best, but I feel all the better for having gotten out there.

Strength 22:39 intensity: (16:28 @1) + (3:28 @2) + (2:43 @3) 0.15 km (2:27:05 / km) +13m 1:43:25 / km
ahr:132 max:157 weight:61.2kg

I do want to get back to the gym again, but from now on I am only allowed to do it after I have done my running for the day. If I'm tired, I skip it. To get back into doing proper stuff I found an old core circuit of Steve's, which doesn't work the legs much but gives your core a good thrashing.

Bosu core circuit - 3 sets of 12 crunches, 12 obliques and 20 Russian twists. My core is now too weak to keep my feet off the ground during this - I am a long long way from a Rocky.

Weights all 7.5lb
Runners arms 3 x 25
45 Degree power presses 3 x 10
Bent over lat raises 3 x 10

Assisted dips -25lb 12, 6

I can do two proper pull ups with -25 assistance. Alex kicks my butt

Finished off with a couple of planks with arm front, arm to the side. Also, I weighed in when I arrived. 61.2kg as opposed to the 63 at the end of November. And I look much better in my kit too. Win.

Recovery 6:22 intensity: (1:09 @1) + (2:44 @2) + (2:29 @3) 0.64 mi (9:57 / mi)
ahr:146 max:156

Very slow jog back from the gym, it was way too cold to walk.

Thursday Jan 13, 2011 #

(rest day)

Rest day! Arthur has booked me flights to Tucson for the conference, so I can go orienteering in Arizona. Wicked! Just had to go on another choccie milk mission, but it was great to be outside - it's a beautiful crisp day out there. Lovely.

Wednesday Jan 12, 2011 #


There's a lot of buzz about this on the internet at the moment:

I have half a mind to take a crate of beers round to "Amy Chau's house in New Haven" and get poor Sophia and Louisa hideously, horribly drunk while Mummy is stuck at the Law School. Poor kids.
9 AM

Running 42:30 intensity: (9:48 @1) + (1:21 @2) + (31:03 @3) + (18 @4) 3.9 mi (10:54 / mi) +49m 10:29 / mi
ahr:146 max:174

New Haven was a crazy ghost town this morning. It looks like something out of "The Road" no cars moving, bedraggled looking people forcing their way through the storm to work. I didn't think the snow was that deep, until I stepped outside in my running kit (plus rucksac of normal clothes) and immediately sank to my knees on my doorstep. What ensued was a huge amount of fun - basically terrain intervals depending on whether each section was cleared or not. I saw two people cross country skiing to work, and the Undergrad Campus looked stunningly beautiful with the icing sugar trees. Great stuff!

Started watch and then accidentally stopped it with my coat cuffs, so have added a bit extra for the run up Orange at the start.


Tuesday Jan 11, 2011 #

11 AM

Running 41:19 intensity: (14 @1) + (13 @2) + (24:54 @3) + (15:58 @4) 5.01 mi (8:15 / mi) +64m 7:56 / mi
ahr:168 max:179 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Lunchtime run from work as the mice gorge themselves on chocolate milk. Hamstring ache present but a lot better than yesterday - another good stretch tonight and hopefully it'll ease out. In the middle of the run did a 5 min marathon pace tempo bit based on HR (around 175-178) - average speed was 7.09/mile for that bit, which is just about perfect. Good to get out before the storm descends - tomorrow's run may well be another mega hardcore one!

Monday Jan 10, 2011 #

Strength 24:00 [1]
ahr:87 max:138

Due to the time of night (stupid o' clock), a very low impact "strength" session on the mat, followed by ten mins of stretches. I learnt doing this that the muscle that works when you do leg raises lying on your side is really weak on my left. 15 is really easy when I'm lying on my left and raising my right, but more than three in a row is impossible the other way round. I'm wondering whether my right side is doing most of the work when running, and that's why I have the tight right hammie? Any ideas? Almost certainly worth trying to do something about regardless.
7 PM

Running 41:24 intensity: (1:43 @1) + (5:39 @2) + (33:30 @3) + (32 @4) 4.53 mi (9:08 / mi) +105m 8:31 / mi
ahr:159 max:175

This was a bit more like ice skating in places than running! After a long day in the lab I made it out pretty late, and as the pavements were icy, thought I would do some snowy stuff. The snow wasn't iced over though, so I was slipping all over the place, and then couldn't run too quick on the pavements because they were icy too. Still, very glad to get out after a busy day. My right hamstring doesn't like the slipping around though, it's pretty sore now, despite a good stretch out.

Sunday Jan 9, 2011 #

(rest day)

Rest day! Felt a bit spaced all day today, have slept a lot. Maybe too much...

Saturday Jan 8, 2011 #

1 PM

Running 32:51 intensity: (1:38 @1) + (6:57 @2) + (15:32 @3) + (8:44 @4) 3.1 mi (10:36 / mi) +170m 9:03 / mi
ahr:159 max:181

Beautiful birthday run. Rob joined me, and we ran up to East Rock, and then when I hit my limit for today we walked the rest of the way to the top. The snow was pretty thick in places and there was some serious quad burning going on - I was impressed at Rob's speed in this stuff. Boys are very lucky in that respect. A lovely way to spend my birthday, and made us feel less bad for sleeping in all morning. I love free weekends!

Found this little guy on the top of East Rock. I like his hair:

Block 2 finished, really starting to enjoy the regular running thing again, and definitely feeling the benefits! Up to 41 minutes average for the next block, so all runs will be between 36 and 46 minutes. After that block, it's probably not too long before I can slip an intervals session per week in there.

