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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 31 days ending May 31, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling17 9:00:04
  Recovery10 5:09:21 34.35(9:00) 55.28(5:36)
  Long run3 4:25:55 31.92(8:20) 51.37(5:11)
  Strength4 4:25:22
  Running3 1:48:30 11.0 17.7
  Warm up & strides7 1:29:38 7.0 11.27
  Orienteering2 1:28:42 7.83(11:20) 12.6(7:02) 35036 /43c83%
  Tempo run3 1:28:26 12.61(7:01) 20.3(4:21)
  Circuits2 1:04:50
  Intervals2 25:23 4.0(6:21) 6.44(3:57)
  Stretching2 20:00
  Total25 31:06:11 108.72 174.96 35036 /43c83%
  [1-5]25 30:46:11
averages - sleep:10 rhr:48

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Saturday May 31, 2008 #

Recovery 55:02 [2] 6.0 mi (9:10 / mi)
ahr:158 max:182 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Easy run around the Callaghan State Park just at the end of Anne and Rog's lovely road in the suburbs. Turned my ankle halfway which was sore for a few mins, and found an overgrown tennis court at the top of the hill. This place is beautiful, less than a minute from there house and so much forest to run further out to. Amazing.

Stretching 10:00 [0]

Inspired by Nixon's comment, and my slightly rubbish knee of late, I thought it would be a good idea to at least try to stretch properly, as opposed to token efforts.

Friday May 30, 2008 #

(rest day)

3 hours more walking around NYC then a veeeery slow moving journey to Boston. I managed to buy no clothes at all. The dull headache of the last few days has finally receeded, so will hopefully feel up to training ina couple of days.

Thursday May 29, 2008 #

(rest day)

Travel to New York. Took a rest day but walked around for 3 hours in flats with bare feet and got massive blisters. Not sure what I think of New York's certainly no Rome!

Wednesday May 28, 2008 #

Cycling 14:37 [2]
ahr:108 max:152 (rest day)

Cycling into work but not back. Still feeling rubbish, head like it's in a vice and throat tickling, then got some totally rubbish news from supervisor (bye bye Jukola and Estonia) and was in far too much of a state to do anything but cry at Rob and pack for the States. Shite.

Tuesday May 27, 2008 #

Cycling 34:16 [2]
ahr:113 max:137 (rest day)

Cycling into work and back. Felt like shite and couldn't get heart rate up even in ORchard Brae, so took a rest day.

Monday May 26, 2008 #

Circuits 31:45 [3]
ahr:118 max:160

Core circuit - 5kg in each hand on everything, -30kg for the assisted pull ups and dips. Ouch!

Cycling 18:32 [2]
shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Cycle into work, Edinburgh bizarrely gridlocked again for a lunchtime.

Recovery 46:12 [3] 6.0 mi (7:42 / mi)
ahr:164 max:183 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Run from work down the Water of Leith and through Stockbridge and Inverleith Park. Feeling tons better than I did for any of last week, the rest must have done me good. Legs had power, was cruising pretty fast.

Sunday May 25, 2008 #

slept:12.0 (rest day)

Slept for 12 hours until I woke up at lunchtime, then spent the day in the Botanic Gardens with Rob, reading Cosmo in the sunshine. Feeling a lot better now. I need to get my weeks sorted so I rest and sleep properly after these longs runs, as I'm assuming this is what's knocking me out. When I'm back from the States they'll be done routinely on Saturdays so that I can rest and do nothing or very short O on Sunday. Plan!

Saturday May 24, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 9:44 [3]
ahr:156 max:173 (rest day) shoes: Integrators

Bugger. Made it as far as that start for the Scottish Champs having slept all the way on the bus and then for an hour before I got ready, but by the time I got there I felt dizzy and out of breath and decided starting would be a rather silly idea, and so walked back. Rubbish. Not feeling exactly ill, just uber uber tired - I never sleep on minibuses, especially not after a full night's sleep. Whacked. Sold lots of cakes instead, which was fun!

Friday May 23, 2008 #

Cycling 13:59 [2]
ahr:118 max:150

Cycle into work - hurting a lot less than I expected after last night!

