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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 31 days ending Jan 31, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling14 8:49:20
  Strength6 7:33:58
  Orienteering6 6:24:23 14.98 24.1 20095 /117c81%
  Running5 4:15:45
  Recovery9 3:54:30
  Circuits3 3:25:02
  XC Skiing1 3:20:00 7.46(26:49) 12.0(16:40)
  Warm up & strides8 2:42:13
  Long run1 1:50:04
  Rubbish walking2 1:45:00
  Intervals3 58:276 /7c85%
  Running drills1 49:39
  Hills1 24:34
  Ceilidh!1 3:00
  Total26 46:15:55 22.43 36.1 200101 /124c81%
  [1-5]24 44:30:55
averages - sleep:12.7 rhr:46

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Thursday Jan 31, 2008 #

(rest day)

Yey for second opinions. Mister Sporty Doctor says Nurse is being well over cautious and that I will be fine if I jog in Gothenburg this weekend, then do nothing high heart ratey next week then back to normal the week after. Awesome.

Wednesday Jan 30, 2008 #

Rubbish walking 50:00 [0]
(rest day)

Different route in today, 5 mins faster despite dallying around the Old College with the boy. Made friends with a stray dog who followed me around until he found some tuna and sweetcorn mush on the floor which was far more interesting. Walking IS exciting! At least it was very sunny, one of those gorgeous mornings where Edinburgh looks all golden and friendly and not grey and creepy. Going to see the Sports Doc this aft who will hopefully tell me that the Nurse is being over cautious and that training isn't actually going to make me die for ever. Or something.

Tuesday Jan 29, 2008 #

Rubbish walking 55:00 [0]

Very long, very soggy, very boring (aside from the umbrella assault course every tiume you cross a pedestrian crossing) walk into work. But if that is all I am allowed to do, then it is better than nothing!

Monday Jan 28, 2008 #

Cycling 11:33 [2]
ahr:130 max:148

Cycle to the gym and back.

Strength 1:20:45 [3]
ahr:94 max:144 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Last weights session in a wee while. Still getting the hang of the high pulls but loaded everything else up quite nicely.

High Pulls 30-35kg 5 x 3
BB Press front of head 25-30kg 5 x 3
Bent over row 40-47.5kg
Pull ups -30 - -23kg assisted 3 x 5
Glut ham thingie 5kg 3 x 10

Running 58:46 [3]
ahr:146 max:181 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Final run for a wee while with Dad. Lovely day for it, so went up Blackford to see the view, then through the Hermitage and home again. Legs a bit tight but generally feeling good. A lovely little memory to keep me going when I have to face making stiff legs move again in four weeks time!


So, the good news is I am no longer pre cancerous! Yey!

The bad news is that for two weeks the most exercise I can do is walk. After that I may be able to do a light jog, but nothing that causes my core to tense very much (so no weights, boo), and nothing watery as this might cause infection. But by four weeks I will definitely be able to start training again, maybe earlier, which is just when I head to Italy for training and MOC. Going to see the Sports Doctor on Wednesday to see if he can recommend anything at all I could be doing, but it looks like time to sit back, finish the comic book and get out some DVDs! Sweet.

Sunday Jan 27, 2008 #

Orienteering 37:12 [3] ****
ahr:135 max:169 slept:5.0 shoes: Integrators

A crawl up Whinny Hill with an armful of T bars after nowhere near enough sleep, to hang 8 controls for Doug. Nice to run back down burden free afterwards! Felt stupidly tired.

Saturday Jan 26, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 10:00 [2]


Orienteering race 44:03 [5] ***** 6.3 km (7:00 / km)
ahr:187 max:194 spiked:26/30c slept:6.0 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

It happened at last! The Edinburgh Street Race was awesomely planned, with huge route choice, navigational and physical challenge. I started off scrappily post minor stress that Chepls had put out the wrong first control, then relaxed into it and was navigating awesomely, spiking sites confidently, finding the smooth lines in and running below par thanks to weights the day before but still strongly. Unfortunately I managed to disqulify myself on the leg where 36 other people did the same. I stand by the way it was printed as being a poor decision by the controller, but as he only had the complete map 10 days before this is perfectly reasonable. It failed to detract from a wonderful race, and if I can figure out how to race like this from the start, I should manage some good sprints this year.

