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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 30 days ending Jun 30, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cross Fit9 9:18:42 3.48 5.6 14
  Cycling10 6:42:18
  Running7 5:58:48 34.94(10:16) 56.23(6:23) 827
  Orienteering3 2:12:02 10.33(12:47) 16.63(7:56) 263
  Total24 24:11:50 48.75 78.46 1104
  [1-5]24 22:58:28

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Sunday Jun 30, 2013 #

Cycling 35:00 [1]

Cycling into work the East Rock way. It is DISGUSTING outside! Storm thing, it is time!


Lettuce soup, not the most awesome way to finish off three heads of lettuce in one go. Proper recipe and everything, but meh. Penance soup for lunch every day this week! Had to pick the CSA up on Friday due to being in Boston on Tuesday, which means I have a whole bunch of greens that need to be used before this Tuesday. So spent the evening cooking a lovely tart (as an aside, I've fallen in love with this blog:, pickling beetroot, and making aforementioned fail soup. Just some chard left now, which is going into a curry once I manage to buy some decent happy meat. Elm City Co-op is surprisingly bad for buying meat of quality. Knackered now after working all weekend and finding the time to spend an afternoon in Queens for Anne's leaving party. But should be able to take off the 4th and 5th if all goes well this week, so keep ploughing ahead!

Friday Jun 28, 2013 #

4 PM

Cross Fit 50:39 intensity: (9:22 @0) + (27:11 @1) + (4:23 @2) + (7:00 @3) + (2:43 @4) 0.4 km (2:06:37 / km)
ahr:125 max:186

Pairs workout with Jaime. Row 500m each, then do 21-15-9 of thrusters and pulls ups (I did half ring rows). Tired legs today but fun workout.

Thursday Jun 27, 2013 #

6 PM

Cross Fit 43:40 intensity: (1:09 @0) + (19:02 @1) + (5:12 @2) + (13:44 @3) + (4:33 @4)
ahr:124 max:186

Whoo, experiment finally worked! Now just have to repeat it 3-4 times over the next few days and hope it holds.

Just made it to Cross Fit in time for another partner workout. 10 minutes of burpees in turn, starting on one each and increasing by one each time, then ten minutes of kettle bell swings in the same vein. I beasted Isabel on the burpees and she ensured I was thoroughly destroyed on the kettle bell swings. Good team!

Wednesday Jun 26, 2013 #

Cycling 1:10:00 [1]

Just the commutes today. No near misses (mountain bike + back route for the win) but achey legs, I think from the squats on Monday combined with driving for two hours whilst stiff yesterday. Very productive day at work, I hope it eventually leads to this stupid experiment getting finished.

No food in the fridge at home. No matter, there's carrots, peas and spring onions in the garden! A yummy Thai style soup was made with that and the left over bok choi from this week's CSA. Nom!

photo (2)

Tuesday Jun 25, 2013 #

6 PM

Orienteering 37:00 intensity: (2:37 @1) + (2:00 @2) + (10:38 @3) + (21:12 @4) + (33 @5) 3.58 mi (10:20 / mi) +71m 9:44 / mi
ahr:158 max:190 shoes: Pink cohesions

It turned out that my mouse midwifery duties times themselves so perfectly that the Tuesday of Lori's thesis defence was the last free day before a few mega days of work. So I headed up to Boston. The defence itself was both scientifically interesting and wonderfully presented, and then I walked down to Kendall Square to spend some time with Zan. Walked back, treated myself to some new clothes, and then it was time for Harry Potter O'. After much silliness at the first control trying to get photos with a dog, I noticed Alex was still there and decided it would be way more fun to run with her than to slog it out in the heat by myself. And until the chub rub set in at 30 minutes or so, I barely noticed the running, thanks to the company. We had an excellent time followed by wonderful curry, were regaled by some exciting tales from Lori's parents, and then I drove back to New Haven. A fantastic day, I'm so glad that I managed to wing it.

Monday Jun 24, 2013 #

Cycling 35:00 [1]

Cycled in via Ridge Road and East Rock on the Mountain Bike. I'm way more confident on the mountain bike, and the route was quiet, making for a much more pleasant commute. Took my old route all the way down Orange to Ninth Square, which sounds like it should be bad but had never actually been a problem.

It is finally summer. Sweating like crazy on the bike and when I left the house, both the Devil Cats were on their backs with their paws in the air looking warm. May be AC time - don't think I've ever made it to almost July before.


Going to give up running for a while until I feel like doing it again. Finally making the decision actually feels like quite a relief.

Just in time for summer!
5 PM

Cycling 35:00 [1]

Home from work. MTB is the winner.
6 PM

Cycling 15:14 intensity: (9:25 @1) + (4:32 @2) + (1:17 @3)
ahr:140 max:168

To Cross Fit on the road bike. Mmm canal trail north.