Cycling 24:53 [2]
ahr:107 max:137

Cycling home. My legs didn't like me much.

Recovery 38:03 [2] 4.35 mi (8:45 / mi)
ahr:139 max:164 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Gossip run with Kir - fantastic to run with someone, so much easier, and good to catch up on the gossip - feels like it's been ages. The sun was shining too, and my watch strap mark is getting silly by the day.

Thursday May 22, 2008 #

Cycling 13:20 [2]
ahr:110 max:138

Cycle into work.

Long run 1:59:45 [4] 14.64 mi (8:11 / mi)
ahr:165 max:181 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Long run, route at

Felt rubbish for the first two miles, when I hit the seas started to enjoy myself watching the parachute surfer guys. All good until the hill up to Costorphine where everypart of my legs started to hurt. Fine again on the flat and downhill, then the steps on the loop back through Costorphine pretty much killed me. By the time I got back every fibre in my muscle was screaming at me, but having returned from what I think was probably my longest run ever at any kind of pace, it felt kind of good too.

Cycling 18:01 [2]
ahr:137 max:160 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

No rest for the weekend though, had a quick shower at work (at 7.30pm, how sad), then jumped on the bike and pegged it to Fountainbridge to see Indiana Jones! Luckily I have an ace boyfriend who meets me there with large portions of tasty pasty from the Italian takeaway behind his house. Legend. Indiana Jones is a lot of fun, Cate Blanchett is excellent as a very silly Russian, though it's a shame that to suspend belief these days you have to involve extra terrestrials. Sooo much fun though.

Wednesday May 21, 2008 #

Strength 1:25:47 [4]
ahr:109 max:158 rhr:41

HR back down to normal and feeling fine, so went for the planned heavy gym session with plenty of rest and gossip in between.

Back squat 60kg 4 x 5
Lunge with OH press 22.5kg 4 x 8
Bent over row 42.5kg 4 x 5
BB Roll outs 3 x 10
One handed landmines throw and catch 15kg 3 x 10 (yeouch, ace fun!)

Cycling 16:05 [2]
ahr:123 max:152

Really irritating cycle in to work, even at 11.15 Edinburgh was virtually gridlocked today. Minging.


When are we going to get elite races sorted in this country? Elite starts at the Scottish champs are spread over 2.5 hours and with no seeding whatsoever, with myself and the top Scottish Junior into the forest a whole two hours before the super vets start. What a joke. What's the point in having an elite course if you don't do it properly? Just have a long and leave it at that.

Recovery 1:00:10 [2] 6.0 mi (10:02 / mi)
ahr:140 max:150 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Did a proper recovery run today instead of a marathon style training one, after feeling a bit blah for the past few days and having to squeeze in my long run tomorrow. So did a nice flat/downhill loop from work and kept the heart rate around 70%. Felt nice, but my left knee is a bit twingey.

Cycling 21:57 [2]
ahr:130 max:163 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Rushed cycle home to get changed and zoom out to see Caribou.

Tuesday May 20, 2008 #

rhr:54 slept:10.0 (sick) (rest day)

HR up this morning despite huge amounts of sleep and though I don't feel particularly rubbish (slightly scratchy throat and heavy head seems to be the worst of the symptoms), figured a rest was in order - I have absolutely no need to screw my body over right now!

Monday May 19, 2008 #

(rest day)

Feeling a little ropey at Rob's, heavy head and tired despite lots of sleep, so decided to rest today. Was feeling worse by the time we got back to Edinburgh late on.

Sunday May 18, 2008 #

Long run 1:38:33 [4] 12.0 mi (8:13 / mi)
ahr:172 max:183 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Rob dropped me off at Ogden in the beautiful sunshine and I ran a winding way back to Harden. Although this is net downhill there were plenty of big hills and rough paths and doing this run in the right kind of time was a real challenge: aiming for miles in 8.26 again. The first two miles up to the turbines was really tough! Good session.

Friday May 16, 2008 #

Strength 54:09 [3]
shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Strength set number three for the week. Lighter weights, lots of reps, more complex moves with a fast tempo today. Still damned hard work, think my body is just remembering how to train properly again.