Ceilidh! 3:00 [3]

I'm positive a strip of the Willow counts as an interval. Whew!

Friday Jan 25, 2008 #

Cycling 30:24 [3]
ahr:120 max:154

To the gym, back home to pick up my lock from my bedroom floor (doh), back to the gym, then to work. It was uber windy on the way in enforcing walking round corners like a spazz and having to pedal hard downhill. Hope it improves for tomorrow :s

Strength 57:51 [4]
ahr:113 max:164 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Strength session 2 - feeling really good with this stuff, desperately hope I don't have to leave it a month until I can do vaguely static low heart rate stuff in the gym. Will ask on Monday. I did manage the do the most spastic fall in the world ever (TM) when trying to take my warm up bar back to the rack and tripping over the tiny step down from the platform. I bet it was funny to watch.

Weights were:

Push press behind neck: 30-37.5kg 5 x 3
Back squat: 55-67.5kg 5 x 3 (Thought I was going to stop at 65, then whacked another 2.5 on for the last rep and felt good. Yey! I can't believe this time 18 months ago I couldn't squat 40kg).

Kettlebell swings 16kg 3 x 10 (I am officially a starter man)
Sit ups There was nobody about by now so I held a 5kg weight above my head and went down to the sides aswell as straight down - 3 x 10
Leg raises 3 sets of 3 - ouch!

Feeling great. Will go in on Monday morning I think as I donm't need to be at the hospital till 3.

Cycling 23:15 [2]
ahr:116 max:156

Cycle home in the gruesome weather!

Thursday Jan 24, 2008 #

(rest day)

Was in a boo today, so I stayed in bed till lunch time, Rob made me nice chilli, then we went to the museum and pushed science buttons and talked about big steam engines and old maps, then drank coffee. It was a nice day.

Wednesday Jan 23, 2008 #

Cycling 41:46 [3]

Cycling to work and back.

Circuits 1:10:33 [3]
ahr:106 max:173

Circuit with lots of medicine balls things, working out pretty much everything aty some point. Impressed myself by managing to get all four limbs off the floor doing ballistic press ups. Aceness. Did the shoulder endurance stuff at the end which was a bit tough with 2kg!

Tuesday Jan 22, 2008 #


Well, found out yesterday that I do in fact need some hospital treatment, and as of Monday 28th have to take four weeks off exercise. I'm hoping on speaking to the consultant that some exercise is manageable, but the sounds from the nurse are pretty unpromising at the moment (she said I can't even cycle to work. I am actually going to explode if that is the case). Hence this week I am feeling a bit fed up and can't find the motivate to wring out one last good week before the rest, I'd rather curl up in bed with a stock of DVDs. Which is not overly like me. Thanks to the nurse though who did everything so speedily that I can look forward to still going to Italy for MOC to train - legs will just be a little rusty.


Cycling 16:34 [3]
ahr:110 max:143

In wonderful teenage goth style, the whole world is against me this week, including traffic lights.

Sunday Jan 20, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 7:30 [2]
ahr:134 max:155 shoes: Integrators

Quick warm up before today's training - legs feeling dead and not totally motivated physically so just wanted to get cracking with the orienteering.

Orienteering 40:51 [3] ***** 4.0 km (10:13 / km)
ahr:158 max:175 spiked:16/21c shoes: Integrators

Another pick, this time at Kinnoull Hill with all the same tracks removed from the map. Despite mocking this choice of area it was actually far more difficult than yesterday, with vague contour detail, continental style slopes and confusing vegetation. One major mistake where I turned out to have got to within 2 metres of the crag twice post relocation, which was a bit frustrating, but threw the map and the floor and started again and the rest were fine - a couple of wrong side approaches later on when I got tired and one overshoot. A lot of climb for a short course!

Recovery 23:16 [2]
ahr:138 max:168 shoes: Integrators

Warm down jog and repeated controls 7-9 and got 8 bang on this time!