Cross Fit 59:55 intensity: (2:27 @0) + (40:04 @1) + (9:23 @2) + (7:52 @3) + (9 @4) 0.4 km (2:29:47 / km)
ahr:131 max:176

Team workouts all week for bring a friend week. Teamed up with George and Desmond for 4 8 minute AMRAPS - pull ups (99), press ups (212), sit ups (213) and air squats (302). Probably pretty equal as far as effort goes, really fun session.

Cycling 15:55 intensity: (14:18 @1) + (1:37 @2)
ahr:133 max:153

Made it back before the storm, but it was very dark.

Friday Jun 21, 2013 #


I am feeling the lack of orienteering in fun places in Europe pangs more than usual this year. Bah humbug.

Cycling 1:05:00 [1]

Cycling into work and back. Thought I was early enough to go down Whitney, not true. NEVER GO DOWN WHITNEY! Today's wonder was a lady who only realised there wasn't space to go past me when she was already alongside me about three inches from my handlebars, and decided the correct response to this situation was to honk her horn. Retard. I was scared. The journey home I was relatively unscathed, but starting to think that bike commuting is a disaster waiting to happen. Unless the Canal Trail....hmmm...argh...can't decide!

Thursday Jun 20, 2013 #


I woke up at a decent time this morning! Despite some idiot setting off what I presume were New Jersey fireworks intermittently from midnight. Gunk has shifted the throat and nose but it's not mega bad. Looking up!
8 AM

Cycling 35:44 intensity: (26:08 @1) + (6:47 @2) + (2:49 @3)
ahr:135 max:169

Easy cycle into work. A bit out of breaths on the uphills but mostly totally fine.
4 PM

Cycling 31:53 intensity: (6:09 @0) + (25:44 @1)
ahr:111 max:140

And home...via the Farmington Canal Trail! Prospect and various other roads are a complete mess at the moment, riddled with pot holes and not cool for a road bike. So I decided I would try out the wonderfully smooth but directly through the part of town that mostly accounts for New Haven being the 20th most dangerous town in the USA (we slipped down from the top four the previous year).

The good things - it is wonderfully smooth. The bad things - clearly no one else uses the lower part to commute. There were early teenage kids on motorbikes, I was feeling very conspicuous, and at one point I diverted out onto Dixwell because the trail was blocked by a big group of teenagers, and Dixwell was awful, as it to be expected. Once I got out of the badlands it as very pleasant, and I even had a chat with a groundhog who was very calmly enjoying the sun at the side of the road. But in summary - maybe it's all in my head, but I didn't feel particularly safe. Grrr. It's a way easier cycle and I had no traffic issues at all.

Running 31:52 intensity: (6 @0) + (13:49 @1) + (17:52 @2) + (5 @3) 4.56 km (6:59 / km) +47m 6:38 / km
ahr:143 max:155 shoes: Pink cohesions

And a 70% max tester run to the grocery store to buy yummy things to try to disguise my greens. It felt mostly okay, certainly better than walking did earlier this week. My friend the groundhog had moved on, unfortunately.

Now to try and stay awake for at least another four hours - the local promoters are doing three gigs in this evening and making it possible for you to go to all of them, meaning the band I want to see doesn't come onstage till 10.30. Definitely getting too old for that nonsense!

Wednesday Jun 19, 2013 #


Today the general malaise into more of a mild head cold. I walked to the blue this morning and then walked all the way home tonight and that was more than enough, felt a bit wobbly by the time I got home. Maybe I'm not eating enough calories too thanks to Mister CSA and the masses of greens?

Tuesday Jun 18, 2013 #


Tried to feel better by walking in the sunshine to the blue line this morning. Failed pretty miserably. Rob is being flown to Seattle this afternoon so hopefully I can get a couple of early nights and kick whatever this low level fatigue is.

Went to see The Joy Formidable last night, and it was really fun. Then Low on Thursday IN HAMDEN, and perhaps the Kronos Quartet on the Green for free on Saturday. That would be a week of the like not seen since I left Edinburgh!

Monday Jun 17, 2013 #


I have been exhausted all weekend. Today is slightly better but still a bit meh.

Saturday Jun 15, 2013 #


The devil cats are catnip cats after all. Just brought in two leaves from the garden and their response was ridiculously adorable.
1 PM

Orienteering 15:01 intensity: (14 @1) + (4 @2) + (5:05 @3) + (9:38 @4) 2.09 km (7:12 / km) +59m 6:18 / km
ahr:175 max:186

Orienteering 15:07 intensity: (18 @1) + (5 @2) + (2:39 @3) + (11:54 @4) + (11 @5) 1.99 km (7:37 / km) +46m 6:49 / km
ahr:178 max:190

Fun courses from Charlie at the club picnic. Legs feeling alright, but some very befuddled moments. Mostly pretty even with Joe on the good legs, but then Coach totally smoked us on one of the courses!