Hang snatch with OH press 15kg 4 x 10
OH Press 15kh 4 x 10
Kettlebell swings 12kg 4 x 10

Super set: DB Press 12kg 4 x 10, DB Row 10kg 4 x 10

Cycling 29:35 [2]
ahr:118 max:150 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Legs feeling stiff so took a longer spin than usual into work, really easy.

Cycling 23:26 [2]
ahr:119 max:149

Dead easy cycle home, legs a bit leaden.

Warm up & strides 17:13 [3] 2.0 mi (8:36 / mi)
ahr:146 max:163 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Run to the start of tempo run - feeling pretty tired and stiff despite the downhill!

Tempo run 24:21 [4] 3.4 mi (7:10 / mi)
ahr:177 max:183 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Tempo run - was over ambitious in my planning and the hills were too big, so changed course at mile one and ran for 16 mins after that - was running hard the whole way (much better than I anticipated after the big hill at the start), but a little off the pace.

Recovery 19:03 [2] 2.0 mi (9:31 / mi)
ahr:155 max:182 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Very slow jog back to the Meadows for a very well deserved ice cream and glamour magazine break. Mmmm.

Thursday May 15, 2008 #

Cycling 13:46 [2]
ahr:111 max:136 (rest day) shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Cycle into work. Then I was tired and Andrea became Dr Andrea so I drank champagne and went to the pub instead of training :)

Wednesday May 14, 2008 #

Cycling 17:38 [2]
ahr:111 max:136

Cycle into work

Running 39:46 [3] 5.0 mi (7:57 / mi)
ahr:157 max:173 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Neutral paced run along the roseburn path, down the water of leith to stockbridge, and back through inverleith park. Mostly downhill, nice and relaxing.

Cycling 18:54 [2]
ahr:133 max:158 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Cycle to the gym - sick of not being able to get around Shandwick Place in this direction. Pah.

Strength 1:10:15 [3]
ahr:112 max:158 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Strength session - supposed to be medium heavy again. Felt much better than last week - guess it's the lack of post 10km pain.

Back squat 55kg 4 x 5
Lunge with OH Press 20kg 4 x 8 (Jon says I still need to tighten up a bit on these but they were a world better than last week!)
Bent over row 40kg 4 x 5
BB Roll outs 3 x 10
One armed landmines 15kg 3 x 10

Then I had to fanny around a bit because some retard had managed to lock my bike to theirs. And through an inch wide gap on my panier rack. Looks like it must have taken actual effort to do so. Moron.

Tuesday May 13, 2008 #

Cycling 20:21 [2]

Into work via Ripping to get Ladytron tickets - yey!

Warm up & strides 14:07 [3] 1.5 mi (9:25 / mi)
ahr:148 max:179 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Warm up and strides in a very sunny Inverleith Park.

Intervals 12:20 [4] 2.0 mi (6:10 / mi)
ahr:183 max:191 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

2 miles in Inverleith Park - supposed to be at 6.37/mile but I felt good and just ran as fast as I could. The loop rises to a high corner so there's a good quarter of a mile uphill, and half of it is on a dirt track rather than road. Not a bad loop at all though, and certainly felt stronger than last week's in the Meadows.

Recovery 11:52 [2] 1.0 mi (11:52 / mi)
ahr:157 max:189 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Jog back to work. Sooo sunny!

Cycling 17:05 [3]
ahr:144 max:169 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Uber speedy cycle into town to meet Rob in time, just made it. Had an awesome night at Oran Mor, Ladytron were huge!

Monday May 12, 2008 #

Cycling 38:37 [2]

Cycling to work and then back to the gym.

Circuits 33:05 [3]
ahr:99 max:158 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

New short Monday core circuit, including the wobble pad burn circuit. Used light weights today - 2kg in first half and -36 on the dips and pull ups, but still struggling on the last set, and the burn circuit was really sore!

Recovery 50:25 [3] 6.0 mi (8:24 / mi)
ahr:160 max:182 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Same run as last Monday, but instead of trying to push to keep times ran at neutral pace, and actually managed 8.26/mile almost exactly. Felt much easier than last week, I guess 10 miles in terrain is easier than 10km pounding the tarmac.