Orienteering 35:06 [3] ***** 3.1 km (11:19 / km)
ahr:158 max:176 spiked:15/20c shoes: Integrators

Final session at Kinnoull, another pick on a different area. Really tired by now but still orienteering far better than I have been doing in some physically rather tough terrain. I am still pants at point features in light green though. If I seriously want to be running at WOC this is something I need to practice! I seem to be finally sorting out my slope work though! Yey!

Totally knackered now, mentally and physically. Wahey for easy weeks!

Saturday Jan 19, 2008 #

Orienteering 49:58 [3] ***** 4.4 km (11:21 / km)
ahr:157 max:172 spiked:29/30c shoes: Integrators

Awesome day on Drummond Hill. Control pick with 30 controls on the intricate top part of the hill. Tried to use Thierry's visilibility maps as a strategy and worked really well. Was physically tired but this was good as I eased off the pace (there was a foot of snow in places so it was pretty slow going anyways!) and really focussed well - great session and felt really confident and in control the whole way - the one non spike was a very small slip and not my usual 2-3 mins slip.

Orienteering 23:12 [3]
ahr:146 max:169 shoes: Integrators

Line course in the middle of the control pick - an almost complete change of tactic with very fine map reading but maintained a constant (v. slow) pace throughout which worked well.

Orienteering 1:13:27 [3] *****
ahr:150 max:170 shoes: Integrators

Uber long line course on the other side of the road to the pick - had one major drop off when I saw the amazing view and went further downhill than I should on a parallel error. Aside form this really nicely in control and intepreting the subtle detail really nicely for the whole length of time - dead chuffed. Dropped off down to the road to finish when I really couldn't even crawl up the next steep hill. Awesome.

Recovery 11:51 [2]
ahr:155 max:168

Run back to the start from the track - track very snowy and felt absolutely dead but uber happy!

Friday Jan 18, 2008 #

Cycling 43:32 [2]
ahr:120 max:156

Cycling about.

Strength 1:17:28 [3]
ahr:112 max:153 slept:8.0

Mmm, really enjoyed this morning in the gym after the first really decent sleep of the week. Yey! Getting a little better at the high pulls, about half an half good versus rubbish but I can at least tell now without having Steve there which are rubbish.

High pull 30-32.5kg 5 x 3
OH BB Press 25-27.5kg 5 x 3
BB Bent over row 40-42.5kg 5 x 3
Pull ups -36 - 30kg 3 x 5
Glut ham raise 3 x 10 no weight - the pressure of the pads was totally wrecking my quads.

Warm up & strides 15:59 [3]
ahr:148 max:166 shoes: Integrators

Run to Blackford, took it easy as no cushioning on the tarmac with O shoes - hard work up the hill to the observatory!

Recovery 30:36 [2]
ahr:149 max:165

Recovery controls and the run home post intervals.

Intervals 19:11 [5] ****
ahr:171 max:184 spiked:6/7c slept:8.0 shoes: Integrators

Dusk orienteering intervals on Blackford doing yesterday's Fight The Night course ably planned by Hannah. Ran hard on alternate legs and recovered on the legs in between. Most of the running hard legs were uphill so it felt like I got a hills session in too. Properly dark by the end so at least I looked like less of a twat on the way back than I did on the way there! Legs tired but still going hard up the hills - will be absolutely great to ease off and focus on technique this weekend.

Thursday Jan 17, 2008 #

Cycling 34:09 [3]
ahr:116 max:145 (rest day)

Was going to Fight The Night tonight but was uber tired sleepy wise and after a seminar at 4pm that made me lose the will to live, went home to eat a big casserole and get to bed by 11 instead. Awful seminar!

Wednesday Jan 16, 2008 #

Cycling 37:01 [2]
ahr:116 max:144

Cycling about town.

Circuits 1:12:15 [3]
ahr:105 max:162

Runners circuits. Felt tired today but still did a good session with plenty of leaping about (holding balls too, really difficult without the full arm swing!), some harness work and some sprint starts. Good fun as always.

Recovery 20:57 [2]
ahr:139 max:165 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Short and easy recovery run with Kir, both feeling a bit stiff and tired but the long downhill on the Seat was soooooo nice!