Friday Jun 14, 2013 #

5 PM

Cross Fit 44:57 intensity: (44:02 @0) + (55 @1)
ahr:74 max:107

George and I knew we'd give in if we didn't go straight to the gym from work, so we turned up for 5pm mobility and spent a surprisingly quick hour rolling on foam and lacrosse balls and talking about grilled pizza.

Cross Fit 59:01 intensity: (4:01 @0) + (43:10 @1) + (4:03 @2) + (4:32 @3) + (3:15 @4)
ahr:117 max:188

Some lunges and DB rows, followed by 25 pull ups, 50 walking lunges, 25 KBS and 50 wall balls. Really fun giggly session, followed by beers and really bad food with George, Rob and Isabel.

Thursday Jun 13, 2013 #


I failed at life today, but the Supreme Court didn't.

Wednesday Jun 12, 2013 #

9 AM

Running 45:28 intensity: (26:47 @1) + (18:39 @2) + (2 @3) 6.24 km (7:17 / km) +93m 6:47 / km
ahr:142 max:156 shoes: Pink cohesions

70% run. It felt awful at the start and pretty loose by the finish. That's why you do them I guess.
6 PM

Cross Fit 59:12 intensity: (19:53 @1) + (13:51 @2) + (22:06 @3) + (3:12 @4) + (10 @5) 1.6 km (37:00 / km) +4m 36:33 / km
ahr:139 max:193

Really fun today! After some L-sit practice (fails) 3 x 8 minute AMRAPs with running, wall walks and sit ups in the first, bear crawls, MB cleans and press ups in the second, and toes to bar and running in the third. My first T2B were really good, which was a pleasant surprise. Flipping instead of kipping.

It was a giggly group today and a lot of fun. Sat on my watch at some point and stopped it, oops.

Tuesday Jun 11, 2013 #


The comments on this generally make me want to cry:

Apart from the Fireman guy fighting the good fight. How is it possible that so many people are spectacularly unable to listen to actual facts and respond reasonably to them? Or is this just a tiny minority that spends all it's time on message boards like this?

There is a beautiful moment about 100 crap post in where someone actually listens to Fireman saying it's not an abortion pill, it's a contraceptive, does a bit of reading, and comes back to apologise then detail their reasoning a bit more. It almost restored my faith in humanity, but not quite.
7 AM

Running 58:46 intensity: (51:46 @3) + (7:00 @4) 8.73 km (6:44 / km) +188m 6:05 / km
shoes: Pink cohesions

Into work. Took my pack off halfway to run 4 x quarter miles at pace, and this felt amazing compared to having the rucksac.

Monday Jun 10, 2013 #

9 AM

Cycling 30:00 [3]

Cycle into work.
6 PM

Cross Fit 55:00 intensity: (40:00 @1) + (15:00 @3) 0.8 km (1:08:45 / km)

Cross Fit was fun.

Running 51:30 intensity: (30:00 @3) + (21:30 @4) 8.37 km (6:09 / km) +136m 5:41 / km
shoes: Pink cohesions

But running in the pouring rain and almost dark afterwards was funner.

Sunday Jun 9, 2013 #


Fantastic weekend in NYC with Jesse and her man and lovely friends. We went to Smorgasburg (amazing), Fette Sau (who'd have thought queuing for almost two hours for barbecued meats would actually be worth it?), Momofuku Noodle Bar and Milk Bar, and had lots of lovely chat in between. The only thing we missed was bowling, thanks to the late night meat sweats :)

When are the rest of you coming to visit? I'm looking at you, Misses M and HB!

Thursday Jun 6, 2013 #

8 AM

Cycling 15:59 intensity: (3:53 @1) + (9:27 @2) + (2:39 @3)
ahr:148 max:167

Cycling to Cross Fit. Had to go pretty fast, which wasn't aided by my rear tyre being almost empty of air. My poor wheel rims. There was a guy doing some kind of time trial (I presume) cycling really fast with a motorised conical shaped kart driving in front of him, either to pace or make sure people cleared out of the way. That was a bit weird.

Cross Fit 1:05:49 intensity: (1:01 @0) + (44:29 @1) + (4:49 @2) + (9:40 @3) + (5:50 @4) 0.4 km (2:44:32 / km) +3m 2:38:36 / km
ahr:134 max:181

Took it easy today. Flipped some tyres, some light kettle bell swings, then 3 sets of 10 ball slams, 10 deadlifts and 50 double unders, which I did double single double single until I thought about it too much and had to switch to singles and penalty burpees.

Cycling 17:33 intensity: (17:07 @1) + (26 @2) 0.0 km
ahr:132 max:147

Cycling home, being a bit more careful of my poor rims. All tyres on all bikes now pumped up.

