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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 31 days ending Jan 31, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering14 18:58:47 17.27 27.8188 /234c80%
  Cycling11 8:26:00
  Circuits4 4:35:21
  Long run3 4:23:08
  Strength3 2:25:59
  Recovery2 1:33:48
  Hills1 1:28:02
  Intervals1 1:10:07
  Running1 30:06
  Total25 43:31:18 17.27 27.8188 /234c80%
averages - sleep:11.1 rhr:51

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Wednesday Jan 31, 2007 #

rhr:49 slept:7.5 (sick) (rest day)

Took me a while to get to sleep last night but once I was there slept much better. Throat still a bit present this morning but feeling generally much better. Walked to work again and will probably rest until Friday just to be sure - start again at the Sprint on Saturday. Got to admit it's been nice to take it easy for a few days, and my knee feels loads better after some proper rest.

Tuesday Jan 30, 2007 #

rhr:57! slept:6.5 (sick) (rest day)

Really fitful night sleep, throat really tickly and coughing. Woke up in the morning with a banging headache and couldn't get resting HR below 57(!!) so ditched the bike and walked to work. Felt a bit better by the afternoon but need a couple more days rest at least I think.

Monday Jan 29, 2007 #

rhr:51 slept:8.0 (sick) (rest day)

Felt a bit peaky, tickly throat this morning and HR wouln't go below 50. Rest day!

Sunday Jan 28, 2007 #

Orienteering 58:49 [5] ***** 7.8 km (7:32 / km)
ahr:170 max:191 spiked:15/17c slept:8.0 shoes: Integrators

Event at Darnaway. Did the brown and really enjoyed it. Concentrating hard and thinking about the process and spiked almost everything, a couple of slight waivers but no real time loss. Running strongly, not quite full pace as a bit tired but really pleased, enjoyed myself loads. So glad Heather talked about the routine and process two weeks ago - it's helping tons.

Saturday Jan 27, 2007 #

Orienteering 22:01 [4] *****
ahr:176 max:191 spiked:9/10c shoes: Integrators

Exercise one at Roseisle - some slightly longer legs, practised running fast and breaking them down into simple components, getting the process of breaking down, attack point, description visualisation right every time. Worked really well!

Orienteering 16:28 [4] *****
ahr:185 max:192 spiked:8/9c shoes: Integrators

Short control pick course - visualising really well and moving really quickly over the terrain. Lost confidence a bit on one and lost 30 seconds or so but otherwise great.

Orienteering 24:45 [3] *****
ahr:172 max:185 spiked:5/8c shoes: Integrators

Last morning course at Roseisle. Went into the really thick green and missed two controls completely - stupidly thick and wasn't going to waste the energy searching for them and ruin the good feeling I'd been developing all morning.

Cycling 22:00 [2]

A bit of easy off road cycling round Roseisle while the others did the corridors course I did on Nope Training week. Jess is less of a wimp than me!

Orienteering 9:00 [5]
shoes: Integrators

Star relay - forgot to start watch but did 3 reps which must have been about three minutes each with about 5 mins gap between (three person teams). Ran really hard and navigated pretty fast, fun way to end the day.

Friday Jan 26, 2007 #

Cycling 1:05:00 [2]
rhr:47 slept:8.0

To work and back then to Costorphine and back. Throat still tickly but resting HR fine and feel fine after an hour or so. Weird.

Orienteering 1:00:12 [3]
shoes: Integrators

Cycled to the bottom of Costorphine, ran the easy way to the top (legs sore!) then collected in the controls from FTN. A bit wobbly, not really concentrating as I thought I knew where stuff was. Hill climbing legs knackered, looking forward to short fast hills up in Morayshire as opposed to beasts here!

Thursday Jan 25, 2007 #

Long run 1:34:52 [4] ****
ahr:147 max:187 slept:9.0 shoes: Integrators

Ran to Costorphine to put out controls for FTN tonight. Almost like a terrain intervals session, ran as fast as possible between controls then had to fiddle getting them out for a bit at the site. Pushed hard up the hills. Lovely afternoon to be out!