Tuesday Jan 15, 2008 #

Running drills 49:39 [3]
ahr:158 max:179 slept:6.0 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Terrible night's sleep but still dragged myself out to try a new idea this morning (as I wasn't really sleeping anyway), which is some easy running drills first thing on Tuesday to a) get my legs moving after the weights on Monday and b) hopefully wake up my stomach and stop it from being an arse at reps in the evening. Took Fiona L's first running drill and worked my way through it - nice warm up, some high knees work, some balancing and hopping then 10 x 30 secs at 5km pace and 30 seconds jog, then a warm down. I have no idea what 5km pace is so I went at cruising pace which seemed quite nice, and focussed on running style. Legs are achey achey.

Cycling 19:37 [2]
ahr:112 max:143

Easy cycle in.

Cycling 20:23 [2]
ahr:117 max:150

Cycle home, I felt tired and traffic lights hated me. Boo to them.

Warm up & strides 15:47 [3]
ahr:136 max:162 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Warm up before intervals - had to miss most of strides to dash to the loo - caught the last couple but it was all for the greater good.

Warm up & strides 37:31 [2]
ahr:155 max:188 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Rest between intervals and the slow run home. Legs very very very dead, but happy.

Intervals 16:12 [5]
ahr:173 max:191 slept:6.0 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Whew! Why is it always the sessions you spend most of the afternoon thinking you're not going to do that turn out to be the best ones? Today I finally broke the 2 minute barrier on 600m reps, by trying desperately to hang onto Hannah on the last rep. She was flying today and way ahead, but I ran a consistent set of 8 x 600 all faster than my last previous best of 2.02 aside from one mid way "how am I ever going to keep this up?" lap that quickly turned into a "this is how" lap. Totally went for it on the last one and could barely breathe or feel my legs by the end.

Unfortunately I think Steve will take this as proof that I wasn't squatting enough yesterday! To explain, we're starting to build the speed of reps now, so the rests are back up to 90secs after the shorter endurance based reps before Christmas. Every week we have to try and beat our previous record on at least one rep.

Anyways, times were:

2.02 (1.28), 2.01 (1.28), 2.00 (1.28), 2.02 (1.27), 2.03 (1.27), 2.02 (1.27), 2.02 (1.25), 1.59!!!!!!! Yey!

Monday Jan 14, 2008 #

Strength 1:09:33 [3]
ahr:112 max:151 slept:6.5 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Session two of the new strength programme. Was disappointed about how much I could squat but it'll improve quickly I'm sure! Legs felt a bit leaden after the weekend but still feeling strong.

Push press behind neck 25-35kg 5 x 3
Back squat 50-60kg 5 x 3
DB swings 10-12kg 3 x 10
MB Sit ups 4kg 3 x 10
Hanging Leg Raise 2 x 3

Yey! Fun!

Cycling 39:35 [2]
ahr:114 max:143 slept:6.5

Into work and back home.

Recovery 1:02:24 [2]
ahr:137 max:148 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Nice recovery run round the north side of town from the Seat. About half grass, half paved. Legs are going to hurt tomorrow I reckon!

Sunday Jan 13, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 26:03 [3]
ahr:150 max:180 slept:7.0 shoes: Integrators

Run to the start of the CSC First round at Hamsterley Moor. Legs definitely feeling yesterday but not uber uber badly. Found at the start that Karen was a minute after me and Helen W two mins. Not quite the race I was expecting today, but never mind! Probably did me good.

Orienteering 48:05 [4] *** 6.3 km (7:38 / km) +200m 6:35 / km
ahr:184 max:191 spiked:9/16c slept:7.0 shoes: Integrators

Hmm. Not overly impressed with today but not too bad either I guess. My legs were tired and when I hit the patches of thick heather, especially anything vaguely uphill, was struggling. Trying to navigate more systematically and in the most places managed this but in a rather disjointed fashion.

