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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 30 days ending Apr 30, 2020:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Yoga15 5:19:27 6
  Freeletics7 3:06:37
  Total22 8:26:04 6
  [1-5]7 44:22

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Thursday Apr 30, 2020 #

8 AM

Freeletics 22:25 intensity: (15:35 @0) + (4:34 @1) + (1:33 @2) + (43 @3)
ahr:109 max:157

"Endurance" Freeletics session. It was actually plenty for me - I never want to do these but always feel better after them, even if they are something of a token gesture to my former fitness.

Any suggestions of woods to walk in north of Salem that are likely to be empty in the rain? We both need to stretch out legs a bit more than pac-manning round the graveyard with everyone else in the neighborhood. We were walking round the golf course on the paved tracks there but they're now keeping one employee there at all times to chase you off in his golf cart. He is mortified every time, poor guy, so we stopped doing it.

It's wild how my mood is oscillating. I have some good days where I get a bit of work done and have fun with Euan in between and I have some energy, and then utterly terrible days where I feel drained and hopeless. Zoom call frequency seems to correlate positively with those days.

Was unsure whether to write this in public but what the heck. Have been trying to push for the Innovation team to find an end user to partner with for roll out of diagnostics, and no one managing the groups seems to care - they just want to "do something." So this week I spoke with Partners in Health, the organisation who are taking on track and trace in MA. They are utterly frustrated because MA has all the resources it needs to do a good job of the testing part of this effort, but there is no leadership from anyone to ensure testing capacity is used to full strength. We need an integrated COVID network where people can go post exposure, get a rapid test, send another sample overnight to a central lab for confirmation, and shut down new outbreaks rapidly. Currently Quest is doing the most tests in MA but can take 5 days to return results - not good enough. The Broad meanwhile is not being fully utilised because apparently they require sample submission in a google doc, which no one clinical is comfortable with (quite rightly). A COVID network could match people with a test location, shuttle samples to labs with increased capacity that day, and return data to a central location to model the outbreak.

But it's not happening. And if MA can't get it right, will anyone? Why was I the person having this call with Partners in Health and not someone on the board at MGH, the largest non-government employer in the state who just so happens to run clinics the whole way across the eastern side of the state?

I am so thoroughly depressed. I just want my 7 month old to play with another baby before the end of his first year of life.
9 PM

Yoga 23:02 [0]
ahr:64 max:94

Wednesday Apr 29, 2020 #

9 PM

Yoga 21:05 [0]
ahr:66 max:88

Yoga for Stress relief. Nice.

Monday Apr 27, 2020 #

2 PM

Freeletics 18:28 intensity: (13:23 @0) + (3:20 @1) + (1:45 @2)
ahr:103 max:142

10 PM

Yoga 26:29 [0]
ahr:62 max:94

Sunday Apr 26, 2020 #

8 PM

Yoga 22:30 [0] +3m
ahr:61 max:90

Saturday Apr 25, 2020 #

8 AM

Freeletics 23:43 intensity: (9:25 @0) + (4:34 @1) + (7:49 @2) + (1:55 @3)
ahr:122 max:155

10 PM

Yoga 19:14 [0] +2m
ahr:60 max:95

Friday Apr 24, 2020 #

10 PM

Yoga 14:58 [0]
ahr:64 max:87

Thursday Apr 23, 2020 #

8 AM

Freeletics 38:37 intensity: (36:20 @0) + (2:08 @1) + (9 @2)
ahr:93 max:139

Freeletics! Lots of stuff around the hips that I'm not good at post-partum. Was weird how bad my sit ups were even though I know I've closed all the key gaps there!

Wednesday Apr 22, 2020 #


So, daycare officially closed until June 29th. I want to go part time but I can't because of my Visa.

This fucking sucks.
9 PM

Yoga 18:39 [0]
ahr:88 max:118

Grounding practice. I can do a tree pose again!

Monday Apr 20, 2020 #

9 AM

Freeletics 24:50 intensity: (17:07 @0) + (4:26 @1) + (3:17 @2)
ahr:110 max:148

Freeletics work out. Little guy woke up right at the end. I get more flexible on the way through the workout.
9 PM

Yoga 17:28 [0]
ahr:61 max:78

Yoga to finish the day. Thank goodness for Adriene. Today was a tough one. Not sure if he's reacting badly to new foods and/or teething, or if this is just normal adjustment to solids. It's tricky. Two huge, quite liquidy poops either end of the day yesterday with a miserable little man in between. I sat outside and cried for a bit.

Sunday Apr 19, 2020 #

9 PM

Yoga 35:15 [0]
ahr:75 max:103

A fun day with little guy finally getting to sit outside on the deck. We have now gone two whole days without poop. This one is going to be big when he finally squeezes it out... late night yoga, then a quick rush to the Farm Direct Coop as they promised ramps this delivery. Ramps! It's almost like a normal spring!

Saturday Apr 18, 2020 #

9 AM

Freeletics 28:55 [0]
ahr:87 max:115

Freeletics during first nap. Nice not to feel guilty about not doing work during first nap on the weekend!
9 PM

Yoga 25:17 [0]
ahr:59 max:81

Yoga with Adriene. It was a long fat burn one so I skipped all the hard stuff in the middle given I'd already done a work out today.

Friday Apr 17, 2020 #

9 PM

Yoga 14:21 [0]
ahr:61 max:86

A very short session that was a lot of calming breathing again. It was good! Tough day with the little guy today - he woke up cranky and stayed cranky all day. Bedtime was a mission for the first time in ages!

Thursday Apr 16, 2020 #

8 AM

Freeletics 29:39 intensity: (21:47 @0) + (5:14 @1) + (2:36 @2) + (2 @3)
ahr:106 max:149

Giving up some of my "work" time to do a Freeletics workout. It was depressingly hard :) My HRM strap is also not really working, which is annoying.
10 PM

Yoga 22:00 [0]
ahr:64 max:96

Wednesday Apr 15, 2020 #

9 PM

Yoga 26:05 [0]
ahr:53 max:78

More Yoga with Adriene. Another calm session with a lot of deep breathing. Good. Bizarrely sore the day after - I am very out of shape. I am losing weight though because Euan is at peak breast milk and we ran out of naughty snacks in the house a long time ago :)

Tuesday Apr 14, 2020 #

10 PM

Yoga 25:39 [0]
ahr:62 max:93

Yoga with Adriene! Perfect session for the first time in a while, lots of deep breathing and stretching. Felt great.

Monday Apr 13, 2020 #

10 AM

Yoga 7:25 intensity: (7:08 @0) + (17 @1)
ahr:96 max:123

I tried to do a Freeletics workout and was super out of breath. I panicked myself for a little while and then calmed down and realized I haven't exercised properly for a year now, have been mostly sitting on the floor with a little guy for the last month, and that now he's pretty much sleeping through the night I should probably try to exercise a bit more. Plus the anxiety...

Anyway, we're doing well! Euan is now 6.5 months old and is a delightful little chap. He's a bit bored of seeing us all day every day but we talk to the neighbors from a distance and Skype with Granny and Grandad for tummy time. He finally figured out rolling front to back about three months late, and now we're practising back to front. But he really really loves being on his back just watching stuff so there's not much motivation there! He can sit for ages and read his texture books, and we started baby led weaning because he didn't like being spoon fed at all. He loves squishing food and loves his Numnum Gootensils, but I'm not sure a significant amount of food has actually been swallowed yet :)

We have both been pretty much transitioned onto COVID focussed work which is so far mostly endless Zoom calls, but we're building an Accelerator lab at the Brigham and I really hope it actually goes somewhere.

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