Friday Jan 7, 2011 #

6 PM

Running 37:49 intensity: (3:01 @1) + (4:44 @2) + (29:36 @3) + (28 @4) 4.0 mi (9:27 / mi) +72m 8:57 / mi
ahr:152 max:175

Garmin worked this time, but bizarrely it thinks today is yesterday. Had to manually change the date as it it convinced its the 6th. Anymore ideas?! Weird. Timed my run perfectly to test out the crisp crunchy new snow, really really fun - even manged to do the base of East Rock in the not really dark. It was raining a bit by the end so I still don't think we'll manage sledging tomorrow. Legs feeling great, stomach unfortunately feeling bloody awful. I blame it on the strong coffee from Koffee? Might have to try and avoid that.

Thursday Jan 6, 2011 #

Running 30:30 [3] 3.77 mi (8:05 / mi)
shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Biked into the lab, set up PCR number 3, ran home, back into lab. Weird things happening with my Garmin - it was definitely recording while I ran today, but now I can't find the data by download or by checking unit history. Did I press the wrong thing? I'm having problem with the Firefox plugin, thing keeps crashing. Any ideas? Bah, annoyed to have lost data. Very silly!


So turns out my super early start wasn't needed! After a 4 day experiment I have never performed before, the first three runs have produced such spectacularly good results that he doesn't feel the need to assess the rest of the genes! So now just have to write up the method, and I can get in that car to pick up Rob with a clear conscience!

I still hate ChIP though. What a labour intensive procedure! And I am still unsure about just how quantitative it really is, but that's an argument for outside this particular grant proposal.

For once, it has actually come together. Perhaps working all through Christmas was actually worth it! (Not).

Wednesday Jan 5, 2011 #


I am super sleepy today, think I'm still catching up from the weekend. Got up nearly two hours later than I had planned, and am having a slow breakfast contemplating a busy day in the lab. Think I will get a run in just before dark though, when I set my PCRs going. I had a dream about me and Kelly trying to escape from an evil mouse. He was really evil. It was a horrible dream, and I kept waking up and going back into it. Cue...really sleepy today.
6 PM

Running 40:01 intensity: (1:05 @1) + (2:08 @2) + (31:22 @3) + (5:26 @4) 5.01 mi (7:59 / mi) +72m 7:39 / mi
ahr:160 max:182

It's grant data time again! I have too many PCR reactions to set up in the hours remaining until the deadline, and so am still in the lab at 9.20. Managed to get out for a run after run number 1 was set up, and blasted around Science Hill and then East Rock. Feeling really good out there tonight despite the long day, effortless and cruisey but not too slow. Yey!

Tuesday Jan 4, 2011 #

11 AM

Running 33:58 intensity: (2:02 @1) + (8:04 @2) + (23:52 @3) 3.76 mi (9:02 / mi) +89m 8:25 / mi
ahr:151 max:168

An interesting training session. I rather cleverly forgot to bring my running shoes to work, but I was wearing pump type New Balance things and figured it'd be kind of like running barefoot. So I decided to jog slowly and stick to snow and grass wherever possible, and it worked well. I didn't notice any changes in running off hard stuff, but on hard stuff I was forefoot striking and all that stuff I hear people talk about. It was hard work!

Bumped into both Anne-Louise and unpronunciation while I was out on my run. This is beginning to feel a bit like Sheffield! It's much nicer outside now everything is crispy and cold again. The snow must hold off until Rob is safely ensconced at Trumbull St though!

Sunday Jan 2, 2011 #


Okay, so what weekends are good for people to do some New England based training? Rob is here from the 6th Jan to the 23rd, so I am unavailable then. I am also in New Mexico for one week in February. Aside from that, I am keen to start getting out on some maps (weather permitting), and it would be good to plan things for others to join in. Everyone welcome young or old, not just speedy types - emphasis this early on would be short loop courses focussing on specific techniques - the super fit ones will just do more of them.

Throw some dates at me and let's see what we can do!
11 AM

Running 35:03 intensity: (29 @1) + (1:00 @2) + (21:09 @3) + (12:25 @4) 4.3 mi (8:09 / mi) +113m 7:32 / mi
ahr:165 max:183

Back in the lab today but while my cells were thawing very slowly in the cold room I got out for a run. Miserable, drizzly warm day that felt just like home. The snow is now very soggy, and there are big filthy puddles everywhere. I felt a bit crummy for the first five, then brightened up and enjoyed it after that.

Saturday Jan 1, 2011 #


Just got back from Manhattan from my first all nighter in a very long time! Today's run is going to be interesting. To bed for now!

slept:0.0 (rest day)

Okay, after an hour of failing to sleep, it is becoming clear that running today is a bad plan, TM. So I will restart the block of 4 tomorrow! Get the crummy days of the year out of the way early! Totally worth it, last night was a lot of fun. So good to be surrounded by lots of life and people!
7 PM

Running 30:01 intensity: (2:55 @1) + (15:02 @2) + (12:04 @3) 3.38 mi (8:53 / mi) +36m 8:36 / mi
ahr:147 max:169

Okay! You can't actually start a new year like that can you?! Managed to get to sleep at about 1pm, and slept for four hours or so. After a restoring spaghetti bolognese and a couple of episodes of Buffy (Including the highly appropriate "Beer Bad," although in this case it was more "Special cocktail totally disgusting but very potent and hideously expensive, and so must be drunk at all costs bad.") I decided to venture out for what I assumed would be a painful and slow jog. It was actually an easy cruisey run that felt really good the whole way, and I am now very pleased with myself.

I have never made resolutions before, but this year I am going to:

Run a sub 40 minute 10km
Run a sub 90 minute half marathon
Win an A meet race that isn't on Pine Hill where I first disqualify myself and then make 5 minutes less mistakes than everyone else makes in the second round

I'm not going to give myself a time frame, but given the summer heat a late spring 10km and an autumn half would make sense. This is going to take a lot of work but today has persuaded me that I can become a runner again.

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