Slightly overshot number 3 as my visible attack point was a lake which was significantly bigger today than it should have been. Stopped too short on number 4, had already seen Karen and just wasn't concentrating, she caught me here. Came to 5 quicker than I expected but no real time lost. 6 and 7 were fine, then thought I was navigating the long leg already and only realised that I did in fact have to go to number 8 first when I was a good 100m above it, and had to drop down. The long leg to 9 pretty much did me in after yesterday, but control was spiked thanks to having Helen W jump in in perfect time in front of me. Went round to 12 which was better for myknackered legs but I think lost time on the others here. Totally spooned 16 by just thinking I'd finished when I hadn't and dropped too low down like a muppet. Sounds like a disaster but the controls that went right were actually much better. Many other things playing on my mind today so I guess it wasn't that bad really.

Recovery 7:08 [3]
ahr:152 max:159

Sprint back down the hill to the loos as stomach not a happy bunny all of a sudden.

Saturday Jan 12, 2008 #

Long run 1:50:04 [4]
ahr:163 max:185 slept:8.0 shoes: Integrators

Mmm mmm. Long run in the Pentlands on an awesome day, photos to be posted soon. Was up to a foot of snow in some places so really tough going at points but also totally beautiful. Went from Flotterstone mid way up the hill bases to the start of the Caernethy five, up Scald Law on the race route (the toughest section by miles, lots of pretty deep snow to fall through), then back along the ridge to Flotterstone. Had to walk a bit up Scald Law but after that really strong the whole way. Awesome day.

Friday Jan 11, 2008 #

Warm up & strides 12:16 [2]
ahr:160 max:174 slept:8.0

Run to the gym and back.

Strength 1:23:21 [4]
ahr:110 max:157 slept:8.0 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Start of the strength phase of strength training. Went in a bit later and Steve was there and kept adding weight on each rep. A couple of new exercises so it was good to have him there. 5 sets of three - low reps but really beefing up the weight.

High pull from floor 30kg 5 x 3
OH BB Press (No leg movement) 20-27.5kg 5 x 3
BB Bent Over Row 40-45kg 5 x 3
Pull ups (Overhand, wide grip, machine assisted) -36kg 3 x 5
Glut/Ham Raise 5kg 3 x 10

Cycling 43:43 [2]
ahr:118 max:146

To the NRIE and back then into work. Walked back with Rob instead of cycling.

Thursday Jan 10, 2008 #

Cycling 37:38 [2]
ahr:129 max:161 rhr:46 slept:8.0

Cycling to work and back

Warm up & strides 16:50 [3]
ahr:117 max:160 shoes: Integrators

Run to the Seat and a warm up jog with a few strides. Legs still majorly got the DOMS when resting and sitting, but feeling fine when on the move!

Orienteering 32:29 [4] ***
ahr:166 max:185 rhr:46 slept:8.0 shoes: Integrators

Planned a course with control picking sessions to be done at orienteering tempo with lots of uphill, then longer legs to be run at interval pace with huge amounts of hill in them, all on the Seat. These are the control picking bits, which I must say were a navigational disaster. Running was strong even into the stupidly strong wind though.

Hills 24:34 [5] ***
ahr:177 max:189 rhr:46 slept:8.0 shoes: Integrators

The hills part of the beasting session. Felt absolutely fantastic, powering up the hills with good style, and really enjoyed it. Reps were of length:

6.40, 5.03, 3.30, 9.21

Brilliant fun on a clear starry but very windy night.

Recovery 14:07 [3]
ahr:149 max:182 shoes: Integrators

Warm down jog waiting for Kir then back home and off for the EUOC committee meeting of joy.

Wednesday Jan 9, 2008 #

Cycling 40:10 [2]
ahr:126 max:153

Cycling to work, to the gym and home.

Circuits 1:02:14 [3]
ahr:95 max:152 shoes: Road Sauconys

Quite a low intensity runner's circuits session to ease us back into training gently. Did some ace jumpy things where you sit on your heels and jump onto your feet then over a hurdle, which were fun. Was clearing the small hurdles easily, but still big mental block about the taller ones even though I have the height. Boo! Despite massive DOMS still everything felt good but the overhead squats with no weight, which were mighty painful.