Cycling 35:00 [2]

The old work and back. Throat a bit tickly again in the morning.

Wednesday Jan 24, 2007 #

Cycling 50:00 [2]

Work, gym, home. Getting up was hard work today and felt very tired cycling about.

Circuits 1:16:38 [4]
ahr:114 max:166

Started off doing lots of freestyle jumpy plyometric type stuff, then the second half was spent doing endurance lifting - olympic lifts, split squats and stuff, barbell roll outs, sll kinds of stuff. In all kinds of pain afterwards.


Went to see the physio today about the knee. No bad news, it's just a bit knackered and because my supporting muscles on that side aren't quite as strong it's taking a bit longer to recover than my right one. Fine to keep running but should avoid the rough stuff for another week or so. Got exercises to do at least twice a day aimed at mobilising my hip flexors which are apparently incredibly tight and stretch out my knee. Glad it's nothing bad!

Tuesday Jan 23, 2007 #

Cycling 35:00 [3]

Work and back.

Circuits 1:20:03 [5]
ahr:163 max:198 shoes: Off Road Sauconys

28.35 warm up, session was 6 x 400 metres with 50 seconds rest, whole thing twice with a 3 minute gap in between. Felt heavy legged after the very heavy session today but pretty much managed to keep my shape and just about keep the times. Awesome session, felt sick and knackered at the end. Sign of a good un. Times: 1.18 (0.51), 1.16 (0.50), 1.17 (0.50), 1.18 (0.50), 1.19 (0.51), 1.20 (3.00), 1.19 (0.50), 1.20 (0.50), 1.19 (0.50), 1.21 (0.57 - oops!, oxygen debt to the brain!), 1.20 (0.50), 1.18 then 24 mins jog home. Great session, good to have Kitch pace me the whole time or think I would have lost it at the end.

Monday Jan 22, 2007 #

Cycling 55:00 [2]

Work, gym then home. Slept really badly last night (stupid Mulholland Drive) and throat felt a bit tickly on the way in. Fine by 10am though.

Strength 1:01:16 [5]
ahr:97 max:148 shoes: Road Sauconys

Ouch! Very heavy session today on the strength. Managed full set of reps in all, but only just. Weights were: Back squat - 35kg, Bench press 27.5kg, CGSLDL 37.5kg, Dumbbell Row - 12kg, Ab curls 12kg, side plank 30 x 3 in a row each side with 10 secs rest.

Pain. Definitely time to go recovery running now :s

Recovery 44:45 [2]
ahr:135 max:151 shoes: Off Road Sauconys

REcovery run between the Craiglockarts and back. Feeling nice, easing up a bit after the pain!

Sunday Jan 21, 2007 #

Long run 1:27:27 [4]
ahr:176 max:191 shoes: Integrators

Awesome hill run with Mhairi and Kitch. Gorgeous clear and sunny day with snow on the ground in the Pentlands. From Flotterstone skirted the hills about half way up, then up Scald Law then along the ridge and back to Flotterstone. A bit of teaching how to run downhill, a bit of walking up the steep bit of Scald Law, a couple of photo stops for the amazing view and running up all the hills and the ridge. Yey! Brilliant morning. Knee feeling fine, hamstrings loosening after the CGSLDLs on Friday. Still need to see physio about knee though if is going to become a problem on heavy weeks.

Saturday Jan 20, 2007 #

(rest day)

Big birthday night out last night so treated myself to a day in bed, lovely. Nice to do absolutely nothing. Time to stop the partying now and knuckle down to everything!

Friday Jan 19, 2007 #

Cycling 50:00 [2]

Cycling to work, to the gym and back.

Strength 44:11 [4]
ahr:104 max:172 shoes: Road Sauconys

Repeated heavy load strength as of just before Christmas. Feeling pretty stiff at the start but managed all quite well except dumb bell row, right arm jarred really bizarrely so didn't do them.

