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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 30 days ending Nov 30, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rubbish walking15 14:10:00 3.5 5.63
  Recovery13 2:47:45
  Total27 16:57:45 3.5 5.63
  [1-5]11 8:52:15

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Saturday Nov 30, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 1:00:00 [0]

Got well togged up and headed out to Breakheart to make the most of the sunshine before this big storm blows in. Great loop for the stroller on the roads there, and it felt a lot shorter than the last time we walked it, so I guess I'm feeling a bit more human. Euan slept from 9pm (ratchety evening) to 4 am last night with only one wakening from me to settle him. This was good! He really loves baths and they chill him out from the witching hour, but then he hates getting dried and dressed and gets wound up again which makes the final feed of the day tricky. Any hints?! Maybe we need to change the order of things.

I forgot to say - we're properly into smile territory now. It's pretty amazing! He still hates tummy time with a passion though.
4 PM

Recovery 15:01 [0]
ahr:64 max:85

Momma Strong actual work out Day 2. My pelvic floor feels so weird. Not necessarily bad, just weird. Hope my physio appointment isn't cancelled on Monday!

I put Euan into the bouncer so he could watch while I did my work out and had to bounce with one hand for the first couple of mins, then he fell fast asleep.

Friday Nov 29, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 15:00 [0]

Very short walk because it was a lot colder and windier out there than I thought it was.
12 PM

Recovery 15:15 intensity: (13:50 @0) + (1:23 @1) + (2 @2)
ahr:88 max:134

Thursday Nov 28, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 40:00 [0]

Thanksgiving graveyard loop. Lots of families out not wearing enough layers, myself included!
8 PM

Recovery 7:02 intensity: (6:38 @0) + (24 @1)
ahr:72 max:124

Wednesday Nov 27, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 1:10:00 [3]

Walked into town and tried out the hot chocolate shop which wasn't that great but now I know! Also treated myself to a new winter hat which has a furry bobble and came home in a paper bag with handle. At home it was on the table when Rosie decided to try to catch the furry bobble and got her head stuck in the handle. She raced around the whole house with the bag on
her head crashing into everything trying to get it off, making a huge noise, then eventually settled whimpering into the basement corner where Rob pulled it off her head and got spat at. What an idiot.
4 PM

Recovery 8:01 [0]
ahr:71 max:86

Tuesday Nov 26, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 45:00 [3]

Can't remember where this was but my watch says I did something!
5 PM

Recovery 11:10 [0]
ahr:58 max:88

Monday Nov 25, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 1:20:00 [1]

2 walks today - one in the morning to get coffee and breakfast with Rob, then another in the graveyard just before sunset wearing Euan. My back is pretty stiff after most of yesterday was spent in bed because he was very unhappy at napping anywhere else but on me. We took him to the doctor yesterday because he was so unhappy, but it's just a nasal congestion type cold and nothing to worry about. He did an amazing big green poo while there which totally stank, but luckily we're back to normal again today, and he slept surprisingly well.

5 PM

Recovery 7:23 [0]
ahr:91 max:109

MommaStrong Day 2 - short glute activation session. Bizarrely tough. Could do with some yoga time to stretch out the back but sounds like Mister is waking again and Rob isn't home yet...

Saturday Nov 23, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 1:00:00 [0]

Into town to run errands with Daddy and then to explore the park by the river - nicely landscaped but not as nice as the graveyard.

We're finally getting some smiles and he's almost figured out pooping by 8 weeks. He still really dislikes tummy time on the floor, even when we soften it up with blankets, but likes it a lot on Mummy and Daddy. The one good thing about the poop writhing is that it seems to be good for his strength development, his head control is pretty great, and his legs are getting strong from constantly doing the absolutely wrong thing (straightening legs are much as possible) to try to push the poop out.

Rob has started doing the first feed of the night some nights (I pump and get him a bottle) and it has been nice to get some almost 6 hour stretches of sleep this week.

We were going to bring Euan for his NEOC debut tomorrow but the weather looks utterly foul all day so we're going to stay home instead. I guess we will probably wait till Spring now for him to meet everyone.
4 PM

Recovery 6:26 intensity: (6:00 @0) + (26 @1)
ahr:97 max:132

First proper Momma String session - some exercises focused on alignment. There were fifty seconds of good alignment star jumps and...I couldn't do them! Out of breath halfway through! It's going to be a journey.