Wednesday Jun 5, 2013 #

9 AM

Running 58:27 intensity: (1:49 @1) + (10:35 @2) + (46:03 @3) 8.97 km (6:31 / km) +176m 5:56 / km
ahr:158 max:174 shoes: Pink cohesions

Ran into work. I was tired. It was an amazing morning, nice and cool in the shade.

Tuesday Jun 4, 2013 #

7 PM

Cross Fit 1:00:29 intensity: (5:05 @0) + (20:55 @1) + (7:08 @2) + (20:27 @3) + (6:54 @4) 2.0 km (30:15 / km) +7m 29:43 / km
ahr:144 max:189 shoes: Pink cohesions

Rob is in a phase of ultra productivity, which is great, but means SQL marathons until 3 in the morning. I did not sleep well therefore, last night. Got up late, then decided I would go into work when Fedex tracking showed the drug I needed to do any experiments was delivered. At 10, tracking shows up as delivery failed, and I spend 30 mins on the phone to Fedex (stupid voice recognition doesn't do Yorkshire accents) and finally get through to a lovely lady in Wallingford who tells me I can come and pick it up from the depot. So finally got to work around 11.30, and spectacularly managed to finish today's experiments, nip out to pick up my first CSA goodies (many many greens), and get to Cross Fit by 7. Win!

Team survival WOD with Isabel. We had to complete 100 deadlifts (103#), 150 wall balls (13#), 200 sit ups and 250 walking lunges any way we liked, but every 5 mins we had to run round the building. Isabel is an amazing lifter but not too great at running, so I got a nice rest on every lap and started each exercise. It worked pretty well, and we were done in about 36 mins. I still don't like doing fast deadlifts though. I like team workouts, they're fun.

Running 46:08 intensity: (38 @1) + (37 @2) + (33:44 @3) + (11:09 @4) 8.1 km (5:42 / km) +93m 5:23 / km
ahr:171 max:179 shoes: Pink cohesions

Ran home from Cross Fit as it got dark. Gorgeous evening, cool breeze and fading light. Lower back a little tight but eased up, particularly with the uphills.

Even when tired I am feeling a bit stronger. Not that it felt like that in the woods on Sunday!

There are rabbits everywhere in Spring Glen at dusk. I think I know what nibbled the whole top off my sage.

Monday Jun 3, 2013 #

8 AM

Running 1:06:37 intensity: (3:27 @1) + (9:27 @2) + (48:12 @3) + (3:52 @4) + (1:39 @5) 7.0 mi (9:31 / mi) +94m 9:08 / mi
ahr:164 max:196 shoes: Pink cohesions

One thing I'm going to miss when we leave here is running in the warm rain. It was pouring down in the second half of my run today, but I was perfectly happy doing strides and stretches whilst being pelted. It was pretty fun in fact. Half a mile at tempo. This was too fast but felt easier than whenever the last time was (ages ago, planning fail).
6 PM

Cross Fit 1:00:00 intensity: (46:25 @1) + (13:35 @3)

Forgot my watch. Crossfit was a bit badly organised today, Dan kept talking about giraffes and he's changed the lengths of all the skipping ropes so I took most of the warm up trying to find one that worked. 4 rounds of (5 x 2) tough rope rows, shuttle run, 8 squat cleans, shuttle run. He spent a lot of time coaching my squat cleans which was great, but the main problem was that my shoulders are still tired from Murph so there wasn't much in the way of shrugging going on. Kind of fun with George, Rob and Isabel, but some serious posturing from the tough guys too.

Sunday Jun 2, 2013 #

11 AM

Orienteering 1:04:54 intensity: (24 @1) + (18 @2) + (25:42 @3) + (38:30 @4) 6.8 km (9:33 / km) +87m 8:59 / km
ahr:174 max:185 shoes: Integrators 5000

Eurgh! Made it to Gay City today but I probably shouldn't have bothered. Exceedingly sluggish in the humidity and didn't really enjoy the woods, which were a little thicker than I'm used to but still lovely as ever. I'm happy that I moved fast enough that AP thought this was orienteering and not Cross Fit, at least!

Then I went here:

Saturday Jun 1, 2013 #


Got up, fed hungry cat, tried to make breakfast, failed, went back to bed, missed the sprints.

Not too bothered as I obviously needed the rest!


Gardening post!

The leaf miners are still decimating my beet leaves, so that's a bit depressing. Most things however, are going great guns...


However, my tomatoes have got something growing on them now. Does this look like rust to you guys, rather than blight?


And if this all goes well this year, then next year I can expand to cover the whole garden if I like! The people across the fence cut down their silver maple yesterday, so now I have full sun for everything other than the early morning:



Points to whoever can identify the wading bird from that photo! It had a blueish tinge to it's beak, if that helps!

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