Thursday Jan 18, 2007 #

Cycling 35:00 [2]

Cycling to work and back.

Long run 1:20:49 [3]
ahr:153 max:198 shoes: Integrators

Went out to do hill reps but felt totally knackered on the first one and wasn't going to get a good session out of it, so just did a hilly long terrain run on the Seat instead. Beautiful weather, clear views well across the Forth to the snowy lomonds and felt a lot better by the time I got home, legs much looser and some speed. Knee hardly a problem, will still make physio appointment for next week though I think.

Wednesday Jan 17, 2007 #

Cycling 1:10:00 [2]

Cycling to work, gym, Jess's and back then home from the gym. Knee feeling a bit better today.

Circuits 1:24:27 [4]
ahr:117 max:164 shoes: Road Sauconys

Runners circuits with Steve. Did a hurdle jumping circuit, some animal races (yey!) and then some Supermans and core stuff. Didn't feel like much at the time but my core is sore the day after! Knee didn't like the twisting to sprint after side jumps but was otherwise okay.

Tuesday Jan 16, 2007 #

(rest day)

Going to rest today - had a tickly throat in the morning and knee is still pretty sore, so a rest can't hurt. Early night and lots of duvet time called for I think!

Cycling 35:00 [2]

Just easy to work and back. Knee still sore.

Monday Jan 15, 2007 #

Strength 40:32 [3]
ahr:108 max:147 slept:6.5 shoes: Road Sauconys

Back to the early morning weights session. As haven't done it for three weeks went for a medium session as opposed to the very heavy I was due. 25kg squats, felt a bit ropey with the sore knees on these, 20kg bench press, 30kg CGSLDL, 9 kg DB Row, 9 kg crunches, 3 x 30 secs each side side plank. Felt good, good to do an easier session to get back into the swing of things.

Cycling 54:00 [2]

To the gym, to work, then home. Strong winds on the way back lengthened the cycle a bit. Left knee pretty sore.

Recovery 49:03 [2]
ahr:137 max:153 shoes: Off Road Sauconys

First 70% HR run in a while. Feeling fine, though left knee a little sore after the cycle had loosened up by the end. Just caught the last of the daylight which is always nice.

Sunday Jan 14, 2007 #

Orienteering 1:14:02 [3] *****
ahr:138 max:165 slept:10.0 shoes: Integrators

Was absolutely knackered by today so Jess and I did a pairs exercise Heather mentioned yesterday on Dale Park. One person has the map and has to direct the other to the control - practising breaking the leg down into easy components and visualisation. It was a bit strange, the best thing I found was telling the other person the route out of the circle - looking for features rather than relying on compass. Good practice for the whole routine of spiking the control then flowing out. But not sure I liked the exercise as a whole - it was really difficult though!

Saturday Jan 13, 2007 #

Orienteering 52:53 [5] *****
ahr:168 max:194 spiked:12/15c slept:9.0 shoes: Integrators

Relay practice at Summerhous Knott. In a group with Mhairi, Aislinn and Heather M - gulp! Totally screwed the first control, concentrating too much on excuses like being tired, then regained focussed and actually ran most of the exercise quite well. A breakdown in the circle at number ten when I should have slowed a little to check direction on compass (didn't as Heather was on my heels) and then followed the pack to the last control and dropped far too low. Kitch was shouting at me not to map read so I just legged it - should have planned a higher route and maybe would have taken them slipping around on the slope! A lot of fun though and goos to see how fast Mhairi and Heather run in the terrain - I'm almost there speed wise. Now just need to sort the old map reading out :s

Orienteering 1:36:38 [4] *****
ahr:154 max:200 spiked:13/16c slept:9.0 shoes: Integrators

Downhill (?!) race at Wansfell Pike. 43.46 run up to the top to the screaming gale, mist and horizontal (painful!) rain! Set of downhill and took 40.34 for the course, then 12.17 run back to the hostel. Navigated really well on the open moor, visualising well, and did most of it alone. Focussed on visualising the circle so stopped a few times to let other clear the line in. Fluffed a couple of legs in the woods where visualisation broke down or plan wasn't safe enough. Good fun again .