Friday Nov 22, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 40:00 [0]

Foul weather today - walked into town to get a coffee and check out the book shop. Wet and then it started to get windy and had to really brace the stroller a couple of times, so cut it short. Salem needs to change its traffic signals to prioritise pedestrians more.
3 PM

Recovery 13:46 [0]
ahr:81 max:102

I was not doing the Girls Gone Strong workouts and fancied something a bit more interactive. Lots of girls on the bumpers site have been talking about Momma Strong so I signed up. Today was just a lot of alignment and breathing practice, but sounds like she really knows her stuff and the sessions are short and manageable - she even has a short workout for when you can't get out from under a sleeping child.

Thursday Nov 21, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 50:00 [0]

Rob worked from home today and the weather was lovely so we did a decent graveyard and neighbourhood walk. Nice to have some company!

Tuesday Nov 19, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 50:00 [0]

I have no idea where I walked on what day but my watch says I walked today!

Monday Nov 18, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 40:00 [0]

Sunday Nov 17, 2019 #

11 AM

Recovery 16:00 [0]
ahr:72 max:93

Euan caught my cold and slept terribly last night, and Rob is also ailing, so the two of them settled down for some serious couch snuggles this morning. I had a long long shower, tidied up the kitchen and did my exercises. We are both shattered today.

BUT the plumber is here and he made our contractor turn up and has promised us at least a functional bathroom by the end of the day. Obviously won’t be finished, but just having a toilet upstairs is going to make things in the middle of the night so much smoother.

Saturday Nov 16, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 45:00 [1]

Early morning walk to the coffee shop. The fleecy car seat cover is amazing and Euan was toasty warm the whole way and very happy. Then chilled out on the sofa for a bit when neighbor Molly, leader of the Larchmont Moms social group, said she was going out for a walk, so I got him back in the stroller and went out again. It's a very cold but very sunny day and it was good to be out a bit.

After that a trip to Lowe's for the billionth time this month and then back for some mat time. The problem with Euan being so windy is that by the time you've done all the burping and stuff, he just wants to go to sleep again. So no fun play time. This time I cut the burping short and just popped him on his play mat and had ten lovely minutes of multiple smiles - the first time that has happened! And the wind doesn't seem to be bothering him now he's napping. So maybe free floor time is actually better than all that honorous burping and fidgeting and unhappiness. We shall see.

My strength training isn't really happening. Whatever. Might have to wait till the New Year when I'll be back at work a few days a week. There's still so much to sort out in the house that feels more urgent, and I need to feed us in the time that he's asleep.
4 PM

Recovery 15:44 [0]
ahr:80 max:105

Having said that, Euan napped really well this afternoon and I had no excuse! Open books still feel really good on tied shoulders! Now making an evening trip to ikea without the stroller, just the front carrier, which may be foolhardy depending on how the witching hour goes today! Traffic is dreadful, surprise.

Friday Nov 15, 2019 #


Officially diabetes free :) Cold also seems to have turned a corner today.

Thursday Nov 14, 2019 #


First solo trip away from the little guy. Had to do the two hour glucose tolerance test and with the overnight fast I didn’t feel compus mentis enough to look after him while I was out. Got the train very early and it was sooooooo cold, as I still haven’t found all my winter clothes in the house!

I took my finger stick kit to do some sneaky self readings during the test and I think it looks good, but will get confirmation in the next couple of days. On the train back to Salem now feeling a bit wobbly, having enjoyed a delicious very early lunch at Tatte. Looking forward to seeing super daddy and kiddo back at home. I think they have snuggled on the couch the entire time.

Sunday Nov 10, 2019 #


Euan stayed awake almost all day today despite our best efforts to get him to sleep and then he lost it completely midway through dinner at our Aunt's in Framingham. Currently sat in the dark too scared to take him out of his car seat.

I am sick (sore throat from hell) and exhausted and feeling quite miserable today.