Running 31:59 [3]
ahr:157 max:174 shoes: Road Sauconys

Warm down run with Rupert - felt like I was cruising but pace was pretty snappy and legs felt surprisingly good. After feeling headachey and ming all day it was a pleasant surprise to be running seemingly pretty well. Feel much better now. Yey!

Tuesday Jan 8, 2008 #

Cycling 45:00 [2]

Cycling to work and back.

Warm up & strides 20:17 [3]
ahr:120 max:155 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Warm up before intervals - rubbish strides as JJ was worried about our slipping on the wet grass and so we weren't allowed to do them properly. Still feeling the DOMS majorly from yesterday.

Recovery 20:11 [3]
ahr:162 max:180 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

Run back from intervals via Kir's - pretty fast as it was totally minging by now and I was wet through.

Intervals 23:04 [5]
ahr:185 max:195 shoes: Blue Saucony Grid

JJ wouldn't let us do the treacherous filled with corners 1km route as it was riddled with puddles and possible hazards for wimpy XC types, so instead we were given 3 x 1 mile on the Meadows mile route. Then after the second rep he asked Hannah if her legs were cold and wet, which obviously they were as it was a veritable monsoon outside, and he sent everyone home. I waited for Kir who was determined to do a third, as was Tullie, so after a over long rest I did a third all alone, so the pace was slightly off but not too bad. Legs felt stiff the whole way but stomach was fine, yey!

6.10 (50), 6.13 (3.34), 6.17

Monday Jan 7, 2008 #

Cycling 45:00 [2]

Cycling to work and back.

Strength 1:25:00 [4]

I want my HR monitor to come back! Hurry hurry!

First strength session in about three weeks and my goodness, that's the last time I take a break that long! Started the set again with what should have been medium heavy, but it felt harder than that. Finished it though!

Front squat 20kg 3 x 10
Split push press BH 35kg 5 x 6
Landmines 17.5kg 3 x 10
BB Roll outs 3 x 10
Lateral pull downs 36kg 3 x 10
Lock and rolls 3 x 10

Tomorrow my quads are going to hate to gather the determination to go for a recovery run...come on...

Recovery 44:00 [3]

Recovery run. No idea what HR was as watch is still away, but I'm pretty sure it was faster than it should have been! Legs felt sore but were moving fine, chest a little tight but generally better than I anticipated. Sleeeeep tonight!

Sunday Jan 6, 2008 #


No training for me, as we got stranded at Torp in a snow storm and hence I got two hours sleep on the floor, then spent the whole of Sunday travelling. Was due to be back in Edinburgh by about half five on Saturday, managed it by half six on Sunday. Whacked. So much for getting back to the routine re energised and revitalised tomorrow!

Saturday Jan 5, 2008 #

Running 1:05:00 [3]

Snowy run in Oslo - only had O shoes with dobs so tried to connect up as many parks as possible, went in a circle through two small northwesterly ones and then Frognerparken and Slottsparken. Snow falling in the suburbs was divine, sorry to leave!

Friday Jan 4, 2008 #

Running 1:00:00 [4]

Early morning run chasing the grooming chap round the XC trails. A lot of snowfall in the night meant lots of falling through the trails and at one point going up to my waist by accidentally stepping off the edge. Tee hee! Back and into our sauna - awesome place to be.

Thursday Jan 3, 2008 #

XC Skiing 3:20:00 [3] 12.0 km (16:40 / km)

Ha ha! My first ever attempt at XC Skiing! Spent a lot of the first couple of kilometres falling on my arse, then got better at being stable, and then by the end was vastly improved! My technique was crap so I couldn't really up my heart rate so much, but it was a good strength work out and a lot of fun! We were out there that long but there was lots of falling and stopping and photo taking and giggling, so I guess actual exercise time was a little less!

Wednesday Jan 2, 2008 #

Running 40:00 [3]

Short run around the Cross Country trails after a day of much walking and frolicking in the snow.

Tuesday Jan 1, 2008 #

(sick) (rest day)

The biggest hangover in the world, followed by a 6 hour bus journey to Hemsedal. Lesson: Don't let big drinkers from Glasgow, or German people, pour your measures of drinks. Eurgh.

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