Friday Jan 12, 2007 #

Orienteering 1:09:34 [3] *****
spiked:24/26c slept:8.0 shoes: Integrators

Two exercises on Esthwaite intake. First on the lower white slopes, spiked every control but was moving really slowly as my knees were really sore on the downhills. Then collected in butterfly exercise on Esthwaite intake. Gorgeous course, spiked most of the controls despite the darkness making the map rather difficult to read. No longer moving at full speed, really tired, but still navigating well despite this.

Thursday Jan 11, 2007 #

Orienteering 40:35 [5] *****
spiked:17/21c slept:9.0 shoes: Integrators

Sprint training in Ambleside. 10 mins warm up, 5 mins warm down, 23.35 for the course which was about 4km. Mass start race with butterfly loops. Felt really in control this time, had worked out all my routes by the first five mins and although one of them was the majorly wrong choice, was at least seeing the options. Felt in control the whole way, took the same time as Amelie and was taking different route choices to her on purpose. Awesome, must better than the race on Sunday.

Orienteering 1:28:49 [4] *****
ahr:139 max:201 spiked:10/13c slept:9.0 shoes: Integrators

More sprint training, this time in the Lost World on Graythwaite. We ran up there which took 35.35, the 2.2km race took 21.50 then ran down in 31.23. Had a scrappy middle section today, mostly due to not being sure of control descriptions. Once I began checking them my visualisation of the circle improved and it became much more confident. Great to get up to full speed in some technical stuff, really enjoyed it.

Wednesday Jan 10, 2007 #

Orienteering 1:30:40 [4] *****
ahr:160 max:190 spiked:10/13c slept:7.0 shoes: Integrators

Middle race at Forest X. Had a 27.22 warm up running uphill to the area, then did 46.40 for a 5km ish course. Was all over the place at the beginning, 1:7500 map scale and quite un confident, then after going from 4-9 kicked myself into shape, spiked 5 and it was all great from there. Running well, navigating well, simplyfying with ease and visualising the circle well. Awesome. Then 16.38 run back down the hill to the cars. Great fun.

Hills 1:28:02 [5] **
ahr:154 max:198 slept:7.0 shoes: Integrators

For the afternoon ran up the Old Man of Coniston. 49 minutes up with a couple of waits for the others. Feeling strong and quite mountain goatish, though the last steep climb was severe pain! The only good day of the week weather wise and beautiful views in the golden end of daylight at the end. Quicker run down, quite hard on the knees, but worth every step. Just a shame I forgot my camera.

Tuesday Jan 9, 2007 #

Orienteering 19:43 [3] *****
ahr:146 max:169 slept:9.0 shoes: Integrators

Line exercise on Dale Park. Really good again, nice and smooth, no real diversions though a couple of very small ones.

Orienteering 1:14:46 [4] ***
ahr:157 max:177 spiked:17/24c shoes: Integrators

Argh! Was all over the place at the start, then fell on the way to number 3 and smashed my right thigh, whilst smashing my compass in my left hand. Tried to carry on with compass but no confidence and was faffing everywhere. Met Suzanne at 7 and threw the compass away after a bit of a chat, and after that things were much better! Was obviously slower, but far more in touch with the map, planning routes much better, and slightly missed a couple of controls on slope where really would have liked the reassurance of a compass direction but promising I guess! If I can only put that together with the compass the rest of the week should be much better. Legs were heavy though.

Intervals 1:10:07 [4]
ahr:168 max:187 slept:9.0 shoes: Off Road Sauconys

Was feeling a bit sorry for myself in general after compass death, O shoe near death and general rubbishness so fae this week so drove back to Yorkshire and did my afternoon session there. After Speakey reminded me of the existence of Foxdals this week I did an hour of 90:30s and it was a lot of fun. Legs feeling better by the end of the run after heaviness this morning. Had a ten minute warm down and good stretch afterwards, so hopefully legs should feel a bit more alive tomorrow.