Saturday Nov 9, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 45:00 [1]

This walking really isn't rubbish, I just don't want to add another category! We went to Breakheart for a proper walk and it was great! Fleecy onesie, good hat and a blanket for Euan and he was very happy. I pushed him up the hill and it was quite a workout. It's going to be a long way back! So good to go to the proper outdoors. Loved it. Still very tired.

Another random question - any Boston people have recommendations for a pelvic floor PT?

First smile this afternoon! It was great. Still haven't figured out pooping though. Many strainy face.
10 AM

Recovery 16:57 [0]
ahr:72 max:119

The growth spurt is over! Euan has calmed down a lot and still doesn't sleep well thanks to the poop straining, but Rob has calmed him down in the interim the last couple of nights and given me some proper sleep, so now feel a bit better. Couldn't get out yesterday as it was icy cold and I haven't quite figured out how to dress him well enough yet. But the evening was calm enough to watch His Dark Materials on HBO (looks like it's going to be much much better than the rubbish film) and he went down easily.

He's much more alert now and has definitely started communicating face to face. We had a fun bath time this morning with Grandad that really felt like a two-way event. Still waiting on that first smile but don't think it will be long. Now we just really need him to figure out this pooping thing, and then I think we will get more sleep too. Have to keep reminding myself he was a bit early so these things might take him a little longer.

Energy: 5
Mood: 6
Sleep: 7
Stress: 6
Workout: 6

Wednesday Nov 6, 2019 #

Rubbish walking 2:00:00 [1]

A lot of walking today to get Euan past his growth spurt fussiness. He sleeps well in the both the front carrier and the stroller which is a relief, and it's also good for me to get out in the sunshine. Very very tired. Glad to still have my support team here, but everyone is worn out by this week!

Tuesday Nov 5, 2019 #

Recovery 20:00 [1]

Energy: 2
Mood: 2
Sleep: 2
Stress: 2
Workout: 5

Oh man. Six week growth spurt is no joke. Euan isn't a great sleeper thanks to the poo straining but it got markedly worse this week, and he's been very fussy in the evenings. Completely exhausted and working out, even at this pace not really an option.

Monday Nov 4, 2019 #

Recovery 15:00 [1]

Using AP for my GGS Post Partum log as they didn't have a log book to send me. Forgive me for the TMI - just ignore me for a while if it's too much! I am super tired, Euan has gone back to sleeping for two hours at a time from 4. I think he is growth spurting because he outgrew the napper insert of the car seat overnight. So hopefully he'll settle back again, because I am TIRED. He is also still struggling to poop to the extent that is wakes him up at night - he is pooping just plenty and it's the right consistency, he just hasn't figured out the muscle control. Hope he gets it soon! His head lifting is getting super impressive and we think we got our first smile yesterday - that was a nice cap to a pretty dreadful night of sleep deprivation.

I have started one pump a day and Rob has successfully fed him by bottle a couple of times but I got super engorged last night as a result - still figuring this out! What a journey. Anyway...

Energy: 3
Mood: 3
Sleep: 3
Stress: 3
Workout: 6

At the moment the workout is a circuit of:

10 x hip flexor stretch ES
10 x glute bridge
10 x Open Book ES
10 x Clamshell ES
10 x Seated Row (purple band)
10 x Bodyweight box squat onto chair

Did 2 circuits and it felt really good to stretch out my back in the open books. Aim is to do this circuit twice a day for the next two weeks. I had to cancel my 6 week post partum visit because the USCIS sent me a biometrics appointment for THE EXACT SAME TIME as the only thing on my calendar in three months. But I've got an appointment with a different doctor for next week so it'll be interesting to see how things are progressing and if I get cleared to run. Running would be nice, even for a minute here and there.

And if you've made it this far - any suggestions for good sports bras for nursing boobs?! :D Sorry guys. Maybe just skip my log for a few months :)

Rubbish walking 1:30:00 [1] 3.5 mi (25:43 / mi)

Some errands with Mum around Salem and with Euan in the stroller. Glorious fall day and the townsfolk of Salem are clearly having a chill day now halloween is out of the way. My favourite coffee shop was closed but we discovered a new one with just as good coffee and passable food. I think this is going to be a lovely place to live.

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