Sunday May 11, 2008 #

Long run 47:37 [4] 8.5 km (5:36 / km)
ahr:160 max:179 shoes: Integrators

First half of today's long run - to the start, back to the car park, to the start again, then a final km, straight into the start box, and off on my course! To the start was pretty hefty continual uphill, pretty hard work! Times for 2.5km blocks (with 1km at end):

15.00, 11.47, 14.40 (6.10)

Orienteering race 1:06:43 [4] **** 7.7 km (8:40 / km) +195m 7:41 / km
ahr:178 max:186 spiked:17/20c shoes: Integrators

And the second half of the long run, the W21L course. Straight line distance 6.9km, actual run distance measured incredibly scientifically with a piece of string as above. Was going okay on the moor, no real pace in my legs but strong, and navigating awesomely, though the motorway of elephant tracks aided this a lot in places. In the wood it got more physical, and the navigation got trickier, and I was really tired, and I missed three times in the last control pick type loop, the first mistake was understandable, second a bit dodgy, but the third was a total silly one, lost confidence at the last minute and dropped well below the feature, despite being about 20m metres from it. So all in all not too bad, Lorna and Sarah beat me by just over a minute. A real test for the mind and body - am ready for a big dinner now :)


I just noticed that a marathon is just a bit more than the total miles I did this week.


Saturday May 10, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 13:29 [3] 1.5 mi (8:59 / mi)
ahr:143 max:160

Warm up jog before Scottish sprints, strides at the start. Stomach feeling bleurgh so nothing too active.

Orienteering race 21:59 [5] ***** 4.9 km (4:29 / km) +155m 3:52 / km
ahr:189 max:201 spiked:19/23c shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Awesome time at the Scottish Sprint Champs. Jon X has planned a mega course full of many many hills and devious routes (missed at least two of the best ones completely while I was out there). Actual straight line distance was 3km, full distance run logged for marathon stuff :) Fluffed one control majorly, thought I was being clever and getting number 13 right but was actually being an idiot and was in the completely wrong walled bit. Missed the best route on 8 and 16 for sure, there may be others! Legs were still stiff but speed felt pretty good, and managed to win by just over a minute. So much fun!

Recovery 5:23 [2] 0.5 mi (10:46 / mi)
ahr:164 max:177 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Very short warm down with Kir as they were uber quick with the prize giving.

Friday May 9, 2008 #

Cycling 37:31 [2]
ahr:108 max:137 (rest day)

Cycle into work and back - was really tired despite a good 8 hours sleep this morning and cycled to work, but my cells weren't ready, so cycled home again intending on doing yesterday's long run but feel dreadful - sore head, tired. Going to go to bed with a book instead. Rubbish. And I'll have to be int he lab all day tomorrow. Even more rubbish.

Thursday May 8, 2008 #

Cycling 13:09 [2]
ahr:109 max:147

Cycle into work, feeling rubbish and stressed after a busy week of things going really really badly.

Wednesday May 7, 2008 #

Strength 55:11 [3]
ahr:117 max:155

Strength session - new completely super tailor made plan from Steve to slot perfectly into the marathon training. Again it hurt lots after three weeks off - I keep forgetting not to do that!

Back squat 50kg 4 x 5
Lunge with OH Press 20kg 4 x 5
Bent over row 40kg 4 x 5
BB Roll outs 3 x 10
One handed land mines 12kg 3 x 10 - felt fine at the time, but mucho pain on Thursday!

Cycling 14:26 [2]
ahr:121 max:151

Cycle into work.

Tuesday May 6, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 12:18 [2] 1.0 mi (12:18 / mi)
ahr:143 max:166 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Warm up and strides in a sunny morning in the Meadows. Saw Gavin Glove (before 9am! :o) and said hi.

Intervals 13:03 [5] 2.0 mi (6:31 / mi)
ahr:187 max:190 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

2 miles at 6.37 pace - just under again. Legs pretty stiff, looking forward to tomorrow's rest - think I'll have a spin down to Cramond.

6.28, 6.35

Recovery 14:15 [3] 1.5 mi (9:30 / mi)
ahr:155 max:187 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

800m jog between reps and the jog home - would have liked longer but have a silly meeting to get to.

Monday May 5, 2008 #

Cycling 14:21 [2]
ahr:125 max:147 slept:8.0

Think that must have been a record time into work! Think the lights must work differently on a Bank Holiday.

Cycling 23:16 [2]
ahr:111 max:142

Cycle home, not so light lucky this time, quads tired up the hills.

Running 48:08 [3] 6.0 mi (8:01 / mi)
ahr:162 max:180 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Slightly too fast easy run - supposed to be at 8.26/mile but generally hit around the 8 min mark. Beautifully sunny day - took a route that went down to Blackford, through the Hermitage, round Blackford Hill then up to Marchmont and finished in the Meadows which was rammed with pasty Brits with their tops off. Why did I have to work today? Oh that's right, because you're PhD is progressing absolutely miserably. Ooops.

Stretching 10:00 [0]

Enjoying some sun in the Meadows whilst having a good stretch - quads especially feeling a little sore after yesterday.

Sunday May 4, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 15:00 [2]

Jogging about and strides before the Great Edinburgh Run.

Tempo run race 42:21 [5] 10.0 km (4:14 / km)
ahr:189 max:197 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

I guess I'm quite pleased today. I took my flatmate Jen's entry for this run at the last minute, after I decided I needed to know how fast I could run anything measured on a road before setting my marathon training. As a result I started a bit further back than I should have done (in the third wave of runners), and was constantly moving through the field the whole way. I lost a few seconds due to dodging people but actually not many at all - I guess there are arguments I could have run faster if others were, but looking at the results and stuff I actually did alright. It was a very hilly 10km, but aside from the hugest hill I was generally pretty consistent with my times per km. 10 mins down on Benita Johnson, (who's you know, not bad), and I think about 8th lady from the mass start looking at the results (there were 11 elite women off before, one of whom was Harie Fiona and I just pipped her). And more to the point, I actually enjoyed myself, apart from about halfway up Holyrood where I almost actually died. Ace. Times per km were about:

3.55, 4.09, 3.59, 4.02, 4.15, 5.23 (Holyrood, stopped watch a bit late too), 8.13 (missed the 7km sign completely), 4.26, 4.00.


Tried to jog a warm down but didn't really manage, so wandered around the shops with Rob for an hour instead which I guess is almost as good.


Spent an evening majorly geeking and producing a nice spread sheet for the marathon build up. It looks terrifying. Eep! I guess that's the whole idea of a build up though!

Saturday May 3, 2008 #

Running 20:36 [3]
shoes: Saucony Cohesion

In the middle of a fun day out with Rob and Tom, went for what was supposed to be a cruise around the loch above the Grey Mare's Tail to loosen up the legs for tomorrow. What it actually was was a peat filled mud fest, which was a lot of slippy fun, but not much good as a leg loosener. I returned to the boys sitting on their rock looking like some kind of peat monster. Fun!

Friday May 2, 2008 #

Cycling 13:36 [2]
ahr:113 max:141

Slept dreadfully last night and luckily was going to rest anyway, so just the cycles to work and back.

Cycling 33:57 [2]
ahr:117 max:150

Cycle home via Mr Ghafoor's. Tiiiiirrrreeddd.

Thursday May 1, 2008 #

Cycling 15:28 [2]
ahr:116 max:146

To work - I am sick of Shandwick place messing up Lothian Road and having to stop at every single traffic lights whereas I used to get all the way down.

Warm up & strides 7:47 [2] 1.0 mi (7:47 / mi)
ahr:147 max:159 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Warm up mile - mostly downhill hence speed, legs feeling nice.

Tempo run 21:44 [4] 3.0 mi (7:15 / mi)
ahr:178 max:189 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Tempo run - aiming for 7.26/mile, not wanting to tire myself out too much before Sunday. Did a bit better this time, with mile times of 7.11 7.01 (sped up when it started absolutely pissing it down, rain and hail, just wearing ancient o top and tiny shorts...ouch), 7.30 (big staircase 2/3rds of way through). Felt pretty strong and enjoyed it.

Recovery 8:56 [3] 1.0 mi (8:56 / mi)
ahr:158 shoes: Saucony Cohesion

Recovery mile.

Cycling 19:18 [2]
ahr:130 max:148

Cycle home - sunny again now! Pah!

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