Monday Jan 8, 2007 #

Orienteering 49:00 [4] ***** 5.0 km (9:48 / km)
spiked:13/17c slept:6.5 shoes: Integrators

Didn't sleep too well overnight and felt a bit sluggish today. Made sure for each leg had a clear attack point, good plan, and exit route before I reached it. Worked much better, felt much smoother, more confident and more fluid. Missed a couple of controls as didn't want to fight through windblown. But much better.

Orienteering 41:00 [4] *****
slept:6.5 shoes: Integrators

Line course on Bishop Woods. Went really well, went quite slowly but smoothly and only dropped off the line once on my way downhill in the thick green stuff. Felt like I spent a long time fighting in the green but really felt in control the whole way. Yey.

Circuits 34:13 [4]
ahr:130 max:162

Short circuits session indoors with the girls. Loads of abs work, did a rotating 4 sets of 4 exercises, 3 times each exercise with 5 seconds rest between. Good fun, and not a bad work out for a very improvised living room session!

Sunday Jan 7, 2007 #

Orienteering 48:43 [5] ***** 5.0 km (9:45 / km)
ahr:181 max:184 spiked:15/18c slept:12.0 shoes: Integrators

Made up for the sleep and was looking forward to a good day today. Unfortunately the high spike rate doesn't reflect the total brain blow up in the middle! Convinced myself I was right and then mistook the control I was looking for the the next one - cue lots of confused wandering about! finally relocated on big track and did the rest spot one, really well. Must have lost a good 5 or 6 mins with absolutely no idea what was happening though. Grrr. No sign of yesterday's sore throat though which is good.

Orienteering 18:42 [5] ***** 2.8 km (6:41 / km)
ahr:185 max:200 spiked:6/11c slept:12.0 shoes: Integrators

What a pile of shite. Ran badly, didn't even see most of the best route choices till the end, and fuddled the ones I did make well. Wasn't smooth, was definitely not in control. Really disappointing. Still enjoyed it though, cool place for a sprint.

Saturday Jan 6, 2007 #

Orienteering 1:34:21 [4] *** 7.2 km (13:06 / km)
ahr:148 max:191 spiked:14/16c slept:4.0 shoes: Integrators

Trains exercise with the girls on Great Green Hows. 1.2km or so run in, 1km run out, 5km trains. Talk O'ed and jogged the open controls at the start and end then did three sets of trains in the green stuff! Was pleasantly surprised, coped well under pressure, planned routes well, visualising well and most importantly fighting hard through the dark green, which really needed the fight in places! Chest felt a little tight, probably just due to small amount of sleep and first hard run in a couple of weeks. Good fun and a gorgeous early evening.

Friday Jan 5, 2007 #

(rest day)

Rest day - lots of wandering around Stockholm then late flight back - looking forward to a tough week ahead.

Thursday Jan 4, 2007 #

Orienteering 1:01:32 [2] ****
ahr:153 max:178 shoes: Integrators

Jogged round another old KM sprint course with a bit of a big hill in the middle then did an extended run back to Anders's place. Bit hungover but still feeling strong in the legs and wanting to go up a gear - can't wait for Saturday! Integratoes have just about died unfortunately.

Wednesday Jan 3, 2007 #

Orienteering 26:34 [4] ***
shoes: Integrators

Short sprint on one of Anders's local maps. 15.47 for 2.7km, only a few seconds behind Anders's time a couple of years back but with the advantage of no vegetation as there would have been in summer. Good to stretch out the legs a little.

Tuesday Jan 2, 2007 #

Running 30:06 [2]
ahr:155 max:179 shoes: Off Road Sauconys

Nice easy morning jog as the sun came up around Hässelby. Just hit the big forest as it was time to come back - shame! Will maybe go for a bit longer tomorrow.

Monday Jan 1, 2007 #

slept:7.5 (rest day)

Afdter yesterday's mission and and the latest night I've had in years stayed in bed all day and had